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Simple Storyteller

This is another place for the teens to hang out at. It has one flate screen Tv, a large half circle couch, two comfy chairs, a pool table, a fose-ball table, and a cofee table in front of the couch.

11/1/2009 #1

Kit was very surprised and relieved to find that the common room was empty at the moment. She plopped down causally on the couch and motioned for Mark to sit with her.

11/8/2009 #2
Simple Storyteller

Mark looked around as he sat down, "I wonder why we're the only ones here?" He asked, usually there was a couple people here all the time.

11/8/2009 #3

"Dunno, but savor it. I doubt it will last long," Kit told him.

11/8/2009 #4
Simple Storyteller

Mark noded in agreement.

11/8/2009 #5

Kit was silent for a while before shifting on the couch to face Mark. "We're doing the right thing, right? We seem different. Talking to you seems...harder..."

11/8/2009 #6
Simple Storyteller

Mark sighed and shurgged, "I don't know Kit..."

11/8/2009 #7

Kit sighed heavily and rested her head on Mark's shoulder.

11/8/2009 #8
Simple Storyteller

Mark reached for the remote and turned on the Tv, "Anything you want to watch?" He asked as he rested his head on top of hers.

11/8/2009 #9

Kit shrugged as she folded her legs up on top of the couch. "I don't even know what's on."

11/8/2009 #10
Simple Storyteller

Mark started flicking through channels, then commented, "Your something else, you know that."

11/8/2009 #11

Kit wasn't sure if that was to be taken as an insult or a compliment. "Elaborate."

11/8/2009 #12
Simple Storyteller

"well, come on," Mark said as he muted the Tv, "I try and rape you, you still want to be together, you find out I killed someone, you don't run, you give me a hug." He smled and said, "This isn't a insult to let you know."

11/8/2009 #13

Kit's eyebrows furrowed a little. It wasn't meant to be an insult, but now that she was hearing it aloud, it did seem kind of strange. 'Is this normal?'

11/8/2009 #14
Simple Storyteller

Mark just shrugged, he found it best not to dwell on these things.

11/8/2009 #15

When Kit noticed that this was the 3rd time that Mark had gone through all the channels, she opened her both to say something. Before she could however, Mark's cell phone started to ring.

11/8/2009 #16
Simple Storyteller

Mark looked at his phone and saw it was Aaron. He answered it and asked, "He dude, what's up?"

11/8/2009 #17

"IT'S 4:57!" the voice on the other end shrieked. "I'M BUGGING OUT, MAN!"

Kit couldn't hear what the voice on the other end was saying, but the muffled sound was audible even to her ears...and it sounded panicked. She pulled at Marcus's sleeve.

"Who is it?" she mouthed.

11/8/2009 #18
Simple Storyteller

'Aaron' Mark mouthed back, as he held the phone away from his ear, Aaron sure had some lungs on him.

"Dude calm down, dosent it go away after a couple hours?" He asked when Aaron stopped screaming.

11/8/2009 #19

"What do you mean? The relaspes? Did I tell you about it already? I don't remember. The last thing I remember is breakfast. We were talking about bacon! BACON, MAN!"

(From the boys' dorm, Aaron paced back and forth, eyes never leaving the clock. He was afraid that if he did, he'd forget his current situation.)

Kit leaned over closer to Mark's cell phone curiously. She still couldn't make out words ...(although she did hear something about bacon)... but Aaron sounded genuinely scared.

11/8/2009 #20
Simple Storyteller

Mark heard his stomach growl when Aaron said Bacon and grinned sheepishly. "Yes man, you told me already, and I'm guesing Lucas told you something after the Bacon talk to make you have a relapse, but lets not talk about that." Mark said as he pressed the speaker phone button, "Kit's here, say hi Kit!" Mark said as he pulled the phone from his ear.

11/8/2009 #21

"Hi, Kit," Kit responded automatically. Her tone of voice and expression were much more concerned than joking though. "Aaron, what's wrong?"

"I don't remember."

Kit felt a little confused. "What do you mean 'you don't remember?' You sound really frantic about some problem."

"My problem is that I DON'T REMEMBER!" He corrected her.

Kit looked over at Mark, unsure of what to say.

11/8/2009 #22
Simple Storyteller

"He has a memory disorder." Mark told her, then said, "But lets not dwell on that, Aaron, play a song, we'll be able to hear it if you do speaker phone." Mark told him.

11/8/2009 #23

"What? No, I'm not gonna play a song," Aaron protested. "You said something about having some sort of episode thing too. You have a trick to end them or something?"

11/8/2009 #24
Simple Storyteller

Mark closed his eyes and sighed, "Yes, but it wouldn't work for you." He told Aaron.

11/8/2009 #25

Aaron groaned in frustration.

11/8/2009 #26
Simple Storyteller

"So how about that song?" Mark asked happily.

11/8/2009 #27

Aaron sighed. "I feel stupid. Plus my hands are shaking to hard to play properly."

Kit bit down on her fist.

11/8/2009 . Edited 11/8/2009 #28
Simple Storyteller

"I'm not hearing a song." Mark said in a sing-song voice.

11/8/2009 #29

Aaron sighed defeatedly and turned his phone to speaker phone. He felt around for his case blindly. His eyes were still glued to the clock. His mind was convinced that it was around 11 o'clock. If he looked away, he'd get lost again.

His knee hit something hard and he grunted in pain.

"You ok, Aaron?" Kit asked. There was a long pause at the other end for a while.

"Hello?" Aaron's voice asked suspicously.

11/8/2009 #30
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