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Chivas stayed down "Mkay. I'll prolly be tanning, so yeah. Yo no se." Jenny snorted and said "Now if you were todos mexicano..." Chivas muttered "Shut up. I'mma fourth messcin! Close 'nuff! But I still gotta work on my half Latino tan." She rolled her little sleeves of her tshirt up and shifted to her back, laying her arms out.
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Gwen smiled as she took off jogging down the path, her long golden pony tale sweeping her back and kissing each shoulder blade. Her body moved with a grace that was nonetheless eye catching as it was elegant. The only sound was the blood pumping in her veins, the pounding of her feet on the hard pavement and the steady rhythm of her music.

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Jenny watched Gwen jog off, then looked back down at get homework. She said, as she worked a geometry problem, "She's pretty, Luna seems pretty lucky." She sighed, then Chivas mentioned to Jenny "They aren't actually saliendo (going out) yet, you know." She sat up again, brown hair sparkling in the sun, eyes many shades lighter due to the light, and asked Jenny "I thought you liked Fito anyways..?!" Jenny shrugged as Kim snorted in laughter. Chivas smiled a milky white smile, "Just playin'. But yeah, he'll be pretty lucky with that girl as his soon-to-be novia. Much prettier than me. If only i were a blonde. Then I'd be pretty to catch boy's eyes in Ahmaryca (America)" She sighed and laid back down.
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Rounding the corner, her skin glistening in the sun, it was obvious she had enjoyed a long hard run. The smile on her face beamed with a satisfaction she had only been able to achieve after a good run. Slowing down near the others, Gwen did a few stretches to cool down and stretch out her muscles. Walking slowly back towards Chivas and her friends she flopped down on the grass, panting softly, the smile never wavering.

"I love running!"

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Chivas laughed lightly, then sat up, saying "I need to get back on my boxing practice. I've been procrastinating. When Rodolfo gets back I'll get him to help me practice." She sighed, then asked the other girls, whom had been at the school a bit longer, "Do they have a boxing team here o no?" Jenny looked up from her work when Chivas mentioned Rodolfo, and Kim was real absorbed in her book.
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Gwen closed her eyes, panting softly as her heart rate slowed. "I think they do, you'd have to check with the phys-ed department. I know they do for guys, not sure if they open it for girls."

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"Ahh okay. I bet I could whoop them boy's butt like I did when I was in E-- elementary school. In 5th grade. Yeah." She tried not to mention Eagle Pass, or her real name, in case the people in Eagle Pass figured out it was her who led the destruction on the city's oldest and respected building, and accidentally in the process killing a few innocents, one being her best friend. If the city found out, I'd be all over the news, which Chivas did NOT want. She sighed and laid back on her back. Just then, Angel came back with his cousin, Sancho.
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Gwen smiled brightly, her eyes still closed as she lay soaking up the sun and recovering from her run. "I'd like to see that. I'd cheer you on, might even break out some pom poms"

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Chivas laughed, then saw Sancho and Angel. "Im pretty ninja like too!" She got up and sneaked up behind who she thought was Sancho. Since she was on the ledge, from up the stairs, all she had to do was jump down onto his back. She creeped up and then lept onto his back "Arrg Santino!!" Only a few seconds and a "Whaaa..?" from the guy, Chivas realized it was Angel. She laughed a "Sorry!!" then got off his back. Sancho walked up, next to his cousin.
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The sound of excited voices caught Gwen's attention as she opened her eyes to see what was going on. Instantly blushing when she noted Angel. Why, why, why didn't she change out of her work out clothes? She was sure she looked a mess.

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Coming back from common room

"Yeah, yeah," Aaron chuckled. "I'd admit those buggers ain't too charming."

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"Not the nicest thing to find crawling around my leg" Sam shuddered at the memory. She placed her head on his shoulder and sighed "I'm glad you were there to step in and be my hero"

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Aaron rested his head on top of Sam's. "You know I'd protect you from the cricket horde."

((I think that's my last post. I'm seriously passing out. Good night.))

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"What about spiders and snakes?" Sam asked with a tiny giggle.

((ok, hope you stay a sleep this time and get a good nights rest. Night Foxy))

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Chivas then ran over to Sancho and put her fists up in a boxing postition. He mirrored her and they started faux boxing. But even it being fake, Chivas was pretty good. Angel walked over and looked over Gwen "Tu corriste eh?" He smiled, offering a hand to help her up. Jenny and Kim looked up, Kim saying light-heartedly "We ain't gonna get nothing done if y'all keep coming over!" She smiled.
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Gwen took the offered hand, confused as to what he was saying. "Sorry? I.. I don't understand."

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"Dont over think," Angel pulled her up, muscles tensing under a nicely tanned body, "I asked if you went for a run. But I already know you have." He walked over and sat near Jenny and Kimberly. Sandro somehow had Chivas in some wrestling lock, where he locked her arms against him, keeping her from punching, therefore the boxing had stopped. Chivas was in a good mood, giggling sweetly as she struggled to get out of the hold. "Lemme go!" She demanded, smiling wide. To anyone who didn't know her personally, she seemed innocent, naïve, and sweet. All part of her charade to keep her past hidden.
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Gwen smiled, not sure what she was suppose to do now that she was standing. Angel confused her, to be fair, guys in general did a good job at that. Her mind whirled with questions. Why help her up then walk away? Feeling awkward and slightly annoyed as she had been enjoying the sun warming her skin. Gwen moved towards the stairs. "I should change I suppose" her voice soft, more talking to herself than anyone else.

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Angel said to Gwen "Ay! No. Stay out here. You look fine." He pointed to a spot in his little bunch "Centense! (Sit!)" He smiled. Sandro still had Chivas, but her accidentally hit her bad ankle. She snapped "AY! SANTINO!" and yanked out of his grip. She sat where she was in the grass, and massaged her ankle.
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"I'm sweaty" Gwen complained as she took the spot he had indicated. Looking over at Chivas with concern.

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Sandro squatted down to get on Chivas' level. He kept apologizing, and she kept reasurring she was okay. Angel looked at Gwen "My hair's a mess, and I'm kinda sweaty, but I'm still here!" He smiled sweetly.
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"That's different" Gwen replied as she turned her attention back to Angel. " You look good.. um, fine... I It looks alright on a guy" Stumbling over her words, a pink tinted her cheeks as she looked down at her fingers nervously entwined together.

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Angel laughed, more to shake off awkwardness. Jenny leaned over to Kimberly and whispered, in Spanish "Ay. See. She's blushing! How cute." ((IDK how to say it in Spanish)) Angel gave Jenny a glare, then said to Gwen "Im sure chica. I bet it looks like bedhead with and Alfalfa hair stickin up in tha back." He smiled and stuck a finger behind his head to imitate the hair.
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"Fine, you need a shower" Gwen replied smiling shyly. Looking over at Chivas still on the ground, Gwen added "maybe you should see if she's alright."

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Jenny nodded heavily with Gwen's first comment. Angel chuckled, and looked over at Chivas. He got up and walked over, and Chivas, for the 10th time, said "No Luna. I'm fine. Santino here just hit the wrong spot. I'll be fine." Angel looked at her in a stern, 'tell tha truth' look.
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Gwen looked away into the landscape, focusing on nothing. "Maybe I will go change after all, I think I need a shower myself" She commented to Jenny with a soft shrug.

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Jenny shrugged "Your choice not mine." she stated bluntly before returning to finishing her homework. Angel, thinking Chivas needed rest, picked her up bridal style. She gasped "Ay!! No!!! Don't take me inside!! NOT THE AC!! AY!" He sighed and walked and set her down where she was orginally laying to tan.
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Gwen watched Angel with Chivas, and for the first time it occurred to her. Angel liked Chivas, much more than a friend. Swallowing her heart break, Gwen instantly began wondering why she was once again being looked over. Whether it was a mixture of shock, sadness and lack of sleep, she would never know just what it was that made her ask the question that had been flashing in her mind like a giant red flag.

"He likes her, doesn't he?" Gwen spoke aloud her thoughts, closing her eyes when she realized the others must of heard.

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Angel haddnt heard, but heard Sandro's phone go off. Sandro picked up, and motioned for Angel to follow as he talked, as if angel needed to talk too. The cousins walked off. Jenny was obsessed with finishing a hard question, tuning out the world, as did Kimberly, who was reading. Chivas sat up, and cocked her head at Gwen "Angel? No. Not me. He's only makin sure I'm not too scratched up when my cousin gets back. If I was, fito would yell at angel for not keeping me safe, I guess. And really, what's there to see in me? You is much more prettier que yo." Chivas sighed. She was now confused, and longed for Fito to help explain maybe something.
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Gwen shook her head "I think you might be wrong Chivas. Look, I'm sorry, I didn't know you two had feelings for each other" Standing up suddenly feeling she needed to be anywhere but with them, Gwen gave another weak smile. "I've got to go. I'll.. see you around." Not waiting to hear another word, Gwen took off at a run, taking the stairs two at a time, and headed back to the girls dorms. It would be during her shower that she would let the sting of disappointment get to her. After all, no one can see you cry there.

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