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Tabuu Forte Akugun

You can share story/plot development ideas here. If you do not feel comfortable doing so (to avoid spoilers), then that's fine. You can come here to take in others' ideas!

10/9/2009 #1

Sayo and Zazie are living as rejects in Pixie Hollow... until a newcomer arrives.

10/9/2009 #2
Tabuu Forte Akugun

Sayo and Zazie are living as rejects in Pixie Hollow... until a newcomer arrives.

To anyone viewing this forum, I recommend you check her story out. It's called "Faults and Sorrows", and it's amazing stuff. I like it even more than my own! It's currently on hiatus (I think), but it's still awesome.

10/9/2009 #3

Yeah... I'm having difficulty getting the party down on the computer.

10/9/2009 #4
Tabuu Forte Akugun

Just write down whatever comes to mind!

I can even beta it for you if you want! ;)

10/9/2009 #5

Please! You're my most cherished reader! (Just don't be scared of what I just said in the other topic...)

10/9/2009 #6
Tabuu Forte Akugun

It's ok!

Whenever you want to send it to me through DocX, let me know! Just not this weekend in case I can't establish a connection...

10/9/2009 #7

Alright. As soon as I finish it, I'll establish a connection for DocX with you! :)

10/9/2009 #8
Tabuu Forte Akugun

I've just added you to my pending connections.

All that's left is for you to connect when you're ready. No rush.

10/9/2009 . Edited 10/9/2009 #9

It will be done as soon as the next Chapter is.

Speaking of Sayo (and Evil Sayo XD), what is it that you like so much of her?

10/9/2009 #10
Tabuu Forte Akugun

I don't know... I just have so much in common with her. Plus, I love her personality

I'll share a little something with you.

Sayo is the kind of person I could easily fall in love with in real life.

10/10/2009 #11

Wow, seriously? Even if she was meant to be evil...?

*sniff* You're making me so proud of Sayo! She's the best character I've ever made! Excuse me while I break my morals and reputation and go cry in a corner out of my happiness...

*does so*

10/10/2009 #12
Tabuu Forte Akugun

Go on. Let it out.

I must admit... seing you cry of happiness is... unusual.

She's the best character I've ever made!

Quoted for truth! ;)

10/10/2009 #13

Thanks! :) *sniff* I think I'm done crying now.

10/10/2009 #14
Tabuu Forte Akugun

There's no shame in crying. ;)

10/10/2009 #15

On a different topic... I'm still a bit dull on ideas. I think I'm just going to sit down for a bit and right down different things that come to my head for a bit. If I come up for anything, I'll definitely write it down in the story and (hopefully) post it up!

10/15/2009 #16
Tabuu Forte Akugun

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Take your time. Make sure you actually LIKE it before posting it. That's what I do with Tyrannicus. If you don't like it, why post it?

10/15/2009 . Edited 10/15/2009 #17

Hmm... Good point.

10/15/2009 #18
Tabuu Forte Akugun

That's why it's the first fic I've ever posted online.

I ended up hating everything I wrote before this, so why would I want others to read it?

10/16/2009 #19

Yeah, absolutely.

Raxas told me that Kevin made their mother put him through an english crash course this morning... *sweat drops* Okay... I think he's really into the Subspace idea, too. He's considering it not to have a touch of dialogue like the original. I don't know whether to think that's cool or utterly insane, though...

10/18/2009 #20
Tabuu Forte Akugun

We'll see once he posts it...

10/20/2009 #21

I'd like a story focused on the Queen and the Ministers of the Seasons. Somewhat like a peek into the secret lives of fairy royalty that gives insights into their characters, pastimes, etc. I love the Ministers and wish we knew more about them!

5/11/2010 #22

I wish I had a story idea to share here. D: Unfortunately, my damned writer's block is making it impossible for me to write something having to do with Tinkerbell and her friends.

Perhaps I should start staying up till three AM and gain inspiration that way.

6/24/2010 #23

I sweetie take it from someone who stays up to three am daily trying to get her stuff done the only thing that will do is make your writer's block worse.

I've been to damned busy to write much of anything but ideas have been swimming around in my head. I really wish I had the time to get them down on paper

9/4/2010 #24

Hey! Watch the language. :

9/24/2010 #25

-- Sorry, I don't have a picture.

Hi guys. I'm gathering info for a story that involves ALL the fast-flyers. I'd like to get the characters as accurate as possible.

Tons of stuff on Vidia. There's a book with Wisp. I've seen some stuff on Elwood, but could use more.

The toughest one is Tizzywing. Every site on Google gives me the same 2 sentences. Where can I find more detail on Tizzywing?

Any fast-flyers I've missed?


1/27/2011 #26

Tinkerbell and Curse of the Black Pixie Dust

Strange, dark, mysterious flowers start appearing all over Pixie Hollow and spread a highly poisonous dust called black pixie dust that make everyone in Pixie Hollow extremely sick. Now Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist and Irridessa must travel to a world far beyond Neverland to find the cure.

3/12/2011 #27

I had this one idea but I don't know if anyone would like it.

Through out time fairies are born from the first laugh of a baby. Tinkerbell heard stories of fairies born resembling young children call a fairy child. One day Tinkerbell during her tinkering saw a lost fairy child fall from the sky after being attack by a hawk. The child mysteriously resemble Tinkerbell from the blonde hair to the blue eyes. Unknown to them the baby whose first laugh created Tinkerbell grew up, and had a daughter whose's first laugh created this young child making her Tinkerbell's daughter.

3/11/2015 #28
I'm not sure if anyone is still around and looking at this. I'm probably a few years a little too late. Anyways, here it goes... I currently watched Secret of the Wings, fully, for the first time. Being a 19 y/o, I found parts of the movie a little weird, (Spoiler Alert for those you haven't seen the film yet!) like Tinker Bell having a sister. I pretty much gave up after that, but after coming home from donating blood, SotW came on and I watched it. I instantly fell in love with Queen Clarion and Lord Milori's story. I personally thought he was being majestic, a sparrow man riding a snowy owl just because he can since he lives in the Winter Woods. And when Milori and Clarion shared a sad look before they walked away in different directions, I automatically had feelings and said "I ship them" and then not even a minute later we hear about two fairies who fell in love when Pixie Hallow was young. Shortly later, we see Milori with a broken wing and my heart broke into thousands of pieces. I started looking on the site for there stories, and even though some are great, I haven't found a cure for what my heart needs. So, now while I'm geeking out in another fandom with like five stories in the works (that aren't posted and finished yet), I am wanting to write a Milori and Clarion story of their early days; how they met and fell in love instantly and how exactly Milori broke a wing. I'm pretty sure that in the movie, Dewy said that the law used to not be that way, so I'm curious as to how the fairies crossed, or if they even considered it. Obviously Milori and Clarion did. Did Clarion just put on a coat and run around the Winter Woods with Milori or did they just sit there on the border for many sunsets, for years, before one finally decided to cross? Looking at the surroundings of the borders and how the river is half frozen, half moving, and branches fallen that's half covered in snow and not, I can see them sitting along those, hidden and out of the way from everybody for secret meetings. I just don't know. And another thing, how do ages work? I can't really find anything on websites. I read that they could live up to 6,000 years or they live until the human they were born from dies. And in no way can I see Lord Milori and Queen Clarion near 6,000 years old. I feel like maybe Milori older than her by a few hundred years, but how does that work? And also, I don't own any of the books, so I don't really know much about fairies other than what I see in Secret of the Wings and The Pirate Fairy. If anyone could give me some information, that would be great. Wiki is the only helpful site when it comes to everyone's descriptions and talents, but how do relationships work and everything else? I see crazy things like fairies can get pregnant and all of that, but fairies are so innocent, I can't really see how that's possible, but I do believe that they could find a lover to make them happy and loved and everything that a person would want in a relationship, just not the intimate-intimate stuff. I hope that I came to the right place. Hopefully there is someone who comes across this, and if not then that's okay. I'll just come up with something and write. And did I mention that the fandom is sorta small. And surprisingly, there isn't any Sled and Rosetta stories which is also very, very upsetting. And I feel that I also need to fix that and get that relationship started, because of Terrence and Tinker Bell are sorta thing, and now Lord Milori and Queen Milori are in an established relationship, then why can't Sled and Rosetta be, right? :) Thanks.
6/11/2015 #29

Hi, Scarlettarose!

I think thatʼs great that the authors didnʼt say explicitly how long fairies can live. You should choose whatever concept you like.

Since Iʼm also a Tinker Bell fan, let me tell you about my world view. Pixie dust contains unknown elemental particles and nanomachines that can assemble a new living fairy using human DNA as a template. In contrast to animals fairiesʼ cell replicating mechanisms have several backup-systems that allow a fairy to live indefinitely long. However, they cannot regenerate limbs or lost wings. In «my» Pixie Hollow fairies are asexual because they do not reproduce like animals but apparently some rudimental behavior patterns are inherited from humans.

Just to stay closer to the main topic, Iʼm writing a series of stories that have both popular science and crazy adventures. What would you say if we try to help each other with ideas?

9/8/2015 #30
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