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Rosa Atrus

I was wondering what happened to Macy too, but I think that Hetti has a better interaction with the team.

12/17/2009 #31

I could have seen the Nate/Maey thing but to be honest it took me three episodes to realize that she was missing altogether. Who knows maybe there was something and that is why they had to relocate her?

12/17/2009 #32

I like N***, because I can see a potential on and off romance there.

As for CaKe, I think there is some havy flirting going on, but IMO it will always stay on a BFF level.

1/1/2010 #33
Abigale McGee

I like CaKe, but I think it would SERIOUSLY screw the show up for good. I like the thought of Eric/Krnsi, but I don't think it would work.

I think Sam's wife should be played by Beyonce or Rhianna and should be named Hannah Hanna. that is just ROTFLMBOADL

1/30/2010 #34
Ragni Mithrim

*adjusts slash fanfiction writer hat*






But no G/Sam (or vice versa)....

I can slash the seal, the geek and Dom, but not G or nate :/ I'm a slasher, no way around it Those are who i like, and i'm terribly saddened by their lack of existance. :(

9/22/2010 #35

Does anybody else feel like they're forcing Kensi/Deeks too hard? They're kinda shoving it down our throats, and there's not much romantic chemistry to work with between the two of them...I love Deeks, he's such a nerd, but I really don't think that they'd be that great of a couple.

10/13/2010 #36

It seems that way, but I think before the season ends we'll see them spin that into a tight friendship and somebody come on screen and into the picture for Kensi. I must admit that it does beat the thought of Renko hitting on Kensi though.

Episode 4 I was a little disappointed that they had Kensi all pissy with Deeks but never resolved it but letting Deeks in on the reason why. It kind of added an element to Kesni's character that I don't really care for.

10/13/2010 #37

I kinda like Kensi and Deeks. I think they'd be cute together. Callen and Sam always act a bit like Kensi's older brothers and Kensi always seems more like Nate's older sister. Deeks and Kensi have something different (in a good way).

And I completely agree about the Renko thing. He always seemed a little too...well creepy for Kensi.

I don't know though, I'm really interested to see how it plays out over the season.

10/23/2010 #38

It could just be my bias talking, but I think that Kensi and Deeks have more of a fun, teasing relationship, kind of like Tony and Kate in the first seasons of the original. It always was a little sexual, but not really the 'I wanna get you in bed' kind. Rewatching the first season, there were always certain looks between Callen and Kensi, or just the way one of them would look at the other, that got me hoping for something. But hey, to each his own. Oh, and YES, the Renko flirting was extremely creepy! Don't get me wrong, I liked him popping up once in a while, but that was just strange :P

11/30/2010 #39

bIt could just be my bias talking, but I think that Kensi and Deeks have more of a fun, teasing relationship, kind of like Tony and Kate in the first seasons of the original./b

I really hope that that's the way TPTB leave it. I don't like the idea of any sort of canon ship on the show, and do not want season upon season of 'will they/won't they' between *any* of the pairings.

Now in a fanfic context of course, anything goes ;-)

but my pairings of choice would probably be - Deeks/Sam, Kensi/Eric, and my absolute favourite (although my Beta has threatened to quit if I write it) Deeks/Hetty!

(of course she's also threatened to quit if I write the Jackson Gibbs/Hetty/DiNozzo senior threesome I've been teasing her about as well :-D

12/4/2010 #40

I like Densi FRIENDSHIP, as well. Where they are now is ok. Although, I liked it better without all the trust. They were always trying to prove themself to eachother, and it was funny. There was also a lot more banter.

3/20/2011 #41

Okay, maybe this is weird, but I have considered Callen/Nell for a while now, and I was surprised at the number of reviews on my one story about it, saying that they have considered shipping them too. Just a thought.

10/2/2011 #42

Okay, maybe this is weird, but I have considered Callen/Nell for a while now, and I was surprised at the number of reviews on my one story about it, saying that they have considered shipping them too. Just a thought.

The trouble with shipping Nell with anybody - to me anyway - is that she comes across as being so much younger than the other characters, practically a child playing with the grown-ups, that to pair her off with anybody just feels a bit weird.

10/2/2011 #43

That's a good point. I hadn't considered that before. On the show, I think they are trying to ship Eric/Nell, which, I think he is closest to her age, but I think that's too common to put the two partners together, just like Kensi/Deeks. I don't know how old Callen is, or how old any of them are. If anyone knows exact ages, that would be nice to know. I'm thinking Nell is 23-24, maybe Eric is 24-26 at most, Deeks is anywhere from 25-30, same with Kensi. Callen and Sam could be 27-40 even. That's just what I think

10/2/2011 #44

I would put Nell as even younger than 23/24. She strikes me as the type who could have graduated early from High School and maybe gone through University on an accelerated program. As for the others, Sam and Callen IMO are the oldest of the bunch, I'd put them late 30s, early 40s. Kensi myabe mid 20s, Eric late 20s early 30s. Deeks we actually know for sure. In Imposters, the forms Hetty gives him show his birthdate as January 8th and it's either 78 or 79, making Deeks 31 or 32.

If we go with actors ages then that would make Callen 41, Sam 43, Kensi 27, Eric 34, Nell - can't find a dob for Renee, and ECO is 34.

10/2/2011 #45

Wow thanks that's helpful

10/2/2011 #46

No offense to ECO, but he's that old!? I know, 34 isn't old, but to me it is. LOL. He looks 27-29. Geez.

10/2/2011 #47

I normally don't pay attention to this sort of thing, but I saw some Callen/Hanna in tonight's episode, with Hetty telling them about the waltz and all...

maybe I just saw what I wanted to see.

11/8/2011 #48

I am a huge supporter of Callen/Kensi pairing, but I also support Deeks with Kensi. I think that it is because everyone in this show has great chemistry with each other that there are some days I support any odd couple in this show. Everyone gets along so well that it could make anyone crazy with this odd idea of who they want to be together and who not together. I am just waiting patiently see what happens as the series continues grow and see how the characters react to one another.

12/16/2011 #49

I enjoy Callen/Kensi as brother/sister. For me, I don't see the romance. Kensi/Deeks is a WHOLE other story.

12/16/2011 #50

I ship Callen & Kensi :)

1/5/2012 #51

I love Nell/Eric. They are impossibly cute! I like how they started off as being sort of antagonistic toward each other but they are really getting along now. And I gotta admit Abby/Eric would be really cute too. But I don't see how that could really work out in the long run seeing as they are at opposite ends of the country...

Okay. I have a question that needs answering...Callen/Nell shippers. What's the story? I am interested in finding out why people ship them. It's an interesting pairing, something I never got into but I am still curious as to why people ship them.

2/12/2012 #52

This is something I am wondering too, because I can't think of a single episode where they have any kind of interaction that even hints of non-platonic vibes at all. In fact, I can't even think of an episode where they spend any length of time in the same room together without a crowd around them. What am I missing here?

2/13/2012 #53

Okay. I have a question that needs answering...Callen/Nell shippers. What's the story? I am interested in finding out why people ship them. It's an interesting pairing, something I never got into but I am still curious as to why people ship them

I find it very difficult to ship Nell with anybody on the show, mainly because the actress looks so darn young, as if she should be trying out for Glee club instead of working at NCIS :-)

2/14/2012 #54
I can see Callen and Nell, but my main question right now is their name. I'm not leniant to either, but the two couple names I've seen are Gellen (started by me) and Nallen(started by Ambrosia Rush) Personally, I have no preference. I think Gellen sounds squishy and fluffy, Rush said it sounds like a whipped topping, who doesn't love fluff? But it is not the most logical name peoples minds would immidiately go to. Nallen, to me, sounds a little awkward to say out loud, although oddly pleasant to look at ( weird right? Or is it just me...) But Nallen sounds most practical, as it combines one first letter and the rest of the other name, which is how most couple names go, while Gellen uses Callen's full name, first initial, with Nell schlopped in there in the middle. So what do you think? What's your preference?
2/14/2012 #55

Well the actress who plays Abby is 41 and Abby is considered to be just in her very, very, early 30's and frankly the very fortunate woman looks it. The Glee people are (mostly) in their mid-to-late 20's. I think the actor who plays Eric looks about my age. I won't be saying what that age is, but I don't think Nell would be too young.

I still want to know what episodes hint that G. and Nell could be more than platonic.

2/14/2012 #56


I wanted to answer your "why people ship Callen/Nell" question. I didn't even think about it until I read danakate's story "Discovery" and that made me want to read more about those two.

I know that it will never be something we will see on the show because not only do they work together, but the age gap between them is more than most viewers would stand for. On a fanfiction note, I think they work well. Callen does not have to hide who he is (not that he fully knows), but there does not have to be all of that secrecy that is in Sam's life with his family. Nell is very smart, and not only that but she has common sense. He needs someone in his life that sees the glass half full, that has knowledge of his double life, a person who will be a constant presence in his life without trying to take the reins (a kind of passive resistance). She is one who will step up to the plate when she is passionate about something, but at the same time, seems to take many things in stride.

Another reason that I ship the two of them is because although only a small number of authors ship the two of them, the ones that do are normally good, solid writers that include plot and substance. Check out some of the multi-chapter stories if you just want to see what the hub-bub is about. And yes, she does look very young and the actress playing her IS young, but read some of the fics, they're good.


2/14/2012 #57
Renee felice smith is 25 or 26
2/14/2012 #58
I'm not the type of person that goes around begging people to read my stories and I'm not a review w*** either, but my story Gellen (first one in Nell/Callen category) thoroughly describes their feelings towards each other - And why it can never work out on the show. If you are confused, I highly recommend reading it, let me know if it helped. It's pretty short, no dialogue, one chapter. Hope it helps! -DAR
2/14/2012 #59

Okay I read it, and it was very well written. But here's the thing, I've never seen any moments where they appear to be staring at each other. They never seem to be observing each other, or interacting with each other privately, unless G.'s plotting something and even then it's strictly business. I'd like to know which episodes inspire Gellen, Nellan, or whatever you want to call it.

2/14/2012 #60
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