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Kamen Rider Chrome

OK, the next three arcs for this season will be as followed




So, any ideas for these arcs will be appreciated. Just make notes of which arc you want the idea to be in.

3/4/2011 #1

LEGACY OF CAIN: Hows about michiru being part of the group of people kidnap by that craze film director with Hana being hellbent on finding her. and Daichi being the one to tracked down that mad scientist (Due to his using his soundwave to cancel the other guys.) and when said scientist is falling to his doom Daichi tries to save him.

3/4/2011 #2
milordo-z 2.0

Annihilation Wave: If they get capture by Skrulls have them battling the Super Skrulls as they try to get away. and when they SAVE the skrulls from the Annihilation wave have one of them comment they change their tune awfully quick. and have Jon decided to test these guys by having both Pred and Grakporrin fight them with him battling Alan.



Do you remember the Coborg 009 ep called Operation aurora w(Well have it be a LEVIATHAN project) with Shinichi deciding to follow gebok or save his friends.


LEGACY OF CAIN: Have Shinichi protect a man from harm (a peace summit like thing between genovia and a enemy nation) when that shapeshifting hitman tries to kill the king of Genovia.

have Dr Sanji begin infecting people with his gasses only for it to be revealed that cain used it as a smoke screen to steal a relic that would awaken Iceon.

3/4/2011 #3
Shadow Element 13

Other ideas sound good, but I still don't know if we're gonna use the Skrulls.

3/4/2011 #4
milordo-z 2.0

Legacy of Cain

I think the grimes should attack sayaka household first then the sonozaki

and i think Shinichi and co first time their should be like this (Based on the UY ep) or perhaps warren and a few of his friends wanting to mess with them




Rampage of Black 13

Have Shinichi go to Switzerland (Their are records that like his father) Gebok once live in that country (Only for a nasty trap waiting for him.)

3/4/2011 #5
milordo-z 2.0

And fair enough shadow.

3/4/2011 #6
snake screamer

Legacy of Cain: have Roger Stevenson kidnapped Shinichi mother and girlfriend and threaten that he will kill them if he bring kamen riders or green lanterns with him (And that their first meeting was when Shogo was trying to stop the Acidman.)

and for Evolution king have it reveal that the rider have been taking care of strange monstrousity with Takada telling their people (And animals) that have been forcibly mutated. and when the evolution king set a bunch of animal (Mutated to monster) explode, Have Daichi go berserk.

And have Kuraasu begin buying people out of their home with a brutal murder of two sonozaki guards) Hana begins investigating him.

3/4/2011 #7
Kamen Rider Chrome

During the Legacy of Cain, the NEO-NUMBERS' past with GIN-SHOCKER gets leaked to the public which causes a public outcry. Basically, it's public distrust and hatred due to the things they did when they were agents of GIN-SHOCKER.

During the Annihilation Wave I had the idea Shinichi and the others save the people of Oniboshi and Shinichi ends up hitched to the princess. Now that's funny. Rena is part of the team going to space. Also during the start of the Aannihilation Wave arc, Satoshi, Keiichi, Shion, Mion and Rena receive the ability to transform into the Hinamizawa Sentai Oni Rangers like from Shinichi's dream.

PS: Love the suggestions. Keep them coming.

3/4/2011 #8
Kamen Rider Chrome

Climax of Rampage of BLACK 13.

Meta looks at the Armageddon Lord and his X-RAY vision as well as telescopic vision focus on the massive mecha to find a weakness and sees Alice floating inside some kind of liquid, n***, with wires attached to the back of her neck. She's the battery. Shinichi, Yuji and Alan break into the mecha and go straight up to the core.

Shinichi, Alan and Yuji are in the Armagedon Lord's core and inside a transparent pod was Alice, floating n*** in the interface fluid, with wires connected to the back of her neck as she's syphoned for energy.

Shinichi: You two get Alice-chan out of here. I'm gonna go up to the head and deal with HIM personally.

3/4/2011 . Edited 3/4/2011 #9
Kamen Rider Chrome

BTW, I like the Switzerland Idea. Maybe somewhere in the mountains. It gives Shinichi an excuse to ride a snow mobile. A cool, custom, KAMEN RIDER Snowmobile.

3/4/2011 #10
Kamen Rider Chrome

Can you please elaborate on what the AURORA PLAN is again?

3/4/2011 #11
milordo-z 2.0

yeah a snowmobile rider machine would be SWEET

and why explain when i can show

Operation Auroras




3/4/2011 #12
snake screamer

i remember that ep black skull (In the manga it was nazi) capture a scientist who made a machine that cancel out weapons and seeing its potential capture him (but he refuses to tell them what the final part necessary to finish the machine.)

good ep.

3/4/2011 #13
Kamen Rider Chrome

BTW, Shinichi curses and goes to help his friends. He doesn't want anyone to die because of Gebok, you know? He's doing this not out of revenge. Well, revenge IS a small part of it but the huge part is..."I will protect everyone by being a destroyer!"

3/4/2011 #14
Kamen Rider Chrome

Also, the heroes on SHOWA NO SEKAI can't contact ARMOR during the LEGACY OF CAIN arc so they're pretty much on their own.

Daichi: No matter what we do, everyone still hates us.

Shogo: Can you blame them? After what they've learnt how can they trust us?

Yokoshima: Is this what they call 'karma'. Man, Karma really is a b***.

Michiru: What should we do? Without support from ARMOR we will still be considered criminals.

Shinichi: We keep doing what we've always been doing since we left GIN-SHOCKER. Protect the innocent and this world.

3/4/2011 #15
snake screamer

1) that make sense about being the destroyer to protect)

and 2) bummer, but shinichi right! they must persevere! they can't let the super-criminal run rampant!

3/4/2011 #16

The Annihilation wave

1) this is set shortly after Lum and shinichi getting engaged. During their trip it reveal lum is their to convince the people of tamaran to help the resistance fight against the enemy (unfortunately the tamaran and oniboshi weren't on best of terms so they demand a contest.) with lum and shinichi battling the queen and her best fighter.

Legacy of Cain

During Argus H rampage have it battle Shogo stating that he is superior to the kaizo ningen for he is not bound to the human limitation (Making Shogo how shogo can fight this guy) you know like cyborg with that robot guy (What was his name)

And have cain be the one to reveal the Neo number bloody past.

3/4/2011 #17
Kamen Rider Chrome

The bloody past thing is ALL OVER THE NEWS!

3/4/2011 #18
Rider Paladin

This might remind you of a certain tabletop RPG franchise, but . . . "Who is Cain?"

3/4/2011 #19
Kamen Rider Chrome

You'll find out soon enough 'WHO IS CAIN'? But welcome to the new forum for season 2 of KAMEN RIDER X GREEN LANTERN. As you've seen, the first season ended with a cliffhanger. If you think Shinichi's messed up, he's gonna be really messed up after this.

3/4/2011 #20

(That definately worse!)

Hana does a spittake shouting "WHAT THE HELL!!"

Michiru whimpers "This is bad."


Meanwhile Cain smile darkly, let see the hero tries to take the villain when the world see them as monsters.


now after the Annihilation wave have Lum (In her space ship) lands near Hinamizawa to stay close to her darling.

and for the Revenge of Black 13 have Shinichi leave home, thinking it be too dangerous to stay sense Gebok is still on the loose.

3/4/2011 #21
Kamen Rider Chrome

Protect them from afar and draw Gebok's attention to him, is that right?

Shinichi: Make him come to me.

As for Lum...oh boy.

3/4/2011 #22

indeed on both accounts!

3/4/2011 #23
Kamen Rider Chrome

I think I know what to do with the Switzerland Idea.

Shinichi and Yuji are riding their bikes, which have been modded into snowmobiles, and are racing towards a hidden X-SHOCKER base on the snow-covered mountain.

Shinichi: According to memory, there's a base here and-


Shinichi: F***! There were X-SHOCKER W14's chasing them on snow mobiles too.

Yuji: Go ahead of me! I got these a***!

Yuji pulls back and draws the Red Queen, gripping it's clutch and activating its Exceed fuel as heat was concentrated into the blade. He swipes at the W14 on his left, slicing it to pieces as it fell down the snowy slope. He swiped at the one on his right but it dodged as it tried to shoot him. Yuji held firm to White Blaze's handle bars as they jumped, flipping of the W14 as Yuji swung down, slicing the android's head right down the middle. He landed and went on ahead, to catch up with Shinichi

3/4/2011 #24
Kamen Rider Chrome

So, I had this idea called Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni: Kamen Rider Chapters collections. Basically, a collection of short stories focused on Shinichi and in each short story he uses one of his many Kamen Rider Forms. For example.

Chapter 1: Ichigo

Chapter 2: Nigo

Chapter 3: V3

and so on...kinda like omakes that take place at any point in time.

Got any ideas? Pls share, OK?

3/4/2011 #25

to chrome Cool scene! and for scene for Kamen rider stronger (He saves Rena from a Darkloid remembering that this rider lost both his partner and lover Tackle)

And Super-1 have him battle a gravity like kaijin and switched to a rider made to handle space like scenario (Super-1).

3/4/2011 #26

for v3 he should try testing ALL of V3 tricks (Tricking some of his allies to get hit) with some of his cool trick

For amazon have rena actually want shinichi change to that form (She surprisingly think amazon is kawaii much to everyone else thinking)

3/4/2011 #27

For ichigo have Shinichi look at the armor wondering if he worthy to wear the first rider armor with the spirit appearing to him.

For black RX have Shinichi save his friends from a Knight like Darkloid

For Black. have Shinichi battle one of lum suiters in that form (with him commenting that form doesn't scare him) with shinichi saying this form was made for a Century King (What Black sun/Black And Shadow moon were suppose to fight for.)

and for Nigo Have both Ryuki and Shinichi do a training brawl (With ryuki smiling abit at seeing one of his hero armor)

3/4/2011 #28
snake screamer

For skyrider have him enter a race between himself, and Shogo (To see who faster)

now back to topic


Have Alan and Yuji fight Shinichi to snap some common sense into him) and have a SWARM of WHITE 14 Charge into town (With half merging to create one giant version) all in attempt to get Alice.

3/4/2011 #29
Kamen Rider Chrome

Yuji actually helps Shinichi by sticking by him and going rogue with him to stop him from going crazy.

3/4/2011 #30
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