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Wraith the Destroyer

Yo. Here are a couple ground rules in order to set up.

1. If you have an idea for an RP please leave it in the discussion section.

2. No god modding please. It's very sad to see someone do absolutly nothing to an opponent. Keep your characters powers within reason (for example Zim (Invader Zim) vs Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII) we all know who would win.

3. No Meta Gaming. Just because we the authors know something does not mean the characters know it as well.

4. No cursing out at other users. Not only is it disrespectful to others, it is degrading. Characters can swear, but only if it remains in character. (example: Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear) could probably curse out the world 10 times over while Sora (Kingdom Hearts) would most likely remain with words such as damn and shit. ) If however I or other mods find out of character swearing untolerable, then we do have the authority to shift it.

5. Shadow gaming is allowed but only at the consent of both players.

6. Any Rp suggestions ask before putting it up.

7. Rules are suspectable to change at any time.

8. All characters exist within there Origninal Universes. Crossover games such as Marvel vs Streetfighter, Super Smash Brawls, and guest/cameo appearences in other games are not going to be considered canon prior to the events of this RP and will not have any ground.

8.5 Characters are capable of having prior relationships, primarly on a thematic basis, (ergo Space Science with Space, Occult with Occult, Super Hero's with Super Hero's). Just don't go two crazy such as having Mario being good friends with Fred Fredburger. Just try to make it reasonable)

9. Respect Continuity. If Character X is busy, wait before having him engauge in a different scenario. Also remember where your characters are positioned. This applies mainly for Serious RP's (of which Eternal Chaos is currently our soul example.)

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/5/2011 #1
Wraith the Destroyer

What's this? An update?

Anyway, this isn't a rule but rather a suggestion. Try to avoid One Liners such as.

"Superman flew."

"Grunt Nodded"

"Sargent Johnson Kicked Ass"


It does not gives your fellow rper's alot to work with and makes it a lot harder on them to keep the story interesting.

4/24/2010 #2
Wraith the Destroyer

Another update to the rules:

In Regards to Characters whom are from exclussivly from Crossover Games: Ergo OC's from Marvel vs Capcom, Kingdom Hearts Etc.

The characters whom originate from these realms are classified as Drifters. They are knowledgable of the different realms of the universes, and the ability to traverse them, yet have no personal attachment to any being from the merged realities. Ergo: Luxord knows of the other realms such as Tortuga, yet has no personal attachment to Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Hector Barbossa. Nor did any interaction he have prior have any not worthy mention in his history. (The cannon of Kingdom Hearts only residing within Kingdom heart's reality.) If any clarrification is necessary please let me know.

7/5/2010 #3

Question regarding how every franchise is apparently from a different universe.

Is it acceptable to have two or more franchises exist in the same universe if they don't contradict one another, and actually compliment one another? That, and it would save time for the Eternal Chaos RP, such as having Devil May Cry and Darkstalkers take place in the same world ? I'm asking for clarification since Silver Fire has Dead Space and Metroid sharing a universe.

8/18/2010 #4
Wraith the Destroyer

Yeah...I guess it would work out. Really the rule is only their to avoid any really random team formations from before the Rp even starts. If the grouping seems apt to work within similar realms then I'd say it's okay. Just so long as it isn't like, to make up a realy idiotic example: Hakumen being buddies with Mario and having tamed a Yoshi as a mount while riding alongside Krystal from Star Fox and sucking face whom is not only an intergalactic mercanary, but a Pokemon Breeder, at least in the Serious Rp's (which so far consists of Eternal Chaos). I'll ammend the ruling now.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #5
Wraith the Destroyer

What's this another update?

Just adding a little amendmentation in regaurds to Mook characters, such as Dusks, Manikins, and Footsoldiers.

M.1. Anyone use Mooks at any time, however the person whom spawns the Mooks is responsible for their actions. I.E.

Trueblade has Sonic running through World That Never Was.

Uppgreyedd spawns Dusks to fight Sonic. Uppgreyedd can choose whether people have comunal control over dusks or not.

M.2 In regaurds to Manikins which are essentially mimics of other characters, Manikins can take the form of any character regardless of registration.

I.E. : White-Silver Fire is assaulting Castle Pandamonium with Samus.

Wraith the Destroyer can send a Manikin in the form of Kefka to deal with Samus.


Note, this does not give you the right to undermine any authority a person has over a character they have registered.

9/14/2011 #6
Wraith the Destroyer

Thought I'd just put this here, we're just a bunch of fans imagining scenarios for our favorite characters and crafting our own original characters developing our own writing style.

12/15/2011 #7
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