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No, they don't unless you wanted to make one for the hell of it. We don't even roleplay weekdays anymore because the first week took us far too long to roleplay. We skip right to the weekend. Right now it's late Sunday morning (11am?), October 9th.

11/29/2010 #541

Okay one last question. Can they have pets? And I think I'll just make Miranda be at the school since she was a freshman, and now she is a junior.

11/29/2010 #542

Sure. Something that would be comfortable living in a dorm room though. No Newfies or Great Danes. :P

11/29/2010 #543

Okay thank you.

11/29/2010 #544
Red Queen Megz

Can I join?

12/2/2010 #545

Sure, first step is to fill out the application form. If you get it in tonight Foxy will look at it the next time she is on and give the old official stamp of approval.

12/2/2010 #546


What Loves said dear. ^^

12/2/2010 #547

Student Application

Name: Mandy Clarken

Age: 16

Apperance: Short black hair, a little chubby, short. Hazel eyes and light skin.

Preferred clothing: Gothic Lolita(dresses!) she wears them because their different and their fun.

Personality: She is nice but very quit and shy.

Talents: Acting, singing, and writing

Dreams: English Teacher

Fears: Hates hights and water.

Likes: Anime, loves music. Acting. Total and completely, 100 percent harry Potter geek.

Dislikes: Spiders, hights, annoying girls, and onions.

Bio: Mandy is a shy girl that most mistake for very weird. She Doesnt have many friends. Her grades a farely decent. Her life at home is pretty normal, has two loving parents and an older brother Derrik.

Other: (Whatever you feel like you should add, or want to add

12/3/2010 #548

Accepted and in room #303 with Miranda

12/4/2010 #549


12/5/2010 #550

Name: M.J. Elkins

Age: 17

Apperance: Muscular build, about 5'11 in height, and tan skin.Short, curly blond hair and blue eyes.

Preferred clothing: Normally basket ball shorts and a tight tank top, occasionally a football jersey. Athletic shoes and no matter what he is doing he wears a jock strap.

Personality: Strong and somewhat narrow minded. He likes to play pranks and joke around. He can be cocky and rude, but can get emotional at times.

Talents: He is very athletic and can adept to almost any sport.

Dreams: A pro athlete.

Fears: Getting injured, public humiliation, and not being able to participate in a game.

Likes: Sports, music, cars.

Dislikes: School work, and annoying people.

Bio: M.J grew up in a normal family with a couple siblings. He had been athletic all of his life, but struggles with a big secret. At age 12 he figured out that he wasn't attracted to women. He still pretends that he does so no one will get suspicious.

Other: No one knows about his secret.

12/5/2010 #551

Accepted and in room #232 w/ Ike

12/5/2010 #552

Thank you.

12/5/2010 #553

Name: Matthew Patrick


Apperance: Just a face claim:

Preferred clothing: (This doesn't make him similar to Patrick Jane.... He just likes formal...) Formal Suit

Personality: (Yes. Patrick. From the mentalist likes magic. But thats it!) Strange, Nice, Interested in magic

Talents: (Same here) Magic, A great power of judgement.

Dreams: None yet

Fears: Clowns, Sometimes

Likes: Magic, Anything abnormal

Dislikes: Anything normal

Bio: (He. Isn't. From. The. Show. The only reason he's similar Is because I watch the show. And I find him interesting. But I can't make the ACTUAL Him. So I tried to make him have the same but different.) He grew up in the circus. Don't mess with him, He's a bad$@$. Not winning every mental challenge, Though he can win some. He is best in his mental personality

Other: Knows Violet...

12/6/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #554

Accepted and in room #238 (next male character to be made will be his roommate)

12/6/2010 #555


12/6/2010 #556
White Tiger Friend

Name: Haku Brisinger

Age: 17

Apperance: Very muscularly built and tan, about 6 foot. Has light grey eyes and light brown shaggy hair. Also has a dragon tattoo his right shoulder and wraps around to his chest. Here's a picture of the tattoo, same dragon design, just blue and green.

Preferred clothing: Generally wears a black tank top with cheap ripped up jeans.

Presonalitly: Walks around acting like he is mean and rebelious when he is actually a very sweet and caring person. He chooses to not let his sweet, caring side through in fear of his secret getting loose. And is very perverted

Talents: He is good at boxing, football, and track and field.

Dreams: To invent something and make loads of money off it

Fears: Someone finding out his secret, is claustraphobic, and failing in his hobbies.

Likes: Cars, pizza, music, Mountain Dew

Dislikes: People who diss him or his friends, not a big fan of most vegitables

Bio: He grew up in a family of four; mom, dad, sister, and himself. His parents have always though of him as a rebel because of all the calls from his school they have gotten. His sister, on the other hand, sees right through his act, so he always let his true self shine when he is with her. She also figured out his secret, but promised never to tell anyone.

Other: His secret is that he is gay.

12/9/2010 . Edited 12/9/2010 #557

Accepted and in room #237

12/9/2010 #558
White Tiger Friend

Yay, thank you!

12/10/2010 #559

Name: Roxanne (Roxy) Michaels


Apperance: Slender figure and stands about 5'7. She has purple eyes and pale skin. Her hair is shaved on the sides back and a little in the front, to create a mohawk type thing. Her hair sticks up a few inches from her head and it is black with neon blue tips. Her hair is messy and sticks up in all different directions. She is covered in tatoos from her neck to her ankles.

Preferred clothing: Tight leather pants, shirts and jackets, cowboy boots or stilettos.

Personality: She can be a trouble maker, and is normally meaner than she has to be. Roxy can be very sarcastic. She doesn't really care about what others think about her. She has many layers, and after you peel oll of them away, you will see a insecure young lady that is damaged from her past.

Talents: Skateboarding, spray paint art


Fears: Becoming like her twin sister Daisy.

Likes: Motorcycles, tatoos, anything rebelious.

Dislikes: Preppy people, and authorities, mainly cops.

Bio: She grew up in a abusive home as an only child. Her father left before she was born and her mother was a raging alcoholic that frequently does illegal drugs. So Roxy is scarred from her upbringing, which causes her hard exterior. She never talks about her past without hurting someone.

12/10/2010 #560

A rule breaker eh?

12/10/2010 #561

Yeah I've had a character like this for a while now but I could never find the right RP for her.

12/10/2010 #562

Name: Nana Rola

Age: 17

Appearance: Short, skinny, Has shot layered brown hair and green eyes.

Preferred clothing: Dresses that are "Summer" Dresses and flats.

Personality: Nice but can get very frustrated about small things.

Talents: Acting, Guitar

Dreams:Wants to ba an actress

Fears: Hates Spiders and anyother bug.

Likes: Animals, anything theater, and writing.

Dislikes: Bugs. Hates them.

Bio: She comes from a loving family with an annoyng younger sister.

12/10/2010 #563

((I begged and pleaded and he said I could have one more and no more... :) yay!))

Name: Trinity Spencer

Age: 17


Preferred clothing: (Like the style, for example: Skater clothing, Goth clothing, you can describe what they actually wear on the Rp) She loves to dress up. The fancier the occasion the happier she is. Though you will find her in more casual clothing, they still hold a style that is classy.

Personality: Quiet, Trinity is a pleaser of the people. She doesn't like confrontations at all. She studies hard and gets good grades, though she prefers the social side of school, and can make friends easily. However, a people watcher by nature, she often watches the world go by in a quiet corner observing the others at a distance.

Talents: She as a pretty voice and can sing very well... though she does it for her own enjoyment. The stage is not for her.

Dreams: (What they want to be when they grow up) Trinity would love to work with children. One day after marriage, she hopes to have some of her own.

Fears: being alone.

Likes: Fudge, people watching, Sunday mornings (they give her good memories from home) the smell of cinnamon rolls baking.

Dislikes: arguments of any kind. Confrontations and conflict.

Bio: Growing up a only child of parents that worked high powered jobs, Trinity's only companion was a nanny imported from the Philippines. She was given every material good that a child could ever want. However, all she really wanted was a friend. Though her love of dressing up started young with her own obsessive need to dress up her dolls, Trinity's love of fashion moved and grew as she got older. The one thing she misses most from home is her closet.

Other: She was away from school for three weeks, as her parents arranged for her to meet them on a cruise ship to celebrate her 17th birthday. Now she has returned, she's been going to the school since grade nine.

12/10/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #564


Declan will too =) And so will Jude because now she will have a friend=)

12/10/2010 #565


12/10/2010 #566

Cool :)

I was thinking that they might have met before, her parents are ambassadors... ssssoooo possibly they could of met in Paris once or twice... part of that 'circle' of kids, know what I mean?

12/10/2010 #567

That is Genius!

Love you are genius, so yes they met in Paris at a Party The Prices were having to celebrate taking over the Enterprise of a major clothing line company. Jude recognizes her and points her out to Declan, sound okay?

12/10/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #568

I try.. must be the late hour ;)

12/10/2010 #569

All 3 are accepted, but I really have to go to work now so I'll do room assignments/roster stuff later.

12/11/2010 #570
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