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This is an RP forum. ok so what that means is if you love CATS and wish to role play as them change your pic as the cat you want and start RPing if it is an OC tell us on here and you can be them. You can have up to three cats tell us which ones and only
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"Jemima, you do realize you'll have to untie him, don't you?" Misto said, finally getting air back into his lungs from being slammed to the ground.

1/23/2010 #391

Teazer catches sight of Misto and Jemima, and giggles, stuffing a paw into her mouth as she watches them. Not just from what they were doing, but also at the thought of Mungo tied up. Now that was funny! She laughs out loud, failing to muffle it, calling over to them: "Havin' fun?"

1/23/2010 #392

Not knowing what to do with her time, Demeter walked out of the den to find Bomba.

OOC-are bomba and deme sisters?

1/23/2010 #393

Misto looked up at Teazer a look of embarrassment tinting his cheeks pink. "Jemima, please, let me up." He muttered trying to hide his face from Teazer. "Was there something you wanted, Teazer?"

1/23/2010 #394

Teazer looks thoughtful. "I think there was..." She giggles. "But I can't remember now. You made me laugh too much." She grins, not meaning to be rude. Of course she didn't mean to be rude. She was just being her usual cheeky self. "You alright then, Tux?" She asks, using Tugger's nickname for the tom.

1/23/2010 #395
One Fujoshi Otaku Among Many

OOC: sorry. I would have replied earlier, but I had to go to sleep. sorry.

BIG: Tara started to nod, but an extreme tiredness from the emotional breakdown she had had and all of her magic usage suddenly hit her. She leaned on Carko, Her eyelids drooping. Her lags collapsed beneath her and she sat down, bringing Carko with her. (OOC: sorry, but I kind of needed to do that. Hope you don't mind.) Tara's upper body fell until she was laying on Carko's lap. She shivvered as a cold wind hit her and snuggled closer to the warmth at her back. Her thoughts were getting muddled. Her eyelids fluttered, then shut as she fell asleep.

OOC: awwww. Romantical. In my opinion.

1/23/2010 #396

"Misto! training clearing. NOW!" he was the one who wanted this, I'm not going to let him blow it off! When Munku saw the tuxedo tom saunter over, he silently hid himself. "Now, defend yourself!" Munku had Tantomile and Coricopat put up an anti-magic shield around the whole clearing.

1/23/2010 #397

Demeter winced hearing the tone Munk was using

1/23/2010 #398

Jemima walked off, with no intnsion of untying Mungo, but, a little teasing never hurt anyone.

1/23/2010 #399

(OOC: I've uploaded the image of Rev's face if he were a character on the Cat's musical (You know humanoid))

1/23/2010 #400

OOC: nice pic!

Munkustrap lashed out on Misto's left, then struck the right side of his face. He easily dodged Misto's halfhearted slaps, which often came in the wrong direction.

OOC: I am taking the training sequence almost directly out of Pendragon #ok, I forget the number, The Rivers of Zadaa. only from Loor's point of view, instead of Bobby's!

1/24/2010 #401

Teazer settles down on top of the old car, watching Munku and Misto as the training spread out over the centre of the junkyard, feeling compelled, for some strange reason, to watch.

1/24/2010 #402

Misto only halfheartedly tried at the beginning. He knew this was to help, but he didn't want to actually fight Munk or lash out against him at all, but he knew he would have to or risk never learning. As they went on he slowly put more effort into it, but still refused to actually make any contact with Munk.

(OOC: Yay! You got your pic on! I still say you did amazing even though you don't remember how insane we all were that night. ;3)

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #403

Teazer rests her head on her paws, watching the two toms fight with mild interest. To her, it didn't seem like Misto was actually trying, but she guessed that was only reasonable. Misto had never seemed like a fighter cat to her, after all. If anything, he'd seemed the total opposite. She sighs, turning her gaze to the sky, watching the clouds.

1/24/2010 #404

Jemima, curled up next to Mungo, was watching Misto try to fight.

OOC- Yes, mungo's still tryed up, but now, he's gagged!

1/24/2010 #405

Demeter watched the two practice, so she curled up where she was and cioled her tail around ehr sleek body

1/24/2010 #406

Munkustrap saw that Misto wasn't trying and knew that the Junkyard training area wasn't going to be enough. He had to train Misto out in the nearby training facility that the humans call a 'gym.' A cat locked in a gym was helpless, as there was no food, no water, and pretty high heat compared to the Junkyard. Munkustrap would have preferred a desert, but hey, when you live in London, you make due with a gym. "Come on Misto. We're leaving the Junkyard until your training is complete. I want you to go to the following address, and do NOT let yourself get kicked out. I'll meet up with you tonight, when we start training again." He looked around until he found Alonzo. "Al, your in charge while I'm gone, ok. And tell Tumblebrutus to meet me at the southern exit at dusk."

1/25/2010 #407

"Alright, Munk." Misto sighed. He knew from experience what Munk was up to and yes he did appreciate it, but being outside the junkyard wasn't the best place for him especially now. Macavity obviously had a target on him and for a moment he considered challenging Munk's decision, but he trusted Munk enough to know he would never knowingly send him into danger.

1/25/2010 #408

Demeter-Her tail twitched as the two cats left. " im the only sane one here...." She mumbled slightly teasing. She sighed and sang quietly "Macavity's a ginger cat he's called the hidden paw...." Slightly rocking her head in the rythm of the song

1/25/2010 #409

Misto's keen hearing picked up on Demeter's song. He knew better than to joke with her about it, but he couldn't help, but wonder what was going through the Queen's head.

1/25/2010 #410

OOC-lol i know right? In my view, Demeter had a relationship with Mac before he became evil and when he became evil well he r*** her, so shes scared yet still in love with him.

1/25/2010 #411

OOC; do we have a tumble? if not, I'll just take him for the training sequence.

"Don't worry so much, Misto, though I do approve of the caution. I wouldn't send you if I thought you were in danger. I've picked the path that Macavity would be least likely to ambush you on, and I'm sending Tumble with you. You will travel during the day. Training begins at dusk, got it?" Munkustrap was all business, without even a hint of the familiar warmth.

1/25/2010 #412

OOC: No we don't.

"I got it, Munk. Thank you." Misto muttered ashamed for thinking that way. He knew Munk better than that. He looked to Tumble still a little wary of it.

1/25/2010 #413

"'kay, far as I know, I'm as much of a good guy as your getting during the training, and your still not gonna like me, 'kay, Misto?" Tumble was a little anxious, but mostly excited. It wasn't often that he got to beat up an older tom!

1/25/2010 #414

"Okay..." Misto said. His mind wondering what exactly Munk had in mind. He knew he would have to keep his magic in check. The whole point of this was that he didn't rely on his magic alone in a fight, especially if he came face to face with Macavity.

1/25/2010 #415

Dusk was falling on the nighttime sky. Munkustrap loved this time of day, as it provided the most beautiful and most fleeting view of London. "go wake him, Tumble." Tumblebrutus did as he was told, then quickly took his place on the opposite side of Misto's doorway. As the tuxedo tom exited his little den, Munku repeated the old challenge. "Defend yourself," Both Tumble and Munku began to hit him furiously. They didn't really try hard, but it was enough to disorient the small tux.

1/25/2010 #416

Misto wasn't sure what to do at first and so he merely held his arms up to protect his face giving him a second to think. He was smaller than both of them, which was sad counting Tumble was younger, but that also gave him an advantage. It only took him a oment to crouch under them and with a single swipe at Tumble's paws sent him falling over Misto and toward Munk.

1/25/2010 #417

"good. but that won't work with an advanced fighter."


"Face it, Tumble, If you didn't see that coming, you do not deserve to be called a warrior."

"Anyway, lets try something a bit harder, now that you have defeated Tumble. Tumble, go home and send Pounce. This is to train Misto, not you!" Munku sighed at his chosen assitant's incompetence. Munk led Misto to the middle of the gym, then spun him around a few times. In the darkness, it was as if the small tom was blindfolded. "Now, defend yourself."

1/25/2010 #418

Misto shook his head slightly trying to clear his vision. He tried searching the darkness for Munk, but with no success. He tried to prepare for any thing and from any direction.

1/25/2010 #419

Several days passed in the same way. Misto would only be fed when he had won a challenge or fight. The same went for water and rest. Many days passed where Misto didn't get any food, water, or sleep. Fortunatly those are the right conditions to train in. After a month of this training, Munkustrap declared Misto fully trained. Misto had gained a lot of muscle and self-control.

1/25/2010 #420
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