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Broken and Lost

Midnight stopped in front of the flume, "Your friend went to denduron so I guess we should head there..." He said and set her down.

"OKay, let's go." Natalia replied and both stood infront of the flume.

"DENDURON!" They both said at the same time and watched as the flume activated and they were flying through time and space before landing in the cold cave of denduron's flume.

"Dawn!" Natalia said and ran over to her, "Why didn't you wait? We were right outside when you left..."

Midnight came and stood behind Natalia, and watched Dawn carefully. "What is your name?" He asked politely.

10/26/2009 #31

"I didn't feel that there was a need to wait," Dawn said and shrugged, "And my name is Dawn Lizon traveler of Friz," Dawn said and looked at him, "Whats your name?" she asked and smiled nicely

10/26/2009 #32
Broken and Lost

Midnight nodded, "Midnight Firestar... Traveler of the Shadow Lands..." He said emotionlessly. "Now... What is it we must do?"

Natalia smiled at Dawn, "Don't worry he's always like that...." She said and stepped back and crushed Midnights foot with her's.

"OUCH!" He yelped and then glared at Natalia, "Why must you be so abusive?" He asked and then tried to force a smile when Natalia glared at him. "You know I am no good a showing happy..."

10/29/2009 #33

Dawn laughed slightly as the flume began to activate everyone turned to the flume waiting for Saint Dane to appear. But when the dies they see a man with long black hair and golden eyes.

"Darc!" Dawn cried and jumped into the mans arms.

"Dawn! I knew I would find you eventually!" he laughed, "So who are these guys?" he asked cheerily, "My name is Darc Lite, traveler of Vina!" He walked up to Natalia and grabbed her hane, he leaned down and kissed it slightly "Hello," he then moved to Midnight and held his hand out, "Hey,"

10/31/2009 #34
Broken and Lost

Natalia blinked in surprise and a blush appeared on her face, "I'm Natalia Shadows... Traveler of Mori Bergu..." She said and smiled slightly before turning to Midnight.

"I'm Midnight Firestar..." He said plainly. "Traveler of the Shadow Lands." He looked at Natalia and nodded his head at her questioning look. "Do as you wish..." He said and his lips twitched slightly as a happy look appeared on her face.

"Thank you... Midnight..." Natalia said and kissed him on the cheek. "You're the best." She then hugged him, Midnight just shrugged.

11/2/2009 #35

"Where are we going now Dawny?" Darc asked and elbowed her

"Darc! Why do you have to call me that silly name?" Dawn pouted and sighed, "We're on our way to Cloral to meet Press and Bobby," she exclaimed

"Great! Lets go! I loooove Cloral!" Darc said and smiled, "And so will you my dear," he said and winked at Natalia

Dawn smashed her hand into her face and groaned, "Darc... leave her alone!"

All of a sudden Darc dragged Natalia to the flume yelling, "We'll go in pairs! I call Natalia!"

"I guess I'll be paired with you, Midnight," she said as Darc activated the flume

The light from the flume shined on Dawns face in a very pretty way to show off her beautifullness, "You ready?" she asked Midnight

11/3/2009 #36
Broken and Lost

Midnight raised a brow, before walking up to the flume, "Let's go..." He said calmly looking into the flume.

Natalia looked back at him, 'Midnight... You know I have the nerve to just control you and make you do what you truely want to... But I won't.' She said in his mind.

Midnight glared deviously at her, "Same here!" He called to her as they disappeared and he quickly walked toward the flume, "Are you coming?" He asked, looking over his shoulder his eyes shineing with amusment.

11/3/2009 #37

Dawn blinked afew times before she walked up beside his with the slightest blush shadowing her cheeks, "Lets do this," she said strongly

She opened her mouth to call 'Cloral' but stopped dead cold when the injury on her side began to bring her pain, some how it did not heal yet, 'This makes no sense! Why hasn't it healed?' she thought

11/3/2009 #38
Broken and Lost

MIdnight's nose twitched and he turned to Dawn before grabbing her arm and looking at the wound on her side. "You were hurt by Saint Dane?" He asked well more stated it. "Let's get to cloral.... And Natalia can heal you there..." he then turned toward the flume. "Cloral..." And they were flying throught the flume in an instant.

11/3/2009 #39

"I'm fine, really! It just having a hard time healing for some strange reason. I'll be fine, honest!" Dawn said while holding her wounded side

She relaxed a bit while blushing, she closed her eyes and took a deep breathe before saying, "I don't need your help! I'm totally capible of taking care of myself!"

11/3/2009 #40
Broken and Lost
Midnight glared at Dawn, "When you are ingured on Mori Bergu you do not heal unless you find one of the healers, it is annoying yes but even if you are a traveler and you go to another territory it will not heal until you get the healer." He growled as the smashed into the water of the flume in Cloral.
11/3/2009 #41

I let out a yell of joy before hitting the water. I rose to the surface and made my way to the pile of clothes where everyone was waiting.

"That was refreshing!" I sighed

11/3/2009 #42
Broken and Lost

Midnight looked slightly annoyed and quickly went to Natalia's side, "Dawn was hurt back in Mori Bergu..." He growled in annoyance.

"Oh?" Natalia asked then turned to her. "Dawn... Can you come here please?" she ordered more then asked.

11/3/2009 #43

"Sure!" she said walked up to her, "What is it?" she said all smiles

11/3/2009 #44
Broken and Lost

"You were hurt back on Mori Bergu... Show me the wound... Now..." She said seriously, her eyes flickered to Midnight. "I am a healer... and some people on Mori Bergu use poisoned weapons."

Midnight nodded, "It is true... I learned this the hard way, I was lucky Natalia found me, even though I was half dead when she did... she brung me back..." He said gratfully to Natalia and kissed her on the cheek.

11/3/2009 #45

A blush crept onto Dawns face slighty while she lifted up her shirt to show the wound on her side. The wound was right under her ribcage so she had to shw off her flat belly in public.

"Umm..." she said nervously

"Dawny, why didn't you tell anyone?" Darc asked her while holding her shoulder

"I thought it would heal!" She explained

Darc hugged her and said, "Dawn you should be more careful,"

11/3/2009 #46
Broken and Lost

Natalia looked up, "Could you boys please turn around... I do not want to have to hurt you..." She said menacingly.

Midnight instantly turned around and walked back to the clothes and quickly put them on. "Just hurry up.." He said and grabbed Darcs arm so he was facing away from Dawn and Natalia.

11/3/2009 #47

"How bad is it Natalia?" She asked while still blushing

11/3/2009 #48
Broken and Lost

Natalia suddenly froze as her hand touched the wound, before suddenly crying out in surprise and falling back into the water. 'How can this be?' She thought as she felt her vison dim the shock taking over her senses. 'Wait... I'm sinking...' suddenly realiszation cleared her vision and she started to struggle but something was pulling her down. Looking down she screamed in horror water filling her mouth and lungs at the giant shark which was actually gentlly pulling her away from the surface of the water and toward the mouth of the cave. 'MIDNIGHT!!! DAWN!!! DARC!!! HELP!' She cried in her mind as she started to choke on the water in her lungs.

11/3/2009 #49

"Darc! Natalia is drowning!" Dawn yelled as both Darc and Midnight turned towars her

Darc dove into the water after her but after a few minutes he came back gulping for air.

"Did you find her?" Dawn asked

"No," he croaked and climbed out, "I'm sorry," he said saddly to Midnight

"This is my fault!" Dawn cried, "Dammit!"

11/3/2009 #50
Broken and Lost

Midnight starred blankly at the water, "Natalia... Use it... Please use it..." He whispered as he walked to the edge of the water.

Natalia's eyes snapped open, 'I have not achived it...' She thought sadly. 'I am pathetic...' She knew Midnight would be able to hear her now, though she could hear him.

"YOU CAN DO IT NATALIA!" Midnight cried as he kneeled beside it, "And you know the truth use your knowledge to your advantage." He growled angrily.

Natalia looked up, 'Use it to my advantage?' she wondered, suddenly with renewed energy she started to struggle against the sharks hold. 'LET ME GO!' She cried in her mind angrily, and suddenly a glow surrounded her body. 'I... I did it...' she thought as she could suddenly breath under the water.

Scaled wings sprouted from her back and she shot upwards the shark being forced to let go.

Midnight stood there and watched as the water started to bubble, "Just don't hit your head..." he said plainly and a huge gyser of water shot up.

11/3/2009 #51

"Whats going on?" Dawn asked in shock

"Whats all this hulla-balloo?" Darc asked

11/3/2009 #52
Broken and Lost

MIdnight began to laugh, " You did it!" He cried as the water gyser died down and Natalia landed into Midnights arms and hugged him.

"Midnight! I'm so happy!" She sighed then turned to Dawn. "Now let me heal you..." she stuck out her tounge and then laughed. "I'll explain later..."

11/3/2009 #53

"I'm so VERY confused!?!" Darc said

11/3/2009 #54
Broken and Lost

Natalia turned to Darc, "On my territory my people have a shift, I just acheived mine..." She explained as she walked to Dawn and lifted her shirt and then looked over shoulder. "Now look away..."

MIdnight again turned instantly and closed his eyes, " Just hurry up... I have had enough dramatics to last me a while..." He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose.

11/3/2009 #55

Dawn giggles enchantedly and whispers in Natalia's ear, "Are you and Midnight... you know. . . together?"

11/3/2009 #56
Broken and Lost

Shakes head, "We are very good friends, he has saved my life many times, and I have saved his just as many... So we are very close... But you can have him if you want... and just to tell you..." she leaned up and whispers in Dawns ear, "He likes you too..." Smiles then looks toward dark, " What about Darc? Any women in his life?"

11/3/2009 #57

Dawn giggles as her face turns crisom red, "No, but he REALLY likes you!" she whispers back

11/3/2009 #58
Broken and Lost

Natalia giggled then leaned down, "THis might be a little weird..." She said as she brung her tounge to the wound and licked it. "But it is how my people heal... Strange I know... I couldn't believe it when i was starting to learn how to heal people..." she continued her licking.

11/3/2009 #59

Dawns eyes widen, "" she said shocked

11/3/2009 #60
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