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When Kara returned back to Argo with the Omegahedron at the film's conclusion, she appears to have her super powers. The Earth's yellow sun is known to be the reason why Kryptonians are granted with phenomenal abilities if they are on the planet. I'm wondering if in Kara's case, the scenario is different due to her crossing through gravitational radiation in the binary chute. Her mother did say that Kara would never be the same, so does that mean she could still be Supergirl back at Argo? If anyone has any thoughts or opinions, feel free to share them.

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #1

Zaltar did say that she would be changed permanently by passing through the Binary Chute. But I think he meant that more in the sense that she would age from 12-17 and therefore develop physically. Hence, be changed forever. As for her still having her powers when she returned, I think it it is more of a residual effect of coming from earth. She could have still been charged with the power of the sun and since innerspace is located within the realm of earth, it would be logical that she still had her powers. It would probably fade as she spent more and more time in Argo City. Waiting to be reactivated by a return to the planet with the yellow sun. Remember, the Phantom Zone is a different case because it blocks out the effects of the yellow sun. Therefore, it would sap her of any residual powers she may have had when she entered the zone. At least that is how I view it :-)

10/14/2009 #2

That really makes a whole lot of sense, especially about Kara still being charged from the Earth's sun and her powers gradually fading while back in Argo City. A very reasonable explanation. I think you'd make a great screenwriter.

10/14/2009 #3

Thanks for the compliment. I guess most of us are aspiring writers in our own right. I hope to write an original novel sometime in the future. But until I am good and ready, Supergirl FF will suffice ;-) BTW, you are not so bad yourself GoldRedeemer. Keep it up.

10/15/2009 #4

Why thank you. I try to make my stories seem interesting. As all writers do.

10/16/2009 #5
Carolina Dean

I believe in the novelization (I don't own it anymore) it is implied that the Omegahedron allows her to retain her powers until she gets back to Argo city.

7/21/2010 #6

Yea, I own two novelizations of Supergirl, well actually four. Two of them are large storybooks with nice clear photos from the film. I think that it was implied that the Omegahedron allowed Kara to keep her Super Powers until she returned home.

10/3/2011 #7
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