Rosario Vampire: Tales of Cataclysm
yup this is a rosario vampire RP forum. make an OC and join in. it even has it's own self contained story line so you don't need to worry about people saying that something isn't canonically correct. THE ORIGINAL CAST DOES NOT APPEAR. TSUKUNE AND FREINDS DO NOT EXIST. THE ONLY CANON CHARS HERE ARE THE TEACHERS
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Zen of Souls


Also could you please read the stuff in the () because I'm giving you guidelines on making the character to follow the rules.

Here is the format for your OC's (Original Characters)

Name: (If they weren't raised in the Human world strange name are ok, but if they are they will HAVE A HUMAN NAME, a name that's doesn't seem strange to humans because they live there! Also Last name please no matter who they are, they have a family they should have some kind of last name. Unless they are orphans or what not)

Gender: (I believe this is self explanatory)

Monster species: (No OP monsters PLEASE, I don't care!)

Eye Color:



Age: (If your OC looks 16, acts 16, sounds 16, and is smart and naive as a 16 year old, they're fucking 16. no more of this "192 but looks 17 years old" crap. if they're not going to act their age then don't bother making them that old. (Yes I brought this rule in this thing because people are forgetting the age thing. Their shouldn't really be a reason why they should be very old and going to school.)

Normal Form: (Either description or a pic will do)

Monster Form: (ditto as above, although the more descriptive the better)

Abilities: (Now if you read the rules like it says above you know that with the Monster you use their power, Vampires speed strength charm etc. But remember they are young so they do not have full control over it seeing as they are a teenager and they have monster hormones so chill on the crazy stuff ok?)

Weakness: (They aren't invincible, they need to have a weakness, something that can harm them alot(Like silver for werewolves) or weaken them(water for Vampires). There is no one is invincible let me tell you, NOT GONNA HAPPEN )

Backstory: (Born in human world? Have a human like background mostly there can be some exceptions if you can make it sound good and reasonable, raisde in the monster world the background can be a bit strange so go crazy, within reason and our sanity. Also have them bea normal monster person not some noble or hero, because why would they want to go to an Academy when they have tons of money and hire a tutor or their politics say no you say here very important person we need you. Also Make a back story that makes sense so we don't go crazy, we all have and we don't like it. Also give them a reason to go to the Acadamy if they did come from the human world.)

Personality:(Whatever you fucking want, as long as this makes sense)

Note: If we yell at you, that means your doing something wrong with the character, even though you might not know it, fair warning although we will give you feedback on how to make the character accepted. Also if you had made the character without at least reading and accepting the rules YOU HAVEN'T been paying attention and when you get yelled at and your freaking out, all I have to say is, its your own fault, that all I have to say. -VK



Monster species:

Eye Color:




Normal Form:

Monster Form:





9/27/2009 . Edited by Vengeance Knight, 1/24/2014 #1

Name: Izzy Mar

Species: Human/Shade

Age: 16

Birthday: October 1

Abilities: Create weapons out of shadows, teleport using corridors of darkness, aura-seeing ability, a healing factor (can survive something life threatening such as being stabbed in the stomach. Cannot survive if heart or head is ripped off).

Weaknesses: After reverting back to human form, can be left weak for a certain amount of time. Also, he has to heal if he gets close to death and lives.

Human Form: Short but messy black hair, pale skin, light brown eyes (goldenrod for aura sight), about 5’8 in height, a black and silver arm band on his left arm.

Monster Form: Same as human, but black flame marks start to constantly move around his body (think Rorschach’s ink blots); his entire left arm is black, the arm band becoming a black and silver gauntlet with clawed fingers. Bright yellow eyes replace the browns when Slim takes over.

Bio: A normal boy until age 13, when he accidentally absorbed Slim, a Shade, into his left arm. Permanently bonded, he was run out of his home for being a monster in a town full of only humans. Left with no other choice, Izzy and his new companion left to find a place in the world to be accepted.

Personality: Not always the brightest in some situations, but he always tries, especially if it’s a friend in need.

----- -----

Name: Slim

Age: Unknown, possibly around 100.

Birthday: Unknown

Abilities: Creates weapons and other things out of shadows (like tentacles), teleport using the corridors of darkness, aura-seeing ability, healing factor (unlike Izzy, Slim can survive more).

Weaknesses: Prolonged exposure to light (it would have to be quite a bit)

Human/Monster Form: Appears in a human-like shape, very thin body, yellow eyes with no pupils, two antennae are on his head, which are partially crumpled. Clawed hands and feet. Rarely seen outside Izzy's head; Izzy's monster form is what he looks like normally.

Bio: An heir to his father’s throne as King of Shades, Slim abandoned the idea, leaving to travel around the human and monster areas. He spotted Izzy and possessed him, lending him his powers thinking that an angsty adolescent would let him kill people. When the boy refused to do it willing, the Shade decided to enjoy the ride due to being permanently stuck to him.

Personality: Usually has a rude comment for everything, Slim isn’t always the nicest person. There are times where his “civilized” state is interrupted by the killer in him. He’s always up for a prank, even if it doesn’t always work.

9/27/2009 #2
Zen of Souls

Name: Van Lumine

Gender: Male

Monster species: demon slayer

Eye Color: blue

Age: 17

Normal Form: looks like a normal human

- he has blonde hair

- wears the normal yokai academy uniform but the jacket is open

- he wears gloves with rosarios on the back

Monster Form:

Abilities: he is an excellent knife fighter and can use a large amount of sealing spells

Backstory: van was originally the top student at the slayer academy neighboring yokai academy, however when he found out that the acdemy principle Lord Vale was planning to attack yokai academy he protested and left to enroll at yokai academy in order to protect it from attack

Personality: he can be rather douch baggy but he doesn't mean to hurt any one, he also at times can seem quite perverted

he also has a huge crush on Moka

9/27/2009 . Edited 1/10/2010 #3
Zen of Souls

Name: the gamemaster

Gender: ????

Monster species: ????

Eye Color: ????

Age: ????

Normal Form: ????

Monster Form: a demonic looking cloaked figure

Abilities: omnipotence (he can bend reality in the arena)


-he is the voice in the arena

11/2/2009 #4

Name: Kaedra Winds

Gender: Female

Monster species: Sylph

Eye color: Bright green

Age: 17

Normal Form: Short (5'1) and pale-skinned, long wavy dark hair with magenta streaks. She tends to wear goth

Monster Form: Same except she has small translucent wings and she becomes more angular in looks

Abilities: Fly, full control over the air/wind, Uses a glaive with expertise

Personality: Rather rebellious and out-going but sometimes she's distant. She doesn't mean to be cruel but sometimes she's arrogant.

Backstory: Coming from a well respected family of sylphs, her family expected alot from her. Due to this she became rebellious and resentful of authority. Came to the school because she was sent by her family.

1/6/2010 #5
Wandering Wolf Raku

Name: Ronkai Akashiya

Age: 18

Gender: male

Monster species: Winged vampire

Monster Ranking: S

Human-form: (but with wings)


eye color: Red

eye type: Vampire


-He can fly

-In his vampire form he sprouts wings

-can create dark cyclones

-uses dark energy to attack

Personality: he can be pretty mean and uncaring at times but deep down he is a good person


1/8/2010 #6

Name: Nanaya Shiki

Gender: Male

Monster Species: Vampire

Age: 17

Normal Form: except he is wearing black gloves with rosarios on them each rosario has 5 gems in it and he has glasses.

Monster Form: Exactly the same as Normal Form except Vampire Eyes, Vampire Fangs

Background: Was the son of an assassin family considered to be an assassin prodigy but one day his whole family was whiped out by some Youma and he received a fatal injury a vampire injected her blood into him and saved his like but he went into a coma for 6 months on the border between life and death his mind adapted to it and he gained the ability to death itself and cut it leading to the death of the person connected to that death but looking at death itself for to long is harmful he was given special glasses so that it would block out the lines of death. Also the vampire blood awaked his dormant magic potential. After he woke up he realized he had become a vampire. He was recruited into a Organization who fought against Youma and was trained to become a killing machine. He now works for the organization to protect humans and destroy Youma.

Abilities: Can see lines of death, expert with all weapons, Can summon dual desert eagles inbued with magic, unleash his full power by corrupting the rosarios on his gloves or taking them off, can use magic to materialize lengendary weapons used by heros or a modern weapon like a gun, can activate elemental gems on gloves and fight using those, can create a reality marble a small alternate world. In his world he can make any legendary weapons appear from anywhere and use them with great skill.

Class: EX

Weaknesses: Desert eagle bullets go at the speed of normal bullets can be doged easily, he can only use the lines of death for 5 min before there are harmful affects, he can only activate his full powers for 2 min before his body starts to break down ( the vampires powers were to strong for Shiki's body). After deactivating from his full powers his normal strength is cut in half, and using the elemental gems drains his stamina keeping weapons materailed drains his stamina and his reality marble also drains his stamina alot and he can only use it for 2 min before being forced back to reality and become severly weakened.

Personality: Wants whats best for others not himself is cold and ruthless when he has to be and has a great hatred towards Youma even though he is one. Has a great sense of honour and will not do things like taking hostages unless he is forced to.

(sorry mine is so long I kinda wanted a really awesome character for myself so i developed him alot, also I copied alot of it from two different anime if any of you guys watch fate stay night or shingetsutan tsukihime you'll know what I mean if this isn't allowed tell me and I'll change it.)

1/10/2010 . Edited 1/12/2010 #7
Zen of Souls

Name: Lord Vale von Schatten (vale of shadows)

Gender: Male

Monster species: Wizard

Eye Color: Purple

Age: 46

Normal Form: Black haired man with a white rob, walks with a cane

Monster Form: Cane becomes a black broad sword, hair becomes slightly floaty, gains a purple aura

Abilities: Mastery of all magic

Backstory: too long to write

1/10/2010 #8

(I'll probably bring this character into Youkai Academy later on..... Actually there is a 50-50 chance)

Name: Arturia Pendragon

Gender: Female

Monster: Hero of legends+vampire

Age: 17

Normal Form:

Monster Form: Exactly the same except red eyes, silver hair and fangs.

Background: Arturia was the legendary King Arthur except instead of being male she was female. She hid her gender from everybody else and ruled as king of all Great Britain. Pulled the sword excalibur from the stone and united all the warlords in Britain under her banner. Was betrayed by Mordred her adopted daughter. But as she died she found out that Mordred had been controlled by by Youma. She made a pact with a vampire to get revenge on those who had made Mordred kill her but after the injection of blood she was trapped in a parallel world for several hundred years. It was only several seconds to her. Then when she came back she met Shiki and joined the Organization as Shiki's second in command.

Abilities: Master of the sword, has the legendary weapon excalibur can release a massive amount of energy which cuts anything in it's path, gains increased strength due to vampire blood.

Class: S+ (but her special attack is EX class)

Weaknesses: Using her special attack drains alot of her stamina and excess use of it weakens her alot, has all vampire weaknesses like a weakness to water.

Personality: Will sacrifice herself for others, follows Shiki's orders without question.

1/10/2010 #9

Name: Kane Shi-o

Gender: Male

Monster Species: Reaper

Eye Color: Icy blue

Age: 16

Normal Form: Human appearance (6'3", Medium length black hair with white tips, slightly pale skin and a scowl that's usually the only expression he wears, besides a blank look.)

Monster Form: 8 foot tall cloaked figure with a half mask looking like a demonic fanged grin, and a large scythe with multiple abilities that grow and evolve over time

Abilities: Ability to reap souls, but only when 18. He also has the ability to use the power of darkness as a weapon, and reanimate the dead and, in time, bring them back to life if he reaped their soul or killed the one who stole their soul. He can also shift in and out of the etherial plane

Backstory: He was born into a normal human family, but he was selected by a series of events to become the modern day Angel of death. He is still developing his powers, so he can be reckless and overuse his powers to the point of exhaustion. He is searching for the resting place of the first Grim Reaper, as all new Angels of Death must do before officially becoming the Grim Reaper. He tends to be a loner, but he is overall trustworthy and will protect anyone he sees is important and close to him.

1/11/2010 . Edited 1/12/2010 #10

Name: Samantha “Fira” Pierce

Species: Phoenix

Age: 16

Birthday: December 16

Abilities: Capable of summoning fire and surrounding her body in flames, sprouting fire wings to give her flight in human form. Her tears can be used to heal herself and others.

Weaknesses: Prolonged exposure to water, her own anger

Human Form: Orange hair with blonde streaks in it that stops at her shoulder blades, orange eyes, usually orange clothes, and about 5’5 in height. When in her school uniform, the jacket is wrapped around her waist.

Monster Form: A phoenix with orange feathers; like her hair, there’s gold streaks in the feathers.

Bio: As a baby, her phoenix parents died after reaching their age limit. She was taken care of by her foster family until she was 15, when her family was killed yet again. With no where to go, she went to the Academy.

Personality: She’s usually very tomboyish, nice to people she likes but less sympathetic for those she doesn't


Name: Kiomi Raymond

Species: Half Living Armor/Half Vampire

Age: 15

Birthday: August 1

Abilities: She can protect herself in armor that is unbreakable (She can be hurt depending on the strength of the creature. S-class can definitely hurt her, E-class can’t), can convert her demonic aura into pure energy for a short while, ability to use dark fire based attacks.

Weaknesses: Prolonged exposure to water, holy objects such as rosaries, strength of her opponent.

Human Form: Around 5’3 in height, silver hair that stops short of her waist, somewhat pale skin, purple eyes.

Monster Form: Her armor (somewhat of a bat motif) is on, now stands at 5’7, armor is black with crimson and silver, helmet has bat wings on the sides, with a visor that goes around most of her face, crimson eyes. The strength of her armor, compared to her brother, is weaker but she’s physically stronger.

Bio: Hailing from a wealthy family but not close to anyone, she grew up lonely. She tried becoming closer to her brother, to no avail. Her parents, wanting her to make friends, enrolled her into Youkai Academy.

Personality: Kiomi is very shy. It isn’t until she’s in her monster form when she isn’t shy, acting more like a vampire.


Name: Lute Artur

Species: Shadow Witch

Age: 15

Birthday: March 25

Abilities: Shadow magic and other spells. She’s basically a Shade but with a spellbook.

Weaknesses: Sunlight in large doses

Appearance: Clad in Gothic Lolita clothing, such as a black and purple bunny hood parka, black and purple two tiered skirt, dark purple hair, and light blue eyes. Stands at about 5’4 in height.

Bio: The daughter of The (Shadow) Mage King. She spends most of her time going off to explore the World of Shadows before getting caught by the castle guards. Due to her curious nature, her father sent her to Youkai despite the fact that she's next in line as ruler.

Personality: A very curious person, she’ll ask many questions to something she doesn’t know. There is also a high chance that she’ll pop your personal bubble if she is curious about your clothes. Or if she just feels like it. Also very talkative.

1/15/2010 . Edited 1/15/2010 #11

Name: Shunichi kon

Gender: male

Monster species: dragon

Eye Color:green


Normal Form:

Monster Form: ( full if thats ok (


-breaths fire

-can make wild winds appear out of nowhere

-and last is is quick on his feet

Backstory: I'm sorry but i don't dude

1/16/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #12

Name: Rikka Shakaku

Gender: Female

Monster species: Rikka is a Djinn, specifically, an infernal Ifrit.

Eye Color: Chocolate brown in human form, but her real eyes are orange with red and yellow spots. Like fire.

Age: She appears 17 or 18; however, she is actually a couple of centuries in age, born toward the end of the European Renaissance.

Normal Form: Standing at 5'11", Rikka is quite lithe and attractive. ... Then again, so is every other female monster her human disguise. She has an... Indian -not Native American- skin tone, much like the cooking teacher that's obsessed with spicy yellow curry. What was her name? Her bust size is.... slightly smaller than Kurumu's. Her hips are wide, being even with her broad shoulders. Her human face is angular, with her brown eyes being almond-shaped. She has fiery red hair that falls to her lower back, styled in a French Braid.

Also, she dresses in the standard school uniform, which includes a sea-green blazer with a white shirt underneath, a yellow pleated skirt, a set of knee-high socks, and a pair of loafers.

Monster Form: An Ifrit is an enormous winged, infernal creature, either male or female, who lives underground and frequents ruins. When this Ifrit changes from her human shape to her true, full shape, the most noticeable things, aside from increased size to about 7.5 feet and her increase in muscle mass (yet she's not grotesque, in fact still lithe), are her red skin and fiery wings. (Though occasionally she will take a book from a certain American cartoon, going with a smoky black tail in place of legs, instead of her wings.) Her red hair turns black and her brown eyes become pools of lava (That's poetic speak for 'her eyes become orange with yellow and red spots'.).

Of course, she's is not limited to changing all of her features at once. She can transform parts of herself. Otherwise, her uniform would rip apart every time.

Also, when fully transformed, her state of dress changes. She dresses much like the popular American portrayal of a genie. White, puffed sirwal pants adorn her legs, while her feet are adorned with pointed shoes. She wears a black bustiere in place of her blazer and shirt, and with a red long coat.

Abilities: Ifrits are considered to be fire in physical form, so do not be surprised if you see a fireball thrown at you. Of course, as a default, they can fly. Plus... the monstrous strength that most students seem to have. As such, with her fire affinity, ice is power caneller... She may be strong, but not enough to turn water into steam in mere moments. Oddly, whenever she steps into water, it starts to boil, creating a hottub effect.

Personality: Playful. Very playful, free-spirited (Ifrits are one of the few Djinn granted with free will), and flirtatious. To compare: Whereas Kurumu presses her chest against Tsukune, this Ifrit goes so far as to snuggle and hug her target, pressing herself flush against the lucky ba- I mean, the poor soul. Yes, poor soul.

And yet, she is not without being serious or furious. And believe me, you do NOT want to see a furious Ifrit. You know the phrase about a woman's fury? Yeah... I thought so. Just don't be surprised if some trees spontaneously combust.

Backstory: Not much can be said about her. The only thing that stands out abour her in Youkai Academy, besides her human form's figure, is that she has not been seen in her transformed state. However, she has kept her eyes on certain events around the Academy, specifically, the new chain and lock around the Aono kid's arm... and how his apparent harem always saves his arse. Her interest is peaked, her target is found.

Rikka Shakaku... is going to compete for Tsukune this year. The poor, poor, poor soul. As if two vamps, a succubus, two witches, and a yuki-onna were not enough. Heheheh...

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/21/2010 #13



Monster species:Vampire/kitsune

Eye Color:crome red


Normal Form:white long silky hair. Black skirt and tank top. Likes to wear long hoodies and converse.

Monster Form:Black fox ears. Long red-tipped fangs and a black tail. The colors of her eyes change colors by mood but mostly stay red.

Abilities:She can pick up peoples thoughts and feelings by touching them. When she's angry she grows many kitsune tails. Her speed increases the more angrier she gets (haha like the hulk xD)


1/21/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #14

Name:Kenchi Satire


Monster species:Pure blood kitsune

Eye Color:Emrald Green


Normal Form:Private school uniform. Like's to wear her skirt above her knees. Always wears a seal necklace and keeps her hair up. Her hair is long and firey red. She wears knee high socks and flats.

Monster Form:White kitsune ears. Has wolf-like fangs and has a soft snow white tail. Her hair grows longer as she transforms and puts it down.

Abilities:She has the ability to speek into people's minds. She can also make her whole body appear on fire if she is threatened or angry.

Backstory: She was born a kistune. Her parents taught her well. One day she had come home and there were animal like creatures who had killed her parents. She had just made it out alive and now researches and trys to learn as much as she can.

1/22/2010 #15
Zen of Souls

Name: Aya Arakawa

Gender: Female

Monster species: Witch

Eye Color: Green

Age: 18

Normal Form: She wears the normal youkai academy uniform, she has short Dark brown hair and a slender body type her breast size is... average not large like most of the female students

Monster Form: not much changes, 4 small orbs follow her around from which she can attack with projectile energy blasts

Abilities: She can use a variety of projectile energy attacks but is physically unable to use elemental magic like Van. she can also compress the orbs to attack the enemy with stronger mure concentrated blasts of energy

Backstory: I don't care

1/24/2010 #16
Zen of Souls

Name: Gregory Gottschalk

Gender: Male

Monster species: Slayer

Eye Color: Amber

Age: 18

Normal Form: He wears a black blazer and black slacks with a white shirt underneath (normal slayer academy uniform)

Monster Form: he goes into battle armed with a myriad of weaponry

Abilities: He's a master swordsman Who weild a mystical sword named "Caladbolg". unlike most demon slayers He can't use elemental magic, he can only use some energy based magic

Backstory: Van's best freind... van escape gregory want's revenge on him

1/24/2010 #17
Wandering Wolf Raku

Name:Lyro Rosado


Monster species:Wolf

Eye Color:Deep blue


Normal Form:Long wild like black hair with a normal youkai academy uniform,has a slash mark on his right eye and hold with him all the a dagger

Monster Form:His eye will started to glow and he will grow a wolf like tail,his claw will start to show as his voice will get a little deeper,last his left arm will show markings as they glow blue.

Abilities:Can run fast and is really smart as,He also learned many fighting styles from his master

Backstory:He had a good life until one day him and his brother had to run away from there clan because someone framed them of killing a very important person in there family name.After they split apart to find there own way to live in a world that doesn't accept them for who they are.

1/25/2010 #18
Lt.James lugnerische

(hey every1,though i would join here,been looking for a good RP seince the acadamy died,and,btw mind if i be a human?)

Name:Adam Wade


Monster species: N/A (vampire blood gets injected into him later)

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 18

Normal Form: a human wearing United States Military ACU uniform

Weapons: M-4 5.56mm Assult Rifle and a M1911 Colt.45 cal pistol

Monster Form:N/A

Abilities:N/A,except for his solider training

Backstory: a soilder in training from america,he decided to come to this school as he didnt find anything good in the others

1/30/2010 #19
Wandering Wolf Raku



Monster species:demon slayer(they also call them selfs Raven because they outfit is all black.)

Eye Color: green


Normal Form:A nineteen year old boy wearing a ninja outfit,He has white hair and holds two ninja daggers with him

Monster Form:None

Abilities:Is able to make clones of himself but not real and is also able to launch a strong amount of energy in his daggers

Backstory:Mother and father died fight off monster from their home now he live with his two sister and older brother fighting off monster that come in his way


Name: Shi


Monster species:Demon slayer (they also call them selfs Raven because they outfit is all black.)

Eye Color:Green


Normal Form:A nineteen year old girl with white hair form in to a pony tail with an ninja assassin outfit on,She also has two ninja daggers with her and a blade hiding in her cloak.

Monster Form:None

Abilities: Same as her brother

Backstory: Same as her brother

1/31/2010 . Edited 2/1/2010 #20
pyrin firestorm

name: grandor hammer-strike

gender: male

monster species: demon weapon

eye color: gold

age: 160 looks 16

human form: sephiroth style hair in black, wears a long trench-coat and cowboy boots with spurs

monster form: can become any type of weapon so long as it's not guns

abilities: can only be wielded by Luke, change into any weapon

back story: created at the same time luke was born, has been looking for Luke since. grandor was created to only be wielded by the person who's biometric code matched the one he was programed with.

[soul eater styled character]

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #21
Lobo Argost

Name: Dante Muramasa

Gender: Male

Monster species: Dragon

Eye color: Emerald green in human form. Pure red in true form.

Age: 1500

Human form: Attractive, short black hair, black version of the uniform.

True form: Black Dragon about the size of a house, glowing red eyes, arms seperate from wings.

Abilities: Fire breathing, good physical abilities, able to over power the average monster with physical abilities alone, and by average I mean the kind who get their asses kicked by Moka in one blow. When those aren't enough, he turns to magic.

Backstory: Born at the start of the Middle Ages, Dante was one of the few Dragons who did not get killed by knights. So the Sorcerers banded together to imprison him in a spellbook with a curse more ancient than Dante himself. He is still trapped during his introduction, coming into Yukari's possession.

2/17/2010 #22
Misterr B

Name: Timothy Kowalski

Gender: Male

Monster species: Elemental

Eye Color: Orange

Age: 17

Normal Form: 5' 7'' and a tan complexion. Soft and kind face with firey orange hair that tends to be constantly messy and always teased in different directions. He wears a usual Yokai uniform with a pink rubber Livestrong bracelet that serves as his human form seal. His body is a constant 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Monster Form: He becomes a rocky skinned fire elemental. His body is made of various molten stones surrounded in a bright orange blaze. It turns Red when he is angry and blue when very calm or sensitive, a deep purple and 125 degrees when he is with someone he truly cares for. The calmer he gets, the closer he gets to a normal human body temperature.

Abilities: Control over fire, even in human form, and the ability to manifest flames in monster form.

Backstory: Grew up with a happy and loving family for most of his life. However, when he was 13, both parents died in a tragic accident and he was forced to make a living on his own. This led to him jumping around from temporary housing to temporary housing for the next four years of his life. When he was finally admitted into the Yokai school, he saw it as a chance to find some new friends and make a future for himself. Hopefully, he would no longer have to be alone anymore.

Other: He is an avid Beatles fan.

2/17/2010 #23
pyrin firestorm

name: kalika demonsmith

gender: female

species: witch

eyes: platinum

age: 300 looks 16 because she clones herself

normal form: weirs tight fitting leather clothing and black gloves. carries three magical devices at all time

monster form: human

abilitys: likes to create things

backstory: created the eight demon weapons that are around the world. is at the school to test her inventions on the students

2/19/2010 . Edited 2/19/2010 #24
Misterr B

Name: Jacob Thompson

Gender: Male

Monster species: Elemental

Eye Color: Neon blue

Age: 18

Normal Form: 6' 1'' long brown/hints of blue hair that hangs down over his eyes and down to his back. Tall and slim, and rather handsome. Wears a short sleeve white shirt with a loose blue tie around his neck and white pants, a blue bracelet around his wrist.

Monster Form: Body becomes made out of stone, yet comprised of smaller stones with few larger ones as opposed to Tim. Retains his body shape, even becoming slimmer, but is made mostly out of water, long tendrils of water coming off the back of his head like dreadlocks. In this form, he is immensely powerful, even bordering an S-Class monster.

Abilities: Control over water and it's properties, being able to shoot it at high pressure like a bullet or even create a shield with a pressurized wall of water.

Backstory: Is cousins with Tim, having the same roots seeing as they are both Elementals. However, he is very proficient in his control over his abilities and much much more powerful than Tim. He grew up with others of his kind, receiving training from other Elemental to become very powerful. He has been going to Youkai for three years, being in his senior year at the moment.

2/21/2010 #25
Lost Luggage

Name: Osmond "Ozzy" Crowley

Gender: Male

Monster species: Lich

Eye Color: Magenta

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 700lbs (Does not show)

Age: 4 (Recently revived from the dead. He has lived for, in total, 110 years)

Normal Form: A short young man with a youthful face, Ozzy is often mistaken for a young child. He possesses lip-length, ragged, greasy black hair with an uneven central part and several thin, stray clumps of hair emanating from said point, fanning out in random directions. He wears his traditional school uniform (which is just a little too big for him) with sleeves cuffed to just below his elbows and a black hoody between the dress shirt and the blazer, the hood itself hanging from the blazer's collar. His general attire is rather torn and matted in nature, and several points on his face and body have a number of hairline scars.

Monster Form: Osmond's monster form is not an immediate, willed transformation, instead, being a gradual change tied closely to his supernatural abilities. As he changes, Osmond's skin (and skin only) slowly becomes more fragile, breaking and bleeding at the slightest touch, and his regenerative ability becomes less effective on such manner of fleshwound, often causing open soars to remain on his face for days at a time. This progresses until his old, hairline scars open on their own, littering his face and body with grizzly wounds, most noteworthy being a pair of pentagram-shaped scar patterns, one on the back of each hand. In addition, over the course of the transformation, he will grind his teeth, causing them to sharpen, and blood vessels in his eyes and gums will rupture, tainting the white cornea of his eyes red and causing blood to constantly mix with his saliva. Towards the end of this process, he will lose the need for food, and will thus grow skeletally thin.

Abilities: Ozzy is a Lich; an undead witch or, in this case, sorcerer. Through magical means, he has drastically increased his own muscle-mass and bone density, causing him to become increasingly resilient to physical damage, while simultaneously increasing his physical strength to enormous purport ions. He also possesses his own brand of magic, which allows him to do everything from create objects out of thin air, to conjuring raw elements, to tearing holes in the fabric of space and time. However, it should be noted that he does NOT generate magic within his body as witches and sorcerers do, meaning he must extract magical energy from the souls of living beings to do so, most often through difficult and tedious rituals. As one final side note, his body is partially kept alive by the same magical energy that he utilizes, meaning that, if used in excess, his magical energy would be diminished and his body would collapse under its own weight, among other things.

Backstory: Osmond has is a peculiarity among the world of monsters, as, over the course of many centuries, he has died and been resurrected many, many times, leading to a total lifespan of over one hundred and ten years. However, upon death, Osmond has grown a tendency to lose all of his memories of his past lives and, thus, does not remember much beyond the four years his current body has lived. However, some thoughts, feelings, and goals seem to always linger long after his resurrection: the fact that he is not mortal, the knowledge of how to use his magic, and the overpowering urge to control everything.

Personality: Fast-talking, belligerent, charismatic, short-sighted, impatient, lecherous, short-tempered, arrogant, ingenious, hyperactive, apathetic, greedy, megalomaniacal and completely insane. These are just a few words that can be used to describe Osmond on one of his GOOD DAYS. It seems that, more out of impulse than actual dedication, the young lich will constantly seek to overthrow any superior who happens to be enforcing control of any kind over him at that given moment. His means are aggressive and his planning thorough, yet a horrendous streak of bad luck constantly keeps him from achieving his goal. However, it should be noted that this rarely discourages him, as a remarkably short attention span often leaves questioning why he was seeking to incur the revolution, or even who or what he was seeking to overthrow to begin with. His extreme personality often leads many to speculate as to the nature of his morals, however, it should be noted that Osmond often means little to no harm during his escapades, and displays a strong sense of comradery when it's to his advantage.

However, during his monster transformation, his normally eccentric, yet benevolent nature seems to make an about face. Roughly just beyond the point at which his old scars begin to reopen, he takes on the sadistic and homicidal tendencies of his past life. Anything and everything is a means to an end in his eternal quest for omnipotent influence and power. In spite of this, he seems to retain an eerily lively persona.

2/23/2010 #26
Misterr B

Name: Elise Thompson

Gender: Female

Monster species: Elemental

Eye Color: yellow

height: 5' 1''

weight: 83 lbs

Age: 16

Normal Form: A tomboyish girl with just under shoulder length bright blond hair. She is very slim and petite. Wears a typical youkai uniform with yellow tinted slacks rather than a skirt.

Monster Form: Much like the other two, he body becomes made out of stones of various sizes that mimic her body shape. Her's are held together with a steady stream of electricity linking everything together. She has constant pulses of static emanating from her body and a long strand of electricity coming off the back of her head.

Abilities: Control and manifestation of electrical currents. She is also extremely fast.

Backstory: Similar to Jacob's seeing as she is his younger sister. She grew up in the Elemental commune and being the born warrior of her year she was trained to fight. However, she quickly became a hired hand into the commune after advancing past her training early and spending several years as an Elemental warrior rather than going to school. When Jacob found Tim, she decided to go help Jacob 'reclaim' the lost Elemental. She is the most powerful type of standard Elemental.

Personality: No nonsense, serious, protective, unrelenting, and willing to go to great lengths to achieve her goals.

2/28/2010 #27
Lost Luggage

(A character who I intend to involve in the near future, hopefully around the time that I arrive home on the first day of March Break.)

Name: Edgar

Gender: Asexual (Appears Male)

Monster species: Marionette

Eye Color: Pure white with black pupil in right eye, pure black with white pupil in left eye

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 39lbs

Age: 0 (Recently created)

Monster Form: Edgar lacks a proper human form, though his monster form appears very human. He possesses thin, grey-brown, scraggily hair with the appearance of dry, torn cotton, swept back and up, with two spiked clumps of bangs in the top-center of his forehead, parted and curving down like horns. His skin can be described as his most distinguishing feature, as he is made up of a thin, grey, flexible clay layer with wide, dull green-and-red patches of corduroy cloth all over his body (making up half of his face, his right shoulder and arm, and bits of his torso and legs). For attire, he wears the YokaiAcademy uniform; however, he forgoes the blazer and dress shirt worn on the top for a black, formal vest. It should be noted that he lacks blood, instead being stuffed with a super-light, sand-like substance.

Abilities: Edgar's greatest ability could very well be his physical state. Being what is essentially a living doll, he possesses no vital organs and, thus, cannot be killed by any conventional means (eg: he can be beheaded and his head and body will remain alive and well). However, as he is supported by magic, he is tremendously vulnerably to most, if not all anti-magic and spirit draining abilities. In addition, his feather weight allows for tremendous acrobatics, however, this possesses a drawback in that he isn't much stronger than a traditional human male.

Backstory: (To Be Released)

Personality: Feeble and submissive, Edgar lives to serve his master. He seems deathly afraid of people, and even more so other monsters, but deep down, he seems to simply enjoy being alive. He is also quite naïve, and seems to, at times, possess the mind of a small child.

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #28

Name: Daisuke Murazaki

Gender: Male

Monster Species: Giant

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6.5 (8.5 in his monster form)

Weight: 250 lbs (440 lbs in his monster form)

Age: 16

Normal Form: He has long black hair that reaches just past his neck in length, he also has a full beard, his body built with solid muscle but it's not too defined (broad shoulders, big biceps, thick leg muscles)

Monster Form: His hair stays the same color and length as well as his beard but his muscle mass doubles as his body becomes taller, more physically muscular)

Abilities: He can lift large amounts of weight (well into the 'ton' range) he can clear 25 yards in a single leap, his skin is inhumanly tough so he can take all but the strongest punches, kicks, bites, etc. He can create small earthquakes that level up to 4.5 (just enough to knock people down) on the richter scale. When he claps his hands loud enough gusts of wind can be made to blow enemies back

Weaknesses: When in their monster form Giants are really "simple". Their intelligence decreases a considerable amount when they show their monster form and that is noticeable in Daisuke. His overally intelligence is lowered when he's transformed to the point where he seems slightly dumb. If enemies were smart enough they'd take advantage of that.

Backstory: Despite being such a big guy Daisuke has always been the quiet type. He's kept to himself, keeping a low profile and his head in a book. However he felt that life was passing him by due to his wallflower ways as he alwyas missed big parties, festivals, and other events in the school. Now's the time for Daisuke to show all of Yokai Academy that his personality is the biggest thing he has

Personality: He's a bit shy, only because people tend to be scared of him due to his great size. Daisuke is also a bit quiet too but if you can get him to speak out he won't stop until he feels like it.

3/3/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #29


Name: Marakai kitsugon

Gender: male

Monster species: Dragon/kitsune

Eye Color: mix of red and silver

height: 5"11

weight: 13 stn

Age: 18

Normal Form: he wears a trench coat that is open showing of his grey shirt, he wears purple sandals and silver trousers

Monster Form: this but instead of scales he has fur

Abilities: he has all the abilities of a dragon (fire breathing, age, strength, flight, speed) but he is weak against water and lightning

Backstory: his father and mother were nobles of their races but one night, both in human forms, had a one night stand which made him. due to him being a half breed that showed no potential in either race was left at an orphanage but when he reached the age of 10 his genes showed. this caught the eyes of a passing teacher of youkai academy and was then reported to the headmaster at the time. when he reached the appropriate age he was offered a place at youkai academy, on the condition that no one was told anything about him and that he could just show up when he wanted to.

Personality: cold, un caring, calculating and mischievous but if you gain his friendship he is a loyal friend

3/5/2010 . Edited 3/6/2010 #30
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