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Noah is Potato

This is where all the girls dorms are, because I don't want to post a topic for every dorm, just tell what dorm you are in please.

fEach room have two beds, two book-shelfs, two closits, two desks, and one Tv. You can custimise your room further if you want.

Girls Dorms:

#367: Ellie Burnett and Kyaila La-Piedra

#388: Kit Bryden and Holly Birch

#300: Naomi Sen and Stella Stone

#112: Ellda Maple and Hikari Monty

#125: Rose Belikov and Juanita Chivas

#111: Mina Salvatore and Phoenix Lolita Anastasia

#078: Lacey and Nikki Carter Mason

#077: Alina "Aero" Ainsworth, Hazel Nash, and Izzy Johnson

#088: Sakura Hinato and Jillian

#390: Eliza Belle Kalito and Mika Lockheart

#386: Sam Weston and Tami Lineberri

#345: Cassie Blue and Audrey Sinclair

#351: Gwen Gates and Desiree Jones

#304: Megan Weston and Anna Dawnings

#318: Ali Malaris and Nyx Hale

#319: Kenzi Allen and Liz Cooper

#320: Nami and Jackie Sewell

#302: Anya Mortigan and Brooke Anderson

#306: Aria Fallon and Indigo Avens

#333: Sunny Hills and Rosie Chipper

#335: Aurora Skye and Vatani

#305: June and Aika Yamishi

#330: Mila Garcia-Munzy and Azaria Haru

#321: Tamara Green and Leah Mosby

#340: Miranda Davis and Kimi Yamada

#342: Kristina Palmer and Aria Hale

#343: Riley Gordon and Quinn Lein

#344: Rebecca Annabel Marling and Sarah Jane Thornton

#346: June Whitfield and Dakota Helsen

#354: Jude Rory Price and Trinity Spencer

#347: Alissa Chevalier and Mandy Green

#355: Carla Samson and Cady Ross

#356: Emma Scott and Kat Earlings

#357: Phoenix Rugan and Sonia McPherson

#380: Marcia Annabelle Jones and Chloe Goldburg

#307: Phoenix Zanderax and Ronnie Prince

#316: Violette Module and Emily Beaumont

#317: Myrah Johnson and Emily Harper

#303: Miranda Jung and Mandy Clarken

#384: Mariella Itami and Roxy Michaels

#381: Nana Rola and Kyleesha Kadriah

#383: Kimi Tsue and Paige Emerson

#389: Bailey Dallas and H-Jay Wood

# 391: Nayla Liner and Anne Fin

# 392: Ramona Stoner and Valissa Jaden

#353: Sarah Owens and Alicia Cooper

#309: Tina Ross and Kenzie Addison

#310: Ellie Bell and Emma Jean Roland

#311: Annie Katherine Rose and Bonnie Hunt

#312: Alex Stone and Avery Lawrence

#313: Jordyn Rivers and Naomi Westwood

#314: Vienna Kolle and Evangaline Markus

#315: Astrid Lytle and Samantha Miura

#322: Lidia Huston and Kaylee Stewart

#323: Rosalee Moriano and Gi Fae

#324: Kira Torelli and Elaina Margarita Lopez de Martinanaz

#325: Sera Kirkland and Cadie/Skylar/Jackie Freelander

#326: Kiara Rae Sparks and Taylor Jernigan

#327: Josephine Smith and Morgan Brooks

#328: Scarlett Adriana Fitsgerald and Amelie-Em Strauss

#331: Jessica Shaye and Evangeline Kline

#329: Tia Kingsley and Avianna Waters

#332: Gracie Hawkins and Eliza Green

#334: Alisha Villers and Mai Tanaka

#341: Jessica Claywall and Sophia Isobel Theoreux

#336: Dalila Flowers and Ash

#337: Camelle Stone and Storm Rein

#338: Amanda Rose Taylor and Lylee Dell

#339: Gianna Webb and Jasmine 'Jazz' Hawthorne

#348: Eissa Martin and Destery 'Des' Laguna

#349: Lexi Hale and Sandara Lee

#350: Penelope (Penny) Hembringon and Starr (Twinkle) Manning

#352: Neamhain O'Farrell and AnnaKate Emerson

#358: Kimiko Izumi and Balto Kodiak

#359: Amaya Heivick and Tesslyn (Tess) Jayne Oliver

#360: Natalie Woods and Nicki Retro

#361: Clarissa Madeline Jonesworth and Zypher Anderson

#362: Mia Dezen and Roxana "Roxie" Oakton

#363: Alexandra Lee and Victoria "Toria" Azelia

#364: Melody Nerezza and Felicity Hayworth

#365: Zaniki Rose Demelirez and Lilly Ann Chas

#366: Violet and Serenity White

#368: Trinity Rose and Asha Xissori

#369: Sarah "Sar" Evans and Aleera Ma

#370: Pia DeLuca and Seka Yuri

#371: Breeze Kaio and Kristen Stellen

#372: Dawn Cornell and Meloney Morgan

#373: Alexandra Night and Wesley Venici

#374: Alexa Robinson and Arianna Grezuick

#375: Rosella Ammkia

#376: Hailey Robinson and Nina Terrance

#377:Ever Toharu and Jayla Larkspur



11/1/2009 . Edited by Fox-Eyes09, 12/28/2012 #1

Kyaila opened the door to her room (#367) and laid down on her bed, putting the picture on her desk. She thought back to what had just happened. 'Someone actuall talked to me. Maybe this won't be sch a bad year. Nah...he'll probably get sucked onto the side of evil before too long.' Now bitter, she grabbed her homework from her desk and began writing.

11/1/2009 #2

Ellie raced into her dorm room, room number 367, and unzipped her suitcase. She unpacked, hanging up her clothes and putting her books on the shelf. As she had expected, it had only taken her about ten minutes. Why am I so excited about seeing Lucas? she thought with a laugh. I just left him ten minutes ago. She shrugged, and raced out the dorm and back towards the tree.

11/2/2009 #3

A while later...

Ellie slowly made her way up to room number 367, feeling a little bit lonely. She knocked on the door as she opened it. "Anyone home?"

11/3/2009 #4

Kyaila walked down the corridor in the girls dorm. When she got back to #367, she was slightly surprised to see Ellie opening the door and asking "Anyone home?"

Standing slightly beside her, Kyaila murmered, "Hey Ellie."

11/3/2009 #5

Ellie jumped when Kyaila spoke. "Oh hi," she said, smiling. "Where have you been?"

11/4/2009 #6

Kyaila shrugged. "Somewhere..." she answered vaguely, walking into the room and plopping herself down on her bed.

11/4/2009 #7

Ellie walked over and sat at her desk. She pulled out the picture Lucas had drawn out of her pocket, and then pulled out a notebook titled "Diary." She slipped the picture into her diary and put it away. She sighed, and leaned on her desk.

11/4/2009 #8

" enjoying it here?" Kyaila asked, daing herself to try and start a conversation.

11/5/2009 #9

"Um...It's pretty nice, actually. And there are heaps of nice people," said Ellie. "Hey, is there, like, a music room with a piano here?"

11/5/2009 #10

Kyaila nodded. " one of the main rooms and a couple of practise rooms. Do you want me to show you?"

(Practise rooms are little rooms where you can practise musical instruments without disturbing anyone. They usually contain either drums or a piano. I figured they'd have them with all the musical talent and stuff. You don't mind do you?)

11/6/2009 #11

Feeling a little awkward, Kit slipped her key into the lock and entered the room. Noticing that Holly wasn't there, she pulled out a towel and her bath caddy out of the closet and made her way to the bathroom.

11/6/2009 #12

"Yeah that would be great," said Ellie. "Thanks."

11/6/2009 #13

A couple doors from the bathroom, Kit noticed a petite blonde lingering in one of the dorm's doorway. Her body language was very reserved looking. Normally, Kit would walk by, especially since there was a lot going through her mind right then, but she didn't remember this girl from last year.

"Hey," Kit smiled softly to the unfamiliar girl. "I don't know you. Are you new to this wing?"

11/6/2009 #14

Ellie turned around. "Oh, hi," she said. "Yeah, I'm new here. I just came today. I'm Ellie."

11/6/2009 #15

Kit swung her towel over her shoulder in order to free up a hand to offer to Ellie. "Katherine Bryden. Most people call me Kit. Welcome to Lancaster, Ellie."

11/6/2009 #16

Ellie smiled and shook Kit's hand. "Pleased to meet you. How long have you been here?"

11/6/2009 #17

"This is my third year." Kit answered with a nod.

11/6/2009 #18

"Cool," said Ellie. "Is it a good school?"

11/6/2009 #19

"Yeah, they have some really good facilities," Kit smiled. "Extensive library, impressive music block, epic rec center...I put that last one in really good use."

11/6/2009 #20

Ellie smiled. "Cool. Kyalia was about to show me the practice room. I play piano."

11/6/2009 #21

Kit shrugged awkwardly. "Yeah, I don't really know much about music," she admitted. She then peered over Ellie's shoulder and nodded to the other girl in the room.

"Hey, Ky." Kit thought Kyalia was a nice person, but she was much too quiet to get a conversation going with her. It always felt a little unnatural. Besides, she prefered to hang out with the track guys anyway.

11/6/2009 #22

Ellie glanced out the window. It was already almost dark. "Oh, I didn't notice how late it is," she said. "Maybe you can show me the practice room tomorrow, Kyalia."

11/6/2009 #23

"Well, it was nice meeting you, Ellie." Kit smiled. "If I don't see either of you later, 'have a good night.'" She then continued to the bathroom and hopped into one of the shower stalls.


After returning to her room, Kit shoved her ipod buds into her ears and went to check out her e-mail. She was surprised that Holly hadn't gotten back yet, but was too busy thinking of other things to really care. She kind of had a heavy feeling in her chest. She noticed that Fletcher had sent out another mass e-mail updating the XC team on that week's practice schedule and the team roster. Kit was a little surprised that he was integrating track workouts so early, but she figured that it was in order to get rid of some of the less dedicated freshman. Many thought it would be a great idea to use it in order to get into shape for other sports or to lose weight only to realize just what kind of beast it was. Distance running required a mentality that most people just don't have. After anyalsing that, she read over an e-mail from her dad and then looked over some of the syllabi for a good chunk of her classes. A lot of the teachers this year were starting to go green.

Although it was still kind of early, Kit decided to go to bed. She set her alarm for 8:00am and climbed into bed. As tired as she was, she couldn't fall asleep for another 45 minutes. She had someone in particular stuck in her head, and as much as she tired to get him out, he never seemed to leave.

11/7/2009 #24

An hour and a half before the whole nightmare episode

Holly raced back into her room, panting heavily. 'Why does the art room have to be on the other side of the school?' she wondered in her head, grabbing her pajamas and going into the bathroom to get changed and brush her teeth. As soon as she had done this, she slipped into her bed and fell asleep.

(Jeez you guys did loads...)

11/7/2009 #25


When Kit's alarm went off at 8am flat, she turned it off immediately to keep from waking Holly up. She stretched her arms overhead and grabbed a banana before changing into her workout clothes. After brushing her teeth, she put her hair up into a messy ponytail, grabbed her drawstring bag and jogged down to the track.

11/7/2009 #26


Kyaila opened her eyes and stretched out on her bed, looking around for the clock. She yawned and got up, beginning her daily, morning routine.


Holly slowly woke up, rubbing her eyes. She got herself into a sitting position and took note of the time on Kit's clock. Sighing, she stood up and stretched her arms up and picked up some clothes and walking into the bathroom.

11/7/2009 . Edited 11/7/2009 #27

After talking with Mark Outside

Kit involuntarily stood outside her dorm room for about 10 mintues. She was trying to unlock her dorm room but her hands were shaking so hard, she couldn't insert the key into the keyhole. She grasped it with both hands and tried again, but that didn't seem to help much either. Frustrated, she thrust her forehead up against the door and groaned loudly.

11/7/2009 #28

7:30 am

Ellie rubbed her eyes and climbed out of bed. She noticed that Kyalia was already out. She sighed, and hurried to get changed, hoping she'd find them all at the cafeteria.

11/7/2009 #29

Kit pounded on the door hollowly and defeatedly.

"Holly, are you in there? I forgot my key." she lied, slipping her key into the drawstring bag.

11/7/2009 #30
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