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Broken and Lost
Let us begin are adventure here!
10/15/2009 #1
Broken and Lost

Natalia was sitting silently in a small medow just a little ways from her home feeding some of the small creatures that wondered by.

10/16/2009 #2

At the flume on Friz, Dawn Lizon stood waiting as the light grew bigger and as the jumble of notes began to blare in the tunnel. And as soon as the invisible force began to pull her she relaxed knowing she will arrive safely. The notes grew louder signaling her that she will soon arrive at her desination. There she stood in the nouth of the flume as she walked towards the pile of clothes. She slipped on the soft fur and leather clothing and make her way past the viny plants and out into the open. She walked through the winding forest and came to a meadow. She then saw the person she was looking for. Natalia Shadows, Dawn walked up to her with a stern look on her face and weapon in hand.

"Are you Natalia Shadows, the traveler from the Territory Mori Bergu?" she asked

10/16/2009 #3
Broken and Lost

Natalia froze in fear, "W-who are you?" She whispered as she turned to stare at the girl, "And what's a t-traveler?" she asked confused.

10/16/2009 #4

Dawn gawked at the girl and said, "Have you ever heard of Press Tilton?" Dawn shook her head, "Did he not come and see you?"

10/16/2009 #5
Broken and Lost

Natalia looked questioningly at her, "You know Press?" She asked curiously. "I haven't seend him for..." She placed her hand to her chin. "About six years... and he had come to see my father but my father died about a year ago..." She said more to herslef then to Dawn. "I did over hear them talking though something about Travelers but then my Father got mad at him for saying something and told him to only come back if it was something that was life threatening... He said he didn't want his heir exposed to that until it was completely nessecary... But you don't think I'm that heir do you?" She asked now looking at a tree across the meadow. "I mean that would be silly why would I be something like that? I can't even fight, the only thing that I know how to do is till my land and grow things... I haven't even earned my shift yet which is really strange..." By now some of the small creatures were slowly coming out of the trees curiously to see why their friend had been going on and on for no apparent reason, then quickly scurried back to their hiding places when they noticed Dawn.

10/16/2009 #6

Dawn looked at her strangely and said, "Natalia, you are the heir, you are the traveler of your territory," she sat down beside Natalia and sighs, "I will take you to Press and he will explain everything to you," Dawn looked her right in the eye and added, "Natalia, we need you,"

Dawn stood up and held out a hand for Natalia.

10/16/2009 #7
Broken and Lost

Natalia laughed slightly, "You need 'my' help? Thats a good one, I can't do anything that would benefit you... but... I guess I could see what I could do... so lets go I guess." She sighed and took her hand to pull herself up. 'This is going to be interesting...' she thought and looked back at the trees, "Cya guys!" She called to her friends.

10/16/2009 #8

Dawn led Natalia to the hidden flume and as they walked into the mouth of the flume Dawn got changed. Dawn slipped off her fur top and removed her leather pants as she got back into her Frizian clothes. She wore a yellow tank top with light blue pants that cut off half way down her shin. She stepped further into the mouth of the flume as Natalia followed. She then called out "Denduron". Dawn smiled as the flume began to activate; the bright light began to form as the grey walls of the tunnel seemed to melt into crystal while the jumble of notes grew louder. Soon an invisible forced carried them away as the note faded. Natalia seemed to be staring at her in terror.

"Don't worry you'll be safe with me," Dawn said with a kind smile

The sweet jumble of note grew louder and then they were on their feet in a dark cold cave. There was a pile of leather and fur on a rock not too far up ahead. Dawn walked up to the pile and grabbed her clothes. She slipped off her light Frizian clothes while slipping on the uncomfy leather and fur of Denduron clothes. She looked to Natalia.

"Hurry and get changed," she said as she started doing up her leather boots

Dawn grabbed a wooden staff and swung it around a few times before puttinf it in it's pouch on her back.

"Well...? are you going to get changed or not?" she asked

10/16/2009 #9
Broken and Lost

Natalia looked down at her clothes then at the ones that Dawn was wearing, "Do you seriously think I will be out of place in the clothes I'm wearing now?" she asked as she looked between the two outfits. "Because mine is very similar to the ones of this territory..." she then smiled and walked to the mouth of the cave.

10/16/2009 #10

Dawn roled her eyes while grabbing a small sled and dragged it to the opening of the cave while turing to Natalia.

"You will be driving this down the mountain while i walk," Dawn said, "Any problems?"

10/16/2009 #11
Broken and Lost

"Why do I have to drive? I hate these things, they are like major death traps... from what my father told me... and the one he made me drive down the mountain." She said and shuddered at the memory, "My dad always had the best stories to tell about his adventures... But he never mentioned much about the travelers thing strangely... But I guess I will do it... It is faster I think... Will I meet someone at the bottom?"

10/16/2009 #12

"Yes, you will meet Press," Dawn said, "Now get on please,"

As Natalia gets on Dawn gives her a push and she is off down the mountain.

10/16/2009 #13
Broken and Lost

Natalia's eye twitched then, "I'm going to kill something... Unitentionally... Press better not be in the way..." She said to herself as she lowered her body closer to the bottom of the sled and started to move faster. 'Here we go...' She thought and started the bummpy slalom down the mountain.

As the trees came into veiw she sighed in plain annoyance, "Curse them all..." She growled darkly and slowly sat up straighter, 'Left, right, right, left, left, straight... STOP!!!' She thought frantically and turnned the sled on a sharp angle as the snow suddenly piled up into one big snowbank.

"INCOMING!!!!" She screamed and closed her eyes, before she hit the snowbank and quickly ditched the sled as it flew and then smashed into a tree.

10/16/2009 #14

Dawn began her long walk down the mountain, as she walked down she seemed to be staring off to her left and then something came into view; she went to it hastely and saw it was a spair sled. She hopped on it and thought, 'At least i will get there faster now!' and as she dashed down the mountain side she saw the line of trees so she did a curve and stopped and waited for Press.

"I'm here," Dawn said to herself


Press had been waiting for Natalia and Dawn and when he saw a sled race down the mountain he waited anxiously and when he heard the "Incoming" he raced to the sled to see only Natalia.

"Wheres Dawn?"

She just shrugged and then a voice came from behind him, "I'm right here," it was Dawn


Dawn got up as she saw two figures not to far off in the distance so she walked to them and when she was hearing distance away she heard, "Wheres Dawn?"

"I'm right here," She replied

She walked right up to him and she hugged him, "Long time no see Press,"

"Like wise Dawn," he replied as Natalia stared at them

10/16/2009 #15
Broken and Lost

Natalia looked between the two and made a face, "You know I really don't like being out of the loop in things where I am involved so could you please explain to me what is going on?" She asked exasperatedly. She then sighed and walked over to the now destroyed sled, "Am I going to have to fix this thing? Because I can... It is rather easy..." she suddenly said and leaned over the sled and her neaclace fell out of her shirt to show the travelers ring and another pendant. One with Saint Dane's creast on it.

10/17/2009 #16

"Natalia what is that?" Dawn asked as she pointed at Saint Dane's crest

Press sighed as they all sat down on a near by boulder. He exlained to Natalia about travelers, territory's, halla ....everything!

10/17/2009 #17
Broken and Lost

Natalia starred at Press wide-eyed, "Wow..." She gasped and then turned to Dawn, "Umm... I need to get something from my home if I'm going to help you... If that is okay I mean..." She then looked at the ground, "I mean if I am going to be any use to you I will need it quite a lot..." She said looking back up at the mountain.

10/17/2009 #18

Dawn nodded and said, "Ok but we will have to walk back up,"

Dawn smiled and helped Natalia up the mountain side, they walked into the mouth of the cave, "Natalia, we will grab your stuff and come back to Denduron ok?"

10/17/2009 #19
Broken and Lost

Natalia nodded, "Can I?" She asked motioning toward the flume, "Just one try..." She smiled nervously and rubbed the back of her head.

10/17/2009 #20

"Sure, go right ahead you are a traveler aren't you, hahaha" Dawn laughed

10/18/2009 #21
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled brightly at Dawn, "Yay!" She cheered and then turned to the flume, "Mori Bergu!" She said and her smile changed into a grin as the flume activated.

10/20/2009 #22

They were picked up by the invisible energy and were carried off to Natalia's home territory. When they arrived Dawn got changed as Natalia turned her back to give some privacy. When Dawn finished she walked with Natalia to her home.

10/22/2009 #23
Broken and Lost

Natalia stepped outside into the forest and looked around then sighed contentedly, "Home, I guess I should get my stuff..." She mumbled and then started walking down a small path that led to the left. As she walked she started to hum to herself then sung, in her own territories language.

Slowly creatures started to come out of their hideouts and seemed to be humming their own tune along with Natalia's. Suddenly Natalia stopped and turned to look up at the mountain in the distance, "Hmm... Why is he out so early? I guess I'll have to go see him before we leave..." She said to herself and then took off at a run down the path. "Keep up Dawn!" She called back and then stopped a little ways ahead before stopping infront of a gigantic tree and pulling back a peice of bark that revealed some steps that lead down into a small living area.

10/23/2009 . Edited 10/23/2009 #24

Dawn followed Natalia down to a living area in the tree. She looked around feeling uneasy, she had no idea why she had a bad feeling but her instincts told her to take Natalia and leave.

"Natalia, hurry up and grab what ever it was that you needed and get out of here," Dawn said on edge

She heard Natalia rummage through stuff and stopped. Then Dawn heard rummage through heavier items while her aniexty grew stronger. She was then pinned against a wall as she looked into a pair of intense icy blue eyes.

"Saint Dane you finally came to take Natalia!" Dawn hissed

He simply chuckled is response. Dawn through him off her and grabbed a small blade from her belt and held it out.

"I thouhgt Travelers aren't supposed to mix territory's, Dawn," He smirked

"Who told you that rule!" Dawn snarled and launched at him

She swiped her blade at him as he dodged each attack while staring at her with intense blue eyes. Dawn growled and kept swiping until he kicked the blade out of her hand as it flew across the room.

"Was going to snatch Natalia, but you got in the way"

10/23/2009 #25

"Go away!" She snarled

"And if I don't," he laughed

"Then I'll kick your sorry ass," she spat

She then launched for but he moved out of the way and she rolled back to her feet. Saint Dane grabbed her blade from before and held it in fromt of him in a mocking way. She lunged for him but then the blade stabbed her side and she fell to the floor.

"Let that be a warning to you, join me or die," he said and vanished

Dawn got to feet and covered her wound before Natalia came out holding something.

10/23/2009 #26
Broken and Lost

Natalia blinked in confusion at her now destroied living room, "Ummm... Mind telling me why the heck everything is so... destroied?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Then sighed as a loud horn went off, "Umm... Could you go back to the flume? I have to do something before we head off to meet Press again." She looked past Dawn nervously. "Please?"

10/23/2009 #27

"OK," She said and smiled nervously

10/24/2009 #28
Broken and Lost

Natalia smiled at Dawn, "Thanks, I'll be back pretty quick... I think..." She laughed and quickly ran out of the tree her bow and arrows now on her back. 'I wonder where I should meet Midnight?' She wondered as she ran down through the tree's then quickly jumped and started to jump through the trees.

"MIDNIGHT!" She called after a little while. "Where the heck are you?!"

"Right here..." A bored voice said from beside her, making her lose her footing and fall to the ground. "I gottcha..." He sighed and quickly grabbed her hand before hoisting her up beside him and making sure she was steady on her feet before letting her go. "You okay?"

Natalia glared at him in annoyance before sighing, "I can never stay mad at you, but I'm going to be leaving on a mission of sorts and seeing as you are a traveler as well I was wondering if you would come with me?" She asked shyly.

Midnight raised a brow, "So you finally figured it out?" He asked and smiled at her and drapped his arm over her shoulders, "Then let's get going, I believe your friend is probably getting annoyed at having to wait..." he then scooped her up and took off at his incredible speed heading toward the Flume.

10/26/2009 #29

Dawn made her way to the flume while holding her side as the wound began to sting. She hurried along making sure there was no followers and scurried through the dense forestry of Mori Bergu. She mde her way up to the Flume and looked around.

"I guess I might as well go," she sighed in annoyance, "Denduron!" she called and the Flume began to activate

'Hopefully Natalia will catch up,' she thought before she was dumped on the territory of Denduron. She reached for the pile of clothes when she saw a piece of parchment paper. She opened it and read. "Dear Dawn and Natalia, it's Press, there has been a change in plans. I need you to meet me on Cloral. Bobby and I have informed Spader that he is a traveler. Sincerely Press."

Dawn set the parchment paper down and decided that she will wait for Natalia to show up and tell her that they need to go to Cloral.

10/26/2009 #30
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