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Noah is Potato

Okay, here is where you make your person, you may only have up to 7 characters, okay?

Student Application




Preferred clothing: (Like the style, for example: Skater clothing, Goth clothing, you can describe what they actually wear on the Rp)



Dreams: (What they want to be when they grow up)





Other: (Whatever you feel like you should add, or want to add)

Staff Application


Staff Position:








You can add more then just this, this is just a guidline, but I would appreciate it if you don't add more, you use this.

10/31/2009 . Edited by Fox-Eyes09, 10/23/2010 #1

Name: Eleanor (Ellie) Burnett

Age: 15

Appearance: Blonde-brown hair reaching just past her shoulders, blue eyes, slightly shorter than most girls her age, freckles

Preferred clothing: Simple, non-revealing clothing. Her preferred outfit is a pale pink t-shirt and knee-length denim skirt.

Personality: Quiet, kind, caring, friendly, emotional, easily offended

Talents: She can sing well (but doubts herself and avoids singing in front of people), and she can play the piano

Dreams: She'd really like to be an author

Fears: Spiders, heights, and ghosts/spirits

Likes: Chocolate, friends, parties, reading and writing

Dislikes: Nasty people, homework/assignments/tests,

Bio: Eleanor was the oldest of three siblings - she had a younger sister and brother. She loved books, and learnt to read when she was only four years old. By six she was already writing short stories. When she turned ten she started writing novels, and hopes to have at least one finished and sent to a publisher before she leaves school.

Other: N/A

11/1/2009 #2
Noah is Potato

Good job! She is accepted, and will be in dorm #367.

I forgot to make my character!

Name: Lucas Caine

Age: 16

Appearance: Longish Dirty-blonde hair, which is brushed to the side of his eyes. Dark blue eyes, 5'7, and a scar on the right side of his face.

Preferred clothing: any sort of cool jacket, and ripped jeans.

Personality: At first he is cold, mean, and uncaring towards other, but after your his friend, he is loud, obnoxious, childish, playful, and very kind.

Talents: He is a amazing drawer, and he is also a pretty good writer. He is also talented at the guitar, and a little bit of singing.

Dreams: He would really wants to be a writer, and/or artist.

Fears: Heights, death, being alone, and girls.

Likes: Heights, chocolate, reading writing, drawing, playing his guitar, and girls.

Dislikes: Bully, homework, and several other things you'll find out in the Rp.

Bio: Lucas is now a only child, (after his sister was murdered) and a lonely one. He would always draw or write to keep himself entertain, and soon became excellent at drawing. He also learned guitar and taught himself some pretty decent singing. He never had a lot of friends, so his parents sent him to this school, so he would live with other kids and most likely make friends. When in 6th grade, Lucas always hung out with his sister, but one day, she went missing, and Lucas went to find her. When the polices found them, Lucas was fighting with an older boy, cheek bleeding from a knife wound, that resulted in his scar, and they saw his sister dead, cut opened. Lucas was never the same after that and became the cold, mean person most people see today. He also has a deep hatred for the court for not sending the murder to jail because he had a un-stable mind.

Other: You might find him singing to himself quietly, or leaning against a tree writing/drawing, or play guitar.

My guy's is in room number #204.

11/1/2009 . Edited 11/7/2009 #3

Um...hate to break it to you Shadey but you called your character Noah on his bio...


Name: Kyaila La-Piedra

Age: 15

Appearence: Straight, black hair, down to just past her shoulders. She has a side parting and her hair also covers her face. Really dark eyes, almost black. Very skinny. Asian coloured skin (but not Chinese/Japaneses)

Clothing: Usually dark coloured. Never skirts, always trousers and a jumper.

Personality: Very shy and next to no self confidence. Doesn't talke to people unless they talk to her first and hard to make friends with. She's still shy around her friends, just not as much, and is very loyal. Never double crosses people or stabs them in the back, and is has been the centre of rumours/gossip that have cut away at her self esteem.

Talents: She is an amazing dancer. Has a brilliant sense of timing and rythm. Is also a very good singer.

Dreams: She doesn't really have any dreams for the future. She's just focusing on surviving school.

Fears: Being double crossed, lied to, being the centre of attention, big crowds.

Likes: Dancing, singing, doodling, being on her own, her friends.

Dislikes: Bullies, rumours, gossip, unequality.

Bio: Kyaila has two brothers, both younger, but most people don't know that. Her parents have major favouritism issues, always favouring her brothers above her. Was a bit like a slave to the family, always doing the cooking/cleaning and sometimes had to do her siblings homework. Stayed up till late at night to do her homework as her chores took long and wakes up quite early. This habit, however, stuck and so only gets a couple hours sleep everynight.

Other: Likes hanging out in a small area surrounded by trees she found one day while exploring the park near the school. This is where she practises routines and songs she makes up.

11/1/2009 . Edited 12/2/2009 #4
Noah is Potato

Yeah... thanks for pointing that out, Kyaila is accepted and has room #367

11/1/2009 #5

Name: Simon Baker

Age: 16

Appearance: Around 5"8', slim physique, short brown spiked hair, rimless glasses.

Preferred clothing: Black jeans, white shirt and some sort of tie.

Personality: Usually keeps to himself, but is quite talkative to those he's on good terms with as long as they're interested.

Talents: A computer wizard, but also a keen musician. More specifically a drummer and singer.

Dreams: Stuck between Forensic Science and Video Game Design. Doesn't see his music as a realistic path since he can't write his own music.

Fears: Heights

Likes: Rock music, learning new things, pasta, stand-up comedy, vampires, flame wars

Dislikes: Blatant stupidity, bullies, Twilight, Dance music, being framed, flame wars

Bio: After getting kicked out of his local school for an incident involving toothpaste and toilet paper, which Simon could swear he didn't do, he was sent to the boarding school and to prove his innocence he vowed not to get into trouble for his entire stay. His relationship with his parents has always been shaky though.

Other: As you might have been able to tell, Simon is a computer geek.

11/1/2009 . Edited 11/1/2009 #6
Noah is Potato

He is good, and got room # 204

11/1/2009 #7

Oh yeah, why did you put Heights into the Fears and Likes categories for your character Shadow? Thanks though ^_^

11/1/2009 . Edited 11/1/2009 #8
Noah is Potato

That's because he is terrified of heights, but he loves the adreneline rucs it gives him

11/1/2009 #9

Makes sense I suppose...

11/1/2009 #10

awwww, see! Now I don't want to post Aaron because everyone here already has musical talent and saying that Aaron's a guitarist and vocalist would be boring. And I don't want to eliminate that from his profile because he wouldn't be the same character anymore. If you haven't noticed, he broke out into song about a thousand times on the Titans North RP! ("Over the Rainbow," "I'm Henry the 8th I am," "Captain Planet," "Wish You were Here," "Smoke on the Water," "Twisted Nerve," "You Sexy Thing," and I'm pretty sure there's another one...)

And apparently Lucus has a scar on his face (although Aaron's is hidden under his bangs and isn't very visiable anymore), so I can't do that. And that scar is an ESSENTIAL part of his character. You know, the whole getting into a car accident/ anterograde amnesia. Brain damage is part of the reason why he's such an idiot at times.

11/1/2009 . Edited 11/1/2009 #11


I sorta half based my character off of someone I know and she's a really good singer/dancer.

11/1/2009 #12

Yeah, my character's based off of me really, since I can very rarely do so.

11/1/2009 #13
Noah is Potato

Just to let you know, I made a disscusion board.

11/1/2009 #14

Ya, I know. 8P

11/1/2009 #15

Forget it. I'm doing it anyway! I love Aaron too much. Although the other character I was thinking of was very interesting, I wouldn't know how to integrate her into the RP. She would have been one of those loner types that everyone's afraid to talk to.

Name: Aaron Faulkner

Age: 17

Appearance: see avatar

Clothing: usually wears khaki shorts and a tee-shirt of some kind

Personality: Aaron is very whimsical, playful and goofy regardless of, or perhaps even because of, some deep-rooted insecurities instilled in him by his father. Since he tends to deny these feelings of self doubt, he takes very little seriously and appears to be a very laidback guy. Always game for a little fun, he's extremely outgoing and loves being the center of attention. His first instinct is to get a laugh out of anyone by poking fun at himself. Unfortunately, his humor is often mistaken as arrogance and he has a tendency to get himself in trouble, particularly with the girls he flirts with (which he does a lot although it is quite innocent). Regardless of his childish nature, Aaron is genuinely a sweet guy, and will listen if given the chance.

Talents: guitarist and vocalist

Dreams: He has no idea what he wants to be with life. He just wants to get out of it sane.

Fears: Becoming his dad, getting high/drunk,

Likes: music (particularly Led Zepplin, The Who, Pink Floyd, and similar bands), being the center of attention, joking around, dogs

Dislikes: People without a sense of humor, school, peer pressure

Bio: Although his paternal family is heavily plagued by drug addiction, Aaron is particularly haunted by his father's severe alcoholism. Ranging from overly eccentric, debilitatingly depressed, and painstakingly sadistic, a drunken Nicholas Faulkner is far from predictable. Being subjected to relentless criticism and manhandling, both Aaron and his younger brother suffered from great psychological distress. But even at a young age, Aaron was very successful in keeping his pain private through distraction and denial. Regardless of all the grief that was caused, Aaron still considers his father to be a 'good man who made a life-altering mistake.'

At age 13, Aaron's world was turned upside-down when he became the victim of his father's drunken driving. In addition to receiving a broken arm and minor cuts/bruises, Aaron suffered from debilitating hippocampal damage from the accident. After waking from a 2 week coma, he had to cope with severe dissociative/anterograde amnesia. When drug treatments seemed to help at a physiological level but showed no behavior changes, he was sent to a psychiatrist, who suggested that the external lack of improvement stemmed from a psychological block. After a little over a year of intense psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, he was finally well enough to function in society again. However, his short-term memory is still quite poor and he is prone to relapse, particularity if stressed. This is his first year at the boarding school. His psychiatrist suggested that taking a break from his home environment would do him good.

Other: Back home, he earned money by playing guitar gigs and working at a music shop as a guitar associate.

11/1/2009 . Edited 5/5/2010 #16
Noah is Potato

Cool, he gets room #214

11/1/2009 #17
Noah is Potato

Name: Markus (Mark) Hess


Apperance:Longish black hair, which is brushed to the side of his eyes. Green eyes, 5'11. He is also really muscled, buff you could say.

Preferred clothing: He has no real style, except always wears ripped jeans.

Personality: He is loud, obnoxious, and childish. He is always playing pranks, and always getting on peoples last nerve.

Talents: He is a fast runner.

Dreams: He wants to go to the Olympics when he is older.

Fears: He is afraid of silences, that's about it, and dieing alone.

Likes: Girls, working out, rock bands, meat, jokes, pranks.

Dislikes: Bully's, stuck-up people, and really serious people.

Bio: Mark is the oldest of five kids, and is troubled kid. Though he hide's it, his mind is very disturbed, and he often wakes up in the middle of the night screaming non-sense. He had been at this school since he was 15 because his parents thought it would be better for him. When he was in 7th grade, a girl made him so made, that he kidnapped her and took her to the forest. He was about to rape her, but was stopped by her brother, who he managed to cut his face with his blade, and just cut her open, killing her. Mark was arrested, but didn't go to jail because he had a un-stable mind, and it wasn't really his fault. Instead, he face a year of Juvie, and went to several consoles and therapists.

Other: He is always challenging people, and always up on his feet. And he will occasionally slip into theses, 'episodes,' that will show his disturbed side. When he is in his disturbed mood, if you say his little sister's name, Linds or Lindsy, he might snap out of it.

Mark is in room #214

11/3/2009 . Edited 11/7/2009 #18

awwwwwww...I was thinking about inserting Kit and making her the track star type. YOU ALWAYS STEAL MY IDEAS FIRST! WHY! ARE YOU PSYCHIC AND ENJOY SEEING MY AURA WILT?

11/3/2009 #19
Noah is Potato

I'm sorry... again.... but if you still put her in, they could be rivals, and it would be fun because Kit would probably be the one who would bring out Markus's more disturbed side.

11/3/2009 #20

Really? I was thinking best guy friend since her main click is with the track guys (and some of the more dedicated girls). If you really want to make things awkward, though, I suppose she could be his ex? (drama, drama, drama, drama…) Either PM me or go on the discussion board to talk about it with me, Shadow. Also, what events does Marcus do? (I'm a track junkie so I need PRs and everything!)

Name: Katherine (Kit) Bryden

Age: 16

Appearance: tasseled, slightly wavy, caramel-colored hair that comes down to mid-back (usually let loose unless working out or at practice, in which case, worn in a messy ponytail) blue eyes, 5'4''; athletic but still feminine body,

Preferred clothing: Usually wearing a tank and running shorts when working out (wears a team sweatshirt over it if running in the cold). Otherwise, prefers wearing earth tones, blues, and grays... (jeans/cargo shorts/cropped pants with a tee shirt.)

Personality: Kit is a competitor, a bit of a tom boy, and a hard worker. Not only does she excel in anatomy and medicine, but she's a top athlete as well. She's talented in many martial arts (particularly jeet kune do), an avid distance runner, and a flexible yogi. Although quite insecure (due to being unable to meet the impossibily high standards she sets for herself), she has a lot a pride. She can be very headstrong and stubborn but still has common sense. However, she'll let you in if you earn her trust, and once a deep connection is made, she's very, very loyal (sometimes to the point of submissiveness and being easy to manipulate). She often subconsciously conforms to the personality of whom she's with. (If she's hanging out with someone goofy, she'll act goofy too.) If you don't have that connection with her, however, she could get quite snappy if you hurt her pride and holds long grudges. In short, if she hates you, you'll know. If she loves you, you'll know too.

Talents: Star distance runner on the school team (XC and W/S track); martial artist (mostly jiu jitsu and JKD), yoga

Dreams: Coming in top 10 at Foot Locker by senior year; wants to be a doctor like her father, although medical examiner also sounds appealing

Fears: failure, never being good enough, disappointing those she admires

Likes: working out, anatomy, beating the guys

Dislikes: drama, being beaten at her own game

Bio: Is an only child living with her mom, dad, and German Shepard, Ben. Her relationship with both her parents is good, although she is particularly fond of her father (who is a doctor). When she showed potential in both medicine and track, she was sent willingly to boarding school last year in hopes of thriving in the accelerated programs.

Other: She can usually be found at the track/gym. She idolizes her coach and is often caught discussing strategy, potential workouts, and PRs with him. She is definitely coach's pet and is often teased for it. Although she's mainly a A-/B+ student, she's a whiz at biology and always eager to learn more about the subject.

11/3/2009 . Edited 5/20/2010 #21

Right, okay, I'm making another!! (And there's nothing you lot can do about it!!)

Name: Holly (Delilah-Rose) Birch (Known to one by her old friends as 'Hollz')

Age: 16

Appearance: Dark brown hair, very poofy, slightly frizzy and uncontrolable. Goes down to shoulders. (When it's wet it goes slightly past her shoulders) Blue eyes that vary from grey blue to bright blue. She's smaller than average for her age and naturally pretty skinny. She has olive skin and a heart shaped face with fullish lips and a very slight 'ski ramp' nose. Her legs are sorta long in comparison to her body.

Preferred Clothing: Anything. Pretty much always jeans but on the rare ocasion she wears a skirt, she will wear tights. Doesn't care much for fashion. Likes wearing bright colours the most. Although she dresses more for comfort, sometimes theses aren't the most modest of things like hipster jeans and camisoles. A typical outfit would be blue, flared jeans with cloth patterns stitched on and a sort of low cut yellow tank top.

Personality: A bit wierd and hyper. Daydreams a lot but is still fairly (ie very) bright (although you wouldn't think so from her attitude). Doesn't like swearing or sick-minded humour. If she doesn't like you then she will blank/ignore you. If you're her friend then she will do anything for you and be very loyal. She can't say no to her friends, ever. Sometimes breaks down into mad giggle fits with or without a reason. Obsessed with animals (mainly cats and other felines), colours (mainly yellow and other warm colours) and the elements (her fave is fire). A bit of a tomboy at times. She's very childish at times, dramatic and theatrical. However, she can be a self concious and, as much as she fools around and is confident in being mental, she doesn't have that much self esteem, but this is covered up pretty well.

Talents: She's a good photographer and crazy about art. She doesn't draw, she uses paints to create large, colourful pieces of work and focuses more on colour than detail. Also a very good actress.

Dreams: To become an artist or photographer.

Fears: Spiders, death, vampires, being lonely, cave crickets, being bullied.

Likes: Books, colours, animals, elements, ancient myths/legends, painting, her camera, being childish.

Dislikes: meat, bullys, stuck up people, people who insult her art in a cruel way (she doesn't mind negative feedback as much)

Bio: Grew up with two siblings, both older, one boy and one girl. Her sister is working as a maths teacher at a school local to her home. Her brother has special needs (really badly autistic) and goes to a special school. She looks up to her father as a rolemodel more than her mother. Originally from England and still has the English accent.

She has bad experiences of her old school and almost did something she is ashamed of. She used to get nightmares about it but they stopped when she came to bording school.

Other: Because of her English heritage, she still uses English words for things (Jelly not Jello, Jam not Jelly, Football not Soccor, rugby not football etc...) Usually found in the library, art room or in her room. She's also a semi-vegetarian. Has a piercing on the left side of her nose (but doesn't always wear things in it, and if she does it's only a tiny, almost insible gold thing) and a fake/temporary tattoo on her right arm (Up by her shoulder)

11/4/2009 . Edited 8/30/2010 #22
Noah is Potato

Okay, both Kit and Holly are accepted and will both be in room #388

Foxy, I'll Pm you

11/4/2009 #23

Name: Naomi Sen

Age: 15

Appearance: Dark skin, eyes normally green but appear slightly yellow at times, shoulder-length dark hair, tall, has her nose pierced

Preferred clothing: Naomi looks good in anything, and her preferred outfit is a dark purple top and jeans.

Personality: Kind, outgoing, smart (a bit of a nerd), sometimes flirty

Talents: She's really smart, and she's also kind of psychic - she has had past experiences with things like ghosts

Dreams: She does want to do well in swimming and swimming races

Fears: Whatever her fears are, she does well in not showing them

Likes: Friends, animals (especially birds), reading,

Dislikes: Nasty people, meat

Bio: Naomi lives with her mother, father and little brother. She spends most of her time studying. She's kind of psychic, and has had past experiences with ghosts. One was when she went on holidays and every time she slept in a certain room she'd have a dream of a woman being stabbed to death. It turns out that a woman was stabbed in that house. She had many more scary, ghost-related experiences and she got used to it, not fearing them as much any more. Sometimes she can actually see ghosts, but it is rare. She's vegetarian because her religion, and so she has never tried meat.

Other: She's been at this school for about a year.

((That is OK if I make her psychic, right? I've actually based this character off a person I know and she has actually had ghost-related experiences...I may have just exaggerated them a little to add interest...))

11/10/2009 . Edited 11/10/2009 #24
Noah is Potato

As long as she can't do things like read peoples mind or stuff like that, and she has room #300

11/10/2009 #25

Hi! I was wondering if there was space for another character, this sounds like a cool role play! And if you're wondering, I got Flare's permission for her character in my bio.

Name: Stella Stone

Age: 16 (B-day june 1st)

Apperance: Long Blonde hair with brown highlights (natural). Average height, blue eyes, small nose and her face is more in the long area.

Preferred clothing: Bright colours mostly and her favourite colours are: Purple, pink, blue orange. She never wears revealing clothing, quite modest. Likes wearing big belts, furry boots and denim jackets.

Personality: Nice and friendly, definitely not shy, hates racism, bullying anything like that and usually defends the people who are right like in a fight or something, though sometimes she can get unpopular for it. She never, ever gets a crush on anyone and if she does he has to be the perfect guy! She doesn't swear at all but she can still be mean if she wants too. You do not want to get on her bad side!

Talents: Quite good on the piano. Good at making friends in general, but sometimes it’s the opposite.

Dreams: Getting rid the injustice in the world like racism and bullying and slavery and helping poor people. She would also like to be a world class pianist.

Fears: Spiders, embarrassed in front of crowd real bad (even though she’s not shy), death of her loved ones (sometimes)

Likes: Her friends, happy people when she makes them happier, strawberries, when everyone gets along

Dislikes: Bullies, racist people, people who are very lazy, snobs

Bio: She was born and raised in England. She lived in Birmingham and went to school there until she was nine. Then she moved to London because of her parents’ jobs and stayed there for three years. She was bullied quite a bit because of her defence of the ‘nerds’ when they got picked on. Her best friend was Holly Birch when she moved to the south of England and she left after two years. Then she went to Asia to help the poor for a year. After that, her family settled back in England for a bit of the year and she was sent to boarding school in America when they saw all the amazing facilities.

Other: She has an English accent so she says English words like motorway instead of freeway and stuff like that.

11/28/2009 . Edited 12/4/2009 #26
Noah is Potato

Accepted, she's in room #300

11/30/2009 #27

Hi! Can I um...start putting her in now please? Just wondering!

11/30/2009 #28
Noah is Potato

YEP! beware though, Foxy is demented, and I'm her newly reborn son.

11/30/2009 #29

*nods solumnly* It's true....wait, what?

11/30/2009 #30
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