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Chris smiled, giving Holly the official head nod of hello "hey, nice to meet you. I'm Chris"

Gwen held her hand out in a form of gesture "Gwen"

Sam continued to stir her yogurt in circles having fazed into a coma like state, her mind racing with possibilities, none of them pleasant.

5/3/2010 #2,971

"Same to you." Holly nodded to Chris and shook Gwen's hand at the same time.

5/3/2010 #2,972

"And I'm Simon" Simon said, having sat down next to Holly around five seconds beforehand.

5/3/2010 #2,973

Holly jumped slightly, as she would. She then looked at Sam with slight concern. "Is you okay?"

5/3/2010 #2,974

Gwen smiled at Simon and back at Holly, a soft sigh escaping her lips. It would seem the universe needed to throw another happy couple in her face.

Chris nodded his head towards Simon before his attention was on the girl in Aaron's lap once again.

Sam sighed before jumping slightly, startled by Holly's question. A soft blush kissed her cheeks before she turned a smile towards Holly. "Oh I'm fine. Just got caught up in my thoughts. Does that ever happen to you?"

5/3/2010 #2,975

"She's the queen of spacey," Aaron assursed Sam, pecking her check. "Nobody's got anything on her."

5/3/2010 #2,976

"Except from me" Simon pointed out.

5/3/2010 #2,977

"Well its comforting to know I'm not the only one" Sam replied taking another bite from her yogurt. She leaned her head against Aaron.

Chris smiled "I hope I didn't scare you to much. There are beginner rafting routes you can take, and its the guides that do most of the work. You really don't have anything to worry about"

5/3/2010 #2,978

Holly leant on her elbow and stared out the window, watching a sparrow like bird with black markings on it's face that looked like a mask. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a bit of green on her arm. Frowning slightly, she twisted it slightly to get a better look and found a patch of yellowy greeny purple that looked like a bruise in it's later stages staring back at her. "...That's a bit odd..."

5/3/2010 #2,979

"What is?" Simon asked, seeing the bruise but not commenting on it.

5/3/2010 #2,980

"That." Holly said, putting two of her fingers either side of the bruise.

5/3/2010 #2,981

"It doesn't look too bad" Simon said assuringly.

5/3/2010 #2,982

"Where on earth did it come from?" Holly asked no one in particular, prodding the bruise.

5/3/2010 #2,983

"Alas, I have no idea..." Simon replied.

5/3/2010 #2,984

Holly prodded it again, harder, a determined look on her face.

5/3/2010 #2,985

"Eh, it happens to the best of us," Aaron dismissed the bruise, after peering over at it from behind Sam. "I don't remember where the majority of mine come from."

5/3/2010 #2,986

"Bruises usually hurt when you press them, this one doesn't." Holly turned to him. "It's wierd!"

5/3/2010 #2,987

Aaron shrugged. "Not mine. Guess that one doesn't hurt because its getting old. It's kinda yellowish."

5/3/2010 #2,988

Gwen nodded "I get them all the time, I don't bother with them any more."

"I've got a bruise" Chris announced and lifted his shirt to show them a large yellow and brown looking bruise the side of a soft ball just above his right hip.

Sam scrunched up her face "how did you do that?"

Chris shrugged "skate boarding. Fell down those steps by the library"

"He was distracted by a girl" Gwen commented rolling her eyes.

Chris smiled sheepishly as he let his shirt drop back down.

5/3/2010 #2,989

"Nice," Aaron barked out a laugh.

5/3/2010 #2,990

"Whenever I get bruises they always hurt until they go...but then again, I've never seen my bruises turn yellow." Holly said before cringing. "Ow, that looked like it hurt."

5/3/2010 #2,991

"Why were you skateboarding there?" Simon asked Chris. "Not that I'm a skater, but there are probably better spots elsewhere."

5/3/2010 #2,992

"It happens" Chris smirked sending a wink at the blushing Sam. He turned to Aaron "I'm sure you know what I'm talking about"

Gwen snorted, shaking her head.

5/3/2010 #2,993

Aaron said nothing as he shook his head and looked away but his grin indicated that the female sex was definately to blame for the hundreds of doors, walls, lamposts, and dumpsters he'd walked into.

5/3/2010 #2,994

Chris turned to Simon and shrugged "I like to grind the benches and railing there, and its got a great ramp at the side. Seems as good a place as any"

5/3/2010 #2,995

Having spent the last few minutes racking her mind for a memory of hitting her arm, she gave up and stopped prodding her bruise. The others were probably right with what they were saying, so she decided to not push the subject any further. She turned slightly to stare out of the window, this time watching a blue-tit.

5/3/2010 #2,996

Megan held the door to the cafeteria for her roomie and friend. "I'm hungry, I want fries with cheese and gravy"

5/3/2010 #2,997

"what do you want me to about that?" Anna asked her.

5/3/2010 #2,998

"Fair enough," Aaron decided, discreately tracing little swirls on Sam's thigh under the table. "I know nothing of stateboarding. Wouldn't know paradise if I saw it."

5/3/2010 #2,999

"You can pay for it if you like" Megan teased shoving Anna from behind "or just walk faster so I can get my food." Megan's stomach growled loudly. "I haven't eaten since breakfast and that was spoiled because my sister and her boyfriend were being all lovey with each other. Put me off my food"

5/3/2010 #3,000
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