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El Fonz0

Species that aren't able to be made due to the large amount on this topic: Human,Koopa. *More shall be put down here if needed*

No god characters, use this template for your character. And no humans or princesses allowed.







Biological Appearance:

Personality: (What's your character like? Got any quirks? Is there something that bugs him a lot, or something he thinks about often?)

Goals: (Not necessary, but appreciated.)

Skills and Abilities:

Weaknesses: (Anything from "Allergic to peanuts" to "won't hit women" to "couldn't work a computer to save his life". What's you character's Achilles heel?)

Character History: (Anything of mention? If you want it to remain a secret for a big plot reveal later then PM it to both of the mods instead of posting it here. Also, you could post an abridged version here, leaving out the nitty-gritty details and PM those. Also note that while those options exist, not everyone needs to do that. More detailed back-stories are rewarded, and "Nobody knows" is not an option, although "Amnesia" is.)

9/30/2009 . Edited by Vulaan Kulaas, 5/3/2012 #1
El Fonz0

Names: Fawrio and Luiful

Ages: Same as Mario and Luigi.

Species: Human-Bean

Genders: Male

Heights: Same as Mario Bros.

Weights: Same as Mario Bros.

Biological Appearances: Exactly like Mario Bros. except has Fawful glasses, light green skin, light green overalls, and, for Fawrio, red shirt and hat, and, for Luiful, green shirt and hat.

Personalitys: Same as Mario Bros.

Skills and Abilities: Same as Mario Bros.

Weaknesses: Same as Mario Bros.

Character Historys: The Fawrio Bros. are an experiment by Fawful to create a Fawful-version of the Mario Bros.

9/30/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #2

Name: Yoshi

Age: 14

Species: Yoshi

Gender: Male

Height: A bit taller than Luigi

Weight: A bit heavier than Mario

Biological Appearance: Red Yoshi

Personality: Carefree, Daredevil, Friendly.

Skills and Abilities: A very long Tongue, the ability to eat almost anything, to create Yoshi eggs with things he eats, Flutter Kick, Ground Pound, Egg Roll (Turn into a Yoshi egg for 10 seconds and roll around, causing damage to anything that touches him).

Weaknesses: Fruit (He absolutely loves the stuff!)

Character History: Doesn't really have a history. Just has lived on Yoshi's Island, which involves exploring the Island, eating, sleeping and sitting at the beach. Has lived a carefree, peaceful, lazy life so far.

9/30/2009 . Edited 9/30/2009 #3
El Fonz0

Approved. Word of advice, give your character a name. Not required, but recommended.

9/30/2009 . Edited 9/30/2009 #4
El Fonz0

Name: Bawful

Age: Same as Bowser.

Specie: Koopa-Bean

Gender: Male

Height: Same as Bowser.

Weight: Same as Bowser.

Biological Appearance: Exactly like Bowser except has Fawful glasses, light green skin, and a light green shell.

Personality: Same as Bowser.

Skills and Abilities: Same as Bowser.

Weaknesses: Same as Bowser.

Character History: Bawful is an experiment by Fawful to create a Fawful-version of Bowser.

10/1/2009 #5
El Fonz0

Names: Shario and Luigoob

Ages: Same as Mario and Luigi.

Species: Human-Shroob

Genders: Male

Heights: Same as Mario Bros.

Weights: Same as Mario Bros.

Biological Appearances: Exactly like Mario Bros. except has purple skin, purple overalls, and, for Shario, red shirt and hat, and, for Luigoob, green shirt and hat.

Personalitys: Same as Mario Bros.

Skills and Abilities: Same as Mario Bros.

Weaknesses: Same as Mario Bros.

Character Historys: The Shario Bros. are an experiment by Shroob to create a Shroob-versions of the Mario Bros.

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #6
El Fonz0

Name: Shrowser

Age: Same as Bowser.

Specie: Koopa-Shroob

Gender: Male

Height: Same as Bowser.

Weight: Same as Bowser.

Biological Appearance: Exactly like Bowser except has purple skin, and a purple shell.

Personality: Same as Bowser.

Skills and Abilities: Same as Bowser.

Weaknesses: Same as Bowser.

Character History: Shrowser is an experiment by Shroob to create a Shroob-version of Bowser

10/14/2009 #7
(I'll fix my post soon...) Name: Jack. Age: 14. Species: White Yoshi. Gender: Male. Height: Slightly taller than an average Yoshi. Weight: Slightly lighter than an average Yoshi. Biological Appearance: A White Yoshi, the rarest colour of all Yoshi kind. Has strange white wings. Personality: Daredevil, friendly, will do anything to save any Yoshi's that are in trouble, selfless. Goals: To find more White Yoshis, to keep Yoshi's Island safe. Skills: Same as Yoshi, except Jack has white wings that are identical to the Super Dragon Wings. Cannot breathe Fire though. Weaknesses: Going underwater (He can't fly properly if his wings are soaked), things more than twice his size (he can't swallow them!), attacks designed to hit airborne creatures. History: Descendant of the Green Yoshi who helps Mario. Isn't seen by anyone much, since he spends a lot of Time flying in the clouds above Yoshi's Island.
10/16/2009 #8
El Fonz0

Approved! Great to go with the current scene!

10/16/2009 #9
El Fonz0

Team Name: Mario Squad

Names: Mario Koopa, Mario Goomba, Mario Guy, Mario Boo, Mario Bones, Mario Bomb, Mario Lakitu, Mario Piranha, Mario Mole, Mario Buzzy

Ages: Average ages of their species

Species: Mario Bones is a Dry Bones, Mario Bomb is a Bob-Omb, Mario Buzzy is a Buzzy Beetle, Mario Mole is a Monty Mole, Mario Piranha is a Mobile Pianha Plant, everyone else is obvious by their names.

Genders: All male

Heights: Average heights of their species

Weights: Average weights of their species

Biological Appearances: Like their species, except having a Mario hat, and a set of Mario Gloves and/or Mario Boots.

Personalities: Combo of their species normal personality, and Mario's.

Goals: Destroy Mario

Skills and Abilities: Mario Hammers, Mario Boots

Weaknesses: They tend to argue with each other.

Character Histories: All were normal soldiers in the Koopa Troop, then when Bowser defeated by Mario again, a Koopatrol said, "Your Ouchiness, don't you think it would be a good plan to give Mario a taste of his own medicine?" Bowser took the plan and the Mario Squad was born.

11/20/2009 #10
E-Mir the Luminoth

Name: Blaze Isabelle Koopa.

Age: 16.

Species: Dragon- Koopa/Human Hybird.

Gender: Female .Height: 5' 9" .

Weight 160 pounds.

Blaze is slim with redish-gold scales,eyes,shell and hair. (hence her name) She's shy around male Dragon- Koopas and blind in her right eye causing her to have problems when she fights and anything else she does. She is sweet but you'll regret it if you get her angry. She hates the cold and will try her best to stay out of it. She wants to go on an adventure someday.

Now for her history: Blaze's parents were killed in a house fire when she was 6. Kamek found her near Bowser's Castle near death and took her in. Bowser and the Koopalings didn't like her at first but slowly warmed up to her and took her as a member of the Koopa Royal Family. Bowser is very protective of her and seems to be over her shoulder alot. Everything is peaceful in the Darklands untill someone from Bowser's past comes back for revenge....

12/25/2009 . Edited by El Fonz0, 1/22/2010 #11
El Fonz0

Wow. That's very good, yet simple. I'm amazed with you, sir/ma'am. Accepted! Oh yeah, Merry Christmas! Providing it going in your area and providing you even celebrate it.

12/25/2009 . Edited 12/25/2009 #12
E-Mir the Luminoth

Wow thanks! And for your answer I'm a ma'am.XD Yeah I'm not good at details. Do you think me and you can make a fanfic about my last sentence from my last post? You would have to put it on your profile cuz i don't have anything to type it on mine. yeah Merry late Christmas to you! XD

12/26/2009 . Edited 12/26/2009 #13
El Fonz0

Hmm, I'll take that offer! I haven't touched my stories since I don't know!

12/26/2009 #14
E-Mir the Luminoth

Whoot! Thank you so much! Do you wanna be friends? =)

12/26/2009 #15

Name: Shadow

Age: 30 total, 10 in his current state

Species: Originaly Koopa now a Shadow Koopa

Gender: Male

Height: 9 ft

Weight: 100 pounds muscle, 10 pounds fat, 25 pounds thick bones

Biological Appearance: A black and silver Koopa who gained spikes when he transformed. who usually wears a slightly tattered black cloak.

Personality: Shadow is a very serious, dark, but heroic Koopa. He used to be a fun guy, but since the transformation he has been serious.

Goals: Get back to normal

Skills and Abilities: He is incredibly good with a sword, and has dark powers (although at this point all he really can do with it is fire a ball of purple fire.)

Weaknesses: Can be killed with sacred light, holy water, or 9.84AL "ZET@" lasers.

Character History: Had a pretty normal life as a fisherman for 20 years. Then he was hit by a large, black and purple meteor that fused him with shadow, and made him an outcast. All he wants is to be normal again.

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El Fonz0


1/27/2010 #17
E-Mir the Luminoth

Name: Phantom Age: VERY old Species: Ghost Gender:Male Height:7 feet Weight: 0 pounds He is a very kind ghost with a cloudy past. His pet peeve is anyone who would try to control the world. He looks like Blaze but male with silver eyes. He knows about Blaze but doesn't want to reveal himself yet. What does he want with Blaze? Only time can tell...

2/19/2010 . Edited 2/23/2010 #18

Name: Mr M

Age: Same as Mario

Species: Male

Gender: Male

Height: Same as Mario

Weight: Same as Mario

Biological Appearance: Has Mario's hat, but a darker shade of red, the circle is black, and the "M" is on it's side.

Personality: Is a very unkind character, and has a habit of hitting his younger brother, Mr L. He also has a crush on Princess Peach, and made a clone of her. Mr M also feels that his powers aren't enough, and he is very lonely, in his mind.

Goals: His goals are to destroy Mario, as he feels that Mario is a clone of him.

Skills and Abilities: He has two of Mario's powers: The first is to use the Firebrand, which allows him to shoot different forms of fire. The other is to use a dark version of Mario's cape.

Weaknesses: His weaknesses is that Mesaya, the clone of Princess Peach is his lover, so if she is held hostage, he could snap, or surrender.

4/17/2010 #19
El Fonz0


4/17/2010 #20

Names: Katie and Camron Koopa

Ages: Both 15

Species: Both Koopas

Genders: Katie-Female. Camron-Male

Heights: Average Koopa Troopa height

Weights: Average Koopa Troopa weights

Appearances: Katie-Pink shell, wears a green T-shirt and pants under her shell, hazel eyes, long blonde hair, wears blue shoes and a red cap

Camron-Red shell, blue shoes, wears blue shorts and a red T-shirt under his shell, blue eyes

Personalities: Katie-Kind-hearted, thoughtful, helpful, but isn't afraid to defend herself or her brother. She is an intelligent koopa who rarely makes any stupid mistakes, although the chances of her making a mistake doubles when she's angry

Camron-Shy and quiet, he doesn't often speak to others, other then his sister. Although, he is quite calm, and rarely loses his temper

Goals: Katie-To meet a Yoshi

Camron-To try and become braver and to speak up more often

Skills/Abilities: Both can spin at foes from inside their shells. Plus, both can use a spinning shell tower attack, similar to the Koopa Bros. attack, along with other various shell type attacks

Weaknesses: For both, anything that can stop their shell attacks, as well as POW Blocks, being ground pounded, being stomped on, being flipped onto their backs and Fire/Ice attacks

History: The Koopa twins were born and raised in Koopa Village until both reached the age of 10, when they set off to travel the world and have an adventure.

5/8/2010 #21
El Fonz0

Tag-team action. Approved.

5/9/2010 #22
5/9/2010 #23

Name: Princess Dinah Maxine of Darkgothica

Age: 28

Species: Human

Fender: Female

Race: British

Height: Short. 5'4

Weight: same as Daisy's

Biological Appearance: She wears this: She constantly is seen with black lace fingerless gloves, no one knows why. Sometimes she dresses as a boy when outside her kingdom, and pulls the fa├žade off brilliantly because of her hair, but still wears her fingerless gloves. Her crown is bronze with red rubies on it.

Personality: Spunky, Punk, tomboyish, immature, fun, funny, Independent, fierce, calm, clever, wise, sophisticated, sarcastic, loyal, well-natured, stubborn, tricky, mischievous, protective, funny, straight-forward, to the point, studious, conniving, caring, strong, tough, ruthless, Determined, motherly, sneaky, can be cruel, can be sadistic when she wants to be. She can have a temper and gets stressed or annoyed easily. She swears a lot (in British and French) when she's angry or wants to get to the point of something. She rules her land with a cool and wise demeanor and is a bit of a smart alec.

Goals: To see if her life can be better and to protect her kingdom (no matter the cost-be it good or evil-) and those in it.

Skills and Abilities: She has the ability to knife-throw, is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, she can play the electric guitar brilliantly, knows a bit of dark magic and is good at fighting with a sword.

Weaknesses: She can have a temper and is very touchy on the subject of her past.

Character History: Maxine had lived a good life alone, her parents died when she was an infant and she doesn't remember them at all, she is like big-sister figure to Daisy and can be mischievous at times. She started leaning to the evil side when she was 24 and is otherwise neutral. Being a princess/ruler at a young age was a bit hard for her so she never got to be a child when she was young. She is confused by the subject of love and doesn't like it very much; she thinks it is rather distracting and a bit useless. She is a bit of a bookworm and you can find her in the throne room, library, or balcony.

Facts/details: can play the violin (with lessons), sings well, and is a sort of hopeless romantic, 'as long as it's not too dramatic and sappy' she mostly says. And she likes reading manga and sometimes playing video games.

(if she is excepted can someone make a prince or servant that falls in love with her ^^.)

6/4/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #24
El Fonz0

Approved. And to answer your question, if someone decides to, it'll happen.

6/8/2010 #25

'kay. Thanks.

6/9/2010 #26

Since for some reason I can't find the post button, I'll have to reply. well, here I go.

Name: Nick

Age: 20

Species: Koopa

Gender: Male

Height: Regular koopa height

Weight: Regular koopa weight

Biological Appearance: He has yellow skin, has an eye that is blue, while the other one is just white, possible due to a past injury. He has a blue shell, and brown boots. Under his shell, he wears shorts and a red t-shirt.

Personality: He is a regular person, who sometimes looks up to the sky, wondering whats out there. He is sometime shy, but otherwise will help anyone in need.

Goals: He has 2 goals. His first one is to be able to fly into the sky, be that a plane, or just simpily ripping off a paratroopa's wings and flying with those, and his other one is to try out every single power up, and seeing what effects it does to a koopa, especially himself.

Skills and Abilities:

He can get in and out and slide with his shell, he can turn around (like a red shelled koopa), and will punch and kick when he has the freedom of not having his shell on.

Weaknesses: He is blind in one eye, Is afraid of heights, and when afraid, he will sometimes, but not commonly, hide in his shell.

Character History: Nick was born in a quaint little town in the edge of the wilderness of the mushroom kingdom, His parents secretly working for Bowser. When Nick found out, he ran away at the age of 17, forced to build his own home in the wilderness. Sometimes, when a person comes by his home, he would ask if they needed help, because he always wanted to help good people. To this day, he still lives in that quaint little house, having to grow and cook his own food. He has plans of moving to Yoshi's Island, because the scenery is beautiful out there, besides Yoshi's that might eat him upon moving in.

6/11/2010 #27
El Fonz0


6/11/2010 #28

Thank you.

6/12/2010 #29

Name: Dark Mario

Age: Same age as Mario

Species: Darkness in physical form

Gender: Male

Height: Same height as Mario, whatever that is

Weight: Same weight as Mario, whatever that is

Biological Appearance: Exactly the same as Mario, but with a white shirt, black overalls, a black hat, black skin and red glowing eyeballs

Personality: Clever, sneaky, cunning, evil

Goals: To conquer the world.

Skills and Abilities: Has all the same skills and abilities as Mario, but can also create dark minions.

Weaknesses: Light

Character History: Dark Mario is the darkness that has been living in Mario for years, but now has awakened.

6/15/2010 #30
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