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Kamen Rider Bushido

Let's all remember that this topic should involve mafia material, shall we? (no offense, Shadow)

Target 2: Lions, Eagles and Wolves; OH MY!

"R...Really? It's OK?" Moka blushed.

"Yes," Leon nodded, "Like I said before, I don't have a problem with it."

"Oh, Leon," she sighed as she inched closer, "I'm so happy... that you're voluntarily letting me suck your blood~!" she lunged forward and embraced Leon, biting into his neck and taking blood. Releasing him after taking her fill, Moka licked her lips and was in a euphoric daze. "Delicous," she beamed, "Never have I tasted blood that was so good!"

"I'm glad I could satisfy you," Leon accepted.

It had been a week since the beginning of school and th battles with Saizou and the Earth Demon, known as Gressil. Rumors spread of Saizou's defeat and he had not been seen or heard from since then, as if he just disappeared. The only one who was actually there was Kurumu, and she had no intention of spilling the beans and risk losing her friends (and a possible Mate of Fate).

"So...who was that Gressil person?" Moka asked. "I've never seen anything like him before." She didn't really want to pry, but she did want to know about Leon; as much as she could.

"Gressil was an Earth Demon," Leon stated like it was as natural as the weather.

"It sounded like you two had a history," she commented.

"Me and him had crossed paths a few times. And each time it ended the same," he said, "With me sending his a** back to Hell. But we never really had any history. Me and he's boss' old man...that's where there's history."

"Sounds a bit like my own family," Moka mused nervously.

"Moka...are you scared of me?" Leon asked.

"No! Not exactly...!" she denied as she flailed her arms about. "I still want to be your friend, Leon...! I was...just surprised is all! I mean, you are scary, maybe even more than my sisters... But they're still scary!" Her face went red, "Oh, my, I think I'm going a little crazy...!"

"Easy there, Moka," he placated, "It's understandable to be afraid of me...all things considered."

"I know, but I don't want to lose a friend just because I'm afraid of them," she insisted, "I mean, if you were just a human and saw my true form, I'd be afraid if you were afraid of me..."

Leon smiled, "I'm glad Moka. I was afraid I'd lost you as a friend."

"Same here!" she returned.

"So, what about the rosary? I've always seen you with it on."

"Well, this rosary acts as a seal for my true form," she explained, "If it comes off...I'll turn into a scary Vampire." Leon stifled a laugh at the thought of Moka being scary. "See? It's funny, isn't it?" she giggled.

"No, just the thought of someone like you being scary is funny," he apologized.

"I know! Look at me, I'm like the furthest thing from scary," Moka agreed as she tried to act scary.

Leon laughed, "Thanks Moka. I needed a laugh."

"Speaking of which, Yuji and Kurumu-chan seem to be getting along pretty well," Moka mentioned.

"Yeah. Then again, she seems to get along with most people," Leon agreed, "She's almost as cheerful as you."

"I was a little worried at first," she admitted. "Succubae enslave men and can make the bond permanent with a kiss."

"Yuji seems strong enough not to fall for a trick like that," Leon assured.

Moka smiled at that, "And I'm glad to still have my friends!"

(Line Break)

"Say 'Ah'~!" Kurumu cooed as she held a cookie over Yuji as he had his head on her lap.

Yuji obeyed and held his mouth open as Kurumu dropped the cookie and he chewed. "Goodness, these cookies of yours are to die for~" Yuji sighed, "You really do know how to bake!"

"Mom always said that the way to a man's heart is to his stomach. As long as I made delicious treats, boys would be eating out of the palm of my hands," said Kurumu.

"Well, any man who marries you would be lucky," Yuji grinned. "I remember when my mom cooks for me and my sister."

"What's your family like?" she asked as she popped another cookies into his mouth.

"Well, Yuki is relatively quiet and talks only to me, my parents and Grand-Dad," Yuji began, "My mom can be scary, but she's really nice. My dad is a real genius with technology and Grand-Dad taught me how to fight. He's the current Boss of Vongola."

"So, you must really be looking forward to when you become the next Boss," Kurumu grinned.

"Been groomed since I could remember," Yuji claimed.

"Well, you are going to need a wife too to continue the family line," she commented as she stroked his hair. As sharp as it looked, it was oddly soft.

Yuji sighed, smiling (his eyes closed) at the thought, "A wife, huh? That makes sense." He always enjoyed having his hair stroked. His mother always did it, and now Kurumu was doing it.

"So, you mentioned something about Flames before. What's all that about?"

Yuji looked up and raised his right arm, his ring flickering with a flicker of Sky Flames. "Dying Will Flames are a symbol of power among the Families of Vongola. There are seven of them; each of them representing a color of the rainbow, named after a weather condition and each having their own characteristics. The Sky Flame rules over the rest, orange in color and carries the characteristic of Harmony; which allows a Sky Flame user to synchronize with their surroundings. The Storm Flame is red and has the power of Disintegration, which decays and breaks down anything it touches. Rain Flames are blue and have the power of Tranquility; which weakens a target by gradually robbing a target's strength of mobility. Sun Flames are bright and yellow and their Activation power can induce and improve the efficiency of any activity and can even heal wounds. Lightning Flames are green, and spark like real electricity, with the Hardening characteristic providing a powerful defense. Cloud Flames are purple and its Propagation characteristic gives its user the power to increase and replicate their numbers. Finally, Mist Flames are indigo and are the trickiest Flames to deal with. Their Construction trait is utilized mostly by Illusionists. A a matter of fact, you have the potential for Mist Flames, Kurumu," Yuji smiled as he played with the tip of her nose.

Kurumu giggled as he tickled her and then asked, "Me? A Flame user?" Illusion was a Succubus ability but it wasn't something she had learnt quite yet. She needed her mother to teach her and an illusion by a succubus could be use for many things, and many pleasurable applications. The bedroom need not be a boring place.

"The contacts I wear can detect the faintest traces of Dying Will Flames," he explained, "They also protect my sense of sight from illusions and allows me to countere. That's how I managed to beat your Charm technique. If not for these contacts, you would've caught me."

Kurumu frowned. To have her Charm ability so easily countered was a bit of a disappointment to her abilities as a succubus, but if he hadn't then they wouldn't be having this date. And a date with a willing participant was way better than a slave.

"So, you and that Leon guy are friends, right?"

"Technically, we only met last week," Yuji tried to correct, "But I think fighting Saizou helped us grow a bit closer. Oh, and don't worry about the Charm. The visual strategy was just no match for me since I was prepared. If you were to target my other senses, then I would've had a harder time."

"Other senses?" Kurumu smirked. That sounded like a challenge. Maybe she could have some fun with Yuji after all.

"Yeah, you know, the five senses," Yuji smiled, missing Kurumu's smirk. "Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Illusionists use their spells to capture one, if not all, of your senses. Stronger illusions target multiple senses. If you forfeit control of your senses, then you're as good as dead. That's what Mr. Mukuro taught me."

"Who's Mukuro?"

"Our 10th generation Mist Guardian," he answered, "He's immortal."

"No way," she denied.

"Way," he insisted, "Mr. Mukuro is the second oldest member of the Vongola Family."

"How big is your family?" Kurumu asked.

"Oh, we rule about 90% of the Mafia World," Yuji smiled. He then frowned, "However...there have been some problems, lately."

"What kind of problems?" she asked heartedly.

He sat up, "Can't say right ow. Someone may overhear us. Anyway, I hear we're gonna have to join a club soon," he smiled, "Let's check some out with the others."

"Alright," Kurumu nodded happily.


The halls were teeming with life as banners and exhibits were on full display.

"Everyone is really getting into it," Leon commented.

"What club do you think we should join, Leon?" Moka asked excitedly.

"I guess any would be fine," Leon shrugged, "I'm not picky."

The search began, but wasn't fruitful. Moka ran from the Photography Club, pulling Leon behind her as they fled from the seriously creepy president. Yuji felt insulted, embarrassed and downright insulted when he saw the Science Club. Moka fled from the Mummy Club, again dragging Leon as he waved through the air like a wild flag, and Yuji and Kurumu also fled from the Acupuncture Club.

Moka, Yuji and Kurumu were panting against the wall, with Leon reading a book without a single bead of sweat on him.

"This is ridiculous..." Yuji panted. "Who in the hell is crazy enough to come up with crazy-a** clubs like those?-!"

"A school filled with Monsters," answered Leon. He himself had been eying the literature club.

"He's right, Yuji," Kurumu supported, "Remember that everyone here is a Youkai in disguise, so there's tons of crazies here."

"Grand-Dad should've mentioned this sooner," Yuji mumbled.

"Are you four looking for a club to join?" a beautiful girl with aquamarine hair asked. She was in a bikini and sarong.

"Um...yes?" Yuji tried to reply, "And you are...?"

"I'm Tamao Ichinose, 2nd year student and President of the Swim Club," she introduced.

Kurumu gained bright twinkles in her eyes, "The Swimming Club? Seriously?" She then envisioned herseof in a bikini, posing for Yuji.

"That's right, our club only has girls right now, but we're looking for some fine athletic boys to join as well," Tamao smirked as she eyed Leon and Yuji. "You get to uour the school's swimming pool on your free time!"

Moka and Yuji gulped in unison, "Swimming...pool?"

Leon: You two don't like swimming?

"I...don't do too well with water," Moka stammered.

Yuji was visibly trembling, shaking in place as he couldn't say anything.

"Sorry, but-" began Leon.

"We'll do it!" cheered Kurumu. 'This way I can show Yuji my body and make him mine for sure!'


There were pretty girls in bikinis everywhere. They were splashing and giggling with the boys who had come.

Leon was sitting by the side of the pool with Moka, still reading a book. "Are you alright, Moka?" Leon asked. He could tell she was apprehensive.

"A little, since you're here, Leon," she tried to smile. "I'm just not comfortable around open water..." She blinked and looked under the table, seeing Yuji tremble, "Yuji? What are you doing under the table?"

"Musn't swim...don't wanna drown," Yuji muttered with shut eyes, holding his legs close to his chest.

Leon: Aquaphobia?

Suddenly, Yuji's ring glowed with a light and in his arms materialized an armored lion cub, with a flaming mane, paws and ember on the tip of its tail. "Guh..." the cub trembled.

"It's OK, Natsu," Yuji cooed, "We won't go swimming." He looked to his audience, "I drowned once when I was 7; fell off the edge of a boat we were riding before Dad saved me... I haven't gotten anywhere near the ocean or a pool since."

Leon: You should probably tell Kurumu.

She was waving at the group, trying to get them to come in.

Yuji: Why aren't you swimming?

Leon: One: I wanna finish this chapter. Two: I'd rather sit here with my friends than get in the water with a group of people I don't really know.

"That makes sense," Yuji nodded.

Leon felt a nudge on his leg, looking down to see Natsu pulling on his pant leg with his teeth. The Sky Lion cub hopped onto the table and was nudging Leon's arm.

"Oh, it's so cute," Moka gushed.

Yuji climbed out from under the table and introduced, "This is Natsu, the Sky Lion. He's been with me since I can remember and he belonged to one of my ancestors; Vongola Decimo."

Leon began petting the Sky Lion. "Cats like me for some reason."

"Yeah, Natsu definitely likes you," Yuji smiled.

"Yuji!" Kurumu called as she sauntered over to the trio, dripping wet as boys whistled at seeing her b*** bounce with her steps. "C'mon, don't you wanna swim with me?"

Yuji blushed fiercely, "It's not that I don't wanna swim with you, Kurumu... I...have issues with water."

"Are you scared of the water?" she teased.

"Water Sci-Fi movies only made things worse," he despaired.

She blinked, "Oh, my, you really are scared." Kurumu then hugged his head into her chest, her b*** acting as a pillow. "I'm so sorry, Yuji~! I didn't know you were scared of the water. Yuji?" She looked down to see Yuji asleep in her bosom, smiling softly.

Leon shut his book before standing up. "Moka, Kurumu, get everyone out of here."

Kurumu blinked, "What, why?"

Leon: Because something very bad is coming, and we need to save the others.

The members of the Swim Club had turned into mermaids but these weren't the ones from fairytales. They sported the traditional tail but also gills and sharp teeth which they sank into the boys' neck to suck up their life energy. The boys began to age rapidly before they were released and left floating lifelessly in the water.

"They're Mermaids!" Moka pointed.

Natsu was still on the table, growling. Yuji's eyes snapped open and rose to his feet. "Just like those damn Sci-Fis," he frowned.

"All of you better get out of here, now," Leon warned.

"Well, looks like you've found us out!" Tamao sneered as she jumped out of the water, showing off her true form. "Then I'm afraid you'll have to die sooner than planned!"

"Leon, look out!" Moka cried as she pushed Leon out of the way, being pulled into the pool by Tamao instead of Leon.

"Moka!" Kurumu cried.

The water then surged like electricity as Moka took damage. Leon jumped into the pool after Moka. He reached for her but only managed to grab hold of her Rosario. He yanked it, accidentally pulling it off. He didn't have time to pay attention to the darkening sky as he grabbed Moka and made his way to the surface. A pillar of crimson energy pierced the water and shot to the sky as Yuji and Kurumu watched.

"What the hell's going on?-!" Yuji demanded.

"I don't know, but that powerful aura is just amazing!" Kurumu exclaimed.

The water broke apart as Leon and Moka jumped out of the pool and landed to the side. But the Vampire had changed. Her hair was ow silver, with blood-red, slitted pupils, and a fang poking put from under her upper lip; not to mention she was bustier now.

"Whoa," Yuji blinked.

"This is...Vampire," Kurumu gawked, "An S-Class monster!"

The transformed Moka looked to Leon and smirked, "Looks like I owe you..."

Leon was blushing, noticing her increased bust. "Um...think nothing of it," Leon said.

Tamao then jumped out of the water, sneering, as the other Mermaids joined her, "No matter how powerful you are, you can't possibly take on all of us!"

Moka-sama smirked grinned as she jumped in the air to meet them, catching them off guard as she started punching and kicking her targets in midair with bone-crushing force. They were all unconscious in the water, bubbling and returning to the surface as they were floating.

"Damn, those were some sweet moves," Yuji admired.

"Gururu..." Natsu nodded as he was perched on Yuji's shoulder.

"Such grace and power," Kurumu marveled, "I sure am glad I don't have to fight her..."

Moka-sama had returned to the group, "Let's get out of here. This place is annoying and I need to recover from getting dragged into that damn pool."

Leon gripped his hands into fists. "We're not done yet, are we Wallow?"

The water rippled and morphed as a humanoid figure stretched out of the water. It took the form of a pale man with drenched, long and brown hair, and elongated face and blue eyes. He wore a leather jacket but his lower half was still fused with the pool's water.

"Hey there, Ghost," Wallow snickered.

"Tch..." Leon sneered, "First that rock head and now you. I'm starting to think Blackheart doesn't like me so much. I'm feeling left out."

"Maybe you shoulda joined us from the start then," the Water Demon restored.

"Sorry, not interested in working with some rejects that someone like Blackheart just uses as lackeys," Leon taunted.

Wallow frowned and turned his arms into water whips, lashing out at the group. Yuji grabbed Kurumu and dodged while Moka-sama and Leon dodged their own ways as well.

Leon decided to keep taunting Wallow, hoping he could get Moka and the others to escape before he unleashed the Rider. "C'mon, Wallow! If you wanna get sent back to Hell, all you have to do is ask nicely!"

Wallow then eyed Yuji and Kurumu with a grin. "I'd rather bring him out myself!" And he unleashed a blast of high-pressure water.

"Yuji, look out!" Moka-sama called.

Kurumu turned and screamed while Yuji got in front of her, his X-Gloves already on as he put his arms out.

"YUJI!" Leon called. The two and Wallow were shocked when the water started to freeze and lead up to Wallow. "The water's freezing?-!"

"What's going?-!" Wallow demanded as he stopped his attack, the pillar of ice falling before Yuji as cool mist rose from his hands. "What did you do!-?"

"Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition," Yuji cited. "It's a technique that has the power to freeze Dying Will Flames and anything else, even water. I didn't wanna use this technique so early, but you forced my hand. And it looks like you're about to get your wish, Wallow."

Moka-sama launched herself at Wallow, "Know you place!" she screamed as she delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to Wallow's head. As her leg connected, Wallow's head exploded on impact, showering Moka-sama with water and causing her to scream in pain.

"His head exploded!" Kurumu pointed.

"He's made of water," Yuji analyzed, "So physical damage won't have any effect on him. He's the worst kind of opponent for Moka."

Wallow's head reformed and he chuckled, "You shouldn't have done that, girlie." He then used the water from the pool to grab hold of Moka-sama and Kurumu's legs, pulling them into the water.

"MOKA!" Leon shouted as he dived in after them, ignoring his enemy.

"KURUMU!" Yuji called as he dove in as well, ignoring his fears.

Leon went after Moka, with Yuji going for Kurumu. They tried in vain to free the girls, but in water, they were at a distinct disadvantage, and soon they'd need to surface for air. 'Enough!' Leon thought as he began to change, the water around him beginning to bubble from the heat he was putting out.

Yuji watched as Leon transformed and felt the water growing hotter. 'The water's boiling from his temperature,' he realized, 'If it continues, the poll water will evaporate. OK!' Yuji closed his eyes focused his resolve, his gloves generating heat instead of his Sky Flames actually igniting. The two roared as they increased their heats' intensities boiled the water more as it the surface evaporated and the level began to drop.

The Ghost Rider let out a war cry as the transformation ended, evaporating the water in a burst of fire that left the others unharmed.

Yuji gave him a thumb's up, "Never underestimate physics!"

The Rider ignored Yuji as he looked up at Wallow. "You. Guilty."

Wallow merely laughed at the Rider, "Everyone is guilty about one thing or another, Rider! The only problem is what you do about it!" And he too transformed, like Gressil did before. He turned into a huge, blue-scaled serpent with a hard Beak and fangs, spines down his back and glowing red eyes.

"Punish," spoke the Rider as he jumped at the demon serpent, bony hand outreached to tear out its throat. Wallow flailed about as it bled profusely, trying to blast water out of its mouth while water escaped from its torn hole. The Rider stared at Wallow before unleashing a torrent of fire from it's mouth, vaporizing the creature.

"Nice!" Yuji fist-pumped. He went to the girls, shaking them awake as they sat up. "You two OK?"

"Somehow," Moka-sama grunted.

"I'm alright," Kurumu sighed.

The Ghost Rider began walking towards the group, before falling to his knees and grasping his head. "Go...Back..." He began to growl in pain as he shrunk down and returned to being Leon, gasping and panting as smoke billowed off his head.

"You OK, Leon?" Yuji asked as he approached carefully.

Leon: Same response as last time. Burning skull made of hellfire. Never a pleasant experience.

"Well, you sure roasted that sea snake," Yuji commented as he looked to Wallow's remains. There was nothing left but ashes.

"Leon sure put that worm in his place," Moka-sama smirked as she fastened her rosary back onto her chain, returning to normal.

"So, what do we do now?" Kurumu asked.

"So far, all of the clubs we checked we're a bust," Yuji sighed.

Moka fell onto Leon, the Rider catching her. 'Looks like you have your own secrets, Moka...' Leon thought.

(Line break)

Later on, the group was walking around, when they ran into Nekonome-sensei. "Hello, everyone!"

"Hey there, Sensei," Yuji waved.

"Any luck with finding a club?" she asked

He and the others, except for Leon, sighed, "Total fail so far..."

"Oh, you poor dears," she worried before beaming, "I know just the thing!"


The four students sat quietly in an empty classroom.

"Now, let's all get down to running a newspaper!" Nekonome-sensei cheered.

"I get the feeling that we're the only members," Yuji sweatdropped.

Leon: Still more than the lit club. I was the only freshman that signed up.

"Guess that makes you their president by default."

Kurumu then hugged Yuji and beamed, "Well, it's it crowded, and I get to be with you, Yuji~!"

"Aw, that's sweet, Kurumu," he blushed.

"Don't worry, we do have one more member," Nekonome-sensei assured.

The door slid open and a voice called, "Sorry I'm late, everyone! It's awfully bad form to be late to the first meeting." Stepping into the room was a taller, dark-haired, boy wearing a red headband and a slightly disheveled school uniform. Actually, the uniform was rather neat, but he wore the jacket open and had a few of the shirt's buttons undone, allowing his chest to be seen as he wore a wolf head pendant. Then there was the fact he was carrying two flower bouquets.

"This is your Clup President and editor, Morioka Ginei," Nekonome-sensei introduced.

"Nice to meet you all," Ginei winked as he handed Kurumu and Moka the bouquets, his gaze hanging on Moka for a moment.

Leon muttered to Yuji, "Anyone else smell wet dog?"

"I don't smell anything," Yuji shrugged as he missed the point. "Hi, I'm Yuji! And this is Leon!"

"It's great to see some male faces in the club again," Ginei greeted, "You can all call me 'Gin' if you want!"

"I'll leave you all alone to get to know each other," Nekonome allowed as she left. "Be nice to each other!"

Leon: Nice to meet you.

"Same here," Gin returned as he stepped to the front of the class. "Now then... You're probably asking yourselves 'What is this club?' Well, we have one simple objective: the publication of the school newspaper! Our duty is to uncover any and all stories of interest to this school, even at the cost of our lives! This isn't a club for slackers, amd when you walk in here, you forfeit your soul!"

"Whoa! He's like a Boss!" Yuji marveled. For someone so young, Yuji could see that Gin had the makings of a leader, witnessing his air of confidence and steeled resolve. He felt Gin could become a fine member of the Vongola.

Leon: You're a rather intense individual...

"You gotta be intense if you want a story for the public," Gin advised.

Their first order of business turned out to be putting up advertisements for the Newspaper Club. Moka and Kurumu were standing on chairs that had been appropriated to help them put the advertisements higher. Gin was supervising them, while leaving Yuji and Leon to post advertisements on his own.

"Higher..." he heard Gin prompt the girls, "Higher..."

"Is this high enough?" Kurumu asked, sounding like it was putting her under considerable strain to stretch herself that much.

"Just a little more..." Gin prompted.

"Kurumu, I'll put it up for you," Yuji volunteered.

"Thanks, you big sweetheart," Kurumu gushed as she great fully stepped down. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he blushed.

Yuji then ran up the stepladder and jumped, slamming the poster in place as he landed on his feet. "How's that, Sempai?"

"Not bad," Gin snickered, "You're pretty athletic!" He cursed the kid mentally as he missed his chance to catch a great view.

Leon: It was nice meeting you. I need to get over to the Lit. Club to meet the other members. I'll be back in about an hour or so.

"See ya later," Yuji waved.

"Ya, see ya, Leon," Moka waved.

Leon then whispered to Yuji, "Keep an eye on Moka for me. I don't trust Gin."

Yuji's lively disposition shifted to that of seriousness and responded, "So, you noticed too."

Leon nodded, "Just keep an eye on him."

Yuji gave him a wink and thumb's up, "You got it."

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snake screamer

Good scene! also could you please read mine, i need feedback myself.

2/23/2012 #62
snake screamer

when gin asked there help in a secluded location

"Ahh, now i get it."

"What?" Leon said

"Common crime tactic, someone pose a threat to your organization, create a scenario where your enemy and a few of his cronies are in a secluded area then take 'care' of the competition." Yuji said

"So your saying my suspicion may or may not be a trap is a trap?" Leon eyes narrowed

"i'm not 100 percent sure, but my gut is saying yes." Yuji stated.

2/23/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #63
Shadow Element 13

Do you really think Leon wouldn't notice a trap? He grew up in the BPRD. He goes into nearly every situation thinking its a trap.

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snake screamer


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Kamen Rider Bushido

Alright, I know no one is gonna listen to me but I'm gonna request anyway. Can anyone, and I mean ANYONE, PLEASE at least check out Katekyo Hitman Reborn? I'm like the only person who's been posting Vongola/mafia related material that actually has signifigance to the story. I might as well heed under a rock, lay low and not fly around like a j*** saying--

*Vegeta flies past me screaming, "I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!" and flies away*

I was gonna say, "Come and get me, forum soldiers" but that works too!

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just posted a link in the fifth idea showing the first page of the aforementioned manga.

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Kamen Rider Bushido

Thanks, I guess

2/23/2012 #68

no prob, i figure the best way to have them is to give them a link to the manga.

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Kamen Rider Bushido

Keep in mind that I tried that once too. I don't think anyone ever read that time.

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well truthfully, i read it once, unfortunately i couldn't get myself into the manga, sorry about that bushido.

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Shadow Element 13

I'm trying to get into it. I started reading it once but I only got to around chapter 30 before I snapped waiting for something to happen.

2/24/2012 #72
Kamen Rider Bushido

I know, I felt like that too. That's why I skipped right not Mukuro's arc and the Varia Arc, the the Future arc and now I'm up to speed.

2/24/2012 #73
Shadow Element 13

I mean, the art is great, and I know stuff happens later on, but I mean...NOTHING HAPPENS. It's just Tsuna running around in his underwear for 30 chaps and some character introductions.

And another idea, a weapon for Leon. Part of me is thinking of him getting Excalibur. But this is another idea for my Archetype ideas.

Vorpal Sword: The Archetypal Sword. With the exception of some named swords. If the hero used a sword in their story, it was more than likely this blade.

2/24/2012 #74
Kamen Rider Bushido

Now that Spunds intriguing.

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Shadow Element 13

I need a couple of OCs really quick everyone. They're Leon's sempai in the Literature Club.

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snake screamer

i also need help to, please check the new post in new idea 5.

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Shadow Element 13

Really snake? This forum is for RV. I only asked for help on New Ideas cause I was desperate since the whole lot of you were ignoring this forum. If you have time to post here, you have time to help.

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snake screamer

and yet people have been COMPLETELY ignoring it, aside from you and zogg i got only two votes.

also vorpal sword sounds very good to me shadow.

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Kamen Rider Bushido

OK, does anyone have ideas on a Familiar for Leon?

2/26/2012 #80
snake screamer

hmm, i want to say phoenix, but i think a wolf might do.

2/26/2012 #81

what kind of familiar are we talking about Bushido.

2/26/2012 #82
Kamen Rider Bushido

Primarily mythical creatures

2/26/2012 #83

in that case i suggest either a deadly hydra or perhaps a Roc.

2/27/2012 #84
Shadow Element 13

To elaborate, the Children of Oberon all have a mythic animal they're "connected" to. They can summon the animal to their aid, and in some cases, can even transform into the beast.

Example: Merlin and Maleficent (being twins) both have a Dragon as their familiar.

2/27/2012 #85
How about a Cerberus? A hellhound to go with the Ghost Rider.
2/27/2012 #86
Kamen Rider Bushido

Possible. It sounds interesting to me.

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Rider Paladin

Cerberus would be cool, but since Leon's a Ghost Rider . . . how about a hell-spawned horse? A literal nightmare?

2/27/2012 #88
Kamen Rider Bushido

Yeah, Sahdow had something like that in mind too

2/27/2012 #89
Shadow Element 13

I wanna thank everyone for helping me out with ideas, but don't forget, we need stuff for Yuji too.

One idea I had is, when they're in America, I'd like to see Yuji go up against Black Tarantula, a powerful, and possibly immortal crime boss.

3/5/2012 #90
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