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"Oh... Uhm, Untill then you can use mine."

1/19/2011 #481

"It's fine. I can fix it." Calrin removes the case from the computer.

1/19/2011 #482

"I'll fix it," Mail spoke up from his ipod. He stood up and stepped over. "Now, what's the problem? I practically live in the computer room, so I won't need long."

(yeah... weird... what country is that in you have to pay to borrow books? and isn't 50 a bit much?)

1/20/2011 #483

(Well, It was a top seller, They raised the price to try there luck, I'd pay 50 for that book, I've read 1½ of 3 of them.)

I turn to Mail, "I know Calrin... Trust me, He really likes doing things himself..."

1/20/2011 #484

(weird I wouldn't pay 50 for a bok, I'd borrow it from a friend)

"Well good for you, I was just trying to be friendly, plus I don't believe I asked you anything..." Mail noted.

1/20/2011 #485

"You didn't... Thats why I told you. He'll seriously try to prove to you he can do it himself, Or hit you over the head with it... I've warned you..."

1/20/2011 #486

Mackenzie Addison strut through the isle her head held high, with several books under her arms. Standing on her tiptoes & reaching up to the utmost top shelf, Mackenzie began to pull out the book she needed. Finally able to get the precious book from the shelf she added it to the stack in her arms and approaches the check out desk.

The librarian smiles at her beginning to scan the books."Mackenzie Addison! I was wondering when I would see you around here again."

Kenzie looking a her watch impatiently.

"Yeah well you know what they say, the early bird catches the worm..." Kenzie murmured looking down at her watch again.

The librarian finished and bidding Kenzie goodbye but she didn't reply or wave, she had better things to do then make small talk with people she didn't like.

1/20/2011 #487

He tapped his finger, She was gone and he was forced to take the torture of this book...

1/20/2011 #488

I remove the CPUs from the computer. My monitor had a little micro-computer in it to diagnose computer issues if it breaks. The extra money was well worth it.

1/20/2011 #489

"That's and interesting set up," Mail commented. "I built my own..." he nodded.

1/21/2011 #490

Matt was so far only at page {30 / 100.}. And he slowly whispered what he read so It'd be easier to remember as he went along, Though It was distracting him some how.

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #491

(hey thung! Mail was posted before him, so bug off)

1/22/2011 #492

(Seriously? Bug off? And Thung? Look, I'm afraid to say but our friendship has been terminated.)

1/22/2011 #493

I accidentally touch a live wire in the computer. "DAGH, FORGOT THE BATTERY."

1/22/2011 #494

I was shocked as Awolf shouted, I quickly turned to him, "ARE YOU OKAY!?"

1/22/2011 #495

"If I recall correctly, one isn't supposed to yell in a library-" Mail noted.

1/22/2011 #496

"Fine. Thanks for caring." Calrin flips off the battery. "I guess I need to wait for the energy to dissapate."

1/22/2011 #497

(I have a bad thinking mind ._.)

She placed her face on the desk. "We know, But if its an emergency its worth it to get kicked out of the library."

1/22/2011 #498

Calrin takes out the network card and sound card.

1/22/2011 #499

Friday October 29th, 4pm

1/25/2011 #500

Calrin fixes the computer, and sets off. "Later."

2/3/2011 #501

Anna Rose walked into the library with a smirk on her face. It was pretty big in comparison to hers and her old school. Inwardly she wondered if her obsessive visits there would cause her to be thought of as a book freak like they did in her home town.. she hoped not.

She walked inside and smiled at all the bookshelves. She didn't see anyone in the whole library except for the librarian who was standing behind the counter that held a computer.

Anna beamed as she approached one of the shelves. She felt at home again as she picked a book from the long rows of shelves and cuddled into one of the chairs, loosing herself in the process. She was no longer in a library with no one around except for the libraian . Now she was living on the pages of the novel she currently held.. that was her life, no worries or loneliness.

2/13/2011 #502
Roxy entered the library, deciding to avoid the dance. She wore a tight black tank top with leather pants.
2/13/2011 #503

Anna looked up from her book for a moment, noticing that someone had entered, but then looking back to her book.

2/13/2011 #504
Roxy paid no attention to anyone in the library. She looked at the books and started to throw them on the floor, "Stupid.", she commented as each one was removed from the shelf.
2/13/2011 #505

Anna's head snapped up and she started at the girl attacking the book shelves. "Hey!" She stood up and walked over to her, grabbing her hand. "What did they ever do to you?" Anna frowned. "Books deserve respect too, you know."

2/13/2011 #506
"Bitch, touching me was the wrong thing to do.", Roxy said as she swung her other hand, clentched in a fist, towards the girl's face.
2/13/2011 #507
Anna ducked, frowning deeply. "What's your problem?" She growled, taking a step back and saving a few books from the floor. "Whateverit is, why take it out on the books?"
2/13/2011 #508
"My problem now is you bitch. And if you like I'll take it out on you instead of the books.", Roxy said as she took a step towards the girl.
2/13/2011 #509
Anna shook her head, feeling nauseous. "It would in some ways make sense. These books never in their lives have done anything wrong to anyone." She said steadily. "Although I, being human, have wronged some..not you as I only met you five seconds ago, but some."
2/13/2011 #510
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