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Ashes of Chaos

Willow: Oh! She's just shy, thats all.

6/24/2010 #31
detective gemini

Akira:*goes near her gently*Miss it's okay.*smiles warmly*

6/24/2010 #32
Ashes of Chaos

Annika: *stares up at Akira confused*

6/24/2010 #33
detective gemini

Akira:*extends his hand to her*I am Akira.

6/24/2010 #34
Ashes of Chaos

Annika: *Shys away from Akira*

Willow: You do know she's only seven.

6/24/2010 #35
detective gemini

Akira:Same here. I am seven.

6/24/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #36

(hi. I ish new here =P)

Nami (see icon, red fox): *bored out of her mind alone, staring out a window* ... Wonder what Sheena's up to... *takes laptop out of backpack, puts headphones on that are hooked to the laptop, then goes on YouTube* What should I listen to...? Promise, maybe? *clicks on video for the song Promise by Hirose Kohmi* ( ...

6/30/2010 #37
Starlight the Hedgehog

Starlight: *Orders a cup of lemon tea and sits down at a table* This is a really interesting cafe. *drinks tea and looks out the window, watching other characters and people walk by*

(I'm also new to this too. ^^; )

7/21/2010 #38
detective gemini



7/21/2010 #39

Nami: *starts singing along to Promise, not noticing Starlight only a couple tables away from her*

7/23/2010 #40
detective gemini

Oric:Nice singing.

7/23/2010 #41
Starlight the Hedgehog

Starlight: *looks around the cafe and notices a person singing a song* Wow, she's really good.

7/23/2010 #42

Nami: *doesn't hear either of them* *still singing*

7/23/2010 #43
detective gemini

Louis:*sings and dances this*

7/23/2010 #44

Nami: *starts singing and dancing to Cirno's Perfect Math Class* (

7/23/2010 #45
Starlight the Hedgehog

(I love that song XD )

Starlight: *takes out iPod and listens to Final distance*

7/23/2010 #46
detective gemini

Louis:*smiles*You are good there mam.

7/23/2010 #47

Nami: *smiles back* Thanks.

7/24/2010 #48
detective gemini


7/24/2010 #49

Nami: *starts listening to Shotarella* ( *fangirl giggle*

7/24/2010 #50
detective gemini

Louis:Nice music choice.

7/24/2010 #51

Nami: *chuckles* Well, I'm a yaoi fangirl x3

7/24/2010 #52
detective gemini


7/24/2010 #53
Starlight the Hedgehog

Starlight smiled and got up out of her chair, laughing a bit. "Really? I like Yaoi too. It depends on who though."

7/24/2010 #54
detective gemini

Louis:*confused as hell*Yaoi?!

7/25/2010 #55

Nami: The term "yaoi" is used to describe love between two males. In anime, it's most common for yaoi couples to be between the ages of 13-20. The similar term "yuri" is used for two females in love. Both usually consist of either "fluff," which is light romance; or "lemons", which is sex. Sorry for poisoning your innocent mind. *laughs*

7/25/2010 #56
detective gemini

Louis:Okay....not to be rude but that is a little messed up in my book.

7/25/2010 #57

Nami: *smile* *starts singing Usa's part to Romeo and Cinderella chorus version* (

7/26/2010 #58

*Sweat drops* Sorry it's been... *ahem* long time...

7/29/2010 #59

NAMI: *zoned out*

8/11/2010 #60
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