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Agent 49

Hello everyone, this is Agent 49. Now, I've been trying to have people help me with my ideas on the this forum, but they ignore me. So I've started this forum so I could post my ideas, and get help from other people on the site. Now what we're going to start with is a chapter idea i had for Chrome's "Rosario + Kiva" fic. Now, I'd like all of your help on this, because sometimes I;m terrible at deciding what that particular character would say. So if you could, help me improve on this chapter, I would be very grateful. Now let's begin.

Rosario + Kiva: Je T'aime: Wataru, Ramon and Taiga's test of love.

The Girl's Dorm was silent, completely silent. There was no sounds in the halls, or in the rooms as everyone was asleep. Kokoa and Kouvat were busy sleeping, getting a good rest until there was the sound of footsteps coming from the hall.

"Huh?" Said Kouvat as he woke up. He went outside to check on the noise when suddenly...

"Hey! Let me go!" said Kouvat as he was captured in the powerful grasp ofsomething.

"Not until you help us have a little fun with Kiva and his friends." Said a teasing female voice as she dragged him into the darkness.

"Kokoa-Sama, Help!" screamed Kouvat as he was carried away.

The Next Day...

"I can't believe him!" said a girl who was walking to the school building. She was obviously in a bad mood for she was stomping her feet and her demonic aura was leaking out. That Gin guy she asked out on a date had peeked at her p*** when she wasn't looking. Needless to say he got hit in the face... HARD.

"Well I deserve better than him!" she thought. "I'll find the one who's right for me soon enough."

"Excuse me?" said a voice from behind her.

"Huh?" she said, "That sounded like a really hot..."

She was then silenced as she gawked at who she was looking at. Standing in front of her was a man who would be considered handsome by most standards. He had black hair and purple eyes and a handsome face. She was blushing as she looked at him.

"Speak of the devil..." she thought.

"Wha... what do you want?" she asked while fidgeting.

"Where's the faculty office? Je t'aime." he said.

Suddenly the girl just dropped everything she had and went up and hugged him. "Let me be your slave!" she pleaded.

"Ijuuin, where are you?" said a female voice.

"Oh, over here!" said the man, now identified as Ijuuin.

Then three girls came over from where the voice had come from. They too would be considered beautiful. The middle one's hair went to her knees and was red and she had green eyes. The older one had a ponytail that went down to her midsection, her hair was brown and she had brown eyes. The youngest had short length black hair, and blue eyes. They had somethings in common though: They were both beautiful and were wearing rings with a red hourglass jewel in the middle. "Ijuuin, have you found the office yet?" said the middle one.

"No, but my friend here said she would help me, isn't that right?" he asked.

"Yes master! I will do whatever you ask! I live to serve and love you and only you!" fawned the girl.

"Good, let's go!" said the oldest.

"Yeah, I don't wanna be out here in the heat!" said the youngest.

As they walked to the office, the three girls talked to each other in barely heard whispers.

"This is going great!" said the youngest.

"Our puppet already has his own puppet!" said the oldest.

"Soon Kiva's mates will be under the control of our little friend, then he'll be putty in my hands." said the middle one.

"Still, why would Bishop want us to kill King? It doesn't make sense to me." said the youngest.

"That was our orders." replied the oldest, "And I intend to follow them. I get King."

"So that leaves me with the Merman." replied the youngest. "Well, at least he's cute."

"They are all cute." said the oldest. "Too bad we'll have to kill them."

"I know, tragic, but so fun." said the middle one.

"It really is fun!" said the youngest.

"I agree." said the oldest.


"Everyone! I would like for you to meet the new transfer students!" said Ms. Nekonome as she introduced Ijuuin and the middle looking girl from before.

"They'll be in this class from today! Ijuuin Koutaro and Shana Kurogumo. Please try to get along well!" She said as she introduced Ijuuin and Shana.

"I'm Ijuuin Koutaro. Nice to meet you." Said Ijuuin as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Shana Kurogumo. Nice to meet you too." Said Shana as she bowed down, revealing the bit of cleavage she had from her partly unbuttoned shirt.

All the girls squealed at Ijuuin, while all the boys drooled at Shana. Except for a certain Fandiri qnd his friends.

"He may be a Bishounen, but no man is more handsome than my Destined One." said Kurumu.

"I agree, no man is higher than my future husband." said Mizore.

"I like Ramo-, I mean I like Wataru better too." Said Yukari, blushing as she cut herself off.

"What were you about to say, Yukari?" said Wataru.

"Nothing! Nothing at all!" said Yukari as she blushed. The others had a good idea who she was thinking about, but they decided to let it go and pay attention to the new kids.

"Why was I about to say Ramon's name? And why was he the first thing that came to mind when I thought of someone I loved more than Ijuuin?" Said Yukari as she still blushed.

"Guys, this isn't a popularity contest." Said Moka as she tried to get her friends to behave and be nice.

"Oh, Moka's lost interest in Wataru and fallen for the new guy, huh?" Said Kurumu

"You're already being unfaithful to your mate. What kind of woman are you?" Said Mizore.

"No! I also love Wataru!" Said Moka as she defended herself.

"It's okay Moka-san." Said Wataru as he comforted Moka. "It's great that all three of my mates love me more than some random Bishounen."

"Thank you." Said the three girls while blushing. Hearing a compliment like that from him was always nice.

"You're welco-AAARGH!!!" Said Wataru as Ijuuin stomped on his foot.

" You're leg's too long, must be a really big hastle at times." Said Ijuuin

"Wataru! Are you okay?" Said Moka.

"Ijuuin!" Said the voice of Shana as she stomped over to him and pulled on his ear. "We're here to learn and make friends, not be rude! Now apologize."

"I'm sorry." said Ijuuin as he apologized. "I shouldn't act like this, I only want to make friends with everyone here."

"None taken." Growled Wataru. He had the strange feeling Ijuuin did that on purpose.

"I'm sorry." Said Shana as she apologized to Wataru. "My friend doesn't mean any harm. He just wants to make friends. I'm sure you'll like him once you get to know him." Suddenly Shana leaned in closer to Wataru. "And I guarantee you you'll like me a lot once you get to know me."

"Okay?" Said Wataru. He got the strangest feeling that she was flirting with him.

The girls glowered at Shana. It wasn't just that she was flirting with their man, but they had the weirdest feeling she couldn't be trusted. Like being with her was an instant death sentence.

Later, after class was over, Ijuuin and Shana were busy preparing to go to the next class when 3 girls approached Ijuuin.

"Ijuuin, want us to show you where your next class is?" said one of the girls.

"You just transfered right? So it's only natural you don't know where to go right?" Said one of the girls.

"So, Let us help you!" Said the last girl.

"Thanks! It's awfully kind of you to show me around." Said Ijuuin.

"Ahem!" Said Shana, she didn't like being ignored very much.

"Oh, right, I mean us." Said Ijuuin.

"Oh, very well then." Sighed the three girls, this confirmed their worst suspicions, Shana and Ijuuin were together.

"Oh, don't worry! Me and Shana aren't a couple!" Assured Ijuuin to cheer up the girls.

"Huh? Then that means..." Said the first girl.

"He's available!Said the other girl.

"This is the greatest day of my life!" Said the last girl.

"Girls..." Said Ijuuin

"Huh?" repied the three girls.

"Thanks for talking to me." Said Ijuuin. "Me and Shana didn't have any friends yet. I was really worried for us. Please protect us from here on. Je t'aime."

The three girls dropped everything and crowded around Ijuuin. "We'll protect you two forever!" Said the girls as they fawned over Ijuuin.

Shana laughed as she saw the girls fawning over Ijuuin. "Phase one: Gather bodyguards and food supply, check. Next step: Hypnotize Kiva's mates, the little witch, and Queen." Said Shana in her mind. "Still, I wonder how Reina and Lana made their first impression? I hope it was good."

That was it. Now, if you could improve on this scene, I would be grateful, I also need to introduce Reina (the eldest), and Lana ( the youngest). But anyway, please help me on this chapter, and I hoped you liked the little blurb. ]

3/31/2012 #1
Rider Paladin

It's a pretty good idea so far, and if Chrome doesn't want to use it in Rosario+Kiva, I wouldn't mind using it in a future chapter of Onyx+Vampire (or more likely, Rosario+Kamen Rider). Of course, that would be with your permission; I don't want to impose or anything like that.

4/4/2012 #2
Kamen Rider Goji

I will help with this scene.

Okay, Agent 49 here is what I have for a scene of R K:

"Man, where is Kouvat?! I need him to help me set up schemes for Moka." Kokoa grumbled as she is walking through the halls.

Kivat, Rey-Kivat, Sagarc, Tatsulot and Kivarra are flapping in the hallways, talking about something.

"Hey Kivat?" Rey-Kivat asked.

"Yes Rey-Kivat?" Kivat answered.

"Do you know where Kouvat is? He hasn't appeared around the school grounds or anywhere else since yesterday night." Rey-Kivat said.

"Do you think he is kidnapped?" Kivarra worriedly asked.

"Maybe, maybe not. We could try looking for him since he is Wataru's lover's sister's familar. That and we don't have much to do around this Youkai Academy." Kivat said.

"Okay." Kivarra agreed.

"Let's do it." Rey-Kivat followed up.

"Alright, let's split up and meet back here." Kivat planned.

"Okay" Rey-Kivat and Kivarra nodded in agreement.

"I will try partnering up with Sagarc here to look for Kouvat-chan in another area," Tatsulot stated.

"SHTDSHGJK:GHH" Sagarc agreed.

With those words exchanged, the mechanical bats went looking for Kouvat. Kivat went looking in the woods, Kivarra checked out the girls' dorms, and Rey-Kivat went looking in the boys' dorms. Sagarc and Tatsulot were searching in the lake area.

What they don't notice are three pairs of evil eyes, at a hidden location, looking at them before they bats left off to their respective locations.

"Well, we can't have them interferring with our plans, now." Oldest girl said.

"Oh they will pay for alligning themselves with traitors." The youngest girl said.

"Yeah, so we got to take them out so that we can have an easier time in fighting the traitors." The middle girl said.

"Right, so we each take one of those traitors and trap them somewhere until they are dealt with?" The oldest girl inquired.

"Yeah, let's go with that plan." The youngest girl said.

"Ditto." The middle girl said.

"Okay ready girls?" The oldest girl asked.

"Ready?" The leader old girl asked for the other girls in preparation.

"Okay, let's go." The leader older girl commanded.

"Roger." The other two girls followed.

With that said the three voices left in a hurry, chasing after their respective targets.

End scene.

What do you guys think about my scene, is it good?

5/23/2012 #3
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