Rosario Vampire: Tales of Cataclysm
yup this is a rosario vampire RP forum. make an OC and join in. it even has it's own self contained story line so you don't need to worry about people saying that something isn't canonically correct. THE ORIGINAL CAST DOES NOT APPEAR. TSUKUNE AND FREINDS DO NOT EXIST. THE ONLY CANON CHARS HERE ARE THE TEACHERS
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Wandering Wolf Raku

This is the ova area for Rpers who want to show what there characters are like at the fullest. Bring in my characters that don't go the school, plus character that have died that the Rper wants to bring back as a good guy. (Or what there life would be like if they were friend with the heroes.

trademarks include

- an independent story (features the normal characters but doesn't involve the plot)

- gratuitous nudity (or at least uncensored nudity.....don't over do it here ok we got enough of that, nipah X3)

- lots of comedy (We go that already in here but hey that what we're good at so keep up the good work.)

-or lots of action( i even have to say anything X3)

7/25/2011 #1

- or all of the above :)

So how should this forum even start?

7/26/2011 #2
Wandering Wolf Raku

That may not be to hard if just the same way anyday in the Yokai academy and Yokai academy II started out.

Think of it as an episode and then think how would you started it off X3

7/26/2011 #3

Alright, I'll start us off. Time for the Don LaFontaine impression! *clears throat*

In a world where monsters coexist with humans, there is a school hidden where chaos meets everyday life...

The sun was rising into the sky on this Saturday morning. The weather was set for a nice, sunny day in the summer. As the sun rose, an alarm went off in one girl's room. As she groggily reached for the loud clock, the girl realized something and her head shot out from under the covers.

"Today's the day!" Lute shouted as she slammed her hand on the clock and jumped out of bed. She glanced over at the calendar which was marked "Daddy visits 3".

7/26/2011 #4

((Hope you don't mind me expanding that a little))

Daichi let out a loud groan as he heard his alarm going off. He reached out and smacked the top of the clock a few times before he finally managed to turn it off. He sat up and looked around as he scratched his head as he slowly woke up. He looked over at the small calendar by his clock and noticed something written in the box for today's date. "What the..." he leaned closer to it, squinting until he saw "Parent's Day" written. "Parents Day, huh?"


There was a loud tearing noise coming from one of the windows of the boys dorm followed by a black and silver object flying threw the sky. As it dropped, it looked like a nice and new alarm clock. Once it smashed into the ground, it looked like a broken pile of pieces. Back in the room it had come from, Snyder growled as he turned over on his bed, trying to go back to sleep.

7/26/2011 #5

(I just realized half of the heart in my last post was cut off :P )

Izzy was lying in bed, still asleep. Knowing that he didn't have anything to do today, he kept the alarm clock off so he could sleep in. While he slept, a small shadow clone was hooking up a mp3 player to a sound system.

"Okay, pick a song and play it in a minute," Slim ordered the clone.

----- -----

Lute was dressed in her favorite clothes: a black, two-tiered skirt, and a black skull shirt. After getting dressed, she looked down at her schedule for the day and her eyes scrolled down to "Parents arrive at 11:00." She looked over at her clock to see that it was only 8:00.

7/26/2011 #6
Wandering Wolf Raku

Ronki was in a tree just watching the sky pass by "This place come just crazy at times, but man is it quiet ronki laughed

"Your right for once boy, i never seem a place like this get so calm in a matter of three days." Infinity said to him "If your agreeing then that means something to me." Ronki jumped off the tree and started to walk around


Zakrina started to wake up as she groaned "Hmmm, wow he left already." Zakrina yawned as she looked around the place

"He could have waited for me at least." Zakrina sighed as she got out of bed and started to change her clothes

7/26/2011 #7
Zen of Souls

Aya rose early like she always did and checked her calender

"It's parents day! I wonder if Aniki got my letter telling him it would be soon"

She put on her uniform and went outside


(Aniki is another japanese term for big brother. Aya's parents are deceased so her older brother [Aniki] is her legal guardian)

7/26/2011 #8

A minute later, random gunshot and explosion noises were blaring in Izzy's room, causing him to jump out of his bed and look around confused. He could barely hear Slim laughing at him as he tried to shut it off.

----- -----

Kiomi Raymond was making herself a pot of tea to start off the day. As she waited, she looked at her planner to see "Parents Day" was on it.

"I wonder if they'll have time to stop by today," she wondered out loud.

7/26/2011 #9

Snyder jumped when he could hear the mumbled sound of gunshots and explosions coming from a room a few doors down. He landed on his bed awkwardly and ended up falling onto the floor. "God...dammit..." he growled to himself.


Daichi got dressed quickly after he took a shower. He picked up his calendar again and looked at it, looking at the Parent's Day written on it. "Huh... this might be interesting," he mumbled as he went to get something to eat.


Sairento was sitting on her bed, looking at the calendar. She wished her parents could come visit, but she couldn't even be sure they were still alive. She'd mentioned it to her new family that had found and helped her, but she'd never gotten a letter back. 'I wonder...' she started to think.

7/26/2011 #10
Wandering Wolf Raku

Ronki walked around in what seemed to be a school uniform then run into lyro

"Hey Ronki heading off?" Lyro smiled "Most likely." Ronki grinned "Going to get himself in trouble like always." Infinity put out

"Really...hey ronki." Lyro looked at him "Huh?" Ronki looked confused "When did you start going to this school?" Lyro saw his uniform

"What, oh this! Ahahaha, it just something i came up with. What better way to stay close to my friends then to get the headmaster to agree for me to be a student....but it just for a little while." Ronki smirked

"He doesn't realize what day it is does he." Lyro thought


Zakrina walked out of her place and looked out side and looked around "Wonderful, i don't feel like doing anything it so nice out. Plus....sigh, this is going to be a vary good day." Zakrina smiled as Victoria just watched her "Crazy people some times..." She said to her self

7/26/2011 #11
Justin awoke and looked at his clock then realized he wasn't alone in his bed as his arm was wrapped around the waist of a girl and after a moment in a drowsy state memories from last night and her smirked ' I guess I don't have to wake up that bad as he shut his eyes but something was at the back of his mind 'wasn't there something happening in school today?' but he shrugged it off
7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #12
Wandering Wolf Raku

Ronki sat on the ground "So i heard about this Parent's Day, who did you ask to come." Ronki said before drink his soda

"Just my mother, father is very....well let just say he hate kids." Lyro sighed " and you." Lyro asked "Uncle and only him since i know where he is. But then again i have many uncles." Ronki thought about it

" how many?" Lyro looked surprised "Ten uncles and two antes." Ronki grinned as lyro fall over "d you can only get in contact with one of them?!" Lyro looked at him "Yup." Ronki laughed as lyro sighed


Ryu walked out side and toward the school with Suma and Akira " After this day we go on a big trip with Reonkiu right?" Suma said to Ryu "Yeah, but i just worry what he might don't for Parent's i hope it isn't too crazy." Ryu laughed as yukio barked

"Yeah your right....this is going to be a hell of a day." Ryu said "For once i agree with the dog." Suma smiled

7/26/2011 #13
Zen of Souls

Aya walked over to the school and stood out front

"I wonder when everyone else will get here..." She said to herself

7/26/2011 #14
Wandering Wolf Raku

Shima looked down from the gate "Like who Aya, are you hoping for someone to show?" Shima laughed

7/26/2011 #15

Unsure of what else to do, Daichi left his dorm room and was walking toward the school. He wasn't sure if he should expect anyone. And if he should, he had no idea where to go. At the very least, maybe he'd run into some people he knew at the main school building.


Snyder groaned loudly as he got up and looked at the stand by his bed. "Where the hell did my new clock go?" he groaned to himself as he started walking toward the bathroom. He was starting to get very annoyed at whoever kept stealing his alarm clocks.


Sairento finally left her dorm room and sat on one of the benches in front of the girls' dorm building, looking up at the sky. As she watched the clouds, she brought her hand up to her choker. 'I hope they're out there somewhere...' she thought.

7/26/2011 #16
Nundel R 7/26/2011 . Edited 7/26/2011 #17

Lute decided to leave her room in the attempts to go find somebody she knew instead of waiting around all day.

"This day is gonna be great," she sang as she walked outside. "Maybe I'll bake a cake."

----- -----

Izzy, having turned the music off, was getting ready for the day while he argued with Slim.

"Dude, not funny!" the boy shouted as he searched his closet for clothes. "I could've gone deaf if that music was any louder."

"Wah, wah, wah is all I'm hearing," said Slim. "At this rate, I'll go deaf."

----- -----

Fira eventually woke up, waking up to no alarm like Izzy did minus the wake up call. She covered her head with her blanket and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Too comfy here..." she muttered before tossing the covers off.

7/26/2011 #18
Wandering Wolf Raku

Ronki saw aya and Shima "Hey look it Aya and your sister." Ronki pointed out "Why is she on the gate?" lyro asked

"Hey Shima aya! How it going you two!?" Ronki waved


Zakrina started to walk toward the school when she bumped into Raku " Hmmm?" Raku looked at her as she did the same "S-sorry about that i wasn't watching my step....wait a minute don't i know you?" Raku asked

"I don't think so, have we met before?" Zakrina looked confused "Yeah we did you were in a tree and you won't talk for anything. You just said "leave now"" Raku said with a sigh "Hmmmmm...oh yeah you were that kid who wouldn't leave me alone. How have you been, bother another soul around her somewhere?" Zakrina grinned as she walk passed him

"Hey don't act like that, i was trying to talk to you and you were being rude." Raku chased after her "Then i'm sorry but you had that coming for you." Zakrina laughed

7/26/2011 #19

moon opened her eyes slowly and looked over at justin x..oh my god..x she said just staring at him

andddd kaboom

7/26/2011 #20

(oh dear god...)

7/26/2011 #21
7/26/2011 #22

(Pretty sure that was just an OOC comment)

Daichi sat down once he got to the school building. He noticed other students standing about, but he just sat down at a bench. After sitting there for a bit, he leaned forward and started using his powers to play with the dirt beneath the bench.


Snyder yawned as he got out of the shower and started getting dressed. "Why the hell did I wake up so early?" he complained, even though he had no idea what time it really was.


Sairento brought her hand down from her neck and set it in her lap. She decided to just watch the clouds for now while she tried to think of something else to do.


Dr. Yakuzai walked out of the school building and stopped when he saw so many students gathered around it. "The hell are you all here for? It's Saturday. No classes," he said to no one in particular before he lit his cigarette and started smoking.

7/26/2011 #23
Justin hit a wall inside the dormroom and hit the ground with a thump "ouch I'm gonna feel that tomarrow"
7/26/2011 #24

moon sat up and growled x..i cant believe you..x she said wincing and looking at her shoulder bit me..x she yelled

7/26/2011 #25

The dirt floating below Daichi's hand dropped to the ground when he suddenly had a very strange feeling. "What is that?" he asked himself.

7/26/2011 #26
Justin groaned as he got up off the floor "no I didn't--" he cut short when he saw her shoulder "uh oh"
7/26/2011 #27

(Anyone feel like posting in the normal RP? Just figured I'd ask)

7/26/2011 #28
No such thing as normal here :3)
7/26/2011 #29

(Uh, okay. In Yokai Academy II, then)

7/26/2011 #30
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