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(Got my point across, ne? Baka computer... about to go to school. Will respond when I get homeski :3)

9/14/2010 #91

"Yeah, I'd hate for someone to get hurt... an innocent person that is..." Dana said sarcastically, looking at Break when she spoke.

Cheshire chuckled.

9/14/2010 #92

Chris nodded.

"Indeed, well then." He walked to the door he and Dana had entered through before addressing Haru.

"Shall we?"

9/14/2010 #93

Break met Dana's gaze and smiled back sweetly, "Aww, I'm so happy to have your concern Dana-chan!"

"Ehhh?" Haru questioned popping open one eye from his lounging position on the grassy floor. He sat up and stretched his back greatly resembling something from the cat species and yawning loudly. He didn't bother to cover his mouth. He rubbed his eyes gingerly and looked almost irritated that he was disturbed from his little rest. "Man Airi-sama... and pretty boy? Now that was original."

He easily rolled onto his back into a hand stand position and delicately placed his feet back down to meet the earth. He smirked and cracked his knuckles, now that he was back upright on his own two feet.

Miyuki rolled her eyes at the little display.

"Of course not here silly..." Airi proclaimed looking incredulous at Chris and skipped over lightly to a corner of the garden. She looked over expectantly over at one of the other nobleman and he quickly scrambled over to her. He lifted a hand which glowed for a few seconds as the ground directly left to them disappeared and descended into stairs. Airi smiled happily and turned back to the others, "Airi wants to watch it in her underground stadium!"

9/14/2010 #94

Alex raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as he followed Airi.

"So how far down is this stadium." He asked as they walked.

9/14/2010 #95

Dana grinned at Break, not hiding her hatred very well. She then looked over at Chris. "Well, t's not that far if I recall correctly. It should be somwhere-" he started. "Well, underground pretty much covers it..."

Cheshire was very amused and turned to glare at the trees behind Break. he had heard movement and felt he was being watched.

"What's wrong Cheshire?" Dana asked.

Cheshire continued glaring at the tree.

9/14/2010 #96

"Airi thinks we're almost dere!" She exclaimed running down as fast as her short legs could carry her, yet making sure to skip one step each time as she made her way. Miyuki was quick to be right on her heels just in case she lost her footing, a mistake which was quite silly to think Airi would make but still. Jade had been napping, of course, ontop his master's cranium until they had started making their descent and Miyuki had changed her pace. He blinked opening his wide red eyes which only grew wider when he realized where they were headed.

Haru also fell in step behind them; lazily making his way with his hands in his pockets and a lazy slouch to his posture.

"Does the kitty want to play in the tree?" Break questioned tilting his head to the side and popping in a lollypop. He didn't wait for a response, instead following the others to witness the performance that was about to begin.

Airi made a sound of delight when the soles of her boots made contact with a grassy surface instead of the hard concrete of the gray steps. Miyuki stopped short as well and looked up to her surroundings. They seemed to be in vastly huge field that seemed to stretch on until it disappeared in the distance. Surrounding the open field were wild flowers of every sort that would meet any types of the imagination. There were various other things but she paid no heed as the black haired girl spun around and clapped her hands in delight.

"We're here~!"

9/15/2010 #97

"Good," Chris said. He took a quick look at his watch.

"Well then," He said walking into the field before turning around and facing everyone. "Lets get this over with and then get some lunch." He said spacing his feet apart.

9/15/2010 #98

Airi took a seat in an oversized chair completely covered in ithe same flowers that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The nobles that have followed to witness the fight followed suit and took various seats behind the girl. Miyuki looked around, at a loss as to where to sit, and noticed with dread that the only open seat was beside Break which was directly to the left of Airi. Break closed his smiling and patting the seat beside him. She heaved a sigh and sat down, muttering something under her breath.

Haru trudged over to the open field and took a long swig of his cigarette before stubbing it and flinging it aside. He turned towards Chris twisting his neck, making uncomfortable cracking noises. "The terms? Weapons?" He directed said question at Airi.

Airi swung her legs that were too short to reach the bottom of the ground, "Airi says anything goes~ Whatever Baka Haru and rude Stranger who has yet to introdcue himself wants!"

9/15/2010 #99

"I see I forgotten to introduce myself again... well no matter. We can get to that later." Chris said with a shrug.

"My only term is this: No hitting below the belt. I'm sure you understand what I mean by that. Beyond that, any weapons are fine with me."

9/16/2010 #100

Dana poked Chris in the back. "Be careful," she warned. "Everyone here is insane. Including myself, even if that is hard to believe...." she trailed off.

9/16/2010 #101

"I'm always careful." Chris reassured her flashing one of his rare smiles.

9/16/2010 #102

Haru narrowed his eyes at his opponent, "The first thing I'll make sure to teach you is to show proper respect to Airi-sama."

"Thats if you're making the awfully generous assumption that he survives this match." Break spoke ominously though his face was presented as if he just given the utmost compliment.

"Airi can accept these terms~.." Said girl interrupted and raising her hand in the air. A smirk danced across her features that truly betrayed the persona she had kept in place up until now, "Let the match begin." As she commanded the words her hand followed suit by flying downward marking the beginning of the battle. Miyuki's green eyes shot out to the field, very curious as to what was to come.

"And being careful is quite the wise decision." Haru pronounced and crouched down getting into a specific fighting stance, "Let's see if there was any bite to accompany that bark."

9/16/2010 #103

(You're going to make me make the first attack aren't you. Fine, fine...)

Chris raised both eyebrows.

"I'd love to know when I stopped being respectful, oh well I'll worry about it later." He recalled the numerous training sessions he'd been through. He rushed forward without drawing his sword.

When he reached the crouched Haru he quickly leaped over him and delivered a stiff kick to his back.

9/16/2010 #104

Dana watched them nervously. She hoped Airi wouldn't end up wanting him killed.

Cheshire noticed Dana was worried and glomped her. The two of them toppled over. After a short wrestling match Dana came out triumphant and got back up to continue watching.

9/17/2010 #105


Haru let himself lurch forward from the blow and quickly did a forward roll to regain his balance and face his opponent once again. He cracked his neck and crossed his arms giving a disapproving look. He looked like he was about to say something but decided against it.

He charged at the man, raising his fist, and when he looked like he was about to aim the blow to his face he changed his direction completely. Dropping down to another crouching position he spun around, kicking out his legs and knocking the other off balance.

Miyuki's eye's caught something going on to the left. She covered her mouth to stop the laughter when she saw the antics of Dana and Cheshire.

Airi and Break watched the match with mild interest.

9/20/2010 #106

Dana then gave Cheshire a punch in the shoulder and leaned in to watch the match, almost falling over from leaning in so far.

Cheshire rubbed the sore spot on his shoulder and frowned. He was annoyed that Dana was making such a fuss over the stranger.

9/20/2010 #107

Chris did a backflip landing on his feet perfectly balanced. He recalled what his Teacher had always said.

"Stick witht the sword Chris, you're no good at punching." The way had been quickly decieved had reminded him of this. With a sigh he drew the plain longsword from its sheath at his side. The hilt and guard were plain and held no intricate carvings or patterns. Almost as though they'd been attatched to the blade as an afterthought.

The blade itself had several nicks from hard hits where the metal had given way to his opponents swords. A long scratch ran along the entire length of the sword and the entire thing looked as though it had seen many fights adorned with several other small scratches and other battle scars.

Chris spaced his feet apart and dropped the sword to his side.

"Are you going to draw?" He asked politley offering his opponent the opportunity to draw his own weapon.

9/20/2010 #108

Dana didn't know why she was so cheerful, and surprised herself when she suddenly started yelling. "KICK HIS ASS!" she called, waving her fist in the air over her head.

Cheshire sweatdropped and got the odd sensation of being watched. He looked accusingly around the room and still couldn't figutre out what was giving him that odd feeling.

9/20/2010 #109

Haru gave Dana a look that accompanied a rather pathetic looking pout and puppy dog eyes, "I thought you were on my side Dana..."

When he heard Miyuki yelling similiar things he just simply sent a gesture by means of a distinct finger located on his hand which resulted in another tirade of curses and yells promising him his death bed if this match did not provide such. Break decided this was time to scoot slightly away from the blonde on his right.

Airi giggled and clapped her hands, quite clearly enjoying the show presented to her not only by the match but by the audience as well.

Haru turned back to his opponent and raised an eyebrow when he heard the inquiry of drawing his weapon. He grinned impishly, "How awfully courteous of you..." He cast a glance back at the nobles who were watching inconspicuously and made a decision. He drew his weapons quicker than the naked eye could comprehend and dashed forward clashing one of his katana's with Chris's.

"However, courtesy will not win you this match I'm sorry to say."

9/21/2010 #110

"What?" Dana gasped. "We get to pick sides!" she exclaimed happily. "Then make sure you let him whoop your Ass 'kay?" she smiled darkly, showing that if Haru won that she'd personally kill him afterwards.

Cheshire gulped adn stepped away from Dana, deciding she was too dangerous to approach at the moment.

9/21/2010 #111

Break raised his eyebrows at all the hostility directed towards poor Haru. His two fellow Pandora Members certainly didn't seem to be rooting for his victory... He stole a glance over at Miyuki who was still letting loose a string of curses that would make a sailor blush. He sighed and shook head since this was particularly normal behavior for Miyuki. He then looked over at Dana who seemed to be smirking and thinking dark thoughts. Why couldn't any of the members of this damn organization be the least bit sane?

...Since he was one to talk.

Airi's eyes still danced with wonder at the battle before her. It was only complete and utter luck that they had entertained her this long because if they failed to do so... well it was just in everyone's best interest that she stayed this way.

9/21/2010 #112

Dana was egging them on when she stumbled and fell over backwards. She wit the wall with her head and then began yelling a string of curses at the top of her lungs that would even make a Pirate seem polite compared to her. She then kicked the wall and when she noticed that she was siding with Chris, continued to cheer him on.

Cheshire blinked and wondered where she learned all of those words from, before remembering that he himself was very foul mouthed sometimes and that most chains had a habit of cursing when losing a fight.

"OH KICK HARU-KUN'S ASS, WHACK ALL THE SHIT OUTTA HARU~" Dana called, breaking into a witty little song that to most, must have sounded quite terrible since she described everything with so much detail - especially the gore. But then again she grew up in the abyss and hadn't really learned what was proper and what not but even if she did she'd probably just do it anyways.

9/22/2010 #113

Chris raised an eyebrow. One arm was to his side while with his sword arm he was holding Haru's sword in place.

"A dual sword technique?" He questioned. "True fighters learn to master one before assuming that more blades mean easier victories." As if to prove his point he quickly slid his sword along Haru's before flipping it over the top and using the cross guard to push his sword out of the way. A quick and hard blow to Haru's other sword provided Chris with enough time to duck below Haru's defenses and deliver a hard hit with the pommel of his sword to Haru's gut knocking the other man to the ground and probably leaving a nasty bruise.

Chris jumped back several paces and assumed a more defensive stance.

"Will you yield, or do I have to break your legs?" Chris asked courteously but with a tinge of taunt.

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #114

Dana let out an enthusiastic round of applause, before remembering where she was. She coughed and then acted like she hadn't done anything after noticing Break's weird loook, but then again she thought he wasn't one to give weird looks, since he was himself also weird, so she went back to cheering and egging them on.

9/22/2010 #115

Haru simply let himself fall to the ground by the blow and decided to take this time to roll over sprawling his limbs out on the grass below him. He delicately reached into his pocket and pulled out another cigarette waving his free hand at the supposed taunt in an uncaring fashion. He took a long drag out of it and peered up through half lidded eyes, "I was trying to help ya you know... the nobles don't take well to courtesy and manners, they prefer dirty and relentless fighting. Despite how low that sounds.."

He trailed off taking one last drag and stubbing it the lit end off on his tongue. He flicked the object away missing the dark look that encompassed Airi's face when she saw the action taking place in her play area. He took no time to get back on his own two feet but this time ignored theatrics.

"True fighters, eh? Well it's quite simple minded of you to think I'd bring out a second sword had I not mastered the skill of both..." Haru didn't have particular dislike for his opponent, well at least not yet, but to hear someone ignorantly insult his late master's fighting style that he had adopted as his own put him on edge. His shoulders slumped and he grinned lazily, "Though I suppose if mastering one sword makes you a true fighter, what does a two sword master make me? A super freaking awesome fighter?"

Not giving him a chance to reply Haru lunged forward to proceed with the battle. He brought his left blade down in the opposite direction which succeeded in skimming his opponents shirt, ripping it slightly, as simultaneously his right blade fell suit but aimed lower at his kneecaps. He was successful in this blow as well. He smirked and jumped back to regain his defense.

"That was only warning blows, just so you know."

9/23/2010 #116

"Well then..." Chris said swinging his sword around casually. "I'm not going to be playing nice anymore. I see the answer is yes. I do have to break your legs." Chris raised his sword to prepare for his attack.

Chris rushed forward despite his injured knee but stopped just short of Haru. He whirled around in a quick circle knocking one of Haru's blades out of the way with his heavy sword hit. Then he knocked the other one aside and with his left hand delivered a hard punch to Haru's stomach which he followed up with a hard hit to his face knocking him back and off balance slightly. This left him compleltley open to the finisher where Chris stepped forward and delivered a hard kick that brok Haru's knee cap.

Or it would have had he not stopped his attack at the last second so his foot was simply resting on his knee.

"You're leg is now broken." He informed Haru as he sheathed his sword. "Fight over. I win."

9/24/2010 #117

Dana heard the sickening sound and cringed. She was happy that Chris had won.

9/24/2010 . Edited 9/25/2010 #118

(Chris didn't break Haru's knee. He pulled the attack at the last second he would have barely injured him. :P)

Chris walked over to the nobles and addressed them.

"As you can see," He said. "I am a master of the sword as I have claimed. If there are any further tests you wish to conduct or any background security tests I will be happy to complete them as well." He said the words quite politely and respectfully.

9/24/2010 #119

(waaah sorry ^^' I was confused and tired, misread it I guess aha- well that's what happens when you stay up all night studying for a test I guess)

9/25/2010 #120
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