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This is the only Warriors Orochi RPG that is on this site. All OCs are welcome. This site also focuses more on individual scenarios as opposed to full-on wars, though if requested, we can try it out.
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Where all the OCs are born. If you want to use a character Canon to Warriors Orochi, you could fill out the skeleton below if you like, but it's not necessary unless you make changes to the character. Just post the Canon character's name and all is well ^_^

Name: (the name of your character...you know the drill)

Sex: (Male, Female...hermaphrodite???)

Affiliation: (Wu, Shu, Wei, Samurai, Orochi, or On Your Own)

Appearance: (Describe your character's build, eye color, hair color, and clothing as well as anything else you deem necessary to describe. You can be very detailed in this if you like [in fact it might be better if you did ^_^])

Personality: (Is your character nice, cruel, happy, gloomy, etc. you can get very detailed if you like)

Background Info: (Where was your character born if he/she remembers, how did you come to be affiliated with whatever kingdom you chose, etc.)

Weapon: (Weapon name and any special abilities it might have like in the actual games)

Special Mounts: (If regular horses bore you, come up with an interesting new horse)

Other: (Anything you would like to add?)

(here is an example and my first character on here)

Name: Lady Wu

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Wu

Appearance: Lady Wu is of average height and is very beautiful. She has a graceful build and fair skin. She wears very extravagant Chinese robes that usually have tiger skins on her hips and/or shoulders. She also tends to wear an unusual hair ornament usually made of gold and rubies. Her robes are always black and red.

Personality: Lady Wu can best be described as a spitfire. She can be harsh at times, but loving at others. She doesn't demand respect because she feels it is impersonal. She is very loyal to her husband, Sun Jian, and is very protective of her children. She will always refuse to work for Orochi in any way.

Background Info: Lady Wu's parents died when she was a child, so she was raised by other relatives. When she was 16 years old, Sun Jian discovered her and asked for her hand in marriage. At first her family disapproved, but after a little bit of persuasion from Lady Wu, they permitted the marriage to take place. During their years of marriage, she gave birth to all of Sun Jian's children and learned how to fight as ferociously as possible.

Weapon: Tiger's Claw--This weapon is a katana with tigerskin braiding on the handle and an elaborate Tiger ornament bound by the skins to the handle itself.

Wu's Poison needle--Instead of a bow and arrow, Lady Wu throws poisonous needles.

Special Mounts: N/A

Other: Lady Wu is incredibly intelligent. She hasn't revealed her full use of her intelligence to Sun Jian, but she assists Zhou Yu with any strategies that he may need help with...as long as he asks politely.

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Phantasy Blade

can I be Nagamasa Azai

11/23/2009 #2

Can i make my OC here? Well then...

Name: Sakura Akagi

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Wu

Appearance: Sakura is of average height, a very cheerful personalities. She's pretty, with an eye color of sky blue, and hair color of reddish brown. Her hair is short, she often wears a ninja suit, since she's a ninja. Her ninja suit's color is red, with pinkish ornaments around her hips. She often uses a mask to cover her mouth. She have a scar on her forehead which she hide using her pink headband.

Personality: She's rather cheerful and nice at times. But can be totally gloomy once someone asks about her past. She followed Ranmaru Mori everywhere, since she thought Ranmaru's her own older brother. She doesn't like to talk about her private. And she never liked to work under Orochi.

Background info: She was born at Mino Province, Japan. Her family worked under direct command of Nobunaga Oda. Her family perished when she was 7 years old, since then, she was raised by Mitsuhide Akechi, but she's much closer to Ranmaru. Ranmaru is her fiancee (completely fiction... is this ok?). She learned to fight from her parents (ninja skills) and Mitsuhide. She has been a frightful warrior since then and a caring fiancee.

Weapon: A Dagger and a katana. She uses her dagger for close combat, Katana for mid range, and Throwing weapons (Kunai, shurikens etc.) for long range.

Special Mounts: She prefer her legs than horses.

Other: She have a high intellegence, but she's rather hot headed.


Sorry, my grammar and verb isn't that good.

12/20/2009 #3

Name: Munesharu Taira

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Orochi

Appearance: A heavily muscled, but pale, young man with dark red hair and somewhat boyish good looks. He wears heavy armor.

Personality: An enigmatic youth who was, in a way, adopted by Kiyomori to serve due to his vast magical potential. He is rash and impulsive, and eager to enter combat, not knowing or caring about the consequences. He is very eager to prove himself.

Background Info: He started life as a simple boy in Kai Province, until his parents died and he manifested magic powers and killed his scheming uncle in a bout of rage. That was when he was brought into Kiyomori's fold. From then on, he was taught hurting people when your angry is a very good thing.

Weapon: Chaos Crusher, a huge gauntlet.

Special Mounts: NightMare, a skeletal horse he created from an attempt at necromancy.

Other: He is a womanizer, a sickening one.

12/24/2009 #4

(I hope these are alright... Lol.. It's a little late but I decided to send it in anyway.)

Name: Mitsuki Kuromori

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Wei

Appearance: Mitsuki stands at five feet and nine inches and is quite slim, though she has a strong, muscular build. Mitsuki has navy blue eyes, and short raven black hair, possibly an inch shorter than Mitsunari Ishida's (for reference, hehe). Mitsuki wears black garb, consisting of an armored shirt, pants, and shoes. Her shirt has shoulder armor built into it, as well as armor along the forearms. She has armor covering her chest and her abdomen. Her black pants are samurai pants that seem to flare out at the bottom (think Mitsuhide Akechi in black, almost). Her shoes are simple black slip-ons with armor at the top of the feet, though running is still comfortable for her.

Personality: Mitsuki's absolute favorite pastime is bugging the hell out of Mitsunari Ishida. Generally, Mitsuki is a pretty cheerful person. She enjoys making jokes and sarcastic remarks, though the only person she actually tries to annoy is Mitsunari himself. Mitsuki always seems to have an opinion, and can be quite blunt unless she actually thinks it smart to keep her mouth shut. Otherwise, Mitsuki actually does have common sense, and is quite intelligent, proving herself to be a worthy strategist. That was probably how she ended up meeting Mitsunari in the first place. Mitsuki doesn't take crap from anyone and can beat anyone to a pulp if she is provoked.

Background Info: Mitsuki was born into a family of warriors, to say the least, in Japan near Omi. Her father was a ferocious warrior serving the Oda, and she had two brothers who ended up following in his footsteps. When Nobunaga Oda died, her father had fallen with him at the hands of one of Mitsuhide Akechi's men. Before the death of her father, her brothers taught her everything they knew in order to become strong as well. Her mother had not been a warrior, but she was a strong-willed and hot-headed woman and could have been a warrior if she had wanted to. Unfortunately she, so filled with sorrow after the death of the father, had committed sepukku (?) about a week later. Needless to say, Mitsuki wasn't entirely thrilled with the fact that Mitsuhide Akechi, whom Nobunaga Oda (and to some extent, her own father) trusted, had his army kill both her father and Oda. With the combat and strength she had gained and learned while training with her brothers, she sought out Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a former warrior loyal to the Oda, and was allowed to join his new army after proving her worth. Her brothers had done the same. Upon being accepted into the Toyotomi army and starting their journey to Yamazaki to face the Akechi, Mitsuki met the strategist and one of Hideyoshi's loyal retainers, known as Mitsunari Ishida. There was something about him Mitsuki found intriguing (it couldn't have been the fact he told her to leave him be after they introduced themselves to each other). From that day forward, Mitsuki felt compelled to stick around with him and annoy him. It was fun. Her brothers left the army after defeating the Akechi in order to start anew.

Weapon: Savior and Fear. Savior is her katana. The handle is crimson with gold lining. Fear is her wakizashi. This handle is pitch black with silver braided into it.

Special Mounts: A black stallion by the name of Kuroi. Considered to Mitsuki as her "baby," Kuroi's harness is silver with black and crimson lining.

Other: Eh...


Name: Xiu Feng

Sex: Female

Affiliation: Samurai

Appearance: Feng has bright green eyes and cropped black hair. She stands at five feet and six inches and has a slim build. Feng is normally seen wearing a red Chinese top with gold lining around the color and down the middle vertically. There are three gold buttons at the collar. Feng also wears red capris with gold lining the bottom of the pant legs, and gold lining going up both sides. She wears black slip on shoes and little armor. There is a small scar underneath her left eye.

Personality: For the most part, Feng is silent. She rarely talks and when she does, she says as little as she possibly can. Feng doesn't particularly enjoy talking, so when something is in need of a long explanation she will try to condense it as much as she possibly can. Underneath her silence lies an intelligent and tough girl. Feng can come off as cold at times, and sometimes she is very blunt. She also gets annoyed easily when she's stuck with immaturity or childishness. How she is ever able to manage to handle the arguments/fights between Ling Tong and Gan Ning is beyond anyone.

Background Info: Xiu Feng's mother originally was one of the maids working for the Sun family in the kingdom of Wu. Her father was an officer of Wu. For the longest time, the maid had been secretly seeing the warrior in a secretive relationship. However, something had gone wrong and Xiu Feng was born. The maid died at child birth and the warrior deeply regretted everything, though he tried his hardest to raise the girl as his own. Feng was completely unaware of what had truly happened during her birth, as her father had covered up the incident with a different excuse. He'd told Feng that her mother had really been a peasant in the nearby village, and a year following Feng's birth the woman died of a disease spreading around the village. Feng believed that one tale for most of her life, and she grew up and trained as a young warrior of Wu. Her first battle had turned out as a success, and her father could not have been more proud. It was during the small celebration between her, her father, and a few of the friends she'd made within Wu when her father had mistakenly gotten drunk and spilled the secret to her-- Feng was really a mistake. Her mother had been a maid and had accidentally gotten herself pregnant. Then she died the moment after Feng had been born. Stupidly, her drunken father had announced it aloud to all who were able to hear within that room. Feng ran off, nearly in tears that night. After her father sobered up, he realized his mistake and tried to apologize. But Feng wouldn't hear it. It wasn't until two months later, when Gan Ning and Ling Tong met and grew a hatred for each other, when Feng had finally forgiven her father, as well as apologized for holding a grudge so long. After Orochi created chaos, Feng stuck with Ling Tong.

Weapon: Soul-- Feng's pole staff. The main color is red, with about four inches at each end colored gold. There is a tiger symbol in gold around the pole's middle. Feng also carries around sharp daggers and throwing knives at all times. Each dagger/knife has a red handle with Wu's symbol embroidered in it with gold.

Special Mounts: N/A

Other: Uh... no.

1/20/2010 #5

Wow...people actually showed up...i'm so sorry that i abandoned this, but i'm happy that people decided to join. If you all are still interested (which i doubt due to my flakiness) all of your characters are ACCEPTED and Phantasy Blade, yes that means that you get be Nagamasa ^_^. Well, i hope to see you all soon again...once again, sorry to have vanished and left this for dead.

2/14/2010 #6

Looks like it died for a while. I will be doing a resurrection

6/8/2010 #7
Death Ryder

I can help out with that, if you're still willing to resurrect it.

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Hello? Hello? Is anyone here? Or did this just shut down?
6/20/2011 #9
Blood of Scarlet
I hope not >.< can I use an original character? E.g. Zhao Yun?
9/5/2011 #10

Name: Yuto Hojo

Sex: male

Affiliation: Samurai (Hojo, Takeda Cavlery and Azai clans to be precise)

Appearance: a young teen, with a slender build, a bit skinny. commonly wears a green Samurai Haykana (that the right word? its the chlothing Takamaru wears when in Samurai Warriors 3) and has brown hair in a short but spiky style. has blue eyes and the heart of a good man.

Personality: Yuto possesses a mixed personallity from those he has been trained with. he has the kindness of Oichi, determination of Shingen, the carefreeness of Ujiyasu and the heart of Kai. yuto also prefers to do stuff with the other warriors, ie: meditating with Kenshin, playing Kemari with Yoshimoto, sparring with Yukimura and so on.

Background Info: Yuto was a young orphan whose parents was killed by Ororchi's forces, Yuto was soon found by Nagamasa Azai and was brought the the Samurai camp and sparked hope with Ujiyasu, himself, Oichi, Kai, Shingen, Hanbei and Kunoichi. each one took turns caring for Yuto until he became a young child, when ghe was taught the ways of the samurai. greatful for those who have taken him in, Yuto wants to have a peacful life, but is allways drawn into battle (for the thrill) and became a sort of body gaurd for Kai. Yuto, in his spare time likes to help with chores around the main camp. he wishes to know his real parents and unite thier spirtrs with his...

Weapon: Kemari ball, combined with an Agate staff. this weapon is Speed and has a Slay attribute.

Special Mounts: Samurai Ambition: a brown horse with a white mane. was given to Yuto as a birthday present by Mitsuhide and Gracia. Yuto treasures this horse and in return, he gives a good speed, and a strong charge.

Other: Musou attack is based off Ujiyasu's but uses the Kemari ball he weilds instead. has strong feelings to Kai, Nagamasa and Oichi Hates Nobunaga, Ieayasu and Kanbei.

6/26/2012 #11

I need to do something with my Otaku life XD

Name: Ao, Hitomi

Sex: Female, definitely female XD

Affiliation: Samurai

Appearance: Hitomi is a thin girl, but is slender and not overly skinny. As her name says, Hitomi has very bright blue eyes, and her hair is waist length and a light orange color. She wears a white belly shirt with no sleeves, and a black over coat with the symbol of the Ao clan on the back((A blue flame XD)). She then wears a pair of black shorts with a bandage on her leg, and knee-high boots and white gloves.

Personality: Hitomi is usually a very cheerful girl. She enjoys time with other people, and is actually quite hard to anger, since she can almost never take something seriously.

Background Info: Hitomi was born in Sekigahara, and was born a lady turned into a warrior. She at first did not think that women should go into battle, but when her home was attacked, she was forced to take up arms. She helped defend the territory, and soon found herself quite versatile with the tessen fan. After years and years of training while still keeping her feminine attributes, her prowess of the tessenjutsu(Tessen techniques) came into the hands of the ambitious Oda Nobunaga. Held fast on the front lines with warriors such as Maeda Keiji and Toyatomi Hideyoshi, Hitomi made a name for herself from the age of 15 to her current age of 19.

Weapon: Ao Namida(Blue Tear(s)) - A large tessen fan much like the Qiao sisters', it his black and green with blue tears and a single red gem for decoration. It has a lightning ability that activates when she throws it at a single target.

Montblanc(White Mountain) - A small katana that is strapped sideways on her back.

Special Mounts: Kiseki(Miracle) - Miracle is a snow white horse with a midnight black mane and tail. She was a very thin horse that was supposed to die because of how skinny and weak she was, but she soon turned into a large, powerful horse. Though not nearly as fast as Red Hare, Kiseki has made an impression when it comes to speed.

Other: Hitomi despises quiet places, which is why she's always hyper and loud, that way there's never any quiet(or peace, rather), when she's around. She also enjoys having tea with Hideyoshi(She likes to call him Monkey-san when in private), sparring with Keiji and Hanzo, and causing trouble and mischief.

Hope it works

6/28/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #12

Name: Kei Hinimoto

Sex: Male

Affiliation: Custom, mercenary.

Appearance: Black hair that reached to his lower neck, which he often ties back in a short ponytail. He wears black cavalry armor and a matching helmet with him with the bottom part curving up to resemble tusks like a boars. He is a taller man, who is well muscled. He often tries to remove his armor, to show off his body. He as a small beard and patch of hair just under his bottom lip (I despise the term "Love patch" )

Personality: Which he can be nice, is is a bit of a smart alleck. He enjoys making wise cracks and quick witted remarks, but is well aware of when to be serious. he can be deep and brooding one moment, and than a total jokester the next. He has a sweet tooth and a habit of falling for just about every girl he see's, though his primary infatuation is Xiao Qiao.

Background Info: A traveling mercenary from japan who served with the Wu Military during the three kingdoms crisis. He was with the Wu faction forces when they were taken by Orochi through his portal, and despite his best efforts, he couldn't protect the Qiao sisters, who though he saw as just that, his little sisters, he held deep feelings for Xiao Qiao. He made a habit of trying to show off when they came around on the battlefield. He also has a deep respect for Zhou Tai, who he has made into something of a rival.

Weapon: his weapon is a custom scythe with a shortened handle, making it easier to control when he spins it about.

Special Mounts: Grey Mist, a large horse roughly 3/4 the size of red hare, the fur of which is a somber grey color.

Other: he enjoys the presence of women, and often will attempt to sneak his way into groups of lovely young women.

9/9/2012 #13

Alright, here I go!


Name: Mahōtsukai Kaotsu

Gender: Male

Age: 29 (at time of supposed death)

Affiliation: Whomever he finds pure

Appearance: Kaotsu is a mysterious figure with raven black hair and a black piece of cloth over the bottom part of his face. His eyes are midnight blue so brilliant they appear to glow against the blackness of the rest of his eyes. He wears a black haori as well as a dark metal breastplate. He wears black pants that have two belts tied diagonally on one leg and one on the other. He wears dark gray boots that reach mid-shin. His hands are wrapped in a dark, dirty cloth.

Personality: Kaotsu, though he acts with a silent-but-deadly attitude around people, if you really befriended him you'd find he's a pretty happy-go-lucky guy who doesn't care for the opinions of others if they are hostile towards him. He is willing to lay down everything to protect others and he expects the same from anyone who he partners up with or whom he befriends. He would ask nothing of anyone that he would not be willing to give of himself. However, if you get him angry, which is a rare occasion, you'll be sure to regret it.

Background Info: Born in 800 B.C.E. in Japan, he was kidnapped at a young age and forced to become a master of Anokoku Majutsu (Dark Sorcery) and Koreijutsu (Necromancy). At first, it was supposed to be the good side of his soul that would be dominate, but a ritual made by his kidnappers sealed away his good side within him, turning him into a being of darkness. For years he grew up into cruelty and brutality, slaughtering entire villages and eventually his own kidnappers. Finally, four brave warriors discovered the seal and managed to break it before they were all killed. Ashamed and infuriated by his own actions, he sought to end his own life but was stopped by the people he had once persecuted. They learned of the seal and pitied the young man more than hated him. He soon proved himself a valuable asset as he sought redemption. He fought off many tyrants and evil spirits until he faced his final battle against a demon known as Fumei Daku. The battle ended in the shattering of the demon's soul and the destruction of Kaotsu's own. He was placed in a tomb and soon forgotten. However, due to his strong past in Koreijutsu, the Shinigami could not take him. After recovering from his battle, Kaotsu broke out of the tomb and sought to quietly observe history and interfere only when necessary.

Due to him being seen by people who lived several centuries after his supposed death, he has earned the title Eien no Kage (The Eternal Shadow). And due to the fact he was darkness turned to good he has also recieved the title Seisei Yami (The Purified Darkness)

Weapon: Kaotsu's weapon of choice is a black katana that can burn with a blood red fire if he grows angry. However, if he truly wants to unleash his power or slay a large number at once he can summon forth a large bone scythe that's his own size.

Special Mounts: Gained from his days as a Kokumajutsu-shi (Black Sorcerer) he has gained the ability to meld with his own shadow and travel through the shadows of others as long as they connect. He does know how to ride a horse if he needs to however.

Other: Due to the fact that he is technically already dead he is very hard to kill. However, he is noticeably more fragile in brighter areas. He can die but only out in the sunlight due to being still alive due to Koreijutsu. He does tend not to get too attached to people due to this fact. It is said he once had a young daughter but she mysteriously vanished and one of his self-issued missions is finding out what happened to her.

9/9/2012 #14

Can I be an original character? Cause I was thinking Sima Zhao.

6/30/2013 #15
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