Why does so many people not like LOTF?
It's depressing... :
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Captain Chirpov
It's not so much that I didn't like it, bur more of that it bored me and I really didn't care about the characters.It just wasn't interesting. It felt like there was too much theme and not enough plot. They need to balance eachother out. And I really could care less if they died or never got rescued. It's not easy, bur to be able to interest your reader he/she has tO care about the characters. Also, the fact that they were stranded in a deserted island stopped nattering after a while. Everybody started getting too wrapped in their petty little conflicts. So, that's what I think. I'll write more when I'm not half askeep.
1/12/2011 #1
Vivid Murk

Nice user name (gotta love LOTR). But I'm in the middle (the exact middle) of LOTF, and I'm really loving it too. Yeah, there's selfishness with the characters, but I actually like that. It's so realistic - the kids act like kids would act if they really got stuck on an island. I do understand that the whole stranded on an island survival story is overdone and can get boring, but I thought the realistic characters actually made the reader feel MORE for them, and made their struggles and losses more meaningful, and the writing style is beautiful. But of course, I haven't finished it yet, and you can't judge a book without reading its end!

1/21/2011 #2

I agree with you, LOTF is to boring. The second half was somewhat exciting, but the first half made it difficult for me to get there. Does anyone agree with me? Does anyone disagree with me?

3/22/2011 #3

LOTF is an amazing book because of the message that all people are born evil. You have to admit that and respect it whether you thought it was boring or not but i get what you are saying.

5/15/2011 #4
Captain Chirpov

Of course I got the message, wrote a paper on it for school. But that didn't stop the book from boring me. I just couldn't sympathize with the characters, couldn't feel what they felt, and that's why I didn't like it.

5/16/2011 #5

I absolutely loved Lord of the Flies, but I admit it was a little boring. The characters did interest me though, and I cried during both character deaths. Kind of. I didn't cry right away for Simon cuz it took a few seconds for me to realize that they killed him (I can be such a dunce XD). Plus, Roger and Jack totally rocked my green fuzzy socks. The one thing I didn't like though was teh message. MAN KIND IS NOT INHERENTLY EVIL!!!!!!!!!! It's not, I promise you, I believe with all my little heart that it's false. Never in my thirteen years of existence have I seen reason to believe that. The world is full of good people who make bad mistakes. Sure, there's a few bad apples here and there, but there's more good ones!!!! And if my friend Julia is reading this, WELL EXCUSE ME FOR BEING AN OPTIMIST! Sorry, Will, but I really can't say that the world is evil. After all, God is all-knowing and if he knew that we would be evil, would we be here right now? No. I think not. Just saying peeps...

Anyone else out there like to see the GOOD in people????

9/8/2011 #6

That's not really the message. It's more that people have made themselves good, but we are born killers. Like do you really think a lion cares when it kills a zebra? Neither DID humans. Of course there are good people out there but that's because of the way society is.

9/11/2011 #7

Well, I really liked it. I think a lot of people don't like it because of the message, and how unlikable most of the characters are. But to me that's basically reality so whatever.

6/6/2014 #8
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