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"Alright, um... What's your favorite drink?" Sarah asked. She had no idea why she asked it, but she couldn't take it back now.

9/26/2010 #2,671

"Favorite drink would have to be......"Declan thought for a moment drumming his fingers against the bed.

"Orange Soda." He said finally. Thinking he grinned at Sarah.

"Boxers or Briefs?"


Cady shrugged not really wanting to move from this spot. She liked the feeling of Jess underneath her. "I don't care, something romantic I guess."

9/26/2010 #2,672
White Tiger Friend
"Alright," Jess was going to get up to go through all her movies when she remembered she had one already in the DVD player, so she just reached for the remote and turned it all on then presses play. "I don't remember what movie this is but I remember it being romantic." She replied as she put her hand back on the small of Cady's back.
9/26/2010 #2,673

Sarah blinked several times blushing as she answered" um... well actually I like briefs, french cut" Clearing her throat she copied his question. "What about you? boxers or briefs?"

9/26/2010 #2,674

Declan laughed grinning. "Briefs, I like to get some air." He remarked.

Drumming his fingers on the bed some more he exhaled. "Favorite Singer or band?"


Kissing Jess's neck slightly and sucking on some of her skin she listened to the previews before the start of the movie.

9/26/2010 #2,675
White Tiger Friend
Jess gasped slightly as Cady started sucking on the skin of her neck, she had not expected that. After the shock went away she smiled and started rubbing her hands, still under her shirt, up and down Cady's back, going from her bra line to the top of her pants.
9/26/2010 #2,676

"Promise not to laugh. I like unusual music. My favorite song and singers are Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman" Nibbling her bottom lip, Sarah waited to see what his reaction to that would be before asking the next question.

9/26/2010 #2,677

Continuing to kiss and suck on Jess's neck a soft per escaped Cady's lips as Jess rubbed her hands along her skin. She let her free hand run up and down one of Jesss legs. Half of her wished Jess didnt have the purity ring but the other would honor the girls wish.

9/26/2010 #2,678

Declan smiled. "Sarah Brightman, Phantom of the Opera. I like her too." He said honestly.

9/26/2010 #2,679

"Ya, that's one of my favorites" Sarah replied smiling a little more at ease for not having been made fun of. "What.. what's your favorite movie?"

9/26/2010 #2,680
White Tiger Friend
Jess let out a soft moan as Cady continued to suck on her neck and started to run her hand along her leg. She began to run the fingers of one hand along Cady's bra line and the other along the other girl's underwear line and in circles round the small of her back. Boy, was Jess wishing she didn't have her purity ring right now, she wanted to go further, she didn't want to stop here.
9/26/2010 #2,681

"Ohh....." Declan said. "That is tough, dont laugh.... but probably.....The Lion King, The Dark night, and the old James Bond movies, Oh! And Any Black and white movie, I am a sucker for black and whites." He added.

"Favorite Season?" He asked playing with a lose string on her blanket.


Stopping Cady Looked down at Jess. "We should probably stop..." She breathed still lusty.

( I am off to bed now girls! I shall be on in the morning to reply to anything.)

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #2,682

"Fall" Sarah replied quickly. "Favorite kiss? you know.. scene or something"

9/26/2010 #2,683
White Tiger Friend
Jess let out a light sigh, "Yeah we should." Jess took her hands out from underneath Cady's shirt and wrapped her in a simple hug. (Aww, alright. Night!)
9/26/2010 #2,684

Taken a back slightly Declan smirked as he leaned into her and softly pressed his lips against her's.


Cady smiled kissing Jess's forehead.

9/26/2010 #2,685
White Tiger Friend
Jess smiled, then rolled onto her side so the the two where still face to face and could see the tv screen. She then pulled Cady closer so that not even the thinest piece of paper would have fit inbetween them.
9/26/2010 #2,686

Startled at first, Sarah's eyes grew wide before slowly fluttering closed as she returned his soft kiss with a sweet and gentle embrace.

9/26/2010 #2,687

Breaking the kiss Declan smiled like a little kid, his charming superior air breaking.

"That...would have to be my favorite kiss....thing." He murmured before kissing her lightly again.


Cady averted her eyes to the screen and watched the Notebook titles come on. Grinning slightly she turned to Jess.

"This is one of my favorite movies." She remarked. Pressed still so closely together Cady felt her lust for Jess raise. She wanted Jess and bad.

9/27/2010 #2,688

Sarah blinked several times, somewhat shocked and unsure of how she felt, before replying softly "I meant in the movies actually"

9/27/2010 #2,689
White Tiger Friend
Jess smiled before gently kissing Cady's cheek, "Mine too." She then pulled Cady so she was practically on her, wanting her as close as possible. She really really wanted to get rid of her promise ring.
9/27/2010 #2,690

Rebecca finished writing down the last word to her conclusion and let go of her pen. She had kinda ignored Sarah and, whoever the other person was, come in so she wouldn't be distracted. Her hand was aching like mad and she knew she had done rubbish on her essay. It was the best she could do anyway. Probably. She slipped the essay into her chic bag and rolled her eyes away from Sarah and Declan. She sat on the edge of her bed and got out her phone, putting it on silent so they could give them their privacy, without leaving.

9/27/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #2,691

(if Rebecca is in her room then she would be witnessing Sarah and Declan on Sarah's bed playing twenty questions and he just kissed her.. just so you know)

9/27/2010 #2,692

(GAH!!! Uh... I'll

9/27/2010 #2,693
Declan shook his head blushing slightly. "Uh...yeah! Ummm....Aly & Noah in the Notebook." He added. "Favorite book?" ------------------------ Being on top of Jess Cady felt herself grow hot. She wanted Jess so badly, she moved her hands under Jess shirt to her soft skin. Moving her lips to Jess's neck and trailing kisses to her lips.
9/27/2010 . Edited 9/27/2010 #2,694

Smiling, Sarah reached over to take his hand in hers and answered "there is a series of books about a girl names Stephanie Plum. I love them, they are my favorite. Um, text or voice?"

9/27/2010 #2,695
Declan smiled as she took his hand. "I think I know those books." He murmured. "I like face to Face, voice. It makes all the difference. Favorite color?"
9/27/2010 #2,696

"I love colours, I can never choose. I love them all that alright?" Sarah asked softly.

9/27/2010 #2,697
Noah is Potato

Derrow Marched through the halls, grinning widely. He had a plan. He already found out Declan was in Sarah's room with her. So now all he had to do was get them away from each other, and he knew exactly how to do that.

He soon got to the door, and quickly picked the lock. He threw the door open, grinning at the two. And before either could react, he Grabbed Bacon, laughing, and ran to the window, opening it up, and began to climb a rope he set up, the end tied to the rail on the roof. "Come and get me Princess." He called, laughing.

9/27/2010 #2,698

Sarah jumped, feeling guilty for being in her room with Declan. Then she felt angry for feeling guilty. After all, why should she feel guilty? The anger turned to severe annoyance when Derrow snatched Willy once again. Scrambling off the bed, her face sent with anger, Sarah ran to the window and poked her head out, looking up at the thief.

"Derrow! Give him back!"

9/27/2010 #2,699
White Tiger Friend

Jess let out a soft moan as Cady moved her hands under her shirt and trailed kisses along her neck and to her lips. She really wanted Cady, she wanted her so much that she was actually considering taking her purity ring off, which she was sure she would never do.

9/27/2010 #2,700
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