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Loved-Invention (one of the Pure Horace Mantis staff members) is starting up official awards for JONAS and Pure Horace Mantis. She has a website up and running ( but here is some of the basic information. Special thanks to Aly for taking this on - awards are always a lot of work and often come with unnecessary drama. Hopefully everyone will follow the rules and make this a fun, meaningful experience.

Rules/Categories/How to Nominate/Notes


- All stories must be accessible through the Pure Horace Mantis FF Community on FF. If the story hasn’t been archived in there, it is absolutely unacceptable.

- Your story must be in English.

- Your story must be appropriate for the category that it’s been nominated for.

- If your story has been found plagiarized, it will immediately be removed.

- You are absolutely not allowed to nominate your own stories. If you do, you will be disqualified from all future HMAs.

- No nominations/voting after said date.

To Nominate:

Send your nominations through a PM to Loved-Invention (Aly) from FF.net.

She will need the following –

Name of story:


Category (nominated for):

Story URL:

***You must turn in your nominations by February 15th. No exceptions.


Favorite Story:

Favorite One-Shot:

Favorite Macy:

Favorite Stella:

Favorite Nick:

Favorite Joe:

Favorite Kevin:

Favorite Frankie:

Favorite Dialogue:

Favorite Drabble:

Favorite Drama:

Best Romance:

Best Angst:

Best Humor:

Favorite OC:

Most Creative Story:

Most Likely to be Made Into an Episode:

Most Likely to be Published:

Most Creative Story:

Best Holiday Fic:

**The ‘Favorite/JONAS Character’ (example: Favorite Nick) can be in any category (such as romance, even mystery) – but that character must be the main character of the story.

(You will be able to submit single nominations to @alovedinvention on Twitter, if you have an account. Include the link and the category. You will also be able to keep up with the HMA awards by following @alovedinvention).

1/1/2010 #1
silvereyed angel

I think it's really cool that this is being done, it really makes our beloved JONAS fandom live up and even bigger! I really hope a lot of good stories will be written, voted for and then win! to everyone: GO, VOTE, NOMINATE, NOW!! because this is awesome:)

1/17/2010 #2
Sunset Clouds

Damn, really? Ok, I am so gonna start nominating. I am super excited! Don't know if I'll be nominated seeing as that I haven't updated in a while and my stories aren't always that great, but I'll definately nominate some people!

1/17/2010 #3

When are the winners announced? No rush, just curiosity taking over my fingers.

3/24/2010 #4

Hi - Not yet. Aly has Spring Break next week, and she is going to tally then :)

3/24/2010 #5


3/26/2010 #6
From the End of Heaven

btw the winners are posted!

7/20/2010 #7

oh I know, but thank you! I won!

7/22/2010 #8
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