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Red One1223

(*is dragging Grin and Mizu to the character board/forum* WE HAVE WORK TO DO!...And let's get attacked by hobos in the rp!

Grin: ...have you been drinking eggnog?

Me: Nope! I needed some ideas, one friend suggested them, and obviously I wanted to use the idea. this because your B-day is tomorrow?


12/22/2009 #151
Broken and Lost
(It's your birthday tomorrow? ... My head is starting to hurt from thinking to much... Oh and Merry Christmas)
12/22/2009 #152
Red One1223

(Yeah. B-day is two days before xmas and Merry Christmas to you too!)

12/22/2009 #153

(Isn't thesr kind of convo's for the chat room not the RP room lol ... we should get back to RPing)

12/26/2009 #154
Broken and Lost
Natalia laughed, "This is going to be one fun adventure." She said walking toward the houses.
1/22/2010 #155

Dawn hurried behind Natalia before starting to giggle, "I am so hyper it's not even funny!"

1/22/2010 #156
Red One1223

"I think that makes two of us!" Aura laughed, doing a cartwheel before falling over. "...I meant to do that!"

1/22/2010 #157

(just jumping in....)

"Dum de dum dum," hummed Kate as she walked home from school. She loved piloting, and couldn't wait to graduate. She decided to get some sniggers.

2/6/2010 #158

Darc walked towards them from the other side of Grolo's with a smirk, "Hey guys!" he said and wrapped his think arms around Dawn. Dawn frowned and punched him in the ribs, "Numb nut," she laughed under he breathe.

5/12/2010 #159

((What territory are we on?))

7/2/2010 #160
Red One1223

(If I remember correctly, we're on Spade's territory...oh right Coral.)

7/2/2010 #161

(Kay! Thanks ^^!))

Alyss walked though out Cloral, in a hurry to find someone who could help her. If they would help her she thought to herself as she tried to remember when her life was normal, the answer was it was never normal. She hurried as she saw a group who looked pretty friendly so she dash across to them.

7/2/2010 #162
Red One1223

(Dang it! I got the name wrong XD)

Aura looked up and blinked as this new girl came running up to them. "Hiya!" she waved, her mouth forming a grin. "Wazzup?"

7/2/2010 #163

(Hey it's cool ^^!))

Alyss stop running and thought about what was up and replied the first thing out of her brain "My name is Alyss and I'm the traveler of Quillian" she said.

7/6/2010 #164
Red One1223

"Oh cool another traveler!" Aura beamed, giving a thumbs up. "I'm Aura and I'm the Traveler from Hylia! What's Quillian like?"

7/6/2010 #165

Alyss smiled shyly, this was not the response she been dreading for "nice to meet you, um. . . Well it's gray and kinda dull, there isn't that much happiness there, but that's all I really know, because I wasn't raise on Quillian, I was raise on Second Earth" Alyss said in a rush and blush in embarrassment "so. . . what's Hylia like?" she asked hoping to change the subject.

7/7/2010 #166
Red One1223

"'s kinda the same for me...Dad, when I asked him, basically described it as Midevil times but with different creatures other than humans...some of which have pointy ears...but they're not elves," Aura explained.

7/7/2010 #167

"Um. . . . that's nice" Alyss politely said as she had in her head a place like in Lord of the Rings or something like it. Alyss sigh knowing she have to tell the truth "I'm not from Quillan, well I'm am but I was taken away for it when I was just a baby and was raise on Second Earth since only a few months ago." Alyss said a she bit her lip not knowing how people would react.

7/8/2010 #168

(Can I join?)

7/16/2014 #169
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