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"I'd be happy to help teach." Angel suggested, but then added "But if you want an actually good Spanish teacher, get Chivas. She's fluent in Spanish, English, Portugese, and now working on Italian. She'd be pretty good tutor, if you ask me. I'm the one stuck in an 'English as a Second Language' class. Not even a stupid citizen. But i'd be happy to help." He smiled, looking over his almost all sleeping party.
4/19/2010 #2,941

"Maybe we could help each other" Gwen suggested. Her thoughts more on spending some one on one time with him than learning Spanish.

4/19/2010 #2,942
"And what, chicita, would you help me with?" Angel chuckled. He stopped at a red light, and sat back in the seat.
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"So, does that mean we get the last option right now?" Dominic asked, looking up at her slightly.

4/19/2010 #2,944

"Maybe, maybe not,"Hazel replied with a smirk

4/19/2010 #2,945

Dominic grinned, walking forward again, "I can wait!"

4/19/2010 #2,946

Hazel smiled and followed

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"Learning English as a second language? Um, unless you need help elsewhere?" Gwen replied biting her tongue before she mentioned she could stand in should he wish to practice his making out skills.

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Angel paused and thought for a moment. He then said "You can always help with my ESL and English papers." The light turned green, and he started the truck straight. "I always need help in those areas. Ugh. Do you know how complex english is? You be lucky you learned it natually." He chuckled and thought this idea wouldn't be that bad. Might even turn out sweet.
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"Deal" Gwen smiled leaning forward to offer her hand to seal the deal.

4/19/2010 #2,950
Being a good driver, Angel kept his eyes on the road, but used one hand to reach back and shake Gwen's.
4/19/2010 #2,951

Sitting back satisfied, Gwen's smile held a secret behind her happiness. She had just secured some one on one time with Angel, more than worth eating cow's cheek.

4/19/2010 #2,952

Angel let out a content sigh as he pulled into the parking lot. Then he remembered something, which he let out a soft moan.

Adrian and Chivas stirred, Chivas raising her head and yawning "Ughhh I needed that." She saw Adrian and reached her hand around the seat and started lightly shoving him him "Buennnosss Dias cansado head." He lifted his head up and said "Oh. We're back." Angel laughed lightly

4/19/2010 #2,953

Gwen busied herself with the seat belt. "Thanks again for the trip out, it was really fun."

4/19/2010 #2,954

"De nada." The trio of Latinos said in unison. They then looked at each other with the 'woah that was cool' expression. Chivas laughed, then grabbed her stuff and hopped out of the truck. Angel undid his seatbelt, then shoved Adrian "Wake up! Oh don't forget, got Mass tonight at 7 esta noche." Adrian moaned, then slowly got out, grabbing his stuff.

Angel climbed out with all his things.

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Slipping out of the truck, her movements graceful, Gwen closed the door with a soft click. Her purchases held tightly in her hand, she smiled at her new friends. Her eyes travelled warmly over each new face, resting on Angels. "Um, " she began a bit nervously, shifting her weight from foot to foot. "I guess we can make plans for later, you, the lessons?"

4/19/2010 #2,956

"Yeah." Angel said, locking the doors "Not tonight though. Maybe tomorrow." He smiled warmly as he grabbed his things and walked with the group to the school.

4/19/2010 #2,957

"Sure, I'll see you around then?" Gwen replied in a question as she paused to part ways. Not sure why she needed to, but knowing her body well enough to know when it needed to run.

4/19/2010 #2,958

"Well the school is pretty small." Angel replied, then smiled "Estoy jugando. Okay, we shall see you around!" He and the other two parted ways, going kinda toward the dorms. Chivas smiled and waved.

4/19/2010 #2,959

With a final wave, Gwen headed off to track. Half way there she paused, groaning to herself. First she would have to change. Her jeans fitted her far to well to be comfortable running in. Spinning on her heals she headed back to the girls dorms.

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Chivas limped on her way to the dorms, her ankle's pain coming to her. Angel walked with her, and Adrian was headed toward the guy's dorms to crash. Chivas walked up the steps on the outside, enjoying the quietness of the day. Up near the top of the steps were Jenny and Kim. Jennifer was working on Geometry, and Kim had her back to a column reading. They both looked up when Angel and Chivas walked up.
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Gwen paused as she turned the corner, not wanting Chivas and Angel to think she had ditched them with an excuse to run. Telling herself to stop being so scared of life, she forced her feet forward.

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Chivas sat down next to her two friends, and Angel stood there, back to Gwen. They started talking about the market, and Chivas went off on some ramble about all the stuff she got. She pulled all the stuff out to show them. After that, Angel smiled and said "Yeah, y'all should come next time!" The girls nodded, and Angel added "Okay. I'm gonna go crash. Remember, Mass tonight. I'll drive." He turned to leave, then turned around and deadpanned "Oh and Chivas, stay outta trees until Fito gets back. I'm already trying to find a way to explain this incident." He then took off down the steps and jogged off toward the guy's dorms.

4/20/2010 #2,963

Part of her was happy to have not been seen, but another part wished she had been faster. Trudging over to the steps she smiled at Chivas. "I forgot I was still in my jeans. They are dead comfortable, but I can't run in them."

4/20/2010 #2,964

Jenny and Kimberly just looked up at Gwen. Chivas smiled and said "Ahh okay. Lo siento. I wouldn't wanna run in them either!" Jenny let out a small half-smile, and Kim looked down at her book.

4/20/2010 #2,965

Gwen gave the girls a quick wave before she headed into the girls dorms.

4/20/2010 #2,966

Chivas smiled and waved back, then sighed as Gwen walked inside. As soon as she left, Jenny asked "Quien es esta?" Chivas replied "A girl named Gwen. Angel met her last night at the dance. Came with us to tha market hoy. She's falling for Angel." Jenny snickered, and Chivas grinned, and laid on the stone, soaking in the sun.

4/20/2010 #2,967

A short while later, Gwen returned now dressed in a pair of running shorts and top. Both were designed to allow her to move freely, with the added benefit of showing off her figure and long legs. It amused many of her friends how Gwen saw nothing wrong with wearing such an outfit if she was running, but putting on a short skirt for a social event drove her nuts.

Her ipod firmly attached to her arm with a Velcro running band, one ear phone snuggled in her ear canal while the other hung loosely down her chest. She smiled at Chivas warming in the sun. "Don't fall a sleep now, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself again."

4/21/2010 #2,968

Chivas opened one eye, and looked at Gwen. She muttered sarcastically "Har har har. I'm not in a tree now am I?" She closed her eye and smiled playfully.

4/21/2010 #2,969

"Tree, rock, whatever... " Gwen teased smiling as she pulled her hair into a pony tale. "Maybe if you are still out after my run I might join you, if you don't mind."

4/21/2010 #2,970
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