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"Come on, wouldn't you want some experience for when you meet that lucky girl.", Roxy said in response to him putting his pants back on.
1/2/2011 #2,251
White Tiger Friend
((Hey Mouse, I replied to the PM. xD))
1/2/2011 #2,252
Kuro Hakase

"I've read enough books to know how to please that girl." Chris said.

1/2/2011 #2,253
"But how would it be enjoyable for her if you only last a few seconds?", Roxy countered.
1/2/2011 #2,254
Kuro Hakase

"You don't knwo how long I last!" Chris countered.

1/2/2011 #2,255
"Then why don't you prove me wrong?", Roxy asked with a sly smile.
1/2/2011 #2,256
Kuro Hakase

"You're trying to pull that Bugs Bunny stuff on me,aren't you?" Chris asked.

'This is a setup of a comic.'Chris thought.

1/2/2011 #2,257
"I don't know what your talking about.", Roxy said before adding, "So just show me how long you last."
1/2/2011 #2,258
Kuro Hakase

Chris smiled a bit. Whenever met with a situation like this he always joked or said a childhood phrase.

"I can last at least 20 waves the horde. In black ops I lasted up to round 30 in zombie mode. That prove you wrong?" Chris said with a slight smile.

1/2/2011 #2,259
"We aren't talkin about video games, buddy.", Roxy said as she got closer to Chris.
1/2/2011 #2,260
Kuro Hakase

Chris gulped a bit and muttered his childhood phrase, "uwah....."

Chris was clearly nervous so he held Roxy back, "I'm sorry! I just can't!" Chris said nervous.

1/2/2011 #2,261
"How about you drop your pants and I keep all of my clothes on.", Roxy said.
1/2/2011 #2,262
Kuro Hakase

"No." Chris said, "I just met you Roxy! I can'y just do that with someone I just met."

'I'm not Ramona.' Chris thought thinking of Scott Pilgrim.

1/2/2011 #2,263
"Come on most people don't think oral is considered sex.", Roxy replied.
1/2/2011 #2,264
Kuro Hakase

"I'm sorry! It's just that I.....uh!" Chris said not knowing what to say. Chris would have normally ran away but he just hi behind his messenger bag. A somewhat security blanket for him.

(Note: Chris is a coward)

1/2/2011 #2,265
"Come on.", Roxy said as she pulled the bag away and threw it to the side.
1/2/2011 #2,266
Kuro Hakase

Chris was trapped without his messenger bag but managed to ask, "Why do you want to do this?"

1/2/2011 #2,267
"You aren't half bad looking, you are the only person in this school I can relate to, and you have a monster down there.", Roxy admitted.
1/2/2011 #2,268
Kuro Hakase

"Well thank you. But let's just start off slow. I'm not used to things going this fast." Chris said.

'Please generic anime speech, help.' Chris thought.

1/2/2011 #2,269
Roxy backed away. "Im not looking for a relationship, I just thought we could be friends. Friends that have benifits."
1/2/2011 #2,270
Kuro Hakase

"I see....we could make out I guess." Chris said thinking of Scott Pilgrim.

1/2/2011 #2,271

She felt like she was floating once again, his kisses causing Trinity to become unattached to reality. Returning his kiss she pressed against him as if his lips and his body was essential for life.

1/2/2011 #2,272
"Come on Chris. You showed it to me so why won't you just let me put it in my mouth?", Roxy asked.
1/2/2011 #2,273
Kuro Hakase

"Because you begged me to show you. And I'm not comfortable with that!" Chris protested.

1/2/2011 #2,274
"Why don't you live a little dangerously and I'm begging you again.", Roxy replied, not giving up on trying to get what she wanted.
1/2/2011 #2,275
Kuro Hakase

"Making out only. That's my offer. Geez, you're making me sound like the woman in the relationship." Chris said.

1/2/2011 #2,276
"You are the woman.", Roxy said before adding, "And if we make out will that help change your mind?"
1/2/2011 #2,277

After straightening up the damage done in Mark's room so that it was presentable, Kit left to go seek out that thermometer. Mark still wasn't showing any signs of improvement and if the fever was as abnormally high as she had estimated, then he'd probably need to be prescribed antibiotics to get better. After knocking on several doors and coming up empty, she finally reached #241 (Chris's room) and waited for someone to answer.

1/2/2011 #2,278
Kuro Hakase

"Uwah I'm the woman?" Chris said but heard a knock.

"SOmeone's at the door." Chris said as he walked to open the door.

1/2/2011 #2,279

Kit didn't recognise the boy the answered so she assumed that he was a new student. Noticing Roxy farther into the room only made things more awkward.

"Hey, sorry to bother you" she smiled politely and apologetically. "My boyfriend is really sick but he's a bit reluctant to go to the infirmary. I've been asking around for those disposable thermometers. If you happen to have them on hand, may I swipe one?"

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/2/2011 #2,280
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