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Silent as the wind

hi! I have been thinking about Tinkerbell crossovers as a forum so here it is.

This is the place to post your thoughts about great crossover idea's. Enjoy.

8/22/2011 #1

well I was thinking about a crossover with Rise of the Guardians.

I will try to give a short summary:

Pinch Black comes back and realises he lost because he was alone so decides to get help from another magical being, so he went to Neverland with the intention of using the dragon Kyoto, but noticing the dragon was too much stronger then him, he gave up the idea and was about to leave, until he senses a very strong but hidden fear coming from a certain fast flyer, noticing that said fairy is the most powerful in her talent, he decides to use what was left of his own sand to trap her consciuness in an endless nightmare while her fisical body breaks havoc to the world.

12/6/2012 #2

I have two different types of crossovers, one is with rise of the guardians, the other is rise of the brave tangled dragons

The first goes like this:

When Peri learns about Tink being lost in the mainland (Peter found Tink and a friendship came to be), she goes off herself to find her twin, but when she gets lost in a blizzard, she is found by none other than Jack Frost (Peri is unconscious) who doesn't know who she is, but does know she's a fairy. Jack takes off to the pole to see if North knows anything, upon arriving, Tooth is there with some of her fairies and when Jack shows Tooth and North what he found, the three guardians head to the library to look up what type of fairy Peri is, but then she awakens and is in complete panic, she begins speaking, but only bell sounds can be heard, but Jack can hear her. The two become friends and spread the winter season, along the way in London, Jack meets up with his friend Peter Pan, and Jack shows his friend his fairy, both Tink & Peri are reunited again and would come back to the mainland whenever they can to meet there friends.

The second goes like this:

Mother Nature send Merida, Rapunzel, Jack, & Hiccup through a portal that leads to different dimensions, and when they go through, there fairy wings appear, there staffs are left behind, and they shrink to the size of Pixie Hollow fairies. While the Merida, Rapunzel, & Hiccup find themselves at the Pixie Dust tree, Jack is at the Winter Woods, Jack gets there first, and when Lord Milori was about to get to the introduction to Jack, Jack gets up and revels his wings (with snowflake patterns) and says who he is and says he needs to get to where his siblings would be, Milori takes Jack to the tree where the other three seasons are at saying who they are (Merida has sun patterns on her wings, Rapunzel with flower patterns, and Hiccup with leaf patterns), Milori fears Jacks wing would be broken when he crosses the border, but Jack tells him his wings don't get affected by the weather and are not affected by hot or cold weather. The two get to the tree, the siblings are together, and they say who they all are, they are the four seasons and that they work for Mother Nature. Along the way, the winter fairies learn they too can cross the border and there wings won't get broken (Jack frosts there wings to keep there wings cold while in the warmth. After the seasons are done in the Pixie Hollow world, they leave there friends and go back home.

7/8/2013 #3

I've been working on a series of Sonic the Hedgehog/Tinkerbell crossovers which I like to call the "Sonic the Sparrowhog" series. It started as a modern times AU of Secret of the Wings (that's why Pixie Hollow has technology in my stories), but it soon evolved into more. Basically, it focuses on three brothers: Sonic, Shadow and Silver the Sparrowhogs, born from the first laughs of Sonic, Shadow and Silver the Hedgehogs (In my stories, these three are brothers no matter what. I love AU), who live secret lives as Aaron Stone, Stark Reality and Terminus Mag respectively, the greatest heroes in Pixie Hollow.

Sonic the Sparrowhog: Secret of the Wings - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9520711/1/Sonic-the-Sparrowhog-Secret-of-the-Wings In this story, when Tink's curiousity makes her wander into the Winter Woods, things go horribly wrong. A great freeze threatens Pixie Hollow. Basically, this one is the aforementioned Secret of the Wings modern times AU. I've also added something extra to give it a Sonic feel (read to find out). I decided to remove the Sled/Rosetta thing because it was only added for the comical effect, and with my modifications there's about twice more comedy (half of which consists of my version of Sled's character. There are not too many details about Sled in the official Tinkerbell series, so I guess we're free to turn him into anything we want, and I wanted to turn him into a joke character).

Sonic the Sparrowhog: The legend of the Mystic Lights - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9761221/1/Sonic-the-Sparrowhog-The-legend-of-the-Mystic-Lights This one is crossed with Strawberry Shortcake and a sequel to both Secret of the Wings and another one of my stories, Strawberry meets Sonic the Hedgehog (you can read it as well if you want). Strawberry Shortcake travels to Pixie Hollow along with Sonic the Hedgehog (who, in case there's any confusion, became her boyfriend in the prequel. Again, I love AU) in order to discover her unknown past. That's where she learns that she one of the few humans born from a baby's first laugh, or for short, a Mystic Light. An ancient prophecy says that the seven Mystic Lights along with six other heroes (The two Sonics, Shadows and Silvers) will unite their forces to defeat "that who is darker than any darkness". Meanwhile, Queen Clarion, Lord Milori and the Keeper try their best to make sure that a dark secret about Strawberry remains a secret for her own good.

Sonic the Sparrowhog: Eternal Winter - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9888806/1/Sonic-the-Sparrowhog-Eternal-Winter This one is crossed with Frozen. An evil ice sorcerer named Zaramas manages to travel to the Realm of Winter and steal the Spirit of Winter's power. This causes the balnce of the seasons to be tipped again. Sonic, Shadow and Silver must find help from a kingdom known as Arendelle, located in the third star to the left, and defeat the evil sorcerer.

Sonic the Sparrowhog: The Great Fairy Fist - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10047394/1/Sonic-the-Sparrowhog-The-Great-Fairy-Fist The greatest martial arts tournament in Pixie Hollow, the Great Fairy Fist, is coming. This is the first tournament in which Sonic, Shadow and Silver are competing as well as the first one in which the Winter Woods are taking part. Rumble has been the champion 10 years in a row, but he has only won by cheating without being caught. Sonic and all his friends must try their best to end his victory streak. But Rumble's new secret weapon makes it necessary for Aaron Stone, Stark Reality and Terminus Mag to enter the tournament as well.

The last 2 of them are still in progress. And there's more to come, including adaptations of the other movies (except Pixie Hollow Games), a crossover with Sofia the First, a crossover with The Legend of Zelda and a story set 1 year before the first movie, which will show how Sonic, Shadow and Silver became the heroes they are.

5/25/2014 . Edited 5/29/2014 #4
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