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There are quite a few scenes in Supergirl which I like to watch over and over, but I have to say, the one scene that I find very uplifting is when Kara stands before the intense bright light, preparing to exit the Phantom Zone. The music in the scene is great, as in the rest of the film, and the viewer knows that Kara will regain her powers, becoming Supergirl once again. I feel the scene also delivers the message that there is always an answer to a problem, if you are dedicated to succeeding. I realize that it's only just a movie,(a very entertaining movie) but that scene sometimes causes my eyes to tear up because Zaltar did not make it, and I feel incredibly proud and glad that Kara managed to succeed in escaping the Phantom Zone. The way she slowly stands in front of the white light just gives me chills on the back of my neck. Kara's courage in the film really amazed me. It makes me extremely proud to be a true fan of the series.

10/19/2009 . Edited 10/20/2009 #1

The escape from the Phantom Zone is certainly one of the highlights of the movie. I too found it highly inspirational in the sense that it tells the viewer that nothing is ever truly hopeless. No obstacle can stand in your path if you choose to find ways to work around it. Another scene that I love to replay in the film is her final confrontation with Selena. The scene showed me that facing one's fear is the only way to overcome any obstacles that you might deem to be in your way. Once you have faced your fear and beaten it, nothing can stand in the way of your success.

Let's not forget though, that the movie also delves on the topic of young love. So my favorite scenes also include the Ethan and Linda scenes at the tractor, the wurlitzer, and on the beach. Most specially the one on the beach that is where we see that Ethan is not the typical supporting character whom the writers and producers were going to turn into the dumbest male on the planet (counterpart to Lois Lane) by allowing him to figure out for himself who Kara really was. Without those scenes, I doubt my fan fiction would have ever been written :-)

10/21/2009 #2

I definately loved the scene when Kara first arrives on Earth and learns about rocks, flowers then that whole ballet flying sequances was just beautiful and then when she lands to watch the sun set, that was a perfect ending. I also loved the scene when Kara comes back to the dorm and she is all love-strucked by Ethan's kiss that she can't stop thinking about it.

10/21/2009 #3

I found that scene to be very cute when Kara returns to the school after receiving her first kiss. She seems to forget about the Omegahedron briefly, but it's very understandable due to her young innocence. The scene when Kara faces off with Selena for the final time is also very enjoyable to watch. Faye Dunaway is great as a villian. I really enjoyed the scenes with Kara and Zaltar. Peter O'Toole and Helen Slater seemed to have great chemistry onscreen.

10/21/2009 . Edited 10/21/2009 #4

Helen did not have a great working relationship with Faye Dunaway but she did say that she learned the importance of lighting from her. Which is what I immediately remembered when she was interviewed by the CW during her Smallville guesting and she said that she was very happy that she was well lit. No doubt that was Faye's influence. She had an excellent relationship with Peter O'Toole. She said that what she remembers most about him was that he would have her recite Shakespeare during the breaks and he taught her how to stand straight and pronounce the words with the proper intonations. She seemed to be like an absorbent sponge during that time of her life. You can see a lot of her interviews on Youtube.

10/22/2009 #5

Oh wow. Was there like some animosity between Helen and Faye on the set or disagreements?

10/22/2009 #6

It seems that Faye did not have much of a relationship with her co-stars. Helen was hard pressed to remember some nice memories about working with her when she was asked about it at one of the past super cons. The interview is on youtube if you can trace it.

10/22/2009 #7

Oh, I see. I've always admired Faye Dunaway as an actress. Her style is very unique, which stands out to me and others, I'm sure. Thanks, I'll try to find the interview with Helen on YouTube. I'm usually on that site. LOL.

10/22/2009 #8

The scene of Selena furious after Kara successfully defeats the unseen creature in front of the Midvale school is another favorite of mine. I found Faye Dunaway's acting in that scene to be pretty convincing. She seems actually angry, from pounding her fists on the sofa chair to kicking her belongings around on the floor. I can't help but chuckle whenever I watch this scene.

10/25/2009 #9

The scene that always cracks me up is the beach scene when Ethan gets knocked out with a coconut. Selena really made me laugh out loud when she said something to the effect of "I can make coconuts hit their targets with precision, but I still cannot get the love of a man." Or something like that.

10/27/2009 #10

LOL. That scene always made me laugh too. When I was a kid, I always thought that was a football that struck Ethan in the head. Haha. Faye Dunaway's Selena was a character who usually became frustrated in the film whenever she didn't get her way. I found her reactions extremely funny, making her seem spoiled, as if she were a young girl. I found it also funny after when Ethan is unconscious from the falling coconut, Selena explains that she can't control men's minds, at least not with Supergirl around. Her body language helps the scene out alot as well. The viewer can tell that all Selena wants is to have Ethan for herself without Kara interferring. Faye Dunaway was a nice choice for Selena. I read a while back that Dolly Parton was asked to play the role before Faye, but she turned it down.

10/27/2009 #11

I read the original screenplay somewhere on the net before and I believe that the reason Selena acts all bratty in the movie is because the role was originally written to be portrayed by a young woman. Somewhat close in age to Kara and the woman was crushing on Ethan. Actually, if you read that screenplay, you will see how far the changes went story wise. Jimmy Olsen has a much bigger role, Ethan was more than a brooding, love struck gardener, and Kara actually had a lot more to her adventures.

Another scene that I love watching is when they are playing lacrosse and Linda stops the ball with her back. Nobody seemed to notice she did that except the bullies Muffy and Myrna. Too bad their bully role was under developed. And oh, did you notice how stiff the wig Helen was wearing in the shower scene was? It did not wilt under the steam like ordinary hair does.

10/27/2009 #12

That sounds pretty interesting. I wonder how the ratings of the movie would have turned out if the original screenplay was used. I also found it rather odd how Muffy and Myra were the only ones who seemed to notice the ball exploding against Linda. Hmmmmm. I'll have to play closer attention to Linda's hair in the shower scene. I just noticed that it wasn't completely wet, except for the ends of it against her shoulders.

11/2/2009 #13

Meeting Kara Zor-El, Zaltar and Alura Zor-El followed on with Zor-El himself for the very first time (including Zaltar giving Kara her Argonian wrist band) on screen. Kara sneaking away and entering the sphere ship with her parents, Zaltar and the rest of the citizens of Argo looking on in shock. Selena first stumbling on to the Omegahedron which causes her to fall in to mystical trance and recites that mystic chant. Kara first emerging out of the sphere ship properly dressed as Supergirl now and then seen flying out from inner space to "outter space" (i.e. Earth) at super speed as well as the "ariel ballet" scene upon her first discovering she has the ability to super leap, float and then fly proper. Encountering Lucy Lane and "Linda" touches the poster of cuz Superman on the wall. Supergirl landing on 'Popeye Chicken' take out's roof where she tries to calm the chaotic situation then Selena has begun in Midvalle (including Supergirl rescuing Ethan). Supergirl fighting the invisible shadow demon (just love the scene where she snaps off the lamp post all heroically like and comes back nullifying Selena's evil invisible demon). Supergirl first confrontation with Selena and Biacca (sp?), speeding off at super speed to rescue Ethan from Selena's grasp where he's being held in the fortress on top of a mountain with water fall. Being reunited with Zaltar in the Phantom Zone, the scene just after poor Zaltar falls in to the maelstrom and Supergirl looks on with determination to make it back to Earth with her cape flapping in the strong gust of winds and her arms spread apart with the rip in her left arm's long sleeve falling back in to it's original place (love that one so much!), regaining her super powers and speeding at super speed out of Selena's "enchanted" mirror, freeing Nigel, Lucy and Jimmy from Selena's traps then the final battle with Selena where we have the mammoth sized exo-skeletal demon reflection of Selena's true self made corporeal to Supergirl which she defeats which includes Supergirl at super speed circling around Selena creating a super tornado and forcing her to confront her own evil souless self made corporeal (but I don't think Bianca deserved getting punished though and being dragged with her), Nigel questioning where Selena went upon staring at the un shattered mirror, Supergirl retrieving at long last the Omegahedron and making it back to "outter space" in time to save her fellow family and friends of Argo City.

I think that pretty much covers every fave scene I had. ;)

1/7/2010 #14

Sure sounds like you liked every single scene in the movie. I am so glad you feel that way :-)

1/7/2010 #15

Well it is my all time fave movie and all, heh. ;)

1/10/2010 #16
Carolina Dean

I LOVE the scene in the Fun -House when Selena summons the invisible monster to destroy Linda Lee. Bianca screaming and the Ladies holding each other as the monster tears the fun-house apart is priceless.

7/19/2010 #17

Another scene that I enjoy watching over and over is when Kara first emerges from the lake. Just found it sool cool that she could splash up from the water completely dry. Haha.

10/3/2011 #18
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