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"Or you could just do another interval," Kit said softly to herself as the girl simply got back up and started running again. Based on coach's philosophy, it wasn't the best way to go about doing a track interval, but Kit still had to admit it took a lot of motivation to do a valid workout on one's own. Hadn't she a coach and a team, chances were she'd just do long runs through the woods on a daily basis: not too bad for marathons but horrendous for the distances raced in high school.

Seeing that the girl was waving to her, Kit awkwardly waved back.

8/18/2010 #331
Kanto Haru

Azaria smiles and starts running again, she was going to pick some random person soon to converse with, the only person that seemed to be around though was the other girl that was running

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #332

Strangely feeling intimidated by how chipper the girl was, Kit swung her leg up onto the gate and stretched over it, continuing her stretching.

8/18/2010 #333
Kanto Haru

Azaria runs for a bit before stopping by Kit "hello" she says smiling nicely

8/18/2010 #334

"Hey," Kit shly smiled back. "I don't know how you can stand running the track when you don't have to. There's so many nicer places around here to get a run in."

8/18/2010 #335
Kanto Haru

"i can go run somewhere else if you want i won't mind"

8/18/2010 #336

"Oh, no. I'm most certainly not telling you where to run," Kit held her hands up assuringly. "It's just unusal to find someone who prefers the track to either the eco trails or the roads in town. Most of the runners on my team that are 800m+ can't stand doing longer runs on the track."

8/18/2010 #337
Kanto Haru

"i like the longer runs its soothing and stress relieving" Azaria says smiling sweetly "my name is Azaria Haru"

8/18/2010 #338

"Katherine Bryden," Kit introduced herself, offering her hand to shake. "Or just Kit if you prefer."

8/18/2010 #339
Kanto Haru

Azaria happily shakes her hand

8/18/2010 #340

"I guess you're new?" Kit asked awkwardly, not the best conversationalist when it came to newly met people. "I haven't seen you around before last year."

8/19/2010 #341
Kanto Haru

"ah yeah i'm new, along with my brother Kanto Haru" she says smiling "what i'm amazed by is that he already made friends within 2 hours of first arriving"

8/19/2010 #342

"Good for him," Kit nodded with a smile. "It's not too hard if you're outgoing though. Most of the students at the school are really nice."

8/20/2010 #343
Kanto Haru

"and that is exactly why i like this school, its filled with tons of nice people" Azaria says nodding, she looks down at her watch and her eyes widen "oh my goodness i have to go, see around Kit" she says before running towards the school while waving goodbye to her

8/20/2010 #344

"Bye," Kit waved, feeling kind of eager for a shower herself. She slung the strings of her drawstring bag over she shoulders and started making her way back up the hill.

8/20/2010 #345

She surprisingly found the track easy enough. Though she thought it would be a bit harder she was happy it had been right where she fiured it was.

Xavier was not far behind her, though she was surprised at how he was keeping up. At all her old schools she was the fastest on the team and the high she got from running always made her push harder. Sometimes to hard.

She ran through the entrance and down the steps, crossing the tar she collasped on the grass in the middle of the circle.

9/4/2010 #346

Xavier had almost caught up with her. "You- just you wait! I'll get you!"

9/4/2010 #347

Jude laughed hearing him yell at her from the stairs. "You are soooooooo slow!" She teased

9/4/2010 #348

Xavier jumped down the last few steps and threw himself into the grass next to her.

9/4/2010 #349

Nikki couldn't help but start humming, out of habit of course.

9/4/2010 #350

Declan and Nikki entered the track. They began walking down toward the tack.

Why was he so nervous? Yes her smile was pretty, yes her hair was perfect, yes her body was nice. He hadnt felt attraction to any girl since his last relationship 2 years ago. His girlfriend at the time had been cheating on him with 2 other and had been for 7 months before he had found out.

9/4/2010 #351

Nikki continued humming but stopped when she spoke, "Well here's the track. Some how I knew where it was though I've never been to it.."

9/4/2010 #352

Declan hadn't even really noticed the track. Nikki some how had outshone his search for his baby sister. He could wait to see Jude, she was probably preoccupying her time flirting with some guy...or many guys. Instead he turned to Nikki.

" are you hungry? I mean I haven't eaten since before the plane ride and there's a cafe around here right? Do you want to grab a bite?" He stuttered nervously, his green eyes hopeful.

(Sorry to keep changing the location on you but Mafuyu is not on and that kinda ruins Jude meeting up with her brother since she is frozen in time with Xavier. So cafe? Again I apologize, you can throw a bucket of water at my if you want!)

9/4/2010 #353

(I don't mind! It gives me something to do with my Nikki :P)

"Sure, sounds good," Nikki nodded.

9/4/2010 #354

He grinned stupidly, his smile reaching to both his ears and his eyes lighting up.

"Great! Perfect!!" He gushed.

Realizing he must look like a fool he cleared his throat. "I mean, great."

Declan flashed her a smile and began walking in the opposite direction from where the cafe was not noticing what he was doing.

9/4/2010 #355

Nikki laughed, "It's the other way by the way."

9/4/2010 #356

Declan blushed red hoping Nikii wouldnt notice. He sractched his head turning around.

"I totally knew that, I was just testing you. To see if you knew where it was." He said as the two began walking.

9/4/2010 #357

"Knowing me, if I didn't notice, I would've gotten us lost," Nikki told him.

9/4/2010 #358

Declan nodded.

"Well thank heavens you have 3 weeks worth of experience and can lead us there!" He said beginning to throwhis hands up. He hadn't meant to but his right hand brushed Nikki's and he blushed again.

9/4/2010 #359

"Even a year's experience will get me lost. I'm very good at being oblivious," Nikki laughed, "Which is why I have a history of getting trampled on by people,"

9/4/2010 #360
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