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Trinity sighed as she returned his kisses, her body pressed close to his sent a shiver down her spine as a warmth pooled between her legs. Her hands moved over his chest as her fingers sought the soft thickness of his hair.

Smiling, Jackson asked a question that he needed an answer too, something that had been bothering him for some time now "the rumors don't bother you?"

12/25/2010 #61

Declan could feel a bulge growing in his pants at how sweet and close she was. He let his hands roam up to her precious hair, his tongue swirling in her mouth. their bodies pressed tightly together.

Appalled by the behavior in the office one of the secretary's smacked a book down at what she was seeing.

Jude looked at him, her emerald eyes expressing everything she couldn't say. She didn't care what other people thought, it wasn't about other people, it was about them. "Jackson...I don't care what anyone else thinks about you, all that matters is that I want to be with you." She replied. Her voice surprisingly calm and steady.

12/25/2010 #62

Trinity lost to the others and all that lived in the world, all her fantasies of Declan coming to life here in the office. The sound of the book slamming on the table had her jumping though, pulling back and blushing brightly with a soft lovestruck smile gracing her lips.

He grinned, warmer than he had ever done before. "Then let's give it a shot princess. Just remember, don't believe everything you hear. Promise me you'll ask me for the truth."

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #63

Declan grinned brightly, all too happy about Trinity and everything that was happening. He gave the Office lady a wink and a charming smile before turning away from her and looking over at his sister.

Jude couldn't help but let a genuine smile over take her perfect mouth at the name Princess. Nodding she reached up to kiss him. Jude hoped with all her heart that this would work, that they would work.

12/26/2010 #64

Trinity smiled, only Jude would be able to tame such a beast as Jackson. She smiled as she reached for Declan's hand.

Leaning down, Jackson kissed Jude, for the first time with a passion and a feeling that he hadn't let out before. It was a real, sincere kiss that was more powerful than any other he had given before.

12/26/2010 #65

Declan felt her grab his hand, a warmth spreading through his body like wildfire. Enjoying the feeling he grabbed Trinity pulling her closer so that he could wrap his arms around her. He bent to kiss her cheek, inhaling her scent.

Begining to feel dizzy Jude broke the kiss to take a look at him, yesterday she hated him and today she could hardly be in his presense without melting. She couldnt help but grin as she looked to see her brother staring at her.

He winked at her murmuring in quick french. "Tamed the beast, I see?"

((Would you like to move them, I think they have been here long enough))

12/26/2010 #66

((yes, somehow an orgy in the office wouldn't go down well lol))

"Jackson! Leave here before I find a reason to suspend you again" the grumbling voice of the principal echoed from his office as he sat rubbing his temples

12/26/2010 #67
White Tiger Friend

((Love, I posted for Ryan :D *says hopefully with innocent smile*))

12/26/2010 . Edited 12/26/2010 #68

(( XD ahahaha that was the funniest thing I have heard all day =))

Leading the way out of the office Declan kept Trinity close, afriad she would slip through his fingers.

Jude reached for Jacksons hand and followed her brother out the door.

((Where to know deary?))

12/26/2010 #69

Happy to be with Declan, where ever he planned to go, Trinity followed after giving the ladies a wave.

Jackson took Jude firmly by his hand and tugged her close. "I'm going with your sister to my room. Don't want company"


12/26/2010 #70

Declan looked at Jackson, eyeing him slightly. He knew what they planned to do and didn't exactly feel that comfortable with letting his baby sister go through with it. Yet he didn't run her life, he was here to keep an eye on her. Looking firmly at Rory he spoke their native tongue.

"Be safe, Rory."

Jude looked at her brother and gave him a reassuring smile. She knew what she was doing. "Of course Big brother." She murmured in clean English. Moving closer to Jackson she waved at Trinity.

Declan watched the pair, his protective older brother instincts telling him to go after her and drag her to her room and tell her she was no to do naughty things with Jackson. But the sensible, well mannered side of him just held tightly on to Trinity, glaring at the back of Jackson's head.

12/26/2010 #71

"I'm sure she'll be fine" Trinity replied softly as she watched Jackson strut off with her friend and hoped that her words would run true.

12/26/2010 #72

He nodded burying his face in Trinitys hair. "I hope so."

12/26/2010 #73

"Come, lets get out of here" Trinity suggested softly.

12/26/2010 #74

He nodded looking down at her and sucking in her kindness. "Where to?"

12/27/2010 #75

"I don't mind. Any place that will turn that frown into a smile again" Trinity replied softly

12/27/2010 #76

He thought for a moment a small smile upon his handsome face. "Actually I do need help with something," He murmured. "That is if you are willing to help."

12/27/2010 #77

"Anything" Trinity replied smiling.

12/27/2010 #78

Grabbing her hand he lead them toward the boys dorm. "We just need to stop at my dorm to pick up my camera."

12/28/2010 #79

"Camera?" Trinity asked curios as to what she had agreed to.

12/28/2010 #80

He nodded smiling. "Yes, my dear."

((Did you post Jackson? And did you reply to Josh? *Leesh asked curiously* Oh and we can move to the dorms =)))

12/28/2010 #81

((I stupidly wiped out my alerts so probably not.. but I will do so now. They were outside right? and are we moving Jackson to the dorms? hers or his? and these two??))

12/28/2010 #82

(( XD Its okay, I do that all the time. They were outside, we can move the to his room and these two to Declans =))

12/28/2010 #83

((okay, to the boys room and I replied to Josh who morphs into ryan from time to

12/28/2010 #84

10:45am Saturday Oct 30th

After everything was found to be in order down at Guidance, Aaron casually closed the office door behind him and bounded down the outside stairs, running his fingers through his hair. Really it was just a checkup; nothing major. The educational system merely found it essential for Aaron to visit monthly for 10 minutes or so due to his disability. Make sure all accomodations under Section 504 were going accordingly, check that his grades were in order, examine to make sure that he was psychologically sound and no cognitive decline was taking place...all part of the routine by now.

((Post #4087 in the Girl's Dorm to fit accordingly since Love has been MIA. Now Aaron is free! Free to roam whereever he pleases!))

3/29/2011 #85

Coming from the library

Paige walked into the acedemic office and motioned for Mitsuka to speak with the secretary. "She should be able to print you out a copy for you."

She then quietly went to sit patiently as waited for Mitsuka to finish his business.

6/26/2011 #86

Mitsuka was finished within 20 minutes and headed to Paige with a spring in his step, announcing, "I now have AP Literature, Spanish, Geometry, PE, Band, Art, and Writing~! Yes~!" He cheered with a fist pumped into the air; "One down, one to go; where do I get the campus maps?" He asked, a grin still stuck on his face due to now having his schedule ready!

6/26/2011 #87

Paige giggled, amused by Mitsuka's enthusiam. "I've never seen anyone get so excited about his school schedule before."

Still smiling, she leaned over and plucked one of the campus maps out of the brochure holders on the wall for her newest friend.

6/27/2011 #88

"Well, I've never been to a school like this before~. Plus, you're my first amica* here~!" He praised as he happily took the campus map and looked. "W-Wow, this school sure is big..." He sweatdropped, a bit of his English accent slipping through his voice.

((Pronounciation: Ah-MEE-cah. Definition: Italian/Feminine version of 'friend'.))

6/27/2011 #89

"It's very different but you'll get used to it quickly," Paige assured him, stretching her neck up to peer over at the map.

6/28/2011 #90
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