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heres a Elfen Lied Role Playing Forum,we each start in the facilty and than we meet up,can be either male or female, plot is mostly based on the events in the anime
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Well...Since my guy wasnt there he would just have to attack them all.

8/15/2011 #91
Name:Toxicina Age:16 Sex:Female Hair Color: Red\Black Eye color:Red Code number:18 Varint-Pure or Silpelit- :Pure Vectors:20 Vector Range:50 Meters Bio:She has lived her entire life at the facility, and has gone insane from everything they do to her there. She has developed a lust for blood She Never let people in her way when she kills off people, often causing her canteen of it where ever she goes. always wears a black coat with a design that makes it look like blood is running up the sides of it. Under that, she wears a short tank-top She wears skirt most of the time.
8/18/2011 #92
Lt.James lugnerische


8/18/2011 #93

Name: Sammy

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Green

Eye color: Aqua

Code number: 133

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Pure

Vectors: 15

Vector Range: 23 meters

Bio: She was born in a small town, she wasn't found until she was 4 and she had killed her parents along with many others when she was found she was able to take down more than 20 of the soldiers before her leg was shot by a dying soldier from behind her and she had been locked up shortly after and only comes out when she is experimented on, when she was 16 an experiment was conducted on her and it went wrong and she was able to escape, she currently walks around small towns killing only when necessary.

9/27/2011 #94
Lt.James lugnerische

Approved, and post on the Elfen Lied Restart when you do post

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9/27/2011 #96

Name:Lala Hatsune



Hair Color:Pink

Eye color:Emerald Green

Code number: 5

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- :Pure

Vectors: She has 100 Vectors

Vector Range:20 Feet

Bio: She was made in a laboratory by evil scientist who researched her organs and such, and would try different experiments on her body. She broke out of her cell, when a careless guard hit a button that opened her barricade. She got out and killed everyone with her deadly vectors, that can go very far(Unusually). She has alot of vectors, more than her(Not really) siblings. She is very deadly but is very beautiful and now travels around the world trying to find love. She is very dangerous and encounters many Cops and Soldiers but they usually die soon. She is a strong fighter without her Vectors and she is evry agile and speedy!

11/7/2011 #97
Lt.James lugnerische
approved ^^
11/7/2011 #98

(aksjxdjskxdmcfdkmfdks I'm so sorry, guys! My comp's motherboard got fried shortly after posting my character and everything, and I finally have something that can go on the net again! It's just a phone, but it can still get the job done quite well. x)

11/8/2011 #99
Lt.James lugnerische

(its ok, and welcome back ^^, you can start posting when ever you want ^^)

11/8/2011 #100

(Fffffff thanks so much! You're so nice, I'll start typing up a post real soon! :D)

11/8/2011 #101
Lt.James lugnerische

(ok,take your time ^^)

11/8/2011 #102
Mischievous Mayhem

Hiya Lt.James!~ *Waves* Is it to late to join here? I seen it and I was all like "CLICK!" XD

11/11/2011 #103
Lt.James lugnerische

yea come on in ^^

11/12/2011 #104
Mischievous Mayhem

Name: Chevon Takai

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Hair Color: She has short pink hair that is spiked out in several places. The bangs fall under over her eyes and are a little puffed out. The hair continues around cheek down the her chin and starts to puff out in layers aswell. The back of her head is a short and puffed up top layer, but there is a long and smooth pony-tail sliding down to her lower back area.

Eye Color: Round pink eyes that would seem innocent and harmless to anyone. When angerd, they seem to turn just a slight more red of a shade and her pupils will narrow.

Code Number: 330.

Varint-Pure or Silpelit: Pure.

Vectors: 14.

Vector Range: 5 Meters.

Biography: Chevon's birth parents were unknown, but they were both of the Diclonius species. The aaprents lived in the outside world out of any facilty due to being sneaky and hiding there horns. They even dyed their hair, wore eye contacts and chipped their horns. The parents decided to have a child out of natural instinct, so they bore a beautiful baby Chevon right in their own home. The mother died while giving birth to the newborn with agonizing screams of pain and much bloodshed. The mother died from loss of blood since Chevon's horns tore her from the inside. The father took the newborn away and moved somewere else with Chevon, leaving the bloodied corpse behind.

Chevon and her father lived out in the country furthest away from civilization so they wouldn't be caught. Little Chevon lived her first three years happy with her father, homeschooled and everything. It was the happiest that she could ever imagine. Being with her caring and loving father who supported her through everything, good or bad. But one day at work, the dads horns where reveled to the world, so they called for him to be taken away. He killed several people that day and pleaded for them not to take him away from his precious daughter, but he blew it for Chevon when saying that. They also took the little Chevon and kept her locked up in a facility a fe dorms down from her father, who soon had to commit suicide for he was going to be put on a Death Sentance.

Chevon spent many lonesome years in her cell, mourning the loss of her Father and once happy life. She cried and cried, but wouldn't stop. Her tear-glands were used so badly that they ripped apart, so now she can cry only blood. But all of that changed when she turned 13 years old... Someone rescued her, bailed her free with a promise. She beleived the promise and ran away with the unknown person. But somehow, they managed to get past everyone.. Though it was difficult. The two escaped in one peice together and fled to the outskrist of a small city to hide.


Name: Akuto Otashirei

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Hair Color: He has black hair that is spiked up in several places aswell.

Eye Color: Blue

Code Number:~~

Varient- Pure or Silipelt: ~~ Human

Vectors: ~~

Vector Range:~~

Biography: Akuto was born a human by two human parents,there is jnothing really special about hiim either except for the fact that his parents worked at the Facility in which they keep teh Dicloni Speices. One day his parents took him to start helping since Akuto wanted to work there with them. They took him to see everything there. Testing chambers, work offices, and other important things for the Staff Members. But they also showed him were the Dicloni stayed. They sat in the the Camra room and chekced all of the rooms in which Dicloni where being held and tested in. He felt pity for the ones who where chained and being tested on. But he liked the look of Chevon. She looked peacefull, yet sad for being alone just like the others. Akuto begged his parents to go and see Chevon, they agreed to him since Chevon wasn't known to attack anyone. They had trust in the Dicloni, so they sent Akuto in alone and walked off to take care of something quick.

He managed to free Chevon, though she was shocked and startled. He then made a pomise that she took to her heart, "Don't worry girl, I'm setting you free. Nobody belongs here, I'll make sure you don't stay here for not another single day!" And the promise was true, Akuto and Chevon ran away together leavint the Facility behind them. They disapeared to the country were Chevon used to live and stayed there. Akuto ditched all of his electronic divices behind so they wouldn't track him down.


I hope it's good enough! Sorry if it sucks though, I'm pretty brain-dead! ^^

11/12/2011 #105
Lt.James lugnerische

lol their great ^^, Approved ^^

11/12/2011 #106
Mischievous Mayhem

Yay thankies! Ok, were is everyone at and were should I begin!?

11/12/2011 #107
Lt.James lugnerische

Hum, Honestly, I don't know, just go with anything I suppose

11/12/2011 #108
Mischievous Mayhem

Alright, I'll think of something ^^

11/12/2011 #109
Julius Miller

(Accessing memory bank......recording 202)


Name: Well, my name is Thomas Archer, but everyone just calls me Archer...Clever right?

Age: Well let's see here...My birthday is June fifteenth. I'm Sixteen years old.

Sex:Yes please..OW!...Fine fine I'll take this seriously. Obviously I'm male

Hair Color: It's black,lately though hints of red have appeared on the tips...its pretty creepy.

Eye color: Heh Blood red. I guess that's what happens when you inject someone with Dicl-

(Tape suddenly cuts off...end of recording 202)

(Accessing memory banks......recording 203)


"D-Damn...hah...If you didn't want me saying anything about the Di- (*slam) Ow! motherfucker!"

Code number: My what? OH...uh lemme check....X13 whatever the hell that means

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Uhhh...Guys I think you put in the wrong tape...Whatever I'm human...I think.

Vectors: Hah! You guys totally put in the wrong tape!

Vector Range: Seriously?...Not gonna change it or anything?

Bio: Just remember I know where you live! Oh right..My bio? Well I like long walks on th- Hey Hey! no need for that...Fine I'll take this seriously. From what I've been told I was born to two faceless scientists that decided to give their son up for "The sake of humanity." Whatever, anyway I've also been told their blood also decorated the walls of this very room...Pretty cool right? Apparently a d..a test subject escaped and pretty much used em as paintbrushes heheh. Ah anyway back to me. From a young age these caretakers have been training me to ughh "Defend humanity." Personally I don't much care for humanity...I mean if it's willing to lock a young boy up and experiment on him from a young age,then why the hell should that young boy fight for it? Anyway yeah I was experimented on. I don't know how much crap they injected me with in my life. Apparently at one point they injected me with test subject blood. According from what I was told, I didn't exactly handle it too well. Spent two weeks puking everything out...and I do mean everything. Bile,blood,apparently some baby teeth fell out. I'm really glad that memory is repressed. Yeah anyway I actually made it out alright though, and with some pretty cool side effects if I do say so myself. Let's see here: I'm faster than most people, more intelligent, and I can see vectors, makes em really easy to dodge ya know? I do lack in strength though,but hey, who needs strength when you've got reflexes so fast that you can dodge bullets? Well anyway,there's not much else to say about me. I've lived in this place my whole life. The only people I've ever talked too are the scientists and...well...some of the test experiments. Guess who I like more? Well anyway I think I'm about done here. Ya see I've made a promise to some of my friends that I would get em out of here. (A sudden crash) I actually keep my promises.

(The sound of screaming pierces the recording before it suddenly cuts out.)

(Subject location....missing)

And it's done, sorry about the strangeness of the template. I followed the basics I just wanted to liven it up a bit, make it a more interesting read. Anyway,hope you enjoyed it.

11/26/2011 #110
Lt.James lugnerische

lol yes, very nice, approved ^^

11/26/2011 #111
Julius Miller

Whyyyy thank you kind sir.

11/26/2011 . Edited 12/4/2011 #112

Name: her name is unknown she is a project ( project fate)

Age: 16

sex: female

hair color: blood red

eye color: blood red

code number: protect fate

varint-pure or silpelit: pure

vectors: unknown if she looks at you.. your dead

vectors range: unknown

Bio: (project) fate was 5 years old when she was taken form her mother, her father is one of the people who experamented on her yes she was born with horns her mother loved her very much, her father not so much.. the father killed the mother right in front of her, she hates humans. other wise her Bio is unknown

12/23/2011 #113
Lt.James lugnerische

approved, and nice charater, mine is still open if she excapes, she can meet him, hes at his house if she breaks into a place or something ^^

12/23/2011 #114

=D ok

breaking into houses muhahhaah this is going to be intersting ^^

12/23/2011 #115
Lt.James lugnerische

lol that it is, I can't wait to meet her ^^

12/23/2011 #116
Mischievous Mayhem

Name: Yao Wang (I got lazy on the name.. Lol)

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair Colour: His hair is shoulder length and dark brown, put into a pony tail that he rests on his shoulders. Slowly, the tips of his hair is turning pinkish.

Eye Colour: Soft golden-brown colour, the the outside of his eyes are slowly turning red.

Code Number: ~ Has not yet been brought to a Facility, therefore, he doesn't have one.

Varint-Pure or Silpelt: He is a mix between human and Diclonious (I don't know what that'd be called..)

Vectors: 6

Vector Range: 25 Feet

Biography: Yao was born in a small town located in China, born within a large family. His mother was a Diclonian and his father was a regular human man working in Office. he was born small, but very smart and wise. He went to school with his little siblings, helping to take care of them when his parents weren't around. All of his life, he and his siblings managed to keep there horns hiden, only because they were smaller than the normal Diclonian horns.

One day, he came home from school and every one was gone, but pools of blood was left all over the place, not to mention scraps of clothing. His siblings clothing and parents clothing.. The people captured his family while he was away, taking them to a Facility for tests. He tried several times to see if he could find them, but without sucess, he just always failed. Currently, he is still trying to figure out their locations in Japan, just in a facility. His plan: To save his family...

(I was tired xD Don't blame me for the crapy-ness yet!!))

12/24/2011 #117
The christian
Found a way to post. Name:Karnax Kasen Age:28 looking Sex:Male Hair Color:Blonde Eye color:Yellow Code number:5 Varint-Pure or Silpelit:N/A Powers:Electron manipulation Power Range:100 yards Bio:If one were to talk with Karnax they would think him rude and inconsiderate. Only to feel stupid after calling him on it and learning he was lobotamised. He is a sadist and loves to drink the blood of any who can provide a challenge to him. The lobotamy didn't really work, perfectly as he still feels, reacts, and dreams. He is part of something and cares not for inecent lives veiwing it better they thin the heard now. Not much personality to him, but angers easily, and will fix all the problems he can by sticking his sword in it. He is bi leaning on gay.
12/26/2011 #118
The christian
Name:Ban-righ (Riogh calls her cherry.) Age:20 Sex:Female Hair Color:Cherry red. (Never said the name was clever) Eye color:Green. (Like how all diclonis eyes are in the manga) Code number:17 Varint-Pure or Silpelit- :Pure Vectors:12 Vector Range:18 meters Bio: She is Riogh's favorite, and is definitely the most obsessed with him. She has never gone against anything Riogh has told her to do, and actually escaped five times to go to his home and snuggle with him in bed. Because of how he truly feels for her he ceased all experiments on queens. She can escape any time and wont let Riogh leave the country without her. Her vectors are incredibly strong even for a queen able to stop 50.cal rounds, and are oddly enough unaffected by tungstin. She calls Riogh Ryan meaning young king. (Learn gaelic its a cool language.)
12/28/2011 #119

Name: Yumi

Age: 18

Hair Color: dark red hair

Eye color crimson red

Code Number: 1

Varint pure or silpelit pure: pure

vectors: 100s

vector Range: 3,000 ft

Bio: Her father was a king her mother was half queen and half human. her horns will extend if she is mad and her vectors grow in numbers and range and will have fangs. the humans would call her " The Red Devil" because of her horns and fangs when she gets mad her vectors have a mind of it's own and will destroy every human that is around her that she doesn't trust

12/28/2011 #120
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