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Harbinger of Doom

This is where we can plan and flesh out how wed like the story to progress. Not too much detail, just events, and if you want to borrow a Canon character, here is where you can ask (:

12/1/2010 #1
Ranting writer


12/1/2010 #2

Sounds good. Tho since I still count myself as a n00b on this forum and a total n00b at the Heroes universe, I don't think I'll be asking very many questions.

Now if you were to ask me something about The Elder Scrolls Universe, I could easily be considered a strategy guide. (As is what my friends call me :P)

12/1/2010 #3
Harbinger of Doom

Yeah i have a question about oblivion. Is it possible to complete it? xD

12/2/2010 #4

XD Yeah. I went through the trouble of completely every possible quest the game had to offer, including the DLC, guilds, arena, settlement quests, miscelanious quests, main quest, etc. It take about 120-170 hours but it's possible. XD

12/2/2010 #5
Tora Brambles

Are we using Cannon characters in this RP?

1/13/2011 #6
Ranting writer


1/14/2011 #7
Ranting writer

Sort of

1/14/2011 #8
(Is this still active? Is Sylar taken?)
7/30/2011 #9
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