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milordo-z 2.0

Since the old one finally reached its maxed, I decided to create the new one.

9/5/2010 #1
milordo-z 2.0

You know, to save time.

9/5/2010 #2
snake screamer

Ahh cool! btw guys found Mobile Fighter G-Gundam

Episode 1




episode 2




Episode 3




9/5/2010 #3

Hey doesn't this fight scene remind you of Scott Pilgrim (The baddies in ooo and Scott pilgrim becomes coins when their defeated.)


9/5/2010 #4
Kamen Rider Bushido

that movie was f*** hilarious!

9/5/2010 #5
Kamen Rider Chrome

Thanks, I really appreciate what you've done here. So, the forum does have a limit and we've reached it. That's cool.

9/5/2010 #6
Kamen Rider Chrome

"So, what do we do about the 'Bold and the Beautiful' guys? God, I feel like a DIRECTOR/PRODUCER for a TV show since I got my own crew here.

9/5/2010 #7
brave kid

yeah i gues so chrome,So chrome how about this idea,one of the sponcers for The beauty contest is none other that topper,he figures it would be fun to spread some chaos abit.

to warlord,well i thanks for for the help. Here is more of the ooo story:Batter woke up in a unknown city in the future where a hat with eyes and a mouth talk to him,he ran screaming through a park in midday. The hat laugh at this cause,topper left battler in nothing but his boxers,guess what happen next:

1. he never notice

2.no one saw him

3.someone called the cops on him and landed in jail

what do you think so far

9/5/2010 #8

Ohh oh my moneys on number 3!

9/5/2010 #9
milordo-z 2.0

one your welcome Chrome and i like the idea of Topper being a sponsor (I imagine the other contestants to watch the contest in the mortal plane as well but use magic to make it so that they can't be seen

btw i remember someone posting of Yokoshima supporting Asmodeus for the contest so have him suffer a nosebleed when he see his asmochan in her swimsuit, how about having mion and/or Shinichi being one of the judges for the contest (the judge process is chosen completely by random) with Rena sticking close to him not wanting one of the girls to try to cheat by flirting with her shin-kun (Or perhaps have Rena as a contestant!)

9/5/2010 #10
milordo-z 2.0

Heres Xtreme Dreams


9/5/2010 #11
Kamen Rider Chrome

OK, scenes, men! We need scenes!

9/5/2010 #12
milordo-z 2.0

"First contestant Conda your up first." The announcer said as Conda (With a flair to her steps walked first) holding her whip in her hands. and a armful of fruit in her arms.

"This should be interesting." Gl-Alan said

"Oh, how so?" Keima asked

She gave a smirk as she threw the fruits in the air and use her whip in a fast motion cut the fruit in into different pieces, before grabbing a bowel and managing to catch the fruit. Their was loud claps and shouts of excitement from what they seen.

"That's why." GL-Alan said.


"Ehh, your a judge too Mion?" Shinichi said surprised

"Yeah, the method to chose the judges are random, you know to give a extra spice to the pre-pageant." Mion said, "But personally, i feel they chosed me cause they saw great judge material." the former leader of the Gaming Club said with pride.

"Well they certainly didn't chose you for modesty thats for sure." Shinichi said playfully, only getting a light slap on the shoulder.

9/5/2010 #13

(quick question, who will be in the pageant, i know Alan girls, Electric Butterfly and possibly Asmodeus will be apart of it?)

during the Swimming contest, most of the men (And a few woman) drooled a bit at the girls swimsuits.

Yokoshima had to cover his nose from the nosebleed when he saw Asmodeus in her Bikini as she gave him a coy smirk and blew a kiss to him.

"Hehehe." Amora said grinning a bit as she proudly thrust her chest forward wearing her rather revealing swimsuit with Conda rolling her eyes in annoyance.

Electric Butterfly struck a pose for the judges (grinning darkly in her head, sense she see herself the winner already and these steps a tecnicality.)

9/5/2010 #14

"You want to sponsor the beauty pageant boss." Shinichi said surprised, his boss doesn't seem like the kind of person that would enjoy that thing.

Topper nodded "Oh yes, i think it would be both good for business and I have a feeling that this pageant may end up... quite interesting." Topper chuckled

"Well if you say so." Shinichi said nodding his head.

9/5/2010 #15
Kamen Rider Chrome

GL-Alan: You must be glad you got chosen to be a judge.

Shinichi: Yeah, I know. What could be better?

Keiichi: So, why won't you let Rena join?

Shinichi: I refuse to let anyone drool over her but me.

9/6/2010 #16
Kamen Rider Chrome

Would Keima be a Kamen Rider fanboy?

OK, we got the photography club members. Now, what about nosy Newspaper Club members?

9/6/2010 #17

here the new rosario + vampire

9/6/2010 #18

Yeah, i think Keima would be a fan of the Kamen Rider chrome.

also WOW just wow, that chap blew my mind! heres another manga update

9/6/2010 #19
Kamen Rider Chrome


After many centuries the Darkloid Generals have been freed, awakened from their forced sleep when they were sealed in the past. Now, a hero must arise to seal them back before they free their dreaded master.

Hanyuu put the rectangular piece of stone on Shinichi's waist and then it shattered, replaced by a more hi-tech looking device. It was a black rectangular buckle with three circular slots on the front, secured to his waist by a silver belt strap.

"What is this?" Shinichi asked his adopted little sister.

"The one thing that can beat it," said Hanyuu as she opened her palm and revealed three crystal orbs. One orb had the Kanji for Courage, the second orb had the Kanji for Wisdom and the final orb had the Kanji for Power. "Put these in the slots of the belt."

Shinichi followed her instructions and filled the slots with the orbs. They all glowed after being installed into their new home. Hanyuu then removed a circular device attached to the right side of the belt and handed it to Shinichi. "Here, hold this over the orbs."

Shinichi took it and then ran the circular device over the orb-filled buckle.

"YUUKI-CHIKARA-CHIE!" the belt announced once it was scanned.

It translated to: Courage, Power and Wisdom.

Multiple orbs of energy danced around Shinichi before colliding with his body. In a flash of light, a new figure took Shinichi's place.

He was clad in a black bodysuit. The boots that reached up to his knees were black with blue trim and the gauntlets that covered his forearms were red with black tiger stripes. The same could be said with the armor covering his shoulders and the torso armor also sported the same tiger-print pattern. On his chest was a circle with a cicada in it. Finally, his head was covered with a black samurai-like helmet with a green faceplate that sported red compound eyes and mounted on his brow were gold U-shaped horns.

"You are now 'Orbs'," Hanyuu explained.

The Mantis Darkloid hissed as it prepared its blades. It then lunged forward.

"Move!" Shinichi, now Orbs, shouted as he pushed Hanyuu aside and then shot his arms up, grabbing the blades in his hands. He then kicked out with his right leg, sending the Mantis Darkloid staggering. His gauntlets glowed and then his hands became engulfed in flames. "OK, now this is hot!" He then punched forward, slamming a flaming fist across the Darkloid's face with enough force to send it tumbling.

The Mantis Darkloid picked itself up and charged at Orbs, slashing away with its blades. Sparks flew when the blades made contact with his armored body.

"Shinichi!" Hanyuu cried out. She was relieved when Orbs recovered and this time began to unleash a barrage of electrified punches like a pro-boxer. A forward jab sent the Darkloid reeling back.

Orbs once again felt a rush of power and it was in his legs. He leapt and unleashed a series of kicks that slammed into the Darkloid. One last kick sent it flying.

"Finish it!" Hanyuu ordered.

Orbs charged at the weakened Darkloid with a fist raised. The fist glowed, surrounded by an aura of wind that formed a drill. He swung his fist in a forward jab, drilling right through its chest.

9/6/2010 . Edited 9/6/2010 #20

Well its sorta weird seeing Shinichi as anything but Showa and sometimes Scada but it looks interesting

a members of the newspaper club

Hanzo Jima

A weasel looking guy wearing a black jacket, white shirt and blue jeans, he a perverted reporter and a bit of a coward. he says he one of their best reporter, supposedly.

9/6/2010 #21
Kamen Rider Chrome

Let me think. He's suspicious about Shinichi, huh?

9/6/2010 #22

why not make orbs one of the other game club members or sho instead

9/6/2010 #23
Kamen Rider Chrome

Maybe...but I just had fun with this.

9/6/2010 #24

Hey Speaking of Oz heres the subs for ep1




9/6/2010 #25

to answer your question Chrome, yep pretty much.

9/6/2010 #26
iron maker2

I don't know Orion i like it, seems cool to me.

9/6/2010 #27

ah man about 0zu i had a idea of what would be a good anime for Kamen Rider OOO and i was thinking of History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi what do you think.

9/6/2010 #28
Kamen Rider Chrome

Maybe I could do the same thing I did for Yuuki from Kamen Rider Days and use a canon character to become ORBS.

9/6/2010 #29

Ehh, its your choice chrome btw heres a scene for when Electric butterfly disqualifies or loses

"WHAT!!!!" How can you do this to me." Electric Butterfly stated angrily

"Look its over, don't lose it cause you lost." Mion said

"No its not over!" Electric Butterfly snarled as she snapped her fingers (The Mech-Kaijuu is a blood red feather Vulture with a drill for a beak.)

9/6/2010 #30
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