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"Peanut butter? I like that, plus the more sugar the better" Gwen replied smiling as she shyly moved around the store peeking over at Angel now and again.

4/17/2010 #2,881
Chivas wandered off, then somehow, was by Gwen again. This time, with a bunch of Manzana Lifts and Bubu Lubus. She leaned over to Gwen, and said quietly "You like Angel don't you?" She smiled slyly and acted normal as she looked over the food.
4/17/2010 #2,882

Gwen blushed, closed her eyes for a moment before answering. "Um, no...yes... it that obvious?"

4/17/2010 #2,883
"Well for me it is. But, then again, I learned to notice the small things everywhere I go." Chivas stated "I mean, Angel can be so oblivious to these things, he prolly won't notice." Chivas didn't realized how she phrased it until after a minute. She looked back up at Gwen.
4/17/2010 #2,884

Gwen looked grimaced "I'm not sure being unnoticeable is an asset or a curse?" her laughter was as sweet as the candy in the store. "Do you mind me asking? um. why you notice the small details?"

4/17/2010 #2,885
Chivas' smile faded "Um. Well, back in my second home, in south Texas, a respected friend told me, as I was starting off there, he said 'Chivas, if you wanna survive here, you gotta notice small things. Gotta use that brain of yours to find details and use it to be one step ahead of the others.' Or something along those lines." She said, slightly vague. She thought back to her gang days in Eagle Pass. She was one of the geniuses of the group, always planning things on bits she heard and things she noticed. Noticing small things help lead to big things, she'd been told. Unfortunately, it'd been used against her, leading her and a team of friends from the Raccoons into a trap, which led to the death of a close friend. She shook off the memories and smiled at Gwen "But what I meant before, is that, you're not like fawning over him. And if he suspected that you like him, then it might be awk for a while."
4/18/2010 #2,886

"Ugh, I don't fawn over guys. I did that once and all it got me was a black eye" Gwen replied subconsciously rubbing her arm where during a particularly rough fight earned her a burn where she still held a scar.

4/18/2010 #2,887

"Well you know what I meant." Chivas shrugged "I meant you aren't like following him around like a uberly love-sick puppy. Like creeper, is what I should've said. You aren't a creeper 'bout it." She grabbed a some more sweets and and smiled "Besides, boys are so overrated."

Angel and Adrian were checking out their candy and other items.

4/18/2010 #2,888

Gwen giggled at Chivas statement "Maybe, but they sure do come in handy sometimes. I spent the dance holding up a wall. Not fun." Even though she agreed with Chivas, Gwen still couldn't stop her eyes from finding Angel. Catching herself staring, she quickly moved her eyes back to the vat of candies before her.

4/18/2010 #2,889

"Speak for yourself." She grabbed a few more cookie-like things, and looked at Gwen, and asked "You gonna get anything?"

4/18/2010 #2,890

"Ya um," startled out of her staring, she grabbed the first thing she could. Having no clue what it was, at this point she didn't care all that much.

4/18/2010 #2,891

Chivas saw what Gwen grabbed, and grinned, then made her way over with all her bundle of goodies to the cashier. She started talking to him in Spanish about how much her stuff cost. She ended up giving the guy a $10 bill and got a few pesos back for change. Chivas looked at the pesos with a funny expression, then looked at the cashier with the same expression. HE only shrugged, and Chivas bagged her stuff and moved out of the way.

4/18/2010 #2,892

Placing the items down at the cash, Gwen waited to be told her amount.

4/18/2010 #2,893

The cashier boredly said "cinco y media dolares." Chivas translated "Five dollars and fifty cents."

Angel and Adrian were waiting by the door.

4/18/2010 #2,894

Gwen handed over six dollars and smiled her thanks to Chivas. "You wont leave me ever right?" her smile warm and friendly as she blushed feeling way out of her depth.

4/18/2010 #2,895
Chivas just smiled and told the cashier "Tu tienes el dinero otra." She grabbed her sack-o-snacks and said to Gwen "Vamos. The boys are waiting no?" The cashier had already bagged Gwen's stuff.
4/18/2010 #2,896

Taking the bag of sweets, Gwen smiled her thanks and followed Chivas out of the shop. "What did you say back there?" she asked curiously.

4/18/2010 #2,897
"Eh roughly 'keep the change'." Chivas said. ((I don't know the verb 'to keep' or 'extra' Spanish, so I used "You have the other money" haha :D)) Angel saw her bag, but Adrian said "Daaang Chivas. You practically compró la tienda! I mean, bought the entire store, for the chicita who no comprende espanol." Chivas rolled her eyes "Yo no compré más que tú!" She retorted, pointing to Adrian's bag. Angel stood by Gwen, and translated "She said that she didn't buy more than him." He chuckled.
4/18/2010 . Edited 4/18/2010 #2,898

"Oh" Gwen replied softly smiling at Chivas. She looked happy. "I love listening to you guys talk. I have no idea what your saying but it just doesn't seem to matter much"

4/18/2010 #2,899
Adrian laughed, "It'll matter when on the way back we talk about you. But where you can't understand us." He chuckled evily "Mwhaha. The joys of being bilingual in a world of English speakers. You talk and no one understands you." Angel said "True that homie." He smiled, and started out, down the rows of shops. He turned back around to the group "Does anyone want anything else? If not, we can leave." Chivas shook her head to the first question.
4/18/2010 #2,900

"You don't do you?" Gwen asked suddenly after she had remained quiet for some time. "Talk about me? Do you?"

4/18/2010 #2,901
Angel turned around, and reasurred "Naw chica!! Adrian was just playing." He then added the question "Oh Gwen, is there anything else you wanted to buy while you were here? Before we leave."
4/18/2010 #2,902

"No. um... no thank you" Gwen smiled. Feeling her body melt under his gaze she hoped to the heavens that she didn't look as goofy as she felt.

4/18/2010 #2,903
Angel gave one last glance at Gwen before heading out to the truck. It was still parked right outside the entrance to the market.
4/18/2010 #2,904

Telling herself to move her legs, Gwen fell in line slightly behind her new friends. Her hand grasping the bag that held god knows what.

4/18/2010 #2,905
Angel unlocked the door, and Adrian went right for shotgun. Angel rolled his eyes and climbed into the driver's seat. Chivas, grinning at Gwen, said "You okay chica?" She opened the door for Gwen to slip through to the seat on the opposite side.
4/18/2010 #2,906

"Hmm? Oh yes.. I.. lost in another day dream I guess" Gwen smiled and climbed into the truck, once again wishing she could snuggle next to Angel. Instead she busied herself with the seat belt and then opened the bag to peer inside. Leaning over to Chivas she whispered "what is it that I bought?"

4/18/2010 #2,907
"Hmmm..." Chivas closed the door, got her seat belt on, and was now looking over Gwen's plunder. "Those are strawberry and chili-powder lolipops. These are chocolate wafer things, real good! And those are... Chips I guess." ((GTG))
4/18/2010 #2,908

"Chili-powder? in candy??" Gwen shook her head "worth trying. Thanks" ((night))

4/18/2010 #2,909

When they got outside, Hazel turned herself around so that she was walking forwards.

4/19/2010 #2,910
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