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Broken and Lost

Natalia turned to him, "You think so? I think I look better in my old clothes..." She said and blushed slightly. "I sorta feel home sick..." She then looked away to watch the sunset a slightly sad look on her face.

11/6/2009 #91

"You look beautiful either way," Darc said and hugged her in a warming way, "I'll make sure we'll destroy Saint Dane so you can go back home,"

"Wow!" Said Dawn while gazing at the amazing sunset!

11/6/2009 #92
Broken and Lost

Natalia tensed at his words, "We have to kill him? I... I don't like to kill anyone..." She whimpered slightly sad. 'I don't want to kill the only living blood relative I have.' she thought.

Midnight smiled, "I can see something better..." he said also looking at the sunset.

11/6/2009 #93

"Really? Whats that?" Dawn asked generally confused

"I'm sorry," Darc whispered and held Natalia tighter

11/6/2009 #94
Broken and Lost

Midnight sighed then looked away, "Why must you be clueless?" He asked exasperatedly.

Natalia suddenly yawned, "Is there some place to sleep... I'm really tired.." She said tiredly.

11/6/2009 #95

Dawn looks towards Midnight, "I'm not totally clueless," She said, "I know that you meant me but I wanted to hear you say it," she blushed

'I wan't to kiss you Midnight' she thought, 'Tell him! Tell him you want to kiss him!' she thought

"I just want to stay here with you for now," Darc said

11/6/2009 #96
Broken and Lost

MIdnight starred at her, "Let's head to the houses..." He said then turned and started on his way to the houses.

Natalia starred at Darc, "B-But... I'm really tired... I've had such a long day... I did just learn about all of this stuff... Being a traveler and all that stuff." She yawned again. "Please?"

11/10/2009 #97

"Fine, I'll walk you there," Darc said and stood

"Ok," Dawn said. 'Stupid stupid me!' Dawn yelled at herself in her mind

11/10/2009 #98
Broken and Lost

"Thanks..." Natalia sighed and wrapped her arms around his waist in a hug, "Let's go..." She sighed and began to walk.

11/10/2009 #99

((#100 YAY ^O^))

Dawn and Midnight made it to the houses they stood in front of Dawns little house, "I have to go do something, see you" Midnight said and walked off (Broken I will ask premission next time kk)

'God dammit Dawn you scared him off!' Dawn yell in her mind


Darc led Natalia to the houses (different area than where Dawn is). "So I'll see you tomorrow...have a good sleep,"

~Back to Dawn~

Dawn sighed and walked into her small house thing and sat on the couch, "Dammit why do I have to be so weird!" she said to herself

She walked to a fridge and opened it as her eye twitch, she then walk to the cupboards and opened them, "I HAVE NO FOOD!!!!" she yelled dramaticly

Then all of a sudden the door opened and Darc looked at Dawn and said, "What in the fricken hell are you doing Dawn!"

11/10/2009 #100
Broken and Lost

Natalia shut the door of the house and then watched Darc leave, "Time to go..." She whispered to herself and snuck out the back making sure not to be seen by anyone and made her way to the outskirts of Grallion. "Come!" She called and watched the giant shark quig come out of the shadows. "Let's go." She then jumped into the water and grabbed onto it's fin and swam away from Grallion.

After a few minutes of swimming Natalia closed her eyes and fell into a light sleep, then suddenly the quig stopped moving and she opened her eyes and froze. Coming toward her was a giant ship, "OH MY GOD YOU STUPID SHARK YOUR GOING TO KILL ME!" She screamed but then the ship stopped inches from hitting them.

"So you decided to come... Natalia Shadows." A dark voice called from the bow of the ship.

"Yeah... Can you get me out of the water now?" Natalia called up to him.

"Fine fine." The voice replied and a rope suddenly hit her over the head.

"Hey watch it!" She cried.


Natalia climbed up the rope and grabbed onto the rail, "Hi!" She said slightly hyper, "That was strangely fun..."

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/12/2009 #101

( I will be Zy Roder for now... aka Saint Dane!)

Saint Dane stared blankly at the girl, Natalia Shadows, his neice, "Took you long enough Natalia," He said in a cold voice as his eyes peirced through her's, "Follow me,"

He then turned to walk away.

11/12/2009 #102
Broken and Lost

Natalia roller her eyes, "Blunt enough..." She sighed and quickly followed him, "So... What do you want me to do? Spy for you?" She questioned as she walked behind him looking around the ships interior. "This is pretty."

11/12/2009 #103

"I guess you can say that, yes," Saint Dane said, "I want you to spy on the Travelers for me and in return I won't have to take drastic measures," He said and smirked

11/12/2009 #104
Red One1223

"OK, I have to go to a Territory...but I don't know which one...and even if I did know I don't know how to activate this thing!" Aura muttered, standing impatiently in the flume of Second Earth. "...Jupiter?" she called out, the flume echoing back. She waited a few seconds before calling out trying to think of another territory that she remembered hearing, "Cloral?" That got it to work and summon the flume. "...huh, what do you know?" she muttered as she was floating towards the water territory. The Hylia Traveler arrived at the Cloral flume, and looked over at where the sets of clothes were. One pile had discarded clothes while there was still one set left. "Looks like I'll have to change," she muttered, seeing the water. "Wonder how late it is in this world..."

She slipped into the foreign clothes, looking at how well it fits. "There we go. And now...HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?!"

11/15/2009 #105
Broken and Lost

Natalia starred at Saint Dane, "What do you mean by drastic measures?" She asked looking at him with a raised brow.

~With Midnight~

Midnight looked up from the place he was sitting starring up at the sky, when suddenly a voice yelling cought his attention, "HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?!" it screamed.

Midnight raised a brow before standing and walking over and jumping into the water and swam to a water sled slipping on his water globe and taking off toward the flume. "It appears another traveler is here..." He said to himself as he went under water and speeding into the cave.

As he surfaced he raised a brow at the girl, "Are you good or evil?" he asked tilting his head to the side.

11/16/2009 #106
Red One1223

"Um...there's a good or an evil?" Aura asked, blinking at the boy that appeared out of nowhere. Well from the water but still. "I just kinda found out about this so I'm...kinda new to all this still...I was half asleep when someone was explaining what was going on so I can't recall much...this is Cloral?" she asked, tilting her head.

11/16/2009 #107

(still SD for now)

"I mean...well you will find out if you do betray me," He said with his cold smirk and when he got into his cabin and closed the door he transformed into his true form

11/16/2009 #108
Broken and Lost

Natalia shuddered, "I get the message..." She said nervously rubbing her head. "Now tell me... What do I do if they figure it out that I am a spy for you?"

11/17/2009 #109
Red One1223

"A-anyways, why don't-" she started to ask before her stomach growled loudly. "Oh right, haven't eaten since I left to find the flume which was hours ago...lead me to the nearest bowl of fruit?" the pink haired girl chuckled sheepishly.

11/17/2009 #110
Broken and Lost

MIdnight starred at her before climbing out, "Here..." He said and reached over her head and picked two fruit off the vines behind her. "They are very good..." He then broke one in half and took a bite out of it, "Okay maybe not that one..." He said as he stuck his tounge out, "That one was sour..." He chuckled slightly, "I'm Midnight... And you are?"

11/18/2009 #111
Red One1223

"I'm Aura, nice to meet you. So what do you mean by the good guy, bad guy deal?" she asked, smiling a bit.

11/18/2009 #112
Broken and Lost

"I was wondering if you were on Saint Dane's side or the travelers side..." Midnight answered. "We should probably head Grallion... The others are there." He then nodded to the water sled, "You can ride with me." He then jumped back into the water and climed onto it.

11/18/2009 #113
Red One1223

"Alrighty!" she nodded jumping into the water and climbed on also. "Who else is here besides us?" she blinked.

11/18/2009 #114
Broken and Lost

MIdnight sighed, "Let's see, There's Press, Natalia, Dawn, Darc and Spader... I think thats everyone." He said as he pulled the trigger to full speed and made them go flying out of the flume. "Hold on tight!"

11/18/2009 #115
Red One1223

"Holy Din!" she said, grabbing his waist tight. "How fast is this thing going???"

11/18/2009 #116
Broken and Lost

Midnight just shrugged, "Don't really know... BUt we have to move fast or some sharks might come prowling... and they are rather giant." He said as the floating mass that was Grallion came into veiw. "Here'r are stop." He then slowed down.

11/19/2009 #117
Red One1223

"Oh Mother Farore..." she muttered, before blinking. Where did she even hear those terms again? Oh right her father. He was telling her to use the terms even when she was young.

11/19/2009 #118
Broken and Lost
Midnight laughed, "Let's go... You want some sniggers?" He asked politely.
11/20/2009 #119
Red One1223

"...why does that sound a lot like Snickers?" she thought as she nodded to him. "...crap now I'm hungrier!"

11/20/2009 #120
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