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El Fonz0

Talk about your creations from Spore(Creepy & Cute, Galactic Adventures, Hero(Arena)), and talk about cool creations, troubles on making a certin creation.

10/14/2009 . Edited 1/5/2010 #1

Does a character have to have parts from Spore, Creepy & Cute, Galactic Adventures and Hero?

I don't have Galactic Adventures or Spore Hero, so I don't know anything about any of the parts involved in the Expansion Pack or Wii Game...

10/18/2009 #2
El Fonz0

Yes, a character HAS to have parts from those games, along with Exo-Limbs, which comes in Patch 3, if you didn't know.

The only Spore Hero part that's not in the PC game is called the Spor-o-mega. It's a powerful spit weapon that shoots blue crystal missiles. The only parts new in GA are the Captain parts, and if you didn't download Patch 3, Exo-Limbs.

10/18/2009 #3

Aw darn. I don't even have the Exoskeletal Limbs. I only have the patch that came with the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack...

My computer won't download the patches...

10/18/2009 #4
El Fonz0

It comes automatically with GA if you didn't download Patch 3.

Lol, same with mine!

10/18/2009 #5

Oh, ok. I'm trying to get Galactic Adventures, but I can't find a store that sells it.

It's annoying...

10/18/2009 #6
El Fonz0

Try your local Best Buy!

I guess that means we won't get Patch 5 anytime soon...

10/18/2009 #7

I've never heard of Best Buy...

I've been looking for an EB Games store, or JB HiFi, but it's hard to find any electronic stores in South Australia...

10/18/2009 #8
El Fonz0

Oh, maybe it's not where you live then.

Wow, you live in Australia?! Cool!(At least to me.)

10/18/2009 #9

Yep. I live in Aus.

10/18/2009 #10
El Fonz0

Kews.:) I live in the U.S.

10/18/2009 #11

I thought so.

There are quite a lot of people on FanFiction that live in America.

10/18/2009 #12
El Fonz0

Okay, uh, to change the subject, I've posted on Super Mario RP and PMD: ET&S, and I'm still waiting. I just want to continue with the stories.

Oh yeah, I made an edit to the character creation template, it's what's the homeworld.

10/18/2009 #13
I've posted in those forums too. Also, about the Exoskeletal limbs, I just downloaded the patch for them, and none of them would really work as Parrot Legs, so I can't give my character a part from that free pack.
10/18/2009 #14
El Fonz0

I guess that's a misconception on my part. When I said you HAVE to have parts from those games, I meant those are the only parts you can use.

10/18/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #15
Oh, now I understand...Oh darn...I got a faulty patch...Now all of my tribe members are called BAD_DATA...
10/18/2009 #16

Now, my Tribe Stage is ok, but planets in Space Stage are being named BAD_DATA! Unbelievable...

Oh, I'd like to ask something...Which Thread will the RP be featured in?

11/18/2009 #17
El Fonz0

Doesn't seem like a problem, unless your game is crashing...

What do you mean?

11/18/2009 #18
No, my game isn't crashing. It's got something to do with the random name generator. What I meant was which thread will the RP be in on this forum?
11/19/2009 #19
El Fonz0

Well, I woudn't worry about it.

Now I get what you mean. I have not created the thread yet.

11/20/2009 #20
Hmmm...It can get annoying when you get a mission that says to go to Planet BAD_DATA. Then, you check the star systems and every single Planet is called BAD_DATA. And ok, I'll wait for the thread.
11/20/2009 #21
El Fonz0

Hey, Psittacidae, how do you create a Spore account? I REALLY want to share my creations, and get full points for adventures that aren't Maxis-Made.

12/7/2009 #22

I actually don't know that myself...

I created an account through the Mobile Phone version of the game; Spore Origins. But, there should be a way of creating an account via Spore or Spore GA.


I checked through the Spore help section, and it says that there's a Registration form in the Spore game.

Click Login, then click Register, I think...

Then, enter in the required info on the form, like email address, a screen name that you want, register a password etc.

Then, click Register, and it should register your details and create your account!

12/8/2009 #23
El Fonz0

Sorry, that doesn't really help...

What time is it in Australia?

Did you know "It Came From the Sky" is based off a movie called "The Thing"?

How many points total are the Maxis and Robot Chicken adventures?

12/12/2009 #24
It's currently midday exactly in Western Australia. No, I didn't know that. I don't even know what 'The Thing' is. Maxis and Robot Chicken adventures give you a total of 100 Spore Points if they are completed. These adventures' creator is Maxis. Oh, and Litterbox Gulch (I think that's the name...) is based off of a game called 'Halo'.
12/12/2009 #25
El Fonz0

Two questions: Are you a boy or girl? And does Dr. Pepper sell in Australia.

1/6/2010 #26

I am male.

I know what Dr. Pepper is, but I've never seen it here in Aus.

1/8/2010 #27

Darn! They don't sell Dr. Pepper here, and yet they only allow the new robot parts to anyone who can buy Dr. Pepper!

That's unfair for all Australians such as myself!

1/11/2010 #28
El Fonz0

There's a site called SimsPrograms that allows non Dr. Pepper countries to get the bot parts, along with Patch 1.06.

4/20/2010 #29
Cool!...Too bad that I've now got Windows 7, because with my copy of Spore Galactic Adventures, whenever I try to place buildings or vehicles in adventures, or play an adventure with vehicles/buildings, it messes up the game, all menus disappear, all these weird colours and pattens cover the screen, and the planet becomes completely wrecked. Other then that, it's alright, though...I can't even play most of my own adventures now...Or even the brilliant still-life creations made by Rythmear...Sigh...
4/20/2010 #30
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