Elfen Lied RP
heres a Elfen Lied Role Playing Forum,we each start in the facilty and than we meet up,can be either male or female, plot is mostly based on the events in the anime
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Agato - The Hadou Inari


12/29/2010 . Edited 12/29/2010 #61
Lt.James lugnerische

(sry, yea your approved ^^)

12/29/2010 #62
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Thank you. I actually didn't care much if he wasn't good enough I just do not like being ignored.

12/29/2010 #63
Lt.James lugnerische

ah ok, yea sorry about that

12/29/2010 #64
Agato - The Hadou Inari

It's fine man.

12/29/2010 #65

Sooo.... About my character.

1/24/2011 #66
Lt.James lugnerische

oh,sorry, yea hes approved,sorry i didnt respond sooner, been a bit busy

1/25/2011 #67

Frickin' finally..

1/25/2011 #68

Hey, I've been trying to get into this RP for a while, and now I guess I will. I'm good at roleplaying, but this will be a new experience for me.

Name:Fyri (Can be pronounced Fury or Fiery)



Hair Color:Pink with Blue highlights

Eye color:Red

Code number:18

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- :Pure


Vector Range:10 Meters

Bio:She has lived her entire life at the facility, and has gone insane from everything they do to her there. She has developed a lust for blood, often causing her to lick it off her fingers and carry a small canteen of it where ever she goes. She always wears a blue coat with a design that makes it look like blood is running up the sides of it. Under that, she wears a small tank-top with the word Reject written on it in blood. She wears skinny jeans most of the time.

3/5/2011 #69
Lt.James lugnerische

approved, but this RP is pretty much dead, and also, dont use the Elfen Lied RP page, its a lemon fest, but use Elfen Lied RP Restart , if you want to try to revive it.,and I could RP with you and see if the others possibly come back, so yea, use Restart for your post

3/5/2011 #70

I know, I've read the restart and know whats going on. ^.^ thx

3/5/2011 #71
Lt.James lugnerische

ok thats good, and Ill RP with you if you want ^^,so lets RP ^^

3/5/2011 #72
Beyond the Oblivion

Name: Hikaru (has no surname)

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Hair Colour: Red

Eye color: green

Code number: Bio weapon 01

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Hybrid: Human/Dicolinus

Vectors: 8

Vector Range: 20 Meters

Bio: Hikaru served in the royal Marine out on the front line because of his unique (fast) learning pace. Within a week of being out on the battle field, his dicolinus state awakened and he eliminated his entire squad. Days later he was captured and taken to an uknown facility. where he is still being held captive. (I will have him escape, if you approve me.)

4/30/2011 #73
Lt.James lugnerische

ok, sounds good to me ^^

4/30/2011 #74
Beyond the Oblivion

so, am i approved?

4/30/2011 #75
Lt.James lugnerische

yea, so basicly, what is he, a soilder who happened to be a dicoloinus or something?

4/30/2011 #76
Beyond the Oblivion

soldier, yes, dicolinus, yes.

4/30/2011 #77
Lt.James lugnerische

ok, and approved

4/30/2011 #78
Jamie Tiberia Kirk
Name:   Wiktoria long Age:15 Sex:female Hair Color:light pink/peach Eye color:red Code number: RB-997 Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : pure Vectors:6 Vector Range: 27 Bio: Wiktoria lived a normal life up until the age of 10 when her father got a job at the facility . After that she was taken away from her home and has lived  at the facility. Her father visits her on her birthday.
5/9/2011 #79
Lt.James lugnerische


5/9/2011 #80

(Do you still accept new characters?)

8/15/2011 #81
Lt.James lugnerische

yep we still do ^^

8/15/2011 #82

(Alright and what do not put down if i'm making my character a human? I already know not to put down vectors.)

8/15/2011 #83
Lt.James lugnerische

(thats about it really)

8/15/2011 #84

Name: Cloud Kisaragi

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Code number:

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Human


Vector Range:


Bio: Cloud is Special Government Operations soldier. Some call him a super soldier, while others call him a killer. Cloud is the man that is called in when Special Assault Teams can't get the job done. Not much is known about cloud's personal life only his career. He is known to most as Mr .Death for escaping moments where he should have died but survived and was able to get the job done. No one has ever even seen his face only for a select few people. His face is always covered by a gas mask and he never removes it on the battlefield. While the soldier Cloud is a ruthless killer, the other part of him has a calm, collected, gentle heart.

8/15/2011 #85
Lt.James lugnerische

approved ^^

8/15/2011 #86

(Ok cool tell me where the story is going where i should come in and if there's anyone who he has to attack.)

8/15/2011 #87
Lt.James lugnerische

hum well, I don't really know..

8/15/2011 #88

Well if there's a Diclonius he has to attack. Has there been one that has been killing people at all?

8/15/2011 #89
Lt.James lugnerische

hum well, from what i know, Orion Bolt's charater was killing people, and my guy was trying to calm and stop her, but Orion bolt hasnt responding in a while..

8/15/2011 #90
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