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((sorry haven't RPed in a while i got grounded and i have to post at school)) (( IDK where to jump in!!! DX ))
11/23/2009 #121
Broken and Lost

(Sorry I haven't been on in a while I have had no time at all)

Midnight smiled slightly, "Good because I am craving them, they are practically addicting..." He laughed for once showing emotion. He then walked into the tavern and sat down.

11/25/2009 #122
Red One1223

" I going to get drunk off this stuff?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she took as seat next to him.

(Sorry for not responding!)

11/28/2009 #123

(ok going to post) Dawn sighs to herself and walks out of the small house and back to Grolo's. When she entered she saw Midnight with a pink haired girl, deeply inside Dawn was hurt and sad but she smiled. She walked towards Midnight and the mystery girl.

"Hi, I'm Dawn," Dawn said to the pinkette

11/29/2009 #124
Red One1223

"Hey, I'm Aura," she waved. "Grab a seat; the more the merrier, and will I get drunk off of whatever he's ordering?" Aura whispered.

11/29/2009 #125
Broken and Lost

MIdnight laughed as he heard Aura's question, "No it has no alcohol in it but it is very good." He answered and smiled at Dawn, "I thought you were going to sleep." He was strangely happy.

Suddenly the door flew open and Natalia came in looking rather annoyed but when she saw them there she smiled, "Hey guys..." She said then looked at Aura, "Who are you?"

11/30/2009 #126
Red One1223

"Aura," she waved before pausing and thinking about something that seemed to be bugging her. "Um...ok going to feel stupid if I don't ask, but are you guys Travelers too?"

11/30/2009 #127
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled, "Yeah, we are... So your another Traveler as well, what territory?" She asked.

12/1/2009 #128

"Good to have you on the team Aura!" Dawn smiles and sits down beside the pinkette, "If it's alright for me to ask but, which territory are you from Aura?" Dawn asks to get over the feeling of disapointment

12/1/2009 #129
Broken and Lost

Midnight suddenly stood up and starred at Aura with a strange look, "I..." He looked down. "Just remembered something.... I have to go..." He said and quickly turned to leave.

"Midnight... Just get over the past. It was years ago..." Natalia said sadly watching him leave.

12/1/2009 #130

Dawn looks from Natalia to Midnight and back to Natalia confused, "Heh?"

12/1/2009 #131
Broken and Lost

"He has a slightly haunted past... His best friend slightly looked like you Aura... the only difference was the hair... I think he just realized the similarity, and now he's probably going to go be sad for a few hours..." Natalia answered. "He never told me her name though... they were best friends they grew up together."

12/1/2009 #132

"Thats so sad," Dawn says quietly even though she feels ashamed that she could have been jelious

12/1/2009 #133
Red One1223

"I'm sorry," Aura frowned. It wasn't like she intended to look like someone's deceased friend. "And...I'm actually not sure about what territory I'm from. I just got here from Earth and dad never explained about our own territory so I pretty much know of Earth." "Unless he did and they were really vauge hints of it..." she thought. "A-again, I'm really sorry."

12/1/2009 #134
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled, "That's okay I just learned about being a traveler too. So no worries." She said and winked at her.

12/2/2009 #135
Red One1223

She sighed, somewhat relieved. "Maybe talking to the guy who explained the traveler thing will help find what area I'm from," Aura said, shrugging a bit.

12/2/2009 #136
Dawn smiles and then looks around... "Where's Darc?" she asked Natalia
12/3/2009 #137
Broken and Lost

"I had told him i was tired but then I couldn't sleep so i just decided to come here..." Natalia replied.

12/3/2009 #138

"Oh... well that's cool?" Dawn laughs

12/7/2009 #139
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled, "If you say so?" She laughed, rubbing the back of her head.

12/9/2009 #140
Red One1223

"...well I think we should check on him before turning in for the night. I don't want you guys to get in trouble because of me, even if we are on the same side," Aura said as a bartender placed the drinks on the table. She thanked him and took a swig of her glass. The pink-haired girl gagged at the taste before sighing in relief. "Oh, Din, that tasted like heaven!" she breathed, grinning.

12/11/2009 #141
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled, "Thats what i thought!" She laughed and stood, "Yeah I guess we should." She began heading for the door before stopping, "Put that on Spaders tab please!" She called to the bartender.

12/14/2009 #142

"Hey! Wait for me!" Dawn laughs and hurries to Natalia

12/18/2009 #143
Red One1223

"Guys wait up!" Aura said, quickly finishing the drink and going after them.

(Should we fast forward or what?)

12/20/2009 #144
Broken and Lost

(I dunno Do you want to?) Natalia laughed, "Hurry up you slow pokes!" She said and stopped to wait for the two.

12/21/2009 #145

Dawn stands beside Natalia smiling, "Hobey-ho lets go!"

12/21/2009 #146
Red One1223

(Well I'm just not sure on what else to do unless we make some more characters you know? But that's just me)

"Hobey-something!" Aura laughed, before tripping. "Ok...need to work on that..."

12/21/2009 #147
Broken and Lost

(That' a pretty good point, You can have up to 4 rp characters and i might change that, but you can make some more if you wish)

Natalia laughed, "This is going to be one fun adventure." She said walking toward the houses.

12/22/2009 #148
Red One1223

(Hurray for making more characters! *grins evilly at Grin and Mizu*

Grin and Mizu: Oo")

12/22/2009 #149
Broken and Lost
(Now I am confused... lol)
12/22/2009 #150
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