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"Something wrong?" Ms. Kadriah asked as she looked up from her papers.
12/23/2010 #181
The Music King
"No, I was just expecting this place would be empty," Andrew replied awkwardly be he added quickly. "Not that there's anything wrong with you being here, I just mean-"

(Feel free to interrupt him.)

12/23/2010 #182
"Andrew." Ms. K interupted.
12/23/2010 #183
The Music King
"Yes?" Andrew said as he immediatly stopped his rambling.
12/23/2010 #184
"You're rambling." She said matter of factly.
12/23/2010 #185
The Music King
"Oh, sorry," Andrew replied.
12/23/2010 #186
"It's no problem." Ms. K said.
12/23/2010 #187
The Music King

Andrew nodded and tried to calm himself down before Alex rushed in.

"Hey Andrew! Let's go to the common room!" he exclaimed before he started dragging his brother away.

"Wait what?" Andrew said before he left the room.

12/23/2010 . Edited 12/23/2010 #188

Mariella walked into the room, annoyed with all of the annoying people. "Idiots!" she hissed, going to an easel and getting paints ready.

12/23/2010 #189
The Music King

Andrew quietly entered and noticed Mariella. He took a deep breath before he entered. Not because he was unsure about speaking to her about what happen, but because he was nervous around girls.

The teenager than sat down at a random desk and started writing once again.

12/23/2010 #190

"Dumb faces-" Mariella muttered, slashing at the canvas with her paintbrush. "Hate, idiots..."

12/23/2010 #191
The Music King

Andrew remained silent as he listened to Mariella's rant.

12/23/2010 #192

"DAMN TREES!" Mariella yelled at her painting.

12/23/2010 #193
The Music King

Andrew quietly walked over and sat down next to Mariella.

"Something wrong?" Andrew asked, barely above a whisper. It took all he had to ask that question.

12/23/2010 #194

"I can't get the darn trees right!" Mariella exclaimed, jabbing at her painting of a little path leading into a forest with changing leaves.

12/23/2010 #195
The Music King

"How so?" Andrew asked as he examined the painting.

12/23/2010 #196

"there, the roots," Mariella huffed, pointing towards the bottom. "I never get them right..."

12/23/2010 #197
The Music King

"Okay..." Andrew said before he looked at her brush before he looked back at her. "I think there is too much water in your brush."

12/23/2010 #198

Mariella inspected her brush, squinting and bringing it close to her face, accidentally getting some on her nose. Her attempt to rub the paint away only caused it to smear more, leaving a brown streak on her face.

"So that's the problem..."

12/23/2010 #199
The Music King

Andrew nodded and left to get a wet paper towel before returned.

"Here," he said as he lightly wiped he paint off of Mariella's face.

12/23/2010 #200

Mariella hadn't taken much notice of Andrew until he wiped her face.

"W-w-w-w-what was that for?" she stammered.

12/23/2010 #201
The Music King

"Just thought I'd help clean off the paint," Andrew replied as he wiped the last of it away before he turned to Mariella's brush. He pulled out a dry paper tower and dabbed the brush on to it, removing the excess water.

12/23/2010 #202

Mariella had turned a bright red, and looked away.

"T-thanks..." she muttered.

12/23/2010 #203
The Music King

"No problem," he replied still in the same volume as before. He added a little more of the paint that Mariella was using and dabbed it once again before he placed the brush down on her pallet. "How about you try it now."

12/23/2010 #204

Mariella nodded and did so. "It works a lot better!" she exclaimed happily.

12/23/2010 #205
The Music King

Andrew smiled at Mariella before he turned and walked back towards his desk. When he got back, he began writing once again.

12/23/2010 #206

Mariella finished up her peinting and went to see what Andrew was doing.

"What'cha writing?" she asked.

12/23/2010 #207
The Music King

"Huh?" Andrew said as he looked up at Mariella before looking down again. "It's, a rough draft....for a book I'm writing."

12/23/2010 #208

"You write?" Mariella blinked. "That's neat, I always enjoy a good story," she smiled softly. "What's it about?"

12/23/2010 #209

(double post)

12/23/2010 . Edited 12/23/2010 #210
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