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Another OC from Piedras Blancas! Mwhaha :P

Name: Rodolfo Grimaldo

Age: 17

Apperance: Bronze tan skin, short slick black hair. About 6 foot and very muscular. Black eyes and a clean soft face. Pretty good looking

Preferred clothing: Eh i don't what to call it...hmm mostly Brand Name clothes, so I guess Prep/Athletic

Personality: Competitive, slightly cocky, sweet, works really well as a leader, sarcastic yet positive

Talents: Great boxer and soccer player; making people's day; pretty good archer and guitar player; knows how to speak Portuguese and Spanish; great with smaller kids

Dreams: Wants to play for Cruz Azul in Mexico, or work in a mission field in Mexico

Fears: Failure, regret, death within his family or immediate friends, pushing his faith away and forgetting it.

Likes: Soccer, american football, music, people, cultures, food, movies, religion

Dislikes: Fritos, fake-mexican food, slow mushy movies, studying, tests, badly dressed people (black w/ navy etc.)

Bio: Rodolfo grew up in a small town near Managua, Nicaragua. His parents wanted him to get a good education, and so without his consent, they sent him off to an American school. He isn't the best at making grades, but always keeps it up. He also really misses his home-town and youth group, but won't ever show it. Most of all he wants to make the best of his junior and senior year with plenty of friends.

Hey and if you can make Fito a schedule and such can you?

12/1/2009 #31
Noah is Potato

Accepted, he gets room # 206, and I'll Pm you his schedule if you want me to make him one, or you can just make it up as you go along, either way is fine.

12/1/2009 #32

Cool. And make him a schedule por favor (plz)

Oh and thank you!

12/1/2009 #33
Noah is Potato

Okay, but I might not get to it tonight, okay?

12/1/2009 #34

Tis fine! Oh so do I just have Fito walk into the Dorm hallway or does he need to anything/ go anywhere before hand?

Just wondering, I didn't want to mess with the flow.

12/1/2009 #35
Noah is Potato

He can just go to the Dorms, but I was wondering, is this his first year, or has he been going to this school?

12/1/2009 #36

Okay thanks. I wanted this to be his first year, as a junior.

12/1/2009 #37
Noah is Potato

Got it.

12/1/2009 #38

Oh one last thing, is there anyone else rooming in dorm 206?

12/1/2009 #39
Noah is Potato

I don't think so.

12/1/2009 #40

Okay cool! Muchas gracias!

12/1/2009 #41

Name: Ellda Maple (known as Echo because she is really quiet and shy)

Age: 15

Appearance: long black hair, very straight (she couldn't tie a knot in it even if she tried XD), goes down to the middle of her back, short for her age, odd colored eyes (green and brown)

Preferred clothing: whatever she doesn’t care how she looks, but she never wears skirts or pink clothes

Personality: quiet, shy, loyal to her friends, cries easily

Talents: drawing, writing, plays the piano

Dreams: Actor or writer. She can’t decide and is too shy to show people her writings.

Fears: crowds, someone important to her dying, fire

Likes: meat, Italian food, reading, music, animals and bugs

Dislikes: bullies, homework, studying, the color pink

Bio: Lives in an orphanage. Her family had died in a fire when she was very little so she doesn’t remember them, but she has been afraid of fire ever since.

Other: She likes to go outside in the forest and writes there. If someone hears her playing piano she will become embarrassed and walk away.

12/2/2009 #42

Name: Hikari Monty

Age: 16 (female)


Preferred clothing: Punk stuff

Personality: Reserved, quiet and quiet shy normally however when she is performing she becomes much more confident.

Talents: Playing guitar, singing, acting and street fighting

Dreams: To be a famous rockstar

Fears: Her dream being crushed, being hurt by love

Likes: Music, being alone and singing

Dislikes: Perverts, dogs

Bio: Hikari grew up in the bad parts of town without strong parental support. She learnt street fighting to keep herself alive. She found an old guitar and soon was inspired to learn. She got a job serving at a café and payed for a new guitar and lessons. She joined a popular garage band and used the money from their concerts, her job and playing on the street to pay for the boarding school.

Other: She had created a lot of her own music and can spend hours writing music down.

12/2/2009 #43
Noah is Potato

Both accepted, and both are in #112

12/3/2009 #44

I shall make a character!!!!!!!!

Name: Rosemarie Belikov (called Rose)

Age: 17

Apperance: (hair comes to hips)

Preferred clothing: (Like the style, for example: Skater clothing, Goth clothing, you can describe what they actually wear on the Rp) She usually dresses casual, jeans and a tight t-shirt

Personality: Strong, fiesty, sassy, smart, caring, flirts SOMETIMES

Talents: Fighting physically

Dreams: (What they want to be when they grow up) She's not sure

Fears: Fire

Likes: Hanging with guys

Dislikes: Guys who think they're better or stronger than girls

Bio: Her parents died when she was 1, so she grew up with an abusive uncle, who just happened to die in a car "accident" a few months ago

Other: (Whatever you feel like you should add, or want to add) She has a scar on the back of her neck hidden by her hair, and two other long scars on the back of her arms, all from her uncle. (GAH I FORGOT TO ADD THIS!!!: she sounds like cassie steele when she sings, but she never sings in front of anybody, and she doesn't play an instrument)

12/5/2009 . Edited 1/24/2010 #45
Noah is Potato

Accepted, and has room #125

12/5/2009 #46

YAY!!! where should i start her at??

12/5/2009 #47

In the girls dorms! got accepted quickly! I had to wait for two/three days! :(

12/5/2009 #48
Noah is Potato

Either at the dorms, or classes since I think lunch is over.

12/5/2009 #49

okaies XD

12/5/2009 #50

I decided to add another! I'm bringing in CHIVAS!

Name: Juanita Chivas (Likes to go by "Chivas")

Age: 15

Apperance: Real tan skin, freckles on arms and face, golden/yellow-brown eyes, perfect white teeth, skinny, 5'3, brown hair that is usually straightened, tiffany-like chain necklace

Preferred clothing: Like Rodolfo's, Brand-Name clothes (so I guess "Prep"?)

Personality: Spunky, a bit shy, humble, optimistic and sarcastic (that "lovable" personality)

Talents: Smart and witty, great at arguing, acting

Dreams: Still not totally sure.

Fears: Failing, rejection, death

Likes: Music, food, friends, frisbee, animals, Youth, soccer, Aeropostale and American Eagle.

Dislikes: People who diss Mexicans, bad food and music,

Bio: Juanita is a "Mestizo" (half Caucasian and Mexican/Native American) and she grew up in Eagle Pass, learning both Spanish and English at the same time. Her father owns and runs a goat farm outside or Eagle Pass, and because of the school she attended, she got involved in gang activites. Soon she was a part of a really dangerous street gang called the "Racoons" and did well in the group. She kept it a secret from her parents and Rodolfo, and long story short, she made a rival group so mad they planned to kill her no matter what. Chivas then begged her mom to send her to this Boarding School, saying that it was better for her "learning experiences" but it was really to get away from the rival gang members. She is now here at the school in hiding. Also, Chivas is an only child, but has close cousins in Nicaragua (Rodolfo es her cousin)

12/5/2009 . Edited 2/19/2010 #51
Noah is Potato

Accepted, and gets room #125

12/5/2009 #52

Ahh muchas gracias!

12/5/2009 #53

Name: Mina Salvatore

Age: 17

Apperance: About average in height, slightly short by an inch. Slim and naturally tan with deep brown eyes and a bright smile. Dark brown, almost black hair that falls in ringlets to her mid-back.

Preferred clothing: She prefers tomboy-ish clothing and will not be caught dead in anything pink or a skirt or dress. Usually in dark, torn skinny jeans, some sort of t-shirt with a funny saying, black leather jacket, converse, and an assortment of necklaces.

Personality: Smart, sweet, kind, caring, sensitive, cunning, most stubborn person you'll ever meet. Feisty, gentle, tomboy.

Talents: Singing, playing the piano and guitar, playing the drums,dancing, skateboarding, drawing

Dreams: Become a famous singer

Fears: Ravens

Likes: Singing, dancing, drawing

Dislikes: Ravens, snobs, arrogant and ignorant people.

Bio: She grew up in an orphanage, and that's pretty much all she'll say

Other: N/a

12/6/2009 . Edited 2/18/2011 #54
Noah is Potato

Accepted, and gets room #111

12/6/2009 #55


12/6/2009 #56

Is it too late to join?

12/29/2009 #57

No, it's not too late. But you'd have to get your character approved by Shadow. The forum is sort of on pause right now because we can't seem to get the majority of the roleplayers on at once. So it's sort of 2:00am on the roleplay right now.

12/29/2009 #58

Got it, thanks. :)

Name: Phoenix Lolita Anastasia

Age: 15

Apperance: (Kierstin Koppel)

Preferred clothing: Dark clothing, tight at times, loose at others.

Personality: She keeps to herself, not really one to get into others people's business unless she has to. Not afraid to speak her mind, and straight to the point.

Talents: She's good at writting, basketball, drawing, and loves to model.

Dreams: To become a professional model and basketball player. To write a couple of books.

Fears: Being hurt by someone she cares about.

Likes: Basketball, writing, shopping, girls, guys, reading, drawing, hanging with people she cares about, modeling.

Dislikes: Being told what to do and people who beat around the bush.

Bio: Grew up with 4 younger siblings, so she has always loved childern. Her mom is a model and would take her to jobs when she was little. She was born in raised in a small town in Tennesse. Her mom work to up a lot of time so she decied to send her to a boarding school, and her siblings to an Aunt. She took it very had so her goal is to stay closed off from other people, and try to find a way out of the school without being kicked out.

Other: Hates judgemental people.

12/29/2009 #59
Noah is Potato

Accepted, and gets room #111

12/29/2009 #60
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