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Juba:Still though, Tong was powerful. I didn't expect a smack from a wing could be so hard.

6/12/2010 #301
detective gemini


Roseta:Now lets go inside.

6/12/2010 #302


*Juba looks at Dante*

Juba:Hold on a minute you two.

6/12/2010 #303
detective gemini


6/12/2010 #304

Juba:Dante, I know that you may not want to, but I need to see your powers.

*Dante seemed scared*


Juba:Listen, I understand that you are scared, but I need to know your power.

Dante:*Scared*No! I have no powers!

6/12/2010 #305
detective gemini

Roseta:Leave him alone!

6/12/2010 #306

Juba:Dante, please understand that none of us will think of you as a monster.

*Dante gets even more scared*


6/12/2010 #307
detective gemini

Roseta:I said leave him Juba.*carries him and runs*

6/12/2010 #308

*Juba shifts into phoenix mode and flies ahead of them and lands in front of them. Dante is in awe of Juba's power*

Juba:This is part of my power.

*Dante didn't look scared at all. He seemed memorized by Juba's phoenix mode*

6/12/2010 #309
detective gemini

Roseta:Leave him be.

Simatrex:What will you do with me?

Calyspo:It's what I will do.*comes gently close*


Calypso:It's need to fight anymore.*hugs him*

Simatrex:*hugs her crying and a heart beat grows*

6/12/2010 #310

Juba:Dante, listen to me carefully, there is no need to be afraid of your powers that you have. The time will come when you will need to use them to protect those who are dear to you. Like Roseta.

*Dante looks at Roseta*

Juba:Fear can be a controlling factor in someone's life. You're parents used this fear so that you wouldn't use your powers. Why? Two reasons. One was that they were jealous of your powers. They didn't have them and they were jealous that you got them. The second one is actually of fear itself.

*Dante looks less scared*

6/12/2010 #311
detective gemini

????:*artemis*Listen to him.


Artemis:Heck no. I am normal and back.

6/12/2010 #312

*Dante stared at Juba*

Juba:They feared your power and hated the fact that you made them afraid of this power. So, they used fear to control you. Do you really want to be afraid of your gift all your life?

6/12/2010 #313
detective gemini

Artemis:Come on listen to me! If you want to protect the one you love, you gotta use what you got.

6/12/2010 #314

*Dante stared at Juba and looked back at Roseta*

Dante:To protect. . . .the one I love.


6/12/2010 #315
detective gemini

Roseta:*smiles*Do it. For me.

6/12/2010 #316

*Dante hesitated and then took off his coat. Then, angel wings sprouted from his back. Dante looked ashamed*

6/12/2010 #317
detective gemini

Roseta:*smiles and in awe*So beautiful. Why ashamed darling?

6/12/2010 #318


*Juba reverts back into his normal form*

Juba:Indeed. Those are not the wings of a monster. They are the wings of an angel.


Juba:I'm not surprised your parents didn't tell you anything. They wanted you to believe your wonderful wings were a bad thing.

Dante:They aren't?

6/12/2010 #319
detective gemini

Roseta:No, they are not my love they are of pure light. Thats your power...light

Artemis:Juba call my dad, tell him his son is comming home.

6/12/2010 #320

Juba:Alrighty did. That means my suspcion was true.

Dante:What do you mean?

Juba:Tong is your Nobody.

Meanwhile, in a white liar:

Tong:Tch, and everything was going so well. Until you messed it up Nakamura.

Nakamura:I messed it up?

Tong:Please. You couldn't capture a hedgehog that uses ice powers. You have fire. It should have been easy.

Nakamura:She's strong than she looks, or would the Demon of Heart like to try to capture her!

6/12/2010 #321
detective gemini

Xone:Enough, we should focus on our mian plan.

Artemis:Oh my.

Roseta:But I am happy your safe love.

6/12/2010 #322

Dante:So, no one is afraid of my power.

Juba:No. You have a gift. The wings of an angel.


Tong:Fine. But without Glacia, how are we going to lure Juba into a trap?

Nakamura:We could use you as bait.

Tong:Don't you dare start with me fatty.

Nakamura:What did you just call me?

*Everyone heard someone play checkers and looked over to see a hooded figure playing checkers with himself*

????:Would you please stop your argument. It is most nerve wracking to the comrades around you. Wouldn't you agree Master Xone?

*He moves another piece*

6/12/2010 #323
detective gemini


Daxturn:Oh goody it's the stuck up.

Artemis:*calls Surf*

6/12/2010 #324

????:Very funny Daxturn. However, the reason Nakamura couldn't capture the prey was because she is too thick headed.

Nakamura:Oh, and you could do better. Your power is water. She would freeze you in an instant.

????:And I know that. It is important to achknowledge ones weakness.


Dante:So. . .Roseta, you aren't afraid either?

*Surf appears, and hugs Artemis*

6/12/2010 #325
detective gemini

Artemis:Moma. I am sorry for three years I have been gone I am so sorry.

Daxturn:Remember who is the master of ice here.

Xone:You are but right now we need to get them back.

6/12/2010 #326


*Moves another piece*

????:Master Xone is correct. We lost Simatrex. That means we currently have only 12 members now. It should be 14.

Nakamura:Alright then Xene, what do you propose we do?

*Xene moves another checker piece*

Xene:I do have an plan. However, I think it should wait until Wenko arrives. After all she is-

*The hear a yawn and another hooded figure enters*

Wenko:(tired)I'm right here. Mistress of Wind.

Xene:Have a nice nap?


Surf:It's alright.

(Night. Sleepy time)

6/12/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #327
detective gemini

Xone:We get him back. He is our strongest. Get him here. On my orders.

Frix:*reading his book*Look master do you really think that it's worht any codoling?


6/12/2010 . Edited 6/13/2010 #328

Surf:It's okay.

Juba:Now then, we can all relax for now.


Xene:So, Master Xone, what do we do about Juba then?

6/14/2010 #329
detective gemini

Xone:Leave him to me. I shall deal with him.


6/14/2010 #330
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