The Transformers Human Team Role Play!
After sector seven was disbanded they had to set up a special task force for the Autobots. ROLE PLAY for human characters. Autobot players needed too! :D
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Ok you peoples. This is the OC entry if you havent' noticed the title.

Basically fill out this form and then i will tell you when your confirmed and ready to enter.

Simple enough right?



Physical Description:




"Special Skill"(why sector seven wants them to join):

Past? (optional):

Anything Extra:

10/2/2009 . Edited 10/2/2009 #1

Name: Jona Baker

Age: 22

Physical Description:

Personality: Tough, Street smart, knowledgeable in mechanics, exaggerates alot, sarcastic, tomboyish, loud, cusses quite alot, moody

Likes: Anything to do with technology, junk food, video games, weapons, splatter art

Dislikes: being bored, boring things, depressing people, vegetables

"Special Skill": loves to build any weapon imaginable. If you think it she'll build it. Also has various knowledge in nanotechnology.

Past?: Became a rebel and then got kicked out by her "goody, goody" parents. Eventually made her way into college though opening up her own mech store.

Anything Extra?: Nope.

10/2/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #2
Shizuka Taiyou

Name: Naomi Myers


Physical Description:African-American skinned, Black afro hair, skinny, and slightly feminily built for her age, and wears 70's style clothes that she can pull off.

Personality:Sassy and abit tomboyish

Likes:Skateboarding, skating (Rollerblading), writing, food, and martial arts

Dislikes:A-holes, perverts who don't know when to put that side away, Simmons, and the Cons

Special Skill:Hacking computers

Past:Comes from a family who knows to work computers and fix em.

Anything Extra:Very smart for her age and she tends to hid it. Her IQ is over 190


10/2/2009 #3

accepted! I shall post it in confirmation place. Let me get up the rp forum right away and then we can start. I plan on having the characters stay in a silver room and see if we can get around 3 people before we start. (they can "de-breif " us in the meantime)

10/3/2009 #4
Shizuka Taiyou

Name:Tobi Moonlight

Age 15

Physical description: but her hair is black with lavender streaks and her clothes are black with purple markings on them.

Personality:Tomboyish and a total b-itch.

Likes:Stratagy games, RPG games, and kick-boxing

Dislikes:Anything that's bigger than her

Special skill:Anything that has to do with stratagy

Anything extra:Has the ability to analize and make up a stratagy.


10/3/2009 #5

oh i like this chara. Accepted!!!!

10/3/2009 #6

Hi! I was on another RP before, but then I began recieving about 300 Forum Notices a day and decided to quit. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up better with this forum!!! ;)


Name: Rose Budd

Age: 15

Physical Description: Lanky but slightly defined

Personality:Friendly, sarcastic, humorous, calm, moody most of the time.

Likes: Men....or maybe the answer you want is Night time, watching movies, reading, writing, video games, Nascarhanging with my Autobot friends.

Dislikes: Watching TV, politics, rude people, sports

"Special Skill":Ninja, spy, and can disable any explosive

Past: Both parents died in car crash. Government believes that she's living with her grandmother. (but obviously not)

Anything Extra: Autobots have special area for her to live in b/c she has no where to live. The Twins found her stealing food and thought she's make a good spy.

Special Bond(?): Jolt or the Twins (KimTheKat, you can decide)

10/5/2009 #7

Hey good charac. I would accept it but the problem is that I haven't introduced any of the 2nd movie characters. Um... I guess i could have Jolt in there but idk how he acts. uh... yeah.... we can work it out. Oh and by Twins do you mean the twins from the 2nd movie or twins like sunstreaker and sideswipe?

10/5/2009 #8

Oh, sorry! ;)

Yeah, IDK how Jolt acts either, just thought he might be energetic or something...

Before, I had meant Sunny and Sides, but actually

I'll just be closer! They're all so great.. Hmm, Ironhide doesn't get any love, can I be more attched to him?


10/5/2009 #9

well.... i was going to have ironhide be my buddy since i'm the weapons chic. But its k. I'll hang with jazz!!! Jazz is the bomb!

10/5/2009 #10

Sorry!!! Oh! Actually, I'm supposed to be more of a spy, so actually Jazz would be more of my match since he's supposed to be an ex-theif (or at least that's what my sorces tell me) Sorry sorry sorry for the confusion!!!!

So, maybe I should have Jazz.....IDK.


I have to leave now, but I'll read the verdict tommorw!!!!!

10/5/2009 #11

How 'bout this. You have jazz. (since he's all james bond in his car mode) and i'll have Ironhide.

10/5/2009 #12
Shizuka Taiyou

Hey Kim if you want to draw any of the characters I put down on here on your DA account go ahead. Not the first time someone drew my characters (Check out nuttier-than-an-almond's pic of ShadowFox and Emerald and my dragon-bots. On DA she's known as transformers-wannabe. But an easier way to look at them from the links on my profile if they can work for ya.).


10/5/2009 #13
Shizuka Taiyou

Name:Hannah Elizabeth Zook (This is for my job trainer. Who lost her granddaughter who was only 7 days old)


Hair:Curly dark brown


Clothes:Different shades of pink and blue

Quote:Rock On!!

Human or Techno-Organic:Human

Character Traits:Preppy and down to earth

Character Background:N/A

Extra:Has the power to use water out of thin air.


10/5/2009 #14

Yay! Okay!

Jazz: What happened?


Rose's Quote: "Fire, aim."

10/6/2009 #15

Umm... You need to go by the entry form on here...

10/6/2009 #16

Name: Carrie Robertson

Age: 17

Physical Description: Medium Hight, Strawberry Blonde Hair, Wears glasses, Has electric blue eyes like the autobots, Hair is medium length and has bangs that always is swept to the side.

Personality: Loud, Obnoxious, Smart, Hilarious, She is a pure technological geek, Hyper! Nice

Likes: Firepower, Books, Computers, Different Languages, Jokes, Classical Music, Monster the energy drink, Dance Music

Dislikes: Hates being bossed around, Hates rap music, Violence, Meanness.

"Special Skill"(why sector seven wants them to join): She can hack any computer in the world and not get caught, Can tell the future, Has some allspark energy in her.

Past? (optional): She ran away cuz she felt like she didnt belong anywhere and her parents abused her..

Anything Extra: She Likes bumblebee ALOT

10/21/2009 #17
Shizuka Taiyou

Hey BBgrl. My character has the same "Special Skill as yours. Hacking computers. Mybe if ya get around doing the RPGing maybe our characters can team up together in hacking.


10/22/2009 #18

Kitty!! I need to ask a huge favor!!!!

( I in the RP? I'm not in the acceptance thing...)

But if I am, can I add somthing to my special skills???? Or make this my new one so I don't sound like "I can do this, and this, and blah blah..."

I HAVE TO BE AN ASSASIN!!!!!!!! THAT'S MY DREAM JOB!!!! (notice: dream job. as in, not really one)

The world's top human assasin!!!!!!! (or one of them...)

10/28/2009 #19

um... what was your character, And yes you can be an assasin. ^^ Can you re-post your character or something. I'm so sorry i didn't respond earlier. I've been super procrastinating.

10/28/2009 #20
'S kay!

(made some revisions)

Name: Rose Budd

Age: 15

Physical Description: Lanky but slightly defined

Personality:Friendly, sarcastic, humorous, calm, moody most of the time.

Likes: Men....or maybe the answer you want is Night time, watching movies, reading, writing, video games, Nascar ranging with my Autobot friends.

Dislikes: Watching TV, politics, rude people, sports

"Special Skill":One of the best unknown assasins

Past: Both parents died in car crash. Government believes that she's living with her grandmother. (but obviously not)

Anything Extra: Autobots have special area for her to live in b/c she has no where to live. Can shoot far range...blind folded (and hit her target.)

Special Bond(?): Jazz (because of his super fast and sleek alt mode)

10/28/2009 #21

That be accepted.

I like that oc. She sounds cool. ^^

10/28/2009 #22

Yay!!! *happy clapping* I guess I'll go to the RP now......?

10/28/2009 #23

Yeppers! GO on over there. (just so ya know we are still in the debriefing room.)

10/28/2009 #24

Can I be a pain in the ass? I was thinking about my character and if she's an assasin, I don't think she'd be that happy and friendly. So, even though no one would proably care, my profile should have said

Personality: Moody. Depressed,('cause I kill people!) but open for new ideas.

Or somethin' like that.

10/28/2009 #25

Yeh you can change you character around a bit. (as long as it doesn't change drastically.)

10/28/2009 #26

hey when are u putting up my oc? sorry jw also theres this website called it has some RP rooms and ive been doing some of those :P also can i edit my charecter as to why sector seven wants her?? Sector seven wants her for a hacker and the ability to keep anything and gain anything and without repeating :P if not then i understand xD

2/2/2010 #27

I was invited to join in, so I hope im not too late.

Name: Kady Daniel Lapen

Age: 16

Phys. Description: Long almost black hair, and brown eyes. Usually wears a T-shirt with converse and a hoodie.

Personality: Very curious, which gets her in trouble most of the time. Also very humourus, even in the worst times. Even with her wierd humour, she strongly believes that family and friends are the most important things. She would give her life for her Autobot friends.

Likes: Anything in the vast nerdly universe, Mountain Dew addict, and sarcasm.

Dislikes: Mushrooms, lonieness, and Decepticons -bad expeirences!

Special Skill: She can heal Cybertronian metal, and can use that same energy to send electrical charges (example: Gave Starscream a really nasty shock to the optics he won't forget!)

Past: Cant give away too much...but her father worked for sector 7 before he dissapeared, and even the sector 7 officials dont know about him. (mystierious!) She does not know about her fathers past, or how he dissapeared.

Extra: this probably goes under her personality, but she is usually a very calm person, aside from her sacastic humour. She will snap though, (and I mean snap!) If you harm or threaten her friends or family.

I hope this is okay, and I was told to wait untill after the London mission. or I was thinking I could set her up in London, instead of her hometown. Just let me know when to get started!

K.D. :D

2/2/2010 #28

Omg im so sorry I forgot about chu! Yeah you can join....

2/3/2010 #29

To: DABigMystery.

Yeppers. YOu can go ahead into da forum. ^^

2/3/2010 #30
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