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Doc Scratch

Preston had to stare blankly for a second. "The hey-what?" He asked, then shook his head, "no, wait, you can tell me on the way away from here." He turned to walk down the alley, suppressing the urge to start running since there was no way this Sara girl could keep up with him then.


"Perfectly understandable," Lark replied, still maintaining a cheerful tone, "sometimes the only way to get intelligent conversation is to talk to yourself, I know that." She kept moving as they spoke, figuring it was best to put some distance between them and the massacre that was going on before rematerializing. She wanted to get at least a couple blocks away, anyway. "Oh, and sorry about skipping the introductions. I was kinda distracted, ya understand." She added, "my name's Lark. What's yours?"

12/26/2010 #211
Harbinger of Doom

"I had a spiky penis in my foot. I may have been a little more distracted." Even without a face, the humor was obvious. "I'm Charlie. So, do you do this alot?" He asked. He was feeling pretty damn useless right about now.

12/26/2010 #212
Doc Scratch

"Nice ta meet ya, Charlie. All things considered." Lark decided she liked this guy; he had a good sense of humor. "And no, not really this per se. That is, I sneak into Company buildings for information a lot, but usually it's much less. Uh. Eventful. And I don't do the whole rescue thing too often either, so feel special."

12/26/2010 #213
Harbinger of Doom

"Usually I'd make some sarcastic comment. But i think i actually owe you for pulling me out of there, if the people didnt crush me the building would have. Or that hardcore looking Swat team thats getting the shit kicked out of them over there." He added, as he watched the man they shot leap back up and brutally attack them.

12/26/2010 #214
Ranting writer

The attacker rushed James knocking his weapon aside and tossing him to the ground. He drew both his pistols and started firing at his attacker aiming for headshots.

12/26/2010 #215
Doc Scratch

"Oooh, yeah. Rough luck on their part." Lark winced a little... well, as much as was possible without a body. "You're lucky I did pull you out- though mostly it was cause you bit that one agent's fingers off. That was pretty hardcore, I'll give props for that."

12/26/2010 #216
Illeana Starbright

Sara nodded and followed him around the corner. "The Haitian works for the Company. Obviously no one knows his name but anyone who knows about the Company knows what he does. His power blocks other people's powers," Sara told Preston. "Come on." She yanked him into a store just as two police men rounded the corner. Lyndsey, the owner of the store and Sara's friend didn't act as if anyone had entered the shop. "Duck behind something, quick," Sara hissed at Preston.

12/27/2010 #217
Harbinger of Doom

"Its not like I go around biting peoples hands off all the time." Charlie defended. "The dumb twat shoved his fingers in my mouth." He looked around, in a 360 radius. "So where are we actually going?" He asked, as they floated away from the chaos, unseen, but somtimes heard.

12/27/2010 #218
Doc Scratch

"Wait... he blocks people's powers?" Preston hadn't exactly paid attention in school... ever, so he had no idea what 'Haitian' meant, but he remembered when those two creepy guys had been chasing Jericho and him before, and his power hadn't worked... maybe one of them had been this Haitian guy!? That explained a lot- especially why they'd been after Jericho, if they worked for this 'Company' thing then it was probably because they had somehow known about her power.

"I think I might have seen the Ha-" His words choked off as he was suddenly yanked into the shop, but he didn't need to be told twice and he quickly ducked down behind the nearest display.


"It's fine, I thought it was pretty badass," Lark hadn't meant to sound accusatory or anything. Company agents were usually assholes, so the guy had probably deserved to lose a few fingers. "And I didn't have a specific destination in mind. I figured we'd just get far enough away we wouldn't be noticed, and then I could rematerialise us."

12/27/2010 #219
Illeana Starbright

Sara watched as the police officers walked by and the said, "It's all clear now. Wait... you saw the Haitian?" She grabbed a pair of long black gloves and handed them to Lyndsey. Lyndsey smiled and rang up the purchase, cutting the tag off. Sara slipped on the gloves with a quiet sigh of relief, paid Lyndsey and led Preston out the door.

12/27/2010 #220
Harbinger of Doom

"Oh. Thanks, then." Charlie said. He was starting to think now; It probably wasnt healthy that the whole reason she saved him was because he bit a mans fingers off.

'Your the one that did the biting, dont question her sanity' He reminded himself.

12/27/2010 #221
Doc Scratch

"Uh... yeah, I think so." Preston raised an eyebrow at the gloves, but didn't comment. The cashier girl seemed to know Sara, but he didn't say anything about that either, he didn't really think it was too interesting, so he just followed her out of the store again. "I mean, I ran into these guys a while ago and my powers stopped working for a bit so... might've been him. Is he a tall black guy or a creepy dude with horn-rimmed glasses?"


"Sure thing," Lark answered flippantly, "it's pretty good luck that you actually saw who started this thing, I managed to rescue the one guy that could actually tell me what was going on. How awesome is that?" She laughed, and took a turn that led them around the side of a building at the end of the street. "Think this is good enough?" It didn't look like anyone was around- they were all either back at the scene of the disaster or long gone.

12/27/2010 #222
Illeana Starbright

"Tall black dude," Sara said with a smile. Then her face slid into a worried frown."The man with the horn-rimmed glasses is one of the higher ups of the Company. That fact that either of them is there is never good. How long ago did this happen?"

12/27/2010 #223
Doc Scratch

"Shit, this morning." Preston admitted with a wince, "but hey, whatever. If they work for this 'Company' thing then they're probably way too tied up with that shitstorm back there to worry about me or you, right? Assuming they didn't get offed. I mean come on- you saw that too! It was nuts!"

12/27/2010 #224
Illeana Starbright

"They wouldn't get offed. Anyone that close to the Haitian could be killed, even if they heal themselves. As for tied up that's a possibility," Sara admitted. There weren't very many people in the streets right and you could hear the police sirens wailing.

12/27/2010 #225
Doc Scratch

"Meh, if you say so. But there was a lot of shit going down back there... and it is possible to kill people without powers, y'know." Whatever, it was mostly wishful thinking. For all he knew, the Haitian and the other guy weren't even there. "Anyway, where're we goin'?"

12/27/2010 #226
Illeana Starbright

"Somewhere where we kind find out what's going on. Then I don't know for sure," Sara admitted. "I don't know about you but I'll probably warn Lyndsey and then get out of town. The Company has a knack for finding people like us." Sara turned a corner and started down another street. Three more blocks and another corner and she would reach Moe's place. She didn't like that old psychic but she needed to know what was going on.

12/27/2010 #227
Doc Scratch

"Oh, alright. Yeah- I was actually planning on getting out of here soon anyway. Or something." Preston replied, though he still didn't know where exactly he would go. "...Whaddaya mean find out what's going on? I thought it was pretty fuckin' obvious- I mean. Bunch of psychos with powers tear apart this Company thing and now probably the whole world knows we exist."

12/27/2010 #228
Illeana Starbright

"True but it all happens for a reason. Now which door was it?" Sara said. "Ahh here it is." She pulled open the rusty door and stepped delicately into the corner. "Moe, you in?" she called slipping into the kitchen. She could hear Preston's footsteps behind her. No one in the kitchen but a bunch of glass on the floor. Sara suddenly had a very bad feeling about this. One of the tiny windows was broken and things were tossed every which way. Moe was disorganized but never this bad.

12/27/2010 #229
Doc Scratch

"Dude, what is this place? It's trashed." Preston slouched in behind Sara, wondering vaguely who 'Moe' was. He was trying to appear nonchalant, but the tension in his face and shoulders gave away how on edge he was. "Looks like someone broke in or somethin'..."

12/27/2010 #230
Illeana Starbright

"Yes," Sara said, pulling off her gloves. Then she reached down and picked up a piece of glass. For a moment nothing happened. Then her vision flashed. She felt a sharp stinging pain in her hand and she could hear the window shatter. For a moment the world blurred and then settled. She heard the clatter of things being overturned and the slam of another door in the house. "He's not here," somebody said and then Sara dropped the glass. She didn't want to see anymore. "We need to go," Sara said, turning to look at Preston as she slipped her gloves on. She was surprised at how calm her voice was.

12/28/2010 #231
Ranting writer

James staggered up again, as his attacker came at him again. "WHY WON'T YOU FUCKING DIE!!!??" He shot him again in the head, watched as the attacker dropped healed and stood up again. "FUUUUCK!" Suddenly his attacker's head exploded, uniformed National Guard troops arrived on the scene replacing the police supporting the Guard troops were marine infantrymen they started methodically mowing down the powered people, forming tight formations and riddling the powers with bullets. James leaned back and let the uniformed soldiers handle it.


Gallow grimaced as he watched the military begin to clean house, a helicopter dropped off a delta team on the roof of the company building, the troops on the ground started to storm the front doors killing everything inside. He lit up a cigarette and watched as the massacre began to shift sides.

12/28/2010 #232
Doc Scratch

While Sara appeared to zone out over a piece of glass- probably something to do with her power- Preston ambled around the room a little, looking for anything of value. Hey, the place had already been robbed, it wouldn't make much of a difference if he took something else, right?

"We need to go," Sara said

"Uh, sure, alright." Preston turned back to her casually. "It doesn't look like anyone's still here anyway..." And it didn't look like there was anything worth taking lying around either, so Preston was eager to get out of what was probably a crime scene now as fast as possible.


Meanwhile, Lola had found a relatively small clothing store a good half-mile from the destroyed Company building. The first thing she'd done was shoot the few security cameras, and then the employees. The two or three other shoppers had screamed and run for the emergency exit without giving her a good look, so Lola ignored them and quickly started grabbing things off the racks that looked more or less her size. She figured any and all authorities were probably too wrapped up back at the scene of the mass escape of powereds to worry about a small robbery, assuming they even found out about it in time.

She tucked the clothes under an arm and stalked over to the cash register, kicking it off the counter and collecting the money that spilled out when it crashed to the floor, shoving it into the bundle of stolen clothing. Then she walked out, moving down the street to look for a good dark place to change. That had been almost too easy.

12/28/2010 #233
Illeana Starbright

Sara walked briskly out of the trashed house thinking. There was probably only one other place where she could find Moe. "Do you mind one more stop?" Sara asked Preston.

12/28/2010 #234
Doc Scratch

"Sure, why not?" Preston shrugged, keeping up with the girl easily despite his slouched posture. "S'not like I've got anything else to do."

12/28/2010 #235
Illeana Starbright

Sara nodded, making her way down the twists and turns of the back roads she always used to get to Moe's other hiding place. The small wood door pushed open at her finger tips. She slipped into the cluttered storage room behind the old broken down restaurant, unsure of what she was about to find. "Moe," she called quietly, not sure if she wanted an answer.

12/28/2010 #236
Doc Scratch

"Oh come on, this is dumb." Preston complained as he walked in, and proceeded to do a lightning quick dash around the area, looking for anyone that could be called 'Moe.' Seriously, who actually named their kid that?

12/28/2010 #237
Illeana Starbright

"You need something Sara or are you and that kid just here to bother me?" The gruff voice made Sara jump. She turned to see Moe standing in the doorway. The man was in his mid forties with a scraggly white beard and ratty comb-over. Sara stepped aside to let Moe enter.

"I do need something. That building that is having all the difficulties; I need to know what's going on with that," Sara told Moe. Moe shrugged and sat down on a rickety three legged chair.

"Give me a couple minutes. You and the boy go wait in the alley. I'll get you when I'm done," Moe said closing his eyes. Sara nodded and pulled Pretson into the alley, shutting the door behind her.

12/28/2010 #238
Doc Scratch

Preston allowed himself to be pulled into the alley, if only because trying to initiate some kind of tug-o-war thing with a chick would be totally lame.

"...What a dick." He commented, leaning against a wall and sulking over being referred to as a kid. "The fuck is he supposed to know anything anyway? He think he's some kinda psychic?" Preston paused. "...He's some kinda psychic, isn't he?"

12/28/2010 #239
Illeana Starbright

"Yes," Sara said, trying not to laugh. It would only infuriate Preston more and add to his wounded pride. "He's the only psychic I know."

12/28/2010 #240
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