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Me: I want a pepsi please!

Oh... ahem. Let me introduce myself - I am Leah the hedgehog, half created by the noctorius Dr. Eggman. I was once human, but then reverted into a lime-green hedgehog.


Yeah, I have lots of OC's for your conveniunce. Still, I want a pepsi! Just like my OC Leah the hedgehog.

5/3/2010 #1

(Well, thats cool. However, I can't actually give you a pepsi)

Kath:Coming right up.

*Kath goes fills up a glass and cames back and hands it to Leah*

Kath:Here you are.

5/4/2010 #2
detective gemini


5/12/2010 #3
Ashes of Chaos

Keiji: *falls out of portal face first* Ouch! Ugh, note to self: do NOT ask Sonic to Chaos control me somewhere again. *rubs head and looks around* Cool! Other OCs!

6/19/2010 #4
detective gemini


6/19/2010 #5
Ashes of Chaos

Keiji: I would like a sweet tea please. *Looks at waitress* Does she talk? *Points at Artemis*

6/19/2010 #6
detective gemini

Artemis:I am not a girl. I am a boy.

6/19/2010 #7
Ashes of Chaos

Keiji: *Sweatdrops* Ohmygod! I am so sorry! It's just your name and.....

6/19/2010 #8
detective gemini


6/19/2010 #9
Ashes of Chaos

Keiji: Sorry!

6/19/2010 #10
detective gemini

Artemis:It's okay.


6/19/2010 #11
Ashes of Chaos

*Blazic and Willow appear in flash of light with Shadow*

Blazic: Thanks Shadow!

Keiji: *Mutters obscenities*

Shadow: What? All you had to do was ask!

Keiji: Shadow?

Shadow: Yeah?

Keiji: Shut up. Now.

Blazic: Shadow, I think you need to go! I heard a rumor that Rouge is spreading rumors about Maria....

Shadow: SOOOOONIIIIIC!!!! Chaos Control! * Disappears in flash of blue light*

6/19/2010 #12
detective gemini



6/19/2010 #13
Ashes of Chaos

Blazic, Keiji, and Willow: *Sweatdrop*

6/19/2010 #14
detective gemini

Artemis:She is shy.

Eve:*still hides*

6/19/2010 #15
Ashes of Chaos

Willow: Same here.

6/19/2010 #16
detective gemini

Artemis:Come out.

Eve:*comes out slowly, she wasa mint colored racoon*

6/19/2010 #17
Ashes of Chaos

Keiji: I have to go. I forgot that I had to talk to Rouge.

Blazic: Go get her Keiji!

6/19/2010 #18
detective gemini


6/19/2010 #19
Ashes of Chaos

Willow: Hehe! Nothing!

6/19/2010 #20
detective gemini


6/19/2010 #21
detective gemini


6/21/2010 #22
Ashes of Chaos

You have no right to do the crap. So stop.

6/21/2010 #23
detective gemini


6/21/2010 #24

little kids read this and your setting a very bad example for 'em

6/22/2010 #25
detective gemini

Xyrax:*walks in*

6/24/2010 #26
Ashes of Chaos

Willow and Annika: *step out of portal*

Annika: Whoa...

Willow: Yeah.

6/24/2010 #27
detective gemini


6/24/2010 #28
Ashes of Chaos

Willow: Hi...

Annika: *Hides behind Willow*

6/24/2010 #29
detective gemini

Xyrax:Whats got Annika?

6/24/2010 #30
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