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Broken and Lost

Natalia pulled away after a few minutes and smiled, "All better..." She said and quickly examined her work before rubbing her head and standing up. "You don't even have a scar..."

11/3/2009 #61

"Wow!" Dawn says and smiles

11/3/2009 #62
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled, "It's all good... Now can we head out... This place is getting boring." She laughed and then walked toward the waters edge.

11/3/2009 #63

"Wait" Dawn said and throughs her a water globe, "You need to get suited up first,"

11/3/2009 #64
Broken and Lost

Natalia nodded, "Okay... " She said and quickly put it on. "Hey Darc... You want to come with me?" I asked sweetly and smiled at him as cutely as i could.

11/3/2009 #65

"Ok," Darc grabs a watersled and says, "You need to hold onto my belt! This baby goes fast!"

"I guess, I ride with you," Dawn said and turned to Midnight

Darc hops into the water and waves for Natalia!

11/3/2009 #66
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled and slid on behind Darc wrapping her arms around him making sure to be as close to him as possible. "Okay... Cya later Midnight, Dawn." She called over her shoulder.

Midnight watched Natalia then turned to Dawn, "Let's go." He said calmly and grabbed another sled before waiting for Dawn to get on as well.

11/3/2009 #67

"Uh, I was the last one to arrive so I still need to get into Cloral clothes!" she said with a blush

11/3/2009 #68
Broken and Lost

Midnight sighed then motioned for her to hurry, "We have to catch up to Natalia and Darc... I do believe we can not be late." He said and then turned away.

11/3/2009 #69

Dawn gets changed as quickly as she could and then tapped Midnight on the shoulder, "Ready," She said

She stood there with the tight material hugging her sexy figure, carving every curve.

11/3/2009 #70
Broken and Lost

Midnight smirked at her, "I hope there are no rapists or pedophiles here." He laughed and then took off flying after Natalia and Darc after making sure Dawn was securly holding on.

11/3/2009 #71

Dawn was stund at what Midnight had said the whole way there!

11/3/2009 #72
Broken and Lost

Natalia looked over as Midnight approached with a stuned looking Dawn holding on to him, "What did you do?" she asked looking at him with a raised brow and then I looked over to Darc and smiled at him with my most dazzeling smile.

Midnight just shrugged, "Your going to make him hurt himself if you keep distracting him." He whispered in my ear.

"And your going to make Dawn hate your guts if you keep shocking her with such stupid things." Natalia hissed back in his ear.

"Not my fault..." Midnight said then suddenly his head turned to look back toward the flume, "Mind telling me what grabbed you? And all that you now remember of who you are?" He questioned quietly.

"When we are alone..." She replied and then walked toward Darc and smiled dazzelingly at him again.

11/4/2009 #73

Darc kept staring at Natalia and then walked into the dense jungle like farm land ,that is grown on the big Habitat of Grallion, and tripped!

"Stop fooling around Darc!" Dawn yelled and pulled him up

"You made it!" Press's voice said as he ran to us then looked at all four of us, "Well the last I checked there was only two," he laughed

"Press this is Darc, he's the traveler of Vina!" Dawn said and pushed Darc forward, "He's a bit of a goof!" she laughed

"Happy to have you on the team Darc!" Press said then turned to Midnight, "And who might you be?" he asked

11/4/2009 #74
Broken and Lost

Midnight starred at him, "You seriously don't remember me? Press?" He asked looking totally annoyed. "To have forgotten The Shadow Lands Traveler... Is a disgrace to my father and myself..." He then glared at Press in a teasing way.

Natalia smiled, "It appears everyone forgets something once in a while Midnight..." She said and started to laugh when Midnight turned his glare on her. "I'm not scared of you... After all I am apart of 'his' family..."

11/5/2009 #75

Darc cocked his head to the side in confusion, "Well this is great and all but I feel like Sniggers!" Darc said

"Yea! Let's go get sniggers!" Dawn laughed and dragged Midnight down a path with the others following

11/5/2009 #76
Broken and Lost

Natalia watched them leave before looking back toward the edge of Grallion, and watched the giant quig shark thing swimming back and forth, "I'll catch up... I want to explore!" she called after them and began to walk away from them.

Midnight looked back, "Be careful... Don't need you drowning again..." He called back.

Natalia looked over her shoulder and laughed, "I'll be fine..." She then went toward the Quig. Before looking over her shoulder she turned and starred at it, "Come..." She whispered and the shark quig suddenly went straight to her before stopping infront of her. "Come back later at Midnight... I will see him then..." She then turned and followed the path toward Grolo's.

11/5/2009 #77

Dawn laughed until a man walked up to Press, the man was tall-ish she looked asian but had an australian type of voice, "Ah! Spader how nice for you to join us!" Press laughed

Spader turned to Dawn, Darc and Midnight, "Hobey Press, how many people do we need to take down Saint Dane?" He laughed

"There is still one more," Dawn said

"And Pendragon is on his way!" Spader winked

Dawn blushed as Spader walked up to her said, "Hobey, I thought I would never see a pretty girl like you ever again!"

Dawn's bluch turned crinsom red.

11/5/2009 #78
Broken and Lost

Midnight looked up, "You didn't take so long to explore..." He said looking slightly suspiously at Natalia as she walked over.

"I got bored... and I wanted to try some sniggers." She said and smiled before looking at Spader. "Who are you?"

Midnight then turned to Dawn and then walked over to her, "Shall we get some Sniggers?" He asked indescretly making Spader step back.

Natalia smiled slightly knowing exactly what he was doing, "I think that would be a good idea..." She said then walked over to Spader. "You're from around here right?" She tilted her head cutely. "Cause I really want to look around and I don't want to get lost."

11/5/2009 #79

"I know the place like the back of my hand!" Spader replied

"Spader!!!" Darc yelled, "Natalia is my girl!" Darc said and wrapped his arms around her

Spader did a fake pout before walking into Grolo's as everyone inside cheered, then Bobby joined up with the rest of the group.

11/5/2009 #80
Broken and Lost

Natalia blinked, "I'm your what?" She asked looking completely shocked.

Midnights eyes narrowed as he glared at him, "Natalia..." He said then his glare turned full death as Darc's hand slid lower. "Hands off now..." He said darkly and Natalia jumped away from Darc her face going red.

"Pervert..." She muttered before going over to Midnight who put his arm around Her shoulders in a comforting way.

11/5/2009 #81

Darc holds up his hand, "It's the hand!!" he said and went to Dawn and put a arm around her in a comforting way, "It's okay. Go sleeps-Go sleeps," he said and ran his hand down the side of Dawns face.

"Get your fithy hands off me Darc!" Dawn yelled as he coward

11/5/2009 #82
Broken and Lost

Midnight practically hissed in annoyance, which made Natalia burst into fits of giggles as she walked up to Darc and hugged his arm. "Come sit with me Darc..." She said winking at him and pulled him inside.

Midnight sighed and walked up beside Dawn, "You're going to be the death of me..." He muttered under his breath then practically dragged her inside after Natalia.

11/5/2009 #83

"W-who? Me? Or Natalia?" Dawn asked

11/5/2009 #84
Broken and Lost

"Both..." Midnight growled and sat down glaring daggers at Darc, "If he so much as, tries to touch her like he did before i will chop his hands off..."

Natalia looked over as she was sitting beside Darc, "These are good!" She said as she took a drink from her glass.

11/5/2009 . Edited 11/5/2009 #85

Dawn blushes slightly, "Darc should know better since he is probably scared of you," she laughs slightly before looking away

'Who am I kidding! Me and Midnight! Probably never going to happen!' Dawn thinks to herself

11/5/2009 . Edited 11/5/2009 #86
Broken and Lost

Midnight sighed, "You want to go somewhere... Quiet?" He asked as he watched Natalia challenge Darc and Spader to a drinking contest. "This is getting kinda annoying..."

Natalia laughed as she made sure she was making Midnight mad. "It's working!" She whispered to Darc as she gulped down more sniggers.

11/5/2009 #87

"Sure," Dawn blushed

"Great...wait? whats working?" Darc asked confused

11/5/2009 #88
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled at him, "The one to get Midnight and Dawn together!" She laughed and again took a drink of her sniggers. "Let's go for a walk... I want to explore..." She then stood up and took his hand. "Come on Darc!"

Midnight stood up and walked out of Grolo's and motioned for Dawn to follow, " Come on..." He smiled slightly.

Natalia starred at Midnight, "HE SMILED!" She yelled triumphantly and pumped her fists in the air.

11/6/2009 #89

Darc followed Natalia with the slightest blush on his face, "You look beautiful in your Cloral clothes," He said

Dawn stood and followed Midnight out of Grolo's while the sun began to set.

11/6/2009 #90
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