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Noah is Potato

This is where the Princible and vice-princible are most of the time. Students can go here for a complaint, change rooms or change classes, or they have to come here if the get in troble.

The secetary is Ms. Franklin, the princible is Mr.Tomson, and the vice princible is Mrs. Howard.

11/1/2009 #1

Gwen pushed the office door open and noted the secretary was busy with another student took a seat and waited her turn. She couldn't wipe the grin off her face no matter how hard she tried.

7/11/2010 . Edited 8/4/2010 #2

(getting fed up with waiting for Noah to bring in Vulcon so she is off again... again.. for the third freaking time! searching for a boyfriend that will actually POST with her....gggrrrrrr.... first Angel goes and the Moose is never to be seen again, then Vulcon... gggrrr MEN!)

Assured that Tori was not kidnapped, but had left the school for an unknown amount of time due to personal reasons, Gwen felt much better. She left the office and headed back to the cafeteria for a quick snack.

8/13/2010 #3
Noah is Potato

(I iz sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I thought you had a post where Gwen left Vulcon outside (cause I took to long) So I didn't even bother)

8/13/2010 #4

(lol well she's well and truly depressed now. Zombie like in the cafeteria trapped in a never ending battle of stirring her yogurt. Question for the admin.... how long do I have to wait for someone to reply to a character before I can leave them in the common room sleeping and head off to do something else?)

8/13/2010 #5
Noah is Potato

(Return of the Vulcon!

And why do you ask?)

8/13/2010 #6

(because Megan has been trapped in the freaking common room with TOM and he hasn't replied and I want to rp with her.)

8/13/2010 #7
Noah is Potato

(You can leave if it's been over a week., and there is no reason (That you know of) Why the person isn't replying)

8/13/2010 #8

(no, he's been around. I'll send him a note and wait to see if he replies)

8/13/2010 #9

Kaidus walked in and made a beeline to the secretary's desk. "Scuse me, miss. I need to figure out who to talk to in order to get authorization for an event, namely a sing-off."

10/2/2010 #10

(I shall come to the rescue, I think anyone can RP as the secretary.... anyways~)

The woman looked up. "Ah- well, you have to fill out this form and I'll have to pass it on to the principal to be approved." she said, pulling out a stack of papers stapled together.

10/3/2010 #11
"Thanks, miss." Kaidus turned away from her, grumbling under his breath about 'goddamn paperwork.' He quickly finished it with the zeal of someone getting through a supremely unpleasurable task. He walked back to the desk and gave it to the woman. "How soon can I expect the principal's response?"
10/4/2010 #12
(Oops. Sorry bout the doublepost. Goddamn DS.)
10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #13

"Soon," the secretary smiled. "I'll have someone notify you when it's been looked over." she added.

10/4/2010 #14
Kaidus growled quietly. "No chance we can fast-track this? It's for love. Surely you can help me out here."
10/4/2010 #15

the woman smiled. "I'll see what I can do." she smiled. "And, who would this love of yours be?" she asked out of curiosity.

(a 'sokay, I didn't see the doublepost anyways XP and it happens to me quite a bit too, don't feel bad)

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #16

Kaidus groaned. "You had to ask that question. Long story short, all I remember is her singing voice and the fact that she made me happier than I've ever been, before or since."

(Where is Phoenix? I plan on having my other character looking for her roomate, and I believe Phoenix is her roommate.)

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #17

(Nurses office, and I wanted to have Marx go look for Kaidus, is that okay?)

The lady smiled. "I wish you luck in finding her." she said.

10/4/2010 #18
Kaidus gave the secretary a dry smile. "I really think it's beyond luck. If I do find her, it's the work of whatever force is looking after me. Whatever or whoever that is."
10/4/2010 #19

The secretary smiled. "Well, things usually work themselves out, but a little wishful thinking never hurts." she said.

10/4/2010 #20
"Hn. Perhaps. Well, here's hoping, then. But first things first. I got a sing-off to help organize, but I can't really do anything till the principal signs off. So until he does, I'm staying right here." Kaidus walked over to a chair and sat down, relaxing and getting ready for any length of waiting.
10/5/2010 #21

"Suit yourself." The secretary shrugged.

(I think we need to ask Noah what he thinks about the sing off)

10/5/2010 #22
"I shall indeed." (Since you took the role of secretary, will you ask him?)
10/7/2010 #23

(Noah's not on, and since you're the one who wanted the sing-off, could you send him a PM? I'm not really sure I got all the details you wanted)

10/7/2010 #24
(There really aren't any details, but I will PM him. He's the admin, right?)
10/7/2010 #25

(yeah btw what timezone are you in? It's unusual for people to be on at this time)

10/7/2010 #26
(Eastern Standard. It's 9:03 by my clock.)
10/7/2010 #27

(in the morning? oh, you're in the US I'm guessing, hehe, it's 3:06 here by my clock in Germany)

10/7/2010 #28

Coming from the girls dorms.......

Trinity felt physically ill the closer she came to the office. Asking for special treatment had always effected her badly. Watching her parents move through life as diplomats, expecting a higher level of treatment simply because of who they were had made her more sensitive then most. She twisted her fingers nervously, swallowing down the lump that appeared in her throat.

12/17/2010 #29

Declan opened the door inside and ushered the two girls in. Once inside he closed the door and watched as Jude approached the main desk, looking around at which one of the office ladies was to help them.

12/17/2010 #30
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