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Ellie smiled closed her eyes. He's an excellent drawer, and an excellent guitarist, she thought. How can someone be so talented?

11/2/2009 #91
Noah is Potato

After about two minutes, Lucas ended the song, and grinned at Ellie.

11/2/2009 #92

Ellie opened her eyes and clapped. "You're really good at that, too. And I'm not just saying that."

11/2/2009 #93
Noah is Potato

Lucas smiled, and closed his eyes, and started a much more softer tune. It wasn't that sad, just peaceful.

11/2/2009 #94

Ellie listened in silence. The music was beautiful, and she absolutely loved it.

11/2/2009 #95
Noah is Potato

Lucas eventually finnished the song, then pulled a penny out of his pocket and held it to Ellie, "Penny for your thoughts?"

11/2/2009 #96

Ellie smiled. "Isn't the audience supposed to give the musician money?"

11/2/2009 #97
Noah is Potato

"Worst penny I ever spent..." Lucas muttered, as he put the penny back in his pocket.

11/2/2009 #98

Ellie frowned. "You're really good, anyway. Really, really good."

11/2/2009 #99
Noah is Potato

Lucas grinned and closed his eyes as he leaned back, "You know, you may want to stop complimenting me, or it might go to my head."

11/2/2009 #100

"I'm only telling the truth," said Ellie. "And besides, it might make you less self-doubting."

11/2/2009 #101
Noah is Potato

Lucas just stuck out his tongue playfully, then started to play another peaceful tune.

11/2/2009 #102

Ellie smiled. She could listen to Lucas play for ages. She could never get bored of it.

11/2/2009 #103
Noah is Potato

Lucas played this one a little longer then the rest, when he eventually stopped, he stood up and said, "I'm going to go rest in my room, see you later." He put his guitar in his case, then gave Ellie one last smile, before walking off to the boys dorm whith his guitar in hand.

11/2/2009 #104

"Bye," said Ellie softly, a little disappointed that he was leaving. Oh come on, she thought. You can see him later. He's probably bored of hanging out with you. She considered going back to her dorm, but decided she liked it here, under the tree, better. She lay there for a while, and then decided she should probably head back.

11/2/2009 . Edited 11/3/2009 #105

The whole time Lucas and Ellie had been talking, Kyaila had silently climbed the tree behind her and dropped down into the clearing concealed behind. She had then settled down and pulled out her notebook and pen, deciding to carry on with the song lyrics she had been writing.

40 minutes

Kyaila looked at her watch and sighed, getting up and putting her notebook back in her pocket. She made her way back up the tree and jumped down before walking slowly back to the building, keeping her head down.

11/3/2009 #106
Noah is Potato

Lucas walked out of the dorms and breathed in the fresh air.

11/3/2009 #107

Simon followed him out, commenting "It's been a while since I had a breath of fresh air. And not because I'm a geek."

11/3/2009 #108
Noah is Potato

Lucas grinned and patted Simon on the back, "You just keep on telling yourself that Specs."

11/3/2009 #109

"At least I can admit it Scarface" Simon replied, smirking. That one was off the cuff...

11/3/2009 #110
Noah is Potato

Surprisingly, 'scarface' didn't bother Lucas that much, and he just replied, "Touche."

11/3/2009 #111

Simon then realised that he had no idea where to go, and brought a map out of his pocket. "I'd look like such a tourist if it weren't for the fact that this is a school" he murmured.

11/3/2009 #112
Noah is Potato

Lucas leaned against the wall, waiting for him to pick a place.

(Tell me if you want me to make a thread for something, I tried to figure out how to make you, Flare, and foxy moderaters but I couldn't figure out how.)

11/3/2009 #113

"Okay, we can either go to the music block, the games room/social area or the library. Your choice" Simon offered.

{I think I'm clear for now. Since music counts as a subject then when we go to the music block we just post there}

11/3/2009 #114
Noah is Potato

Lucas thought a bit, before saying, "Lets go to the library, I need a new book."

(We have a music thread?)

11/3/2009 #115

"Good stuff. I need to see how much of the nerd population doesn't play Dungeons and Dragons" Simon replied, before heading off in the direction of the main building.

{Should. We should have a music thread}

11/3/2009 #116
Noah is Potato

Lucas laughed and walked off whith him.

(Oh, well I will soon, along with other clases.)

11/3/2009 #117
Noah is Potato


Mark walked out of the dorm house and grinned.

11/4/2009 #118

Aaron was just about to ask where the first stop was when he noticed a pretty, dirty blonde running in the opposing direction to him. She was petite, but athletic looking...and it wasn't just for show. She was moving fast!

When she noticed the two boys, she nodded in their direction, still keeping pace. "You get Fletcher's e-mail?"

Thinking she was talking to him, Aaron shot her a confused look. "Uhhhh..."

11/4/2009 #119
Noah is Potato

Mark nudged Aaron, "Not you, me," He then said, "No, not yet, I just got here."

11/5/2009 #120
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